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At the end of reading through, you will understand why “Ultra-liberalistic facist Christian theocracy” is the way, and how many flaws there are for Christians (and people in general) in the current system. I will also explain how to get there.


We need a Christian state. We need a fascist Christian state – just like Israel. A country for Christians. Just like there are Muslim countries. A fascist state means a state where Christianity is elevated, and the majority of the population must be Christians. A fascist theocracy ruled by priests would be the best, although any governmental forms will work as long as the people are of homogenous ethical opinion.

Wikipedia defines theocracy as:

1. a system of government in which priests’ rule in the name of God or a god.

1.1. the commonwealth of Israel from the time of Moses until the election of Saul as King

It is the only biblical governmental form!

Plato`s Stages of Government

In book VIII of The Republic, Plato begins to describe several stages of government that are intolerable, yet unavoidable. Plato predicts a society with an enormous socioeconomic gap, where the poor remain poor and the rich become richer off the blood and sweat of others. In this instance, the people will long for freedom and liberty. They will use it as a battle cry against their oppressors, sparking a revolution.

From this revolution, blood will be spilled, and many will die. During this time of violent transition, the people will rally behind one man, or a few men, whom they believe to be their Savior. The people will lift this champion to great heights and anoint him with sacred responsibilities to bring liberty to the land. When the smoke clears the old regime will be gone and a democracy will be supplanted. And while this is reminiscent of several historical revolutions, including the America revolution, Plato warns that the trouble only intensifies from here.

During the course of his writings Plato differentiates between necessary desires and unnecessary desires. Necessary desires are desires we cannot overcome, such as our desire for shelter and sustenance. Unnecessary desires are desires that we are able to overcome yet refuse to. These desires include luxuries and lavish possessions. These types of desires are a result of a rapid influx of liberty into the population. Once we have tasted freedom, we become drunk off it. Plato predicts that the people will demand freedom at every turn, fighting any form of authority and demanding more liberty. We become obsessed with our freedom and become willing to sacrifice necessary things like social order and structure to attain it.

At this point, the newly appointed leaders become very nervous. It was so easy to depose their predecessors, so why not them? These democratic leaders will realize that they are only easily supported when there is a war that the people can rally behind. And so, the democratic leaders will unnecessarily become involved in violent affairs, creating wars to distract the people. To ensure their power, the leaders will create laws to bolster their position. The rulers will impose heavy taxes against the commoners to ensure they are unable or unwilling to fight back against this. And any who do oppose the leaders will be labelled as an enemy and persecuted as a spy. It is for this reason that there must always be some enemy combatant that the leader can cast blame upon.

Plato continues in his discussion by explaining that these leaders will eventually become unpopular, an unavoidable result. Those who once supported this ruling class begin to rebel against the would-be tyrant. At this point the citizens will try to get rid of whatever man is currently in office, either by exile or impeachment. If this is not possible, the ruler will inevitable strike down any political opposition he may have.

Hated by the people, these leaders will request the presence of a body guard. And now he is a tyrant, the leader has no choice if he wishes to rule. Elected by the people, yet now he is protected from them. Plato predicts that this tyrant will appeal to the lowest form of citizen. He will make soldiers of the slaves and the degenerates. The tyrant will pay them to protect him from the ordinary citizens as we see with our ruling class appealing to immigrants through monetary socialist funding. And now the leader is a tyrant, born from democracy and propped up by the demand for liberty. And in our quest for liberty, we instead created a monster.

Sound familiar? In any democracy there arises a whole political class, a group whose only skill set is manipulating the masses into voting for them… They crave a new leader, vote, and the Jew changes tie from red to yellow riding a horse with his head above the sky shouting left, right left while the horse tramples on the people by every change of government. The continuity of this monster must be broken. The state is bound to be abused. We are free from Plato`s scenario as we live in a modern age of enlightenment where all can attain the knowledge power of the ruling class, having grown from drinking the bitter lessons of history`s failures, and exposing the need for war.

The state keep people believing in them by showering them with more and more material “wealth” in the form of consumer goods, and although the masses are also handed debt that they will be paying on forever, they will forever believe that they are “free” “cuz look at all my STUFF!” That`s why we need a revival of the spiritual man.

Anyone who divorces himself from television and mainstream thought will see right through the madness and recognize the true danger at hand here.

