To be frank, I am not the racial type. All my best friends have always been immigrants. But I am smart! (Ain`t I) And I use scientific logic; preserving human bio-diversity is MORE important than saving e.g polar bears, you agree? Good. There are LOTS of native reserves and hippie villages I`d love to see around the world, and I thought the idea of a ¨native reserve¨ would catch on.

What I REALLY want (as an alternative scientist) is a mutual-anarchistic survivalist Tesla village; as a blueprint for the time when we no longer have any more oil and must use trains. (100 years from now.) I personally would rather live in a village then in a UN Agenda 21 population-zone with a chip in my hand. I think most of us would agree, so it`s better to prepare beforehand and I hope the idea of ¨culture and nationalism¨ will catch on so we can get some advancements towards SUSTAINABLE EARTH DEVELOPMENT: Living in eternal, perpetual harmony with nature. I know all the right scientists to create a village of herbal medicine and zero-point FREE electricity that will last 1000 years. Us Norwegians have had enough with the beast-system of Babylon: GIVE US BACK OUR TRIBAL LANDS!

I mostly started this because I think it will add to the charm and tourism of Norway, not to mention preserve norwegian culture, history and bio-diversity for all eternity. Unless we start it, our ethnicity, history, identity and culture WILL fade, that is a statistic fact. And to all you Christian pussy-nationalist wannabe Vikings: Have you forgotten the Tower of Babel and Israeli/Biblical rules of marriage?

I personally find it a humanistic absolute that: EVERY culture and ethnicity HAVE the right to EXIST in their ancestral lands. The RIGHT of a place called HOME, a place which is theirs where they can be themselves, rediscover their culture and racial traits, where schoolchildren can visit and grow a beard against tyranny! 😉 Makes sense right? And Nordics are the most threatened minority in the world of bio-diversity. In fact: There is NO white-nation left in the world, and my people WILL die out, that is a statistic fact. So welcome to all, and help us protect Nordic heritage.

The NNR is about protecting human bio-diversity and multiculturalism, for statistics show blonde hair will die out. Is that racist? Does not all people deserve a place of their own to call home? We LOVE other cultures, but must also protect our own. The melting pot is forbidden by the tower of Babel story in the Bible. As God`s first command to mankind was to be gardners, it would be sad if God lost ethnicities.

Do you have any idea of how valuable you are? Life in the universe is SCARCE. We MUST ALL protect all human bio-diversity, it we can`t, then how can we enter into a space age?

(Sorry if you`ll feel offended, but this is a great idea with many benefits. It just so happens that our gene-pool is threatened and I`m a hard-core realist, not a racist.)

How about calling it ¨New Asgard?¨ As in Marvel`s Endgame? Just kidding.


The Nordic race is a sub-race of the Caucasian race, consisting of the indigenous people of Scandinavia and surrounding the Baltic sea/Balkan. The indigenous people of southern Finland and mid-Sweden, have the highest percentage of blue-eyed-blondes, with small noses, which is the most notable traits of a person being a Nordic, not to mention the most outstanding human feature in all the human family, along with redheads

The psychological traits of Nordics were described as truthful, equitable, competitive, individualistic, yet peaceful, naive and reserved. In other words: Noble. Therefore many Nordics have used the term ¨Aryan¨ to describe our people, as Aryan is Sanskrit for ¨Noble¨. Nordicism, and the Nordic race identity developed, and gained popularity over all the west in the late 19th-mid 20th century, ending with Nazi-Germany. Nordicism developed after writings such as Madison Grant`s ¨The Passing of the Great Race¨, Arthur de Gobineau`s ¨An essay on the inequality of the Human Race¨, and Houstan Stewart Chamberlain`s ¨The foundations of the nineteenth century.¨

Subdivisions of the Nordic race were catalogued as the Alpine race, Dinaric race, Iranid race, East Baltic race, and the Mediterranean race.

Nordicism is a form of racial separatism, not racial supremacism, that is; saying that a Nord is different from an African (…) , and view Nords as a superior endangered group. Totally different from Nazism which was a military-political and racial agenda by a madman who saw himself as the incarnation of the Aryan messiah, and sought revenge against Jewish bankers who bankrupted Germany after Germany lost WW1, having perhaps started and financed both sides of the entire war, and profited greatly from it, which we see happening today, which was so evil to Hitler that he never overcame it, as he himself had fought, lost comrades and was decorated in WW1…

Our Nordic racial superiority is based upon current and historical achievements, appearance and noble character. This is however far from racial supremacism, that is; racism, which Wikipedia defines as ¨believing in the right to enslave others,¨ which both the Jews, and the Muslims have in their individual sacred texts, Jews praying liturgically for ¨the death of all non-Jews¨, specifically every Easter every year.

The Nazis, brutal as they were, saw themselves as the only solution to liberate the world from Jewish-political-financial tyranny and subversion of morale. And what do we see today??? Masonic politicians, who answer to the money-makers, the Jews of all industry, are selling our inland economy, destroying our national sovereignty, opening borders for rape-epidemics and the savage Islam, while our youth are becoming more Jewish in their materialistic, apathetic, gullible mindsets. The entire West is losing all humanistic values of liberty and free speech to a Masonic police-state, and our youth have lost the moralistic virtues of our proud, noble, Nordic race.

