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Regarding the illegal Jesus v2 antichrist experiment.

There are bitter, evil German Nazis in this world, who have not been sentenced, but shipped over to America under Operation Paperclip, to recruit scientist for the US. And from there, evidence shows they took over the world through infiltrating the secret intelligence agensies after starting CIA and NASA, the latter founded by NAZI Wernher […]

The solution to the human problem of souls ending up in Hell.

Featured image: Kefko Palazzo and Terra, symbolizing Ashtar and myself, just like Harry and Voldemort, Naruto and Tobi, Ray and Palpatine, etc. “Why do you yearn to live knowing you will be destroyed?” “Destruction is the purpose of all things!” “After I have become well, I will perfect all sciences and artforms, uniting them into […]

Cancer cures and conspiracy reality: How do we spearhead the new reality?

Conspiracy Reality Jesuits have sworn an oath to vanquish the memory of Jesus from the face of the Earth, and they are well underways to complete it. The prequel to any revolution is exposure. Exposure of tyranny. Here I will list some topics you should study yourself in your spare time. DISCLOSURE NOW! Do what […]

The space-age: Laser and frequency weapons, making war obsolete!!!

¨World war¨, war between different parts of the world, ground-war, atmospheric war and any war between different parts of the globe is obsolete and has been so since the 60-ies, at least the 80-ies, with confirmed sources. Period. For how long have world militaries frequency weapons and not told us? Fuck war, guns, tanks, airplanes […]

The First Free Federation (FFF) , the battleplan against the NWO?

The People`s Army`s First Free Federation (FFF). I tried for a whole month, but I seriously could not come up with a better term for our United Conspiracy Theorist`s Global Movement than the FFF, although it`s the 6th letter of the alphabet. Our end-goal is (of course) to create the first Illuminati free nation through […]

Victor Grebennikov`s flying platform and the cavity structure effect. How do bumble-bees fly?

Russian Dr. Victor Grebennikov discovered the cavity structure effect. And now we`re talking. It is simply the same effect as with Golod`s pyramids, that all physical structures like for instance through Feng Shui shape the source field, and that some structures direct the field more powerful than others, for instance pyramids. Dr. Grebennikov`s research is […]

Connecting to the conscious source-field, plants talk to each other!

Are we walking in a state of trance? Some people have abilities like telekinesis, telepathy etc. How? Dr. Cleve Backster worked for the military early before his discoveries. He was into hypnosis and hypnotized the secretary of the commanding general of the counter-intelligence corp, and told her to give her a top-secret document, which she […]

The Dawn of the Age of Aquarius?

Last post was about a miracle that changed my life back to a Deist. So, this article will therefore be an alternative viewpoint to my slaughter of Abrahamism seen in my first articles.  Ascending into Christ-Conscience Ascension was made possible through our Heavenly High Priest Jesus the redeemer. He was the first to walk the […]

HUUUGE MIRACLE! Life-changing event…!

Glory be to God the father and Jesus his only son. Amen. I guess I figured out the riddle… I`m ok with God existing, not interfering with free will. It`s a sad world, but we will just have to accept God for being the loving father he is: He met me MONSTROUSLY (as always) , […]


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