Consider the words of Samuel, “4Then all the elders of Israel gathered together and came to Samuel at Ramah, 5and said to him, ‘You are old and your sons do not follow in your ways, appoint for us, then, a king to govern us, like other nations.’ 6But the thing displeased Samuel when they said, ‘Give us a king to govern us.’ Samuel prayed to the Lord, 7and the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Listen to the voice of the people in all that they say to you, for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected me from being king over them. 8Just as they have done to me, from the day I brought them up out of Egypt to this day, forsaking me and serving other gods, so also they are doing to you. 9Now then, listen to their voice, only—you shall solemnly warn them, and show them the ways of the king who shall reign over them.’
10So Samuel reported all the words of the Lord to the people who were asking him for a king. 11He said, ‘These will be the ways of the king who will reign over you: he will take your sons and appoint them to his chariots and to be his horsemen, and to run before his chariots; 12and he will appoint for himself commanders of thousands and commanders of fifties, and some to plough his ground and to reap his harvest, and to make his implements of war and the equipment of his chariots. 13He will take your daughters to be perfumers and cooks and bakers. 14He will take the best of your fields and vineyards and olive orchards and give them to his courtiers. 15He will take one-tenth of your grain and of your vineyards and give it to his officers and his courtiers. 16He will take your male and female slaves, and the best of your cattle and donkeys, and put them to his work. 17He will take one-tenth of your flocks, and you shall be his slaves. 18And in that day you will cry out because of your king, whom you have chosen for yourselves, but the Lord will not answer you in that day.’
19But the people refused to listen to the voice of Samuel, they said, ‘No! but we are determined to have a king over us, 20so that we also may be like other nations, and that our king may govern us and go out before us and fight our battles.’ 1 Samuel 8

Judeo-Christian humanism is the moral foundation for safety, and equality of life, and creates the laws of utopian village-anarchism where all must have the same morale code for anarchism to work. Eden, the Judical society of theocracy, and the Kingdom of David is the only biblical form of governance. But we will focus on the ultra-liberal anarchistic theocracy society of the judges of Israel. Love (humanism and morale) and light (enlightenment) will provide safety for our people in a free, anarchistic society. We must go back to before King Harald united Norway. Back to Israeli patriarchy of the judges until the messiah comes.

The world must only be one through Christ`s kingdom, as to fulfil God`s plan. Israel has the greatest history, culture, and has built the world.

Christian ignorance to governance.

I am a liberalist. Not in the America sense of politics, but the European one. We stand for free will, and strong in-land economies. We will certainly be termed nationalists, right-wingers, anarchists, and religious extremists. But they cannot harm us as we are peaceful warrior monks who simply protect our nations humanitarian rights. I am love, and light towards everyone.

We are against the Satanic-technocratic attack on human health, knowledge, identity, and the Christian religion. It is a big attack on humanity by the Illuminati black brotherhood through mega-corporations, and a cultural-marxist state. Major corporations work against breakthroughs in health and medicine.

I believe we should submit to state and law, but at the same time we know how the Jews, and early Christians fought for their belief in severe wars. So, belief comes first before national laws of pretty politicians. Unleash the lawless ones. This is something you never hear in church as they most often misuse Romans 13:1-10

¨Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes, if revenue, then revenue, if respect, then respect, if honour, then honour.

Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law. The commandments, “You shall not commit adultery,” “You shall not murder,” “You shall not steal,” “You shall not covet,” and whatever other command there may be, are summed up in this one command: “Love your neighbour as yourself.” Love does no harm to a neighbour. Therefore, love is the fulfilment of the law.

This was written at a time of Christian persecution, so that they had to bow to governance. The apostle Paul contradicts the book of acts where they gave everything to the church, and the early Christians did oppose the state, and were communist revolutionaries, hated by the Romans! Paul is argued over by many zealous Christians. Was he really a disciple of God? Why did scales fall of his eyes? Paul was a roman. Was he working for Rome when he wrote this?

This bible verse of Romans 13 is no longer active. It is the reason why all Christians have become so dull.

Aristotle discovered the need for homogenous society to achieve perpetually peaceful society, or any society for that matter. We have now glorified Jesus, and discovered he unites the world with love and light! The world can only be one through humanistic homogenous ethics, not through a chaotic mixture of ethnic groups, and forced integration. The torch of light is passed to the Aryan people to civilize their newcomers with western-humanistic values.

Demagoguery not democracy – enlighten people to vote.

The founding father of Greek Philosophy, Socrates is mentioned in Plato`s book 6 of the Republic. Socrates has a political conversation with Adimentus about voting by birth right leads to demagoguery. Demagoguery is when a politician appeals not through logic, or truth, but through false promises, easy solutions, and fear to gain votes.

Socrates argues that if you are heading on a sea journey through a storm. Who would you let control your ship (your government)? Unexperienced people or seafarers? That is the danger of birthright voting. In my opinion: Immigrants should not have the right to vote. Why is any un-educated person fit to judge who should be leader of a country? It is as dangerous as putting peasants in charge of a sea-journey through storm.