One could really ask oneself if the right side really won WW2. And frankly, most random people I meet at pubs, from patriots to Christians to Muslims to conspiracy-theorists, all agree to the abovementioned statement. They all know of the Jewish conspiracy, and both we, and the Middle-East have had our religions, people and nations destroyed.

For what do we see? All Middle-Eastern wars are financed, and instigated by Jewish-Masonic false-flag terror attacks. The Nazis did however ban the Freemasonic lodge, and awful as their blitzkrieg was, as Hitler`s greatest mistake was ever going to war, the poor German people were naïve and manipulated by Hitler`s propaganda, and a whole people cannot be held accountable for the crimes of a political party.

To even blame the entire race of Nordics as automatic racists is racism itself, denying us the right to be. For Norway resisted the German occupation. All the elderly I have talked to, including my grandparents, always tell of how all the Nazis told us they had come to liberate us from Jewish-Masonic tyranny, and tell tales of how beautiful, strong, competent, joyous, well-behaved and friendly the German occupation was. Nothing like you see in Hollywood movies, as Hollywood is owned and run by Jews.

The Jewish Talmud specifically states that Jews have the right to steal, that non-Jews are animals (as does the Quran) , and that all property of all people belongs to Jews. The Talmud states that all Jews will have 2800 slaves in the future messianic kingdom.

So you see who is the real racist behind both WW1, WW2, and all current upheavals of the 21st century, something the entire community of conspiracy-theorists, as well as all Muslims I know are aware off, having lost all they had, coming to Norway…

Hundreds of books have been written on this conspiracy, and this book will not be about proving my abovementioned claims, but to restore your hope, identity, pride, and faith as Nordics. To promote peace and not war.

Yet we will discover how at the core of all evil is ideology: Ihe racist-supremacist, inhuman, and straight out ¨satanic¨ ideologies of the Jewish Babylonian Talmud, which I refer to the books of Michael Hoffman for as source material.

There is no denying the iron-age propaganda machine of the Muslim and Jewish racial-supremacist Quran and Talmud, but we will not be deconstructing, we will rebuild. I therefore constructed a virtuous, Noble Aryan code of humanistic law to counter the de-humanization of our lands.

I once had a home:

I knew a place once, where I was born.

I knew the streets, and the people there.

My friends, neighbours, strangers – we all belonged.

We were all English, but unaware.

Our faith, flag and history were things that made us all the same.

Sad we only noticed them, when they became a source of shame.

We weren`t  all friends or acquaintances,

But we all just understood

The culture, norms and humour –

All the things the English would.

My neighbour now (we never speak)

He smiles at me sometimes.

We share a wall, but that`s all.

Our cultures just don`t align.

When will we all, as Englishmen,

Have that feeling once again?

To feel the warmth of nationhood,

And moan about the bloody rain.

Who made the call, who signed their name

On papers that would change

Our countries into nothing more than

Collages of the strange?

I wish the same for all other men.

That they should have a home.

A place for their people to call their own.

Somewhere to be left alone.

Norway is the land of the Gods, and our ancestors, like the redhead Celts, have lived here for 5000 years with the same burial fashions uptil 1000 years ago. THAT`S A LONG TIME! Norway was once the land of myth and legend, sometimes called ¨the land of fog¨, ¨the swan land¨, ¨the land of waterfalls¨, or just Nor-veg/Norway, which translates to ¨the way North.¨

This is our land, and our land remembers us. She has fed us from our breasts, and we grew strong.

Or did we?

Our seafaring tribes have all lost their identity… Which tribes???

There are no tribe left aside from the identity of a few Sami people!!!

All know who the long extinct Israeli tribes are, but the changes of our land is but the signs of a greater terror that will engulf not only Norway, but the entire world.

They are trying to rebuild their tower of Babel, when all the world was one, but even the Abrahamic religions condemn this, as God intended the world for diversity, and the beauty of plurality, like the natural growth of the forest. Not depopulation and dehumanization into Agenda 21`s settlement zones.

So you see, this battle has been raging for tens of thousands of years, and will continue to rage on until all life on Earth is dead, and the anti-human activists (Satanists) have emptied the world for blood. This is in no way the ¨end-game¨ or the ¨end-times.¨

I say the battle is intense because we can finally win, and they know it, as so much is at stake depending on if humanity becomes an enlightened brotherhood and learns alternative knowledge of the abovementioned conspiracies now revealed through the internet, as all Earth has never been united and had such potential for peace and equilibrium through knowledge and enlightenment as they now have, united through social media platforms as the internet.

We live in a time where telling the truth, and awakening the masses against the technocratic, monetary, and cultural elite is not just important, but CRUCIAL to where humanity goes from now on, either graduating kindergarten, or becoming a reserve under an Illuminati system.

We intend to create private schools, families of light (knowledge) , and a revolution renaissance enlightenment campaign with a reserve of our own. The Nordic Native Reserve. You thought the battle was close to an end? It`s only just begun, and their first strike is Scandinavia: Eliminating what they call ¨polarities¨ through a stages of wars outlined by Albert Pike, so humanity will easier to control, with no dominant national or global cultures, where everyone is leaderless in their own sub-culture bubble, fearing others, paying homage to a police-state which is there ¨for your own safety. ¨ That is why nationalism is so important.

For more about the revolutionary aspects, read my books ¨The Kingdom of God¨ and the ¨People`s Army`s Red Revolution¨, detailing every possible course of politics humanity MUST take if we are to survive not being enslaved, with the first detailing patriotic Christianity with right-wing to center politics, and the latter being simply ¨the battleplan¨, not depending if you are left or right. I just named it ¨red¨ to embrace a wider audience. For nothing matters now more than the simple act of:

STANDING UP! Not depending if you are white or black. Rich or poor.

For Chemtrails, 5g, and bad healthcare makes no differentiation. Our first ambition would be to enlighten the people of the most obvious conspiracies which matter the most, and will enrage the general public, like for instance that Royal Raymond Rife had a cancer-cure 80 years ago, and that simple intravenous C-Vitamin can cure almost every terminal cancer.

Response to criticism of racism. I am not a ¨racist¨, I just want to raise a resistance against the New World Order.

I am not a racist. In fact, most of my friends have always been immigrants. I didn`t like Norwegians, because they lacked identity, identity which I personally had as a Christian. All other ethnicities had great cultural pride other than Nordics, which is ironic, as the Nordics have are the most different and diverse ethnicity among all the world`s ethnicities, and since Norway was never part of the crimes of WW2.

Nationalism is healthy and has nothing to do with Nazism, but with national-romance, love, integration, and patriotism against general evil, against the New World Order, against conspiracy-theories, against global communist dictatorship, if nationalism is done correctly: Being used to wake the Scandinavians to fight the battle for all humanity, just like the nationalistic Sami, Hawaiian Polynesians, Israelites, or Middle-Eastern citizens fight against the same bloody elephant in the room: The Illuminati`s NWO.

Some Norwegian nationalists point at the mouth of the elephant and say ¨cultural Marxism!¨ Some Jihadi fighters point at the feet and say ¨big-capitalist Rothschild war-broking!¨ Some American conspiracy theorists point at it`s ass and say ¨big pharma, Mc-Donalds, CIA false flag terror and chemtrails!¨ We see the same big elephant, but we won`t be able to defeat it unless we see each other and unite.

I myself am pro anything that is non-compromise that expose the lies of the current system, be it communism, ultra-liberalistic anarchism or right-wing nationalism. As long as it exposes their monetary crimes against cancer patients.

Humanity must wake up. It`s not me vs you or him vs her. It`s us vs Illuminati Satanism. A battle against what could only be described as ¨anti-human activists.¨ Satanism and Illuminati in world-leading positions across the 1. Monetary elite, 2. Technocratic elite, 3. Cultural elite. And 4. Governmental elite, although the list goes on into further degrees and categories.

We are not fighting an armed conflict but an INFOwar of a revolution renaissance to enlighten the people with cures to cancer, stopping chemtrails, exposing the 9/11 inside job, etc. This isn`t about ideological differences, but about having the opportunity to live long healthy lives, caring for our planet, and getting rid of an ideology, that of Illuminati Satanism, which inhibits all human growth in all diverse nations… To Norway, nationalism might be medium to fight the elephant, while to an Iraqi citizen who lost his family, Jihad might be the medium to fight the same fucking elephant: The Illuminati Rothschild war-banking empire, and Rothschild globalism, as David Icke puts it.

It`s not negative that the world is one, or that it`s one for the first time because of the internet. The problem is chemotherapy, chemtrails, depopulation, wars, and the abovementioned Illuminati leaders of this New World Order. A global world based upon humanistic values is a brilliant idea! Going to war with Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Iran is however a (very) bad idea if we want dialogue, and a stable natural growth towards a humanistic future world utopia. The world of human nature is already united through the internet. The world of banking-empires does however have a few wars left. The problem isn`t globalization, but the ones who would be it`s leaders.

Furthermore, if we are to be really scriptural about it, and go against the Jews: Multiculturalism through mass immigration is forbidden by the tower of Babel story in all Abrahamic religions and by common sense. The only reason Rothschild cause wars leading to immigration is to continue being in power. If there was peace, brotherly love and true healthcare, we would not need their hospitals, armies, governments or police. But if they can create a cold future society of Muslim vs nationalist with no common world ethic, they will continue being in power because we won`t have the unity to overthrow their monetary system. The coldness through the diversity of Europe`s future society will crave a strong police-state, and a strong communist government ¨for your own protection¨! While it`s nothing more than Satanic population control by elite anti-human activist megalomaniacs.

I want to sell the idea that God has chosen the Nordic people, because he has. EVERYONE is chosen to fight along God against the NWO, but the Nordics seem to have missed this, and abandoned their national identity, replaced by Americanisation, political relativism, materialism, post-modernism and out-right-Satanism. God WANTS them to believe they have a special role in the fight against the Beast NWO, because Nordics are the future minority who lost their country, just like the Jews once lost theirs. The mantle of civilization is passed from one race to another, because the former lost their humanism to materialism…

God also wants to redefine how Nordics view themselves and give them the pride that they lack. Even Africans have more pride than the average Nordic! And that`s a good thing, because pride doesn`t mean we chop each-others heads off. Pride just means we aren`t brainwashed. Ethnic pride is a natural human thing, just ask any ethnic child. Ethnic pride contributes to world diversity, and Olympic games, sports, independence-day-parades, and meeting other ethnicities as a pub, are friendly examples that ethnic pride is positive, and has nothing to do with war in a time that we all have resources like food and shelter. With food, water, healthcare and partying, humanity has no reason to go to war. Wars were never fought because of racial pride, but because of megalomania, and the same old anti-human, Satanic conspiracy. The beasts of the Bible. Yet today we are all subjugated by the same world authority: Jewish racism.