Like any other skill, the act of voting must be taught in the respectable country, according to Socrates. Education about politics, history, and having a populace who are all equally smart, and enlightened should be OPTIONAL when we have birthright voting. But that is not the case. Most of our populace have NO clue about leading a nation yet vote anyways. Often voting for the left-wing demagoguery politicians who say not accepting immigrants is unethical with the Jewish aim to ruin their own countries economy, nationality, culture, religion, values etc. Career politicians use demagoguery all the time, since politics has been reduced to a game of popularity and career, steered by secret societies, and not a ship to steer the better evolution of humanity, which would have come through the white-ethnic humanistic values of native Christians. A humanistic national-romance revolution renaissance would inevitably have happened – evolving humanity in the right direction, had our society not been divided by crypto Sabbatean-Jewish Marxist politicians, a their mass of mongrels: Islam.

I feel like Socrates myself. He experienced the idiocy of demagoguery himself when he was put to death by Hamlock in 399 BC by popular vote of 500 civilians where 52% voted for his crime of corrupting the youth of Athens. What a great tragedy. It is just like my own popularity contest.

We need a new nation of intellectual democracy, not democracy by birth right. The greatest defeat of the west was the dissolution of nobility. Descendants from European nobility has a much higher IQ, and sense of right and wrong. In my ideal ultra-liberalistic anarchistic theocracy nation: My intellectual democracy is where only the native Christians, or citizens (of any race) pertaining to the Christian faith are allowed to vote. This should be self-explanatory. Why should we have room for error and corruption when our entire country and the survival of our people is threatened?

Aristotle on homogenous society

History reveals how the power-elite has long used, and now desperately use immigration to stay in power, and destroy humanity before we wake up.

Here the Greek philosopher Aristotle argue that tyrants keep power through appealing to immigrants (as they do today), and that a true, liberal society can only be homogenous. (through ethics) He also argues that only a homogenous (ethnic majority) society can overthrow a tyrant:

One measure of the intellectual and moral degeneration of the West over the last decades is the now near-total ignorance of the founding Classics of Western civilization, even among the so-called educated class. Those who remain in ignorance of what superior minds have thought before them are condemned to remain as children, at best reinventing the wheel, rather than standing upon the shoulders of giants.

While the Classics were clearly written for a time and place very different from our own, their concerns often speak to us very directly. Aristotle’s Politics, his main political treatise, is replete with comments concerning the dangers of diversity and egalitarianism. Aristotle’s political thought does not soar to the eugenic and spiritual heights of Plato’s utopia. However, Aristotle’s moderate and pragmatic brand of politics is much more palatable to someone raised in modern liberalism, while at the same time being a better introduction to the communitarian and aristocratic political ethics of the ancient Greeks.

Aristotle is greatly concerned with the preservation of civil peace in the city-state. One of the most common causes of “faction” and civil war, he says, was the unhappy consequences of unassimilated immigration and the consequent diversity. Aristotle’s prose is perfectly clear:

Heterogeneity of stocks may lead to faction – at any rate until they have had time to assimilate. A city cannot be constituted from any chance collection of people, or in any chance period of time. Most of the cities which have admitted settlers, either at the time of their foundation or later, have been troubled by faction. For example, the Achaeans joined with settlers from Troezen in founding Sybaris, but expelled them when their own numbers increased, and this involved their city in a curse. At Thurii the Sybarites quarreled with the other settlers who had joined them in its colonization, they demanded special privileges, on the ground that they were the owners of the territory and were driven out of the colony. At Byzantium the later settlers were detected in a conspiracy against the original colonists, and were expelled by force, and a similar expulsion befell the exiles from Chios who were admitted to Antissa by the original colonists. At Zancle, on the other hand, the original colonists were themselves expelled by the Samians whom they admitted. At Apollonia, on the Black Sea, factional conflict was caused by the introduction of new settlers, at Syracuse the conferring of civic rights on aliens and mercenaries, at the end of the period of the tyrants, led to sedition and civil war, and at Amphipolis the original citizens, after admitting Chalcidian colonists, were nearly all expelled by the colonists they had admitted. (1303A13)

Thus, immigration of different peoples was a common source of conflict, often leading to civil war and concluding with the ethnic cleansing of either the native peoples or the invaders.