Nazi Germany only used nationalism as a propaganda tool while the war in reality targeted the freemasons, and the Illuminati conspiracy, the Freemasonic lodge being banned from every country they occupied. Just listen to Hitler going on and on about how Rothschild started WW1 for profit and then destroyed Germany`s economy, enraging the entire nation. It is a fact that the entire reason for WW2 was a response to the same economic Rothschild conspiracy that creates all current wars and upheaval in the world today. This is an evident historical fact seen in the conspiracy-theory nature of the Nazi-Party, Hitler himself, all his advisors, all his speeches, etc. Nazi-Germany was the world`s first Illuminati-free nation comprised of the same conspiracy theorists as today. And by liberating themselves from the Jewish Illuminati, Germany became the world`s most powerful nation in only 13 years from after having lost WW1. Historically speaking, there is no difference between a member of the historical Nazi party and a modern day conspiracy theorist, aside from racial views, which was only used to kindle the fire. A Nazi is a conspiracy theorists in battle. A warrior for truth and freedom against anti-human activists, any way you see it.

The entire idea behind me writing about Nordicism is to replace Norwegians wrongly attributed identity of Satanic materialism with the our rightful purity, strength, honour and holiness. I want (particularly) blondes to view themselves as God sees them: Their blonde hair, white skin, and blue eyes symbolizing the blue Heaven, the sun, the clouds and in general: Holiness.

If they so did, they would be very mighty, and a powerful tool against Satan`s New World Order. Satan knows this, and has therefore branded blondes as stupid, promiscuous, naiive, submissive, and as ¨evil Nazis¨ or even ¨offspring of fallen angels.¨ If only the latter were true, then perhaps our holiness would take effect.

Just kidding, the Bible is clear that all the sons of Noah are blessed. We`re all the same on the inside, but God has given gifts to each race, through his immaculate love for diversity. It goes unsaid that the persona called ¨God¨ could only be fully expressed in the creation of all ethnicities, represented with Jesus as Adam. God is thus philosophically in my view both white, black, Asian and Hispanic.

I read the Bible, and then I read dark secrets on the internet. The Jews once represented God`s fight against Babylon, Egypt, Rome, globalism, multiculturalism, Satanism, but have become the very thing they once fought against.

I cannot bring myself to believe they are his chosen people!

Surely, out of all the people in the world today, God has chosen the naiive, hopeful, loving, peaceful and civilized humanistic Nordic conspiracy theorists in their resistance against the NWO. They are in the exact same position as Nazi Germany, or the historical Jews when they left Egypt and represent the entire human race, having lost their first Illuminati-free country, being enslaved by Babylon and Egypt, wandering in the Sinai desert searching for the future homeland for all ethnicities of the Earth: The first free federation of likeminded organizations. The world`s first Illuminati-free nation. A nation where God rules, not banking-profit. A nation of futuristic healthcare FOR humanity, not against it. A nation with free electricity as envisioned by Nicola Tesla. A nation free of the old Satanic conspiracy: Today represented by the Illuminati.

And while I often address Jews, Jesuits, and Freemasons, I do so only because many of these are involved in the anti-human Illuminati conspiracy, not because I am a racist. My best friends are f.i Jews. The regular Haredi Israelite hates his war-broking Rothschild government as much, if not more than any Norwegian nationalist. It`s the same bloody elephant in the room. With the internet, partying, healthcare, food, water and shelter, humanity has no reason to wage war for resources. This is the first time in history… Had it not been for Rothschild trying to stay in power through war-broking, putting us against each-other to create a cold future society in need for their elected pay-dogs on top:  A police-state ¨for your protection¨.

The Jews have played their part in history and have become a racist, fascist, powerful world empire of conglomerates. And power is prone to abuse. It is time another chosen people took over, interbred in the same way, and kept their bloodline purity, just like the Jews have for 2000 years. Or else, blonde hair will die out. It makes more sense that kind, peaceful, naiive blondes are chosen, and preserve their cultural and racial purity than Jews, whom look like everyone else anyways. Why Jews are allowed to be racist while blondes are not, I wonder… None of Scandinavia was in any way associated with Nazi Germany.

Does it matter? Only if can be used to fight the greater war… I see the world dying. I am afraid not only for the survival of European ethnic culture, but for humanism, the ecology, and all that stands in the way of the Illuminati`s destructive elephant. I am not a racist, and this battle is not about race, but the survival of mankind, which is the purpose for my writings.

One of the first battles (along with the Middle-East) against the future communistic New World Order is being fought in Scandinavia, as Nordics are loosing their countries and culture to the demographic crisis, with big-capital-war being the root problem (not the immigrants) , and I think therefore that Nordics should use that anger, not against other ethnic groups, but through conspiracy theory, to wake up, and fight not only for themselves, but for all humanity, in the greater war against this monetary conspiracy of war-broking.

Perhaps the Nordics and Arabs should unite, as the army under Daenerys Targaryen, to overthrow the moneylenders, the usury and whore-bribery of the big-capital Lannister war-machine of anti-human-activists???

I personally could not give a damn about race; when people go to Hell! It is the greater war that matters, as we put aside all differences (for now), and unite in the infowar to wake up and unite all mankind to the conspiracy of the New World Order.

What worth does nationalism have to me as a Christian who believe all races are equal and saved??? Nationalism is only a response that wakes people up to the GREATER conspiracies.

As Norway is hijacked by an Illuminati pirate-ship destroying her people, human rights, culture and economy, you might say that Scandinavians are CHOSEN, as they are the prime example of the war against the NWO in the world today, so that it is God`s will to pour out his zeal, passion, love, strength and courage over Nordics, to take back their country from the Illuminati, because the war of the world is being fought in Scandinavia.

Why is the war of the world being fought in Scandinavia? Because, if Norway actually exposed the lies of Illuminati government, through inherent nationalism waking them up, and if Norway became the world`s first Illuminati free nation, which they are the best candidate for as they have the wrath, the riches, the oil, the wits and the resources, they would represent a light of free healthcare, electricity, and MAJOR scientific breakthroughs to the entire world; the turning of the tides for the globalist Illuminati war against humanity, as the Illuminati would lose their first and most important battle to destroy humanism and Christianity.

Look at diversity in nature. Human plurality is the common sense of nature philosophy, history, state-science and religion. Biblically forbidden in all Abrahamic religions through the Tower of Babel story. God meant for diversity.

Take for instance the ecology in China. Is it the same as in Norway? Should we force Chinese ecology to Norway because it is plant-racism??? Diversity is natural and beautiful. Diversity is not multiculturalism through a mixture of demographics, but through unity of nations, not through the EU, but through common human ethics in independent nation states. The humanist ethics of the Greco-Roman-Judeo-Christian values that the entire west is built upon. Peace cannot come through a mixture of ethnics, but through a unity of ethics. And my candidate is Christianity.

Aside from that, I wish I could do more for the greater good. This book is such an effort. Thank you. I want a better world for everyone.

But this book will focus on where the battle is currently raging against this inhuman future depopulation agenda: Nordic countries losing their sovereignty, something all races should support as every ethnicity`s right.

No Babylon EU!

No Babylon EU! It is every ethnicity`s historical right to deify and preserve their culture through all means possible, to which I dedicate this book, when in the face of obvious tyranny, and no, we are not historically linked to the Nazis. Nazism means ¨New Order¨, which we oppose. We would be more similar to native Polynesians, the Sami people, or the American Indians. We live in a Renaissance of our 5000+ year old culture! WAKE UP and FIGHT HUMANITY`S BATTLE WITH US, or be an ass-licking slave to Rothschild Mammon for the next countless NWO millennia!

Welcome home!

Hi dear friend. Everyone are friends, precious, and everyone has their home. Are you light-blond, red-haired, or just concerned with Nordic values, culture and history, then I want to outstretch a warm welcome to you. You are homo-sapiens most unique ethnicity, as well as the most minute minority in the world. Welcome to your rightful country taken from us, our ancestral home. I’m Thomas Eidsaa (Harald Hårfagre), and I don’t want to cut my hair until I’ve found my tribe. Maybe you are a Nordic native like me, have weeping over your country? And maybe you are seeking social and mental support contact for what you are going through as a lonely misunderstood native??? You have nothing to fear. There is nothing wrong with you and you are not alone. Welcome home to the tribe.

I often say that a Northman does not remember who he is until he looks with his tribe into the fire during listening to stories of prehistoric times … How did we get here? Who were we historically, and what is our noble role in the future; are questions everyone seeks answers to and who unite us as individuals in the NNR.

The Germanic people have often been called ¨Aryans¨, which means “noble” in Urdu, in India, a term I personally like, but which we do not use, as we are not brown-skinned Indo-European Iranians, and our origin is unclear, certainly not from a mutation 11.000 years ago, but aims to the stars, something that fascinates us. The term Aryan was used to term this glorious pre-history, and the Nazis believed the blue-eyed-blondes were the purest of the Indo-European race called the Aryans.

We call ourselves the (Tribal) Nordic Native Reserve. Our goal is comparable to the American Native American Reserve in the United States, and we are of course not racists, ie white supremacists, which Wikipedia defines as the belief that one’s ethnicity gives the right to dominate others in terms of slavery, contrary to Islam, and Judaism where both sacred writings (The Quran and Talmud) require all others’ total submission in the form of slavery or tax.

We are talking stone Age cultures from before the Viking era that introduced banking system, treasure and kingship while most Germans lived peacefully in tribes, naked under the stars with bodies adorned with flowers…

We oppose forced cultures we experience as hostile to the human child’s natural compass. Cultures of Viking Norway, and Germania were subjected to bloody wars, forced religious conversion, and feudal slavery under foreign kings and lords. Our natives were suddenly subject to the invented ¨system¨, e.g artificial intelligence as a banking system, a Jewish power apparatus of taxes that alone serves its own human-alien existence of suppression.

And today we are forced to open our borders and accept cultures where serious racism is socially and religiously forced children, and incorporated into the daily practice of society, something I can quote from both the Talmud and the Qur’an.

Notice that there is no single nationalist, fascist sovereign white state left in the world, unlike Israel, and countless Islamic states that politically-historical must be defined as racist-fascist, with a sharia-political-judical propaganda identical to Nazi Germany, which we condemn as natives.