Aristotle’s ideal of citizenship, entailing civic duties and group solidarity, necessarily requires a strong common identity and a sharp differentiation between citizens and foreigners. Conversely, foreign mercenaries had no solidarity with the people, and were thus frequently used by tyrants to enforce their unjust rule:

The guard of a [legitimate] king is composed of citizens: that of a tyrant is composed of foreigners. (1310B31)

It is a habit of tyrants never to like anyone who has a spirit of dignity and independence. The tyrant claims a monopoly of such qualities for himself, he feels that anybody who asserts a rival dignity, or acts with independence, is threatening his own superiority and the despotic power of his tyranny, he hates him accordingly as a subverter of his own authority. It is also a habit of tyrants to prefer the company of aliens to that of citizens at table and in society, citizens, they feel, are enemies, but aliens will offer no opposition.” (1313B29)

This passage brings to mind the Bolshevik tyranny in the early decades of the Soviet Union, when the government, and especially the secret police, was dominated by people from non-Russian ethnic groups. As Aristotle notes, under such a system any assertion of independence was ruthlessly crushed.

Aristotle also clearly expresses a related idea, that ethnic homogeneity enables the group solidarity that is needed to throw off tyrannical rule, while a diverse population with a no common identity is easier to rule. Aristotle, in order to enable leisure in the premodern era, argues for having a population of ethnically diverse slaves (something I, for reasons of civil peace and genetic integrity, would not endorse and especially not in the age of automation):

The class which farms it should, ideally, if we can choose at will, be slaves – but slaves not drawn from a single stock, or from stocks of a spirited temperament. This will at once secure the advantage of a good supply of labor and eliminate any danger of revolutionary designs. (1330A23)

Thus, a mass of mongrels without identity is easier to rule than a self-conscious people, a truth which the hostile elites who rule the West seem to instinctively understand.

Globalism, and peace cannot be achieved through a mixing of ethnicities, but through an ethical homogenous society.

We see the same disaster happening today. The elite are appealing to the Muslims, and betray the native Europeans: Destroying Europe to fulfil the goals of the black order NWO as paraphrased by masonic, and Jewish authors and authorities. Their goal is a cold society without Christianity. Islam is merely a tool to read out unorthodox Christian movements like for instance the Pentecostal movement. We live in a nation of insecure, individualistic sheep ruled by wolves, and owned by pigs. For the first time in history: Our generation has stopped rebelling against authority. The west is dead. They will destroy the core-Christian family and create a rootless NWO society in need of their police-state. Our nations of the west are ruled by secret societies with a common cause of evil. They recruit the aspiring new talents with gifts of power, drugs and sex. Especially popular are secret pedophile rings, which I have seen myself. We thus end up with a Satanic technocracy, where expertise of a few philosopher kings rules their respective fields of society like media, government, medicine, science, history, weather, military etc. And who owns, and fund these? If you follow the money-trail, you will see it is: The old order of European oligarch Jews. The mafia.

These evil control-freaks seek to bind the evolution, and natural growth of humanity in Europe so they can rule over rootless animals. Our warm society of love, unity, and potential is attacked by a demographic crisis through putting us against each other. Or as the saying goes: Order through chaos.

This cannot be allowed to happen. As of today: There is no Christian nation, or any white nation in the world. We ABSOLUTELY need our own state! The first Christian state in the New World! My obvious political stance is that of a right-wing liberalist, and I stand against the soul-tax-farm state corporation, their black brotherhood, and their corrupt media! We will soon discover our prideful history as Aryans but let`s make out the perfect system.

Burn it! It`s leading us straight to Hell for 2000 years! It`s like some insane evil one could make a funny movie about.

The current government is not instituted by God, opposes God, destroys our people, destroys our culture, and opposes the national constitution, and it`s old laws. It`s the same in America. The corporationalist globalists with the Jewish elite are coming to ruin us, and I can prove it! YOU will write books on this and start private-schools. YOU will gather your army, and march against the government, and crave the world`s first Christian nation! It is our religious right to be heard! You took our lives, and all we had! I lost everything, even ALL my dreams! Just to be eaten! You oppose us who do good. We are punished for doing good, but not for doing wrong. And our taxes go to absolute waste. They are a mob. They`re trying to destroy us very efficiently.

THIS MUST END! The lions must rise! I will describe to you my ideal model for sustainable, happy, peaceful biblical society:

While Jesus envisioned a Platonian utopia, or one-world golden age under Davidic dynasty of God`s future appointed king of Israel, the only biblical government possibly implemented today is ultra-liberal survivalist (pseudo-anarchistic) theocracy (where there is only religious court) as biblically found under the times of Israel`s judicial patriarchy in the Old Testament, or the church where the church is an independent state as a communitaristic ideal society of commoners (idealists). In this monastic village, the church is an independent state, and functions as the head of societal building blocks inc hospital, media etc. In this communitaristic/monastic survivalist-example the church-complex/building will function as religious institution, judicial institution, school for children of all ages, and social welfare centre for misfits and elderly. ❤

Crowning a King is the best solution for current monarchies!