We will have nothing to do with Islam, Israel, or Nazi Germany, because we are peasants of fertile soil, elvish children of the Earth, and have nothing to defend ourselves against Satan’s ugly power apparatus. Despite the lying educational system, the human child has gained access to advanced prehistoric technology, herbal medicine, and to-and-free electrical energy, through the internet, thanks to scientists who sacrificed their lives for humanity, and our futuristic native children can now regain our ancient age, as is our right, as there are no white countries left anywhere in the world.

We will cultivate our valleys as utopian, futuristic societies in symbiosis with nature. All we want is to have one Alvarheim, and be in peace in the land of our ancestors.

Who we are.

We are national-romantic patriotic men and women who preserve human bio-diversity (diversity and multiculturalism) through protecting the whitest of the white, making sure human diversity never goes extinct, humans, our most precious species of mammals. We are of good repute with Norwegian indigenous appearance, who like to meet to discuss our hobby and interest. We are not political, or religiously affiliated, as we are a tribal community of ethnic like-minded people, not politically, but maintain the law of liberty over will, body and economy as liberalists by nature philosophy, common sense, anarchy, communitarianism and contributionism inspired by the template of Sacha Stone` s ​​New Earth Nation, and Michael Tellinger`s Ubuntu program, the only real way to leave a world-order of growing economic, political, informative, and digital control, foreign to the human child’s innocence.

We encourage all people of all races to seek freedom in their own territories, be it the next valley or in Zimbabwe, but alas, white humans have no territory that is theirs anywhere in the world, and are the world`s most threatened minority. The UN must answer to this.

The human rights of a resident.

There are thousands of Mosques for Muslims only, Synagogues for Jews only, not to mention millions of foreign (Jewish, Asian, Arab, etc.), especially African-American gangs, and African-American churches, and millions of religious communities in both Norwegian ghetto communities, but mainly in the USA, and also worldwide.

Think about it … But that Norway involuntarily lost its tribal identity, religion, was subjugated Catholic, Danish, and Swedish occupation for 900 years, and now face history`s greatest demographic movement from wars we had no part in – so that our ethnicity will statistically die out, taken over by immigrants who statistically rape 10 times as often as a Norwegian of ethnic origin.

There is no room for immigrants here. Norway is like a lifeboat. If too many enter, we will all sink: Norway WILL die, and what once was Norway will not be Norway anymore. This is a factual absolute. You cannot deny it, nor can you deny our rights for a home: The simplest, most basic of all human rights…

Isn’t there enough space in the world for mankind to cultivate the earth, each on their own land, live in a future of diversity, and have a home that is theirs? Or should we mix all races…

We at Ubuntu, New Earth Nation, and NUF work for you, humanity, and have the medical and technological solutions that confirm it’s time to leave the world order to be divided into farming cells of contributionist survivalism, unless you are keen on centralized power.

Is not defending our people, their culture, and their country our human rights according to the UN Treaty on Human Rights Article 2 and beyond??? And this is called society for diversity??? It`s ethnic genocide, and that is a statistical fact.

We were never part of an evil Empire, we never went to war, we were never part of England`s slave-trade, the colonial crimes, Napoleon, we resisted Hitler, and we the people never went to war against Iraq or Afghanistan. Norway has been forced into foreign Empires, killed-or-be-Christian, and subdued for 900 years in a cold climate with the 3rd lowest living standards in all of Europe for 900 years until we finally won back our own country 200 -100 years ago, getting our own king only 100 years ago. Norway has never been part of any historical evil, aside from a few Viking raids 1000 years ago, and owes nothing to the world after 1000 years of oppression, so if you are an immigrant, get out! This lifeboat can only take so many people before it sinks.

Consider that, despite our open love of immigrants, who form ghettos (racist societies), there is not a single ethnic European community in the West that is not labelled as racist, a term that magically refers only to whites, which is racist, and breaches human rights and dignity for the last ethnically pure blonde or redhead ancient Europeans: The few of us Nordic-looking left here in Scandinavia.

Think historical, nature philosophical and child-like: What matters more than language, tribe, ethnicity, religion and country? What has Norway become, and is it Norway, or even an independent country any longer???

No. It`s become a state where citizens cannot even talk to each other, and fear of Sharia Islam dominates the streets. It`s nothing but a bank-occupied state in a banking federation called the New World Order, or culturally, a post-modern materialistic global America where money, power, and sex have replaced the humanistic basic principles of ethnic Europeans. An American world of dubious lobbying that neither Muslims nor Europeans like.

And despite immigrants-only ¨no-go-zones¨, which exist over all of Europe, especially in Germany and England, where they have Sharia courts, schools and quarters, we are not allowed to one single longhouse or ¨Nordic only societies¨, or ¨natives only no-go-streets¨ without being called racists, even though we are indigenous to over 4000+ archaeological years of slightly varying ethnic culture.

We are not Nazi Germany, were never part of Nazi Germany, so how can we be judged for racism when we are simply indigenous people who pay the price of America’s financial empire’s warfare??? What are we other than the Allies, considering that former American President George HW Bush, and philanthropist Henry Kissinger advocates a ¨New World Order, a term obviously taken from ¨Nazism¨ which means ¨New Order¨ or ¨New Order¨ translated from German.

My great-great-grandfather Hans Holst (noble-family) Fleischer`s (Illuminati grandmaster of Norway and director of Kristiania spikerverk) cousin was Norwegian General Carl Gustav Fleischer who was the first to advance towards the German war machine throughout the Second World War. For that he was liquidated by the eternal lobby, something they called suicide.

As my family does not speak highly of. It’s up to us.

We are the Allies…

What is a nation without a nationality? And what has had greater historical significance than ethnicity and religion? What is one country without borders? These are infallible, timely questions from tearful indigenous resident screams that do not receive social and mental therapy, and face a fear community where no native dares to talk about the same as I do, as it is politically incorrect to say that a white resident is more white than a black Norwegian, or that one does not want to be associated with foreign origins, while the opposite is okay due to the law-work in Islam and Judaism.

Native residents, with human rights of free speech are slaves in an invisible prison. Hundreds of thousands of indigenous people, hundreds of which I have talked to, suffer from post-traumatic stress, and severe mental illness, after years of trying to reach the politicians as their country is being taken from them by a state system abusing the emotions of the indigenous people, alienating, and misleading our youth into cultural Marxism!

The Alliance, the Allies, cannot accept this.

Ten thousands of indigenous people burst, get emotional breakdown, fall out of the education system, and often end up with self-therapy, alcoholism or drug abuse, a Hell due to lack of mental therapy that I, and hundreds of thousands have suffered from. All thanks to the state. Good, kind, yet wounded natives often end up on the street, or are recruited into the Nazi environment that nurtures hatred, and abuses the name of Norwegian national romance, comparing us to the crimes of Nazi Germany, which we historically resisted and fought. This is a prevailing trend all over Europe.

NNR are a friendly non-racial alternative to supporting the indigenous people, who are already a minority by birthcharts. NNR are here to better understand immigrants, the problems that causes immigration, and be a platform of dialogue between the immigrants and misunderstood natives, reminding the world of our human rights; that you should be proud of being proud, that immigrants should be proud that you are proud and help you connect social ties for mental therapy until we get our own reserve. A country that is ours, which is the right of any people through the UN declaration of human rights.

NNR does not accept the gross violations of indigenous emotions the state scheduled on a continental scale by the lobby on behalf of mammon’s masters. The NNR requires its own reserve outside of forced integration policies with limited state authority in line with how the threatened minority of indigenous peoples are treated in America.

Blonde and redheads are, after all, the ethnicity that looks the most outstanding among the human populace, is the smallest minority in the world, and has a poor forecast of a couple of hundred years before it dies out, statistically speaking.

Humanistic foreign and domestic parties, human activists, and advocates of religious freedom must hear the NNR, and ensure that such a catastrophe against the human race’s proud unity and diversity does not occur …, should the whitest of the white-blonde race die out, which could happen overnight, but be regretted for all eternity as mankind loses a beautiful and vital part of God`s beloved creation.

And while the Night God and Immigrant God, Loki / Set / Satan have thousands of Satanic churches, there is scarcely a single sun-temple seen anywhere in Europe or the world at all. The ancient people of the sun have no nation, no tribe, no village, or any community, temple, or media organization, whatsoever, in any country, or in any form anywhere in the wide world.

Therefore, we take a bold initiative against the 21st century’s grossest racist discrimination through the establishment of the NNR, to ensure a future multicultural society in which ethnic diversity and culture is represented and preserved to the end of time, in the face of demographic changes, for survival.

Questions and answers:

Who we are.

We are a Norwegian grassroot movement with origin and support from onlyresultscount, the Vatican and UBUNTU on the initiative of Thomas Eidsaa. (Author)

The purpose and goals of the NNR.

Goal number 1. To meet, exchange and explore Nordic culture, history and origin through regional communities called ¨The Tribe¨ or ¨tribes¨ (after Nordic custom and tradition) and local communities called ¨the longhouse¨ (after the house of the Viking chieftain) where members may take one new middle name (by Nordic custom) who describes their personality and/or physical traits, as the Vikings did. We are as such a gentle, happy, warm, non-racist, loving, national-romantic company with a focus on social cosiness as a mental support contact for lonely wolves.

Goal number 2. We will form a media company for both mainstream and alternative Nordic Culture, Archeology and History, with the goal of publishing a magazine once a month.

Goal number 3. As part of the vision of Michael Tellinger’s UBUNTU, Sacha Stone’s New Earth Nation, and with the ambition of self-sufficient societies and private schools, we see nothing against writing a reform of all science including history, physics and cosmology as we believe the current unified fields of schools are consciously constructed with holes we believe are obvious to one who simply sees David Wilcock’s Wisdom Teachings at the alternative media agency at, for instance…

3.2 build a model for the future through a permanent residential reserve, especially for the endangered light-blonde and red-haired tribe / ethnicity with independent laws, private schools, our own technology and medicine development, our farming/garden-planning/ecology and our own electricity, as well as an export agreement of these resources, which is our demand for the aforementioned racist threat, and the discrimination of our people, and that Norway was united under Catholicism and Kingship by sword without the tribes’ acceptance.

As a personal, threatened light-blonde elf, an ethnicity that will statistically soon disappear under the sea of ​​racism, I wish, and have always wanted to create something as peaceful as a Rivendell, for why should other ethnicities and religions idealize themselves and not us???

3.3 A goal of our native residential reserve is to restore and preserve the staggeringly different human phenotype seen in rapidly diminishing Nordic blonde, and red-haired populace, and restore their tribal identity and pride for the future. Similar to a Svalbard Seedbank of the human gene pool, gathering, and restoring the original Nordic tribes from across the country, or from across the western world.