Imagine if we had a King who represented the PEOPLE. Imagine if we won, and all remembered this King for a thousand generations. That is ONE good-old-traditional way for revolution, the old Alpha-Male Civilizer Sun-King Horus. They won`t be able to shut THAT down, because nothing encourages people with pitchforks, (and teasing their pussies,) more than a super-idol King. (Which is basically what a King was back in the days, before the Hannovers took over, anyways.)

This might be a better route than going through the political arena, because you simply cannot deny the people the right for a King. And what`s even better is that all the King dictates is law. So the pyramid will fall brick by brick whatever happens, IF you follow our commands, and raise up Messiahs.

The criminal record, and evidence for the Sabbatean-Frankist-Jesuit-Illuminati is ENORMOUS. The people only need to organize their king`s army, create their own king`s courts, and JUDGE them for THOUSANDS of crimes!!! Read the 25 goals of Weishaupt that got the Illuminati banned. It is the definition of crime.

Conspiracy to overthrow a nation-state is a CRIME punishable by DEATH in most countries! Show non-tolerance, and anger whenever anyone brings up the Illuminati topic or sympathizes for them.

They are antihuman activists! They just want to SHIT on everything, destroy the world down to 500.000.000, and remake it for themselves, with humanity as their slaves. They intend to rule us as Gods from outer space… Their royalty care only about themselves, and never represented the people. King Harald of Norway recently tweeted: ¨What shall we re-name Norway??? ¨

And nobody rebels… He is SHITTING on you. What gave him the right??? What more right does he have than you??? Is he not ¨less alpha male¨ than most Norwegian peers??? He is a NOBODY! He can`t even hold speeches, and much less hold the NATION together…!!! Isn`t it simply a racist disease of the past to be ruler by birth right, and to govern the parliament, AND the Freemasonic Lodge by birth right for such long periods??? Sounds like a spoiled, evil baby…!!!

I`m certain he feels like SHIT when going to bed! He probably shakes in his BOOTS before going out to the people at Independence Day! But when he comes back in, he`s probably laughing his royal ass off, just like all the corrupt politicians he OWN. Yes…

Did you not know that all European Kings are the leaders of each nation`s respective Freemasonic Lodge???

And why is he the king with the Lion`s crest? Because the Freemasons are Jews, and European royalty are descendants of (the historical) King David of Israel 3000 years ago.

So basic meltdown: An asshole from a bygone era claims racist supremacy to rule all in his nation, and you accept it??? This bygone, ancient tribe of Judah eats up thousands of formerly tribal European tribes, and you, as a Norwegian, let him get away with it!??

They`re racist criminals by definition! CRIMINAL CONSPIRATORS! What IS a King if not a conspirator??? Or ask yourself this: When was the last time the King represented the true will of the people…???

Listen to David Icke, and know that royals, or the royal arch of Freemasonry are the cornerstone of the ILLUMINATI.

They`re not the PEOPLE`s Kings… They are the ILLUMINATI KINGS, and their daughters are VAMPIRES and WHORES like Norwegian Princess Martha Louise`s ¨Astarte Education.¨ And they are CERTAINLY not Christian, and will certainly not get away from their sinful betrayal!

The royals are WHORES of the Freemasonic lodge, the Jewish tribe of Judah, and the Rothschild dynasty that aim to destroy the world, and create a global, atheistic, Satanic, communistic dictatorship with a population of 500 million slaves!!! Because they claim superior right to rule you by BLOODLINE!

¨Maintain humanity under 500.000.000¨ is chiselled in the Georgia Guidestones and is no secret.

Humanity is at war against the states, secret societies, and the monarchy. All have someone they loved who died of cancer. Even the police must REALIZE they cannot serve as crumbling rocks of the PYRAMID anymore! Dear policeman! Join us and seize these wolves in sheep`s clothing.

The world needs a new King… I recommend a Christian King Pope, who will be held to high standards. I recommend that the ¨King¨ is chosen by majority of votes by the Christians in the nation, and not by bloodline…

Having a King super-idol to symbolize the people, and our movement would be easiest, because you cannot denounce the will of the people to elect a new King or dethrone the old one. That is simply unhistorical… As humans are pack-animals inclined to Kingship or chieftainship by an alpha-male, deciding your own King is an instinctive right you cannot denounce, and if the people so choose, the King will be forced to abdicate by shame.

Or else we must do it ourselves. Like the French did during the French revolution. The People establishing their own army and courts.