This tribe has historically been called the ¨Heavenly People¨; Those with bright blond hair (gold / light / sun / lion tribe (the lion is the only animal with blonde hair)) who were the last people to emigrate to the Nordic countries, in the pre-Middle Ages, from Turkey. So, the blonde tribe is the Tribe of Heaven.

We also aim to restore the real redheads (to be called the ¨fire tribe¨- the strain that historically dominated Eastern Norway with whole tribes of only redheads, but which were scattered after the Black Death.

Thirdly, reserving those with black and brown hair: The silver tribe. (because they are white but have black hair and belong to the moon.) Not because they are a threatened minority, but because they are natives as well.

The redheads and blondes belong to the ancient ethnic-white cultures of the ancient fire-tribes of the Sun, while the brown and black hairs belong to the silver-tribes of the Moon. These correspond to the ancient sun and moon cult Illuminati and Luminari from Latin ¨lux and Luna¨.

In the NNR, we believe that Satan has plagiarized the term Illuminati and Lucifer, as darkness hiding in the light, as this false, historical Illuminati are in fact a materialistic financial empire of the Dark cult (the God Set) , not enlightened at all, and we believe that this Jesuit and Jewish impostor-Illuminati see the blonde Nordic inhabitants, the God Horus (Lucifer / Light) and his Illuminati order as his enemies of darkness, and has therefore made plagiarism by monopolizing the term Illuminati to make light dark and dark to light. This is our belief.

To defeat Jesus, Lucifer, and his Illuminati solar cult, the lobby belonging to Satan, plagiarizing Lucifer in a conspiracy through John Milton and Dante Alighieri, transformed the cult of light into the cult of darkness, turning Jesus into Lucifer, and Lucifer into Satan.

Darkness always hides in the light. Satan had now officially become the angel of Light through bad interpretation of the Greek Septuagint Bible, either purposefully or not, which 2 Corinthians 11:14 warns us about. Darkness is dark, and light is light. Make up your mind.

This is our belief.

We adapt the colours of the sun culture (Illuminati), the traditional red and gold (see, for example, the Knights Templar, Rome and the Vatican), while the moon culture (Luminari) wear white, blue and silver. (See EU, Israel etc)

This is our belief.

We see the blonde lions as the heavenly people, and believe blue eyes esoterically symbolize eternal youth (most babies have blue eyes), the colour of the sky, the deep water of the soul (the sea, the sea), while the blonde hair represents, and historically represented the sun god, the sun and light, like our skin. Thus: The Tribe of Heaven, or those who from Heaven came.

Where we stand politically and ideologically.

We have no unified political opinion in the NNR, but most of us favour the national-romantic, and ultra-liberal-anarchist (in the term traditional / economic liberalism ) survivalist (peasants and hunters) communatiristic and/or chieftainship political opinion (ecologically intelligent, self-sustained, futuristic and anarchistic village societies), with the addition of contributionism as defined by Michael Tellinger`s UBUNTU and the New Earth Nation movements as the ¨sharing of resources’ natural value without involving a medium like money / currency.¨ If we had our own nation, we would start a Kingship with tribal provinces with an intellectual-direct-democratic political-centre-model where our party would be national-socialists with a political right free market for capital growth, but with a politically left free healthcare and citizen salary.

Our view of religion.

Religiously speaking, we are inter-religious as long as you agree to the Lion’s Law of Source, Love and Light / Fire as defined in the book ¨Wisdom of All Golden Ages, ¨ the (ontological and metaphysical) law of source, love and Light¨ by Thomas Eidsaa. A scientific religion based on evolutionary creationism through bion bio-genesis demonstrated by Wilhelm Reich, and Dr. James DeMeo, a spiritual approach of the world of physics, astrology, and tribe unity: Source field / ether, love and light. We also believe in prehistoric Nordic (white, blonde and red-haired) battles, and advanced prehistoric Nordic shipping civilizations, most recently based in Egypt and Sumer, but also in South America to China and India. This ties into our religion as ¨Aryans. ¨

Research into the historical as well as prehistoric depths of our ancestral religiosity, linguistics, archaeology, giant archaeology, white and blonde giant mummies, and of course, our own approximate identical ethnicity (see e.g ¨Tut Ankh Amon¨) provides unequivocal evidence that our ancestors, the Vikings, were the last adherence to this global shipping empire ruled by an Aryan bloodline that our ancestors, most commonly referred to as the ¨ God`s priesthood¨ that ancient texts, and detailed alternative archaeology lies proof of. (See books of Zechariah Sitchin, Michael Tellinger, and Lara Atwood in her book ¨The Ancient Religion of the Sun, and the Lost Civilization of the Sun.¨)

We accept all religions that have ethnic affiliation to the Nordic countries and Europe, or have historically legitimate content in their sacred writings, as well as scientific, natural philosophical, metaphysical and ontological validity, including Asatru, Zuisme, my own religion of Source Love and Light, which does not have a name yet, Thelema, and the form of Messianic Judaism as I detail in my book Reformation of Christianity, regular Christianity, Gnosticism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and all religions other than Islam, which fall outside the validity test of the above-mentioned sciences, and is seen as a primitive retelling of pre-Islamic biblical stories that the dyslectic Muhammad (peace be upon him) historically had no relation to or qualification to report. (See Apostate Prophet or David Wood on YouTube.)