If this revolution does not happen in a free, industrialized western country within 10-100 years: Humanity`s potential will be lost FOREVER, along with the green Earth, because once the Sabbatean-Frankist-Jesuit-Illuminati have control over the internet, TRUTH, education, science, and the media, not to mention government, police, military and banks, they are not letting go.

The Illuminati WERE criminals, ARE criminals, and will FOREVER be remembered as criminals when the PEOPLE write THEIR history-books on how THEY killed EVERYONE in 2 World Wars, with MILLIONS dying from cancer. When we create OUR schools with OUR truths, and every child is taught at school how THEY (the super-rich cabal) murdered billions!

It will be SO easy… Because God, the planet, and the stars are on our side. There is always hope, because hope is all we have. Therefore, there is ONLY hope. And We will win because We must win… The super-rich cabal have taken over the media, the culture, education, created false sciences, false history, taken over the banks, control the financial world, and has control over politics. Our only option is to create cells, study-groups, and families of light/knowledge. From there we will split up, grow new cell-groups, infiltrate society, recruit people from lawyers to biker-anarchists etc.

But we will start by investigative journalist`s provocative documentaries, and books aimed at the schools. Youth are very rebellious, pure, and open to new ideas that the elderly would NEVER believe. For what do we preach love and magical science???

Aim at the horny youth who easily become fascinated with our books, and program of revolution: Mysterious history, magical science of levitation, and eternal youth! Flying cars! Provoke the children, and the youth firstly because their hearts are pure, and their view of reality hasn`t solidified yet.

A child will cry when watching our documentaries on the SCOPE of Sabbatean-Frankist-Jesuit-Illuminati crime, and how many they killed. Provoke the children, and youth secondly because they are the foundation of tomorrow society, and the future doctors and scientists. The youth is the foundation. Attack the foundation the pyramid will crumble brick by brick, even if it takes 50 years. Because when 70% of the new generation are anti-nwo, society changes.

But what WILL deliver the final blow is investigative journalism.

My visions of monastic societies.

My visions, and dreams of the future have followed me ever since early puberty I remember I used to dream of quitting school to live in the woods camping when I was 12. God even gave me a staff of prophecy, and told me to move, and heal the sick! Get out of your home! The currents of this thought are strong and can be summarized in this: Monastic societies of 24/7 living-space with saints. The dream is planting prayer-houses, and retreat-centres where Christians can cultivate soil and soul: Having God as main focus, away from the world. Since we visited the retreat-centre Ffald-y-Brennin at Wales in 2018, things started happening.

People across the globe visit monasteries. But Norway is among the top nations. We have seen an explosion in the number of prayer-houses, and wherever I go, Christians realize they are not part of this world, and feel called to live secluded, or in communities.

I remember when I started spreading this dream when I met my first Christian friends. We were a gang of 6 who went to every meeting every week. We were the most loving, radical youths in all of town by far. One of our members even worked for weeks on the blueprints of a future mega-church.

But lust tore my friends from me, and I was left alone once again.

Since I was young, I have received dreams from God. I was such an entrepreneur. I spread my ideas to every church and pleaded with my family. Whenever God does something, he reveals it to the Church as a whole. I have probably met a hundred people sharing the same dream as I had.

I used to write down my dreams in my diary. God would take me to the same future location’s night after night, and showed me: This is what you must do. I remember these futures so well. I wrote down a total of seven locations.

I have always been the herald prophet guarding all timelines. Little transpires on Earth without God pushing it through me. I am the kind of angel who would fly to the Heavens every night as if I was not from Earth at all. There: I dreamt away my life, wondering if I was not actually an angel. But reality hit me rock bottom.

In a fast-paced world where internet, friends, and phones crave your attention 24/7 – it is hard to focus on God. What makes matters worse: Christians usually congregate only twice a month! Even with eternity at stake, there is little focus on God. I will come with a bold claim: Christianity has stagnated and been internalized so much that it will never gain momentum in the west in any predictable timeline. Not unless we grow.

For this we need continuous fellowship. To reach the destiny God has for his Church in this future world. Why? Because it takes time to reach the state of enlightenment needed for the Church to bring forth a revival. This is something I cannot do on my own.

We should always seek to mirror Heaven on Earth. Both in society, church, way of life and governance. In the same way the Israelites mirrored the Mazzaroth, and were called out of Egypt: I call you out of Babylon as a prophet.

A renaissance revolution, and world culture of Christianity cannot erupt if we do not gather the ambers. Gather the hot coals, and the fire will start. The Church is under threat, and simply needs to unite and regroup. Living together like the first Church. Following the Biblical pallet to success. From there: We can send missionaries to civilize the world. But first: We need an entirely new system. Let me take you to such an example before we go on to the new state-model.

My futuristic utopian village experiment.

Because the Corona-virus shows the dangers of globalism: Those who control the virus, media and the banks control the world. Not to mention: We don`t have enough oil for cars, nor enough Cobalt for electric car batteries to last more than 100 years. The return to monastic village societies with new technologies, especially Tomislav Teslas hydroplants, is inevitable: Our system is built to fall.

Imagine a village, or any society of only likeminded individuals where nobody believes false career-politicians, or that the state cares for us. A utopian, futuristic communitaristic society. Or perhaps a Christian monastic society? Like the first Christians. Or perhaps a theocracy where the Church is judicial institution, school, and social welfare centre???

Or perhaps you are an anarchist, a biker, or just an ultra-liberal that want a black-red anarcho-syndicate where everybody helps each-other, and there is nothing but unwritten law? Whatever your dream: I am sure we could take care of our own way better than corrupt politicians. Especially now that we have futuristic technology like the Tesla village in Croatia and Mauritius. I wish to start one in idyllic Norway… Let me tell you my lifelong dream…

You arrive at a peaceful, idyllic village hidden by clouds, and valleys in mid-Norway. It is autumn, and the generational trees planted 50 years ago make you feel you are moving into a geometric garden of Eden with all kinds of flowers, and futuristic technologies.

While you walk beneath the red leaves, you see pyramids, a water-facility-well, a revolutionary spirit-healing, and herbal ¨hospital¨, a school with all the knowledge in the world, a football-field, a science facility, an outdoors forum that looks like something from Rome, and new architecture of romantic periods, as well as artistic houses with painting you have never seen before. You see pyramids, non-polluting power-plants, and water-hydrogen fuel-cell cars. It looks like something out of a novel.

Due to the advancements in antigravity (levity) propulsion technologies, the villagers are able to fly around the valleys, and build monumental structures relatively easily.

The villagers great you in white robes, and the children wear flowers in their hair.

Indoor cultivation of exotic plants is made possible by the free electricity devices.

A monumental stone church spires above the little fantasy-town and looks like it could stand as long as the Giza pyramids.

Here: People live happily to the age of 100 years. The village is an ultra-liberalistic anarchistic theocracy. Theocracy? Yes. Here: God reigns.

Common Christian ethics of love, and light`s eternal law govern this eternal village peacefully where the inhabitants can focus their life on cultivating soil and soul.

As an ethic-homogenous society of unwritten biblical laws: There is no reports of theft or violence. Everyone has everything in common like a big family and live like brothers and sisters.

They are called the Kingdom of God. And it was God who tasked me and gave me hundreds of visitations in dreams: Showing me I had to create these villages as a template for all future societies.

As a theocracy, the village is governed by miracle-working saints, and humanistic heroes.

The church will serve as a religious institution, a judical institution, police, military institution, school, and social welfare centre for the elderly and disabled.

This is part of the global village reservatory project of Jesus.

The people meeting you are of all races and preach a universal gospel.

They tell of a harmonic natural way of living, working for your food, marrying your classmates with immeasurable romance, and teaching the children TRUE science and history which they built the village upon 50 years ago, after the great rebellion, and break-up from the state…

They succeeded and created an eternal haven in symbiosis with nature. Their revolution, and technological solutions created a worldwide revolution renaissance, and reformed the whole world: Showing that paradise Earth is indeed possible. One day we will get that Utopia…

It can exist because the state is liberalistic, but here they`ve taken it even further, into ultra-liberalistic anarchistic-theocracy.

Their mission spread fast across the globe, giving ethnic people pride in their heritage, and showing that Rivendell was always just around the corner. In the valley bordering this one, there is a Viking village. The entire cabal fell, and America crashed it`s economy.

But the Children of the Light survived and fulfilled their dream after a great disclosure and revolution. New-Agers, Christians, professors, and many people with high positions stepped out the secrecy following the revolution, and made this technological marvel possible, getting the support from foreign, and domestic financiers.

The villagers tell you how they created a revolution renaissance of liberty, love, light, knowledge, art and success, introducing the New-Age of worldwide peace based on love and light.

Such a world IS possible.

They are not yet at their goal, but the entire world loves them for their pro-activism for peace, love, and zero crime statistics. Over the globe, many children of Love and Light have become inspired by their achievements to create villages themselves. There has never been a theft, stabbing, or murder in any of these anarchistic societies.

Monastic knights, and rebels assemble!

We are Knights Templar! We are peaceful warrior monks of light-truth, and love-human conduit! We are love! We are light! Become prophets of truth, and the mantle of wisdom guiding the world by God! Our TRUTH is an anointing, and a blessing to the nations! You are evil, were evil, has done nothing but evil to us, and cannot harm us. We seek our first independent, and safe Christian foothold for European culture, and Christianity through the establishment of an anti-state idealistic independent Christian village, and we encourage all Christian to take up this dream, victimize themselves, and scream like an unheard minority! There is no fascist Christian-majority nation in the world! Why is Israel allowed to be a fascist state for Jews only? Why are there Islamic states for Muslims only? There is nowhere in the world I can feel safe as a Christian.

As with Christians, i also advocate all nationalists, pagans, and fed-up anti-NWOrders to group into chieftainships, denounce the state, and embrace my governing model of anarchy. Return to farming, and the Viking age! Yet I say, true anarchism will only work with Christian morales, or else ¨dog-eats-dog¨. For the pagans, we solve this through ¨love and light. ¨ = ¨Morale and knowledge.¨ I personally hate love. The Christians just rape Jesus to death without ever saying they loved him, kill him, raise him from the dead, and take his beauty, now your ugly. Hahaha. So much for the value of the humans. Humanism, and western values will do. Sharia Islam won`t do, until they are reformed. This might work if the heathen, and atheist do their job. Which they will.

Do you own any estates? Please come join us. Be a light. Return to Adam, and Eve in a garden of trees, and futuristic technology! Retreat! They took our nation! Back to survivalism!

I urge you to be smart, upright, and shining with political awareness taking the ultra-liberalism, decentralization of the state, and privatization close to anarchy view in this new theocratic state reformation.

The fundamental idea of existence, and fundamental human right is liberty/liberalism, free will. Communism has killed hundreds of millions, ¨dangerous¨ right-wingers have killed close to none, and no, communism is not anarchy although Marx said the state should be abolished. And Hitler was a communist.

Marxism doesn`t work in a corrupt world and was created by Jewish conspirators. Socialism is simply a bad way of excusing the state to stay in power, and using the people, lying to them. To create a slave mentality; ¨the state is good, we take care of you, and you can do nothing.¨ Living in a NWO socialist police-state like Norway isn`t being human, it`s a soul-tax farm with the illusion of happiness, whereas the truest desire, and right for a human is being free, being paid for what you do. I would define our mission as a spirit of liberty and love.

We need a Christian nation and governance!

We seek to establish worldwide consensus, worldwide distribution of secret knowledge, and thus make unity of the people, not the corporations of globalist control!

We shall take responsibility as Christians – whom are stewards of Earth – and make the world into our garden where milk, honey, and the good life is without end, as we can fly on saucers, have free electricity, and sour between the majestic mountains of the Norwegian valleys in UFO`s.

This would have been the Christian future had it not been for the Satanic lobbyists, and their Zionist financiers.

A world of elves, beautifying, and rediscovering their magical origins to an extreme! We have always been a people of peace!

Still, our good hearts will never give up. We want a world where we take care of each other, and the Earth’s resources through disclosure of hidden technology! A world without starvation, poverty and disease.

To achieve all this, we need a new governmental structure. I think the theocratic ultra-liberalistic system is the only Biblical governmental model.

But any system will work when the citizens have homogenous ethics, the Hellenistic-Christian humanist morale.

Whatever happens: We need land, and preferably a nation. I don`t care if it`s nationalist, multi-ethnic, center-party, or libertarian as long as it is a fascist, Christian state where Christians are the majority.

We also need a Pentecoastal-Evangelical-Charismatic World Church to be a 1stcenturyministries Vatican!

We need a theocratic priesthood as the world`s unchanging foundation, with philosopher kings, great saints, and scientists (an enlightened bunch of the world`s most loved, honest, greatest schoolars) as our rulers, as was customary in the antique.

Our theocrazy is ordained by God`s word as the only viable governmental form! We need this state. Just ONE state! Please! All will see and know how perfect it will work! All will want our education and system!

Our newspapers, and media will broadcast miracles! Our idols will be saints! All will be harmony, and no violence when all are Christian anarchists! The world will recognize us, long for our success, and say: They`ve got it right! We want it as well!

My Dybwad Brochman governmental model of the first Illuminati-free Christian nation. Ultra-liberalistic, intelligent-direct-democratic theocracy.

Today there is no white, nor Christian nation in the world. And I`ve never met an imperialistic Christian who dares dream of having his/her`s own homeland: A Christian nation. Yet we are the biggest religion on the planet, and of course, the only true religion. There are no Christian laws anywhere in the world, where Christians can feel protected, and have their UN civil rights. Nowhere.

Our Christian nations went from being democracy to being demoncracy. The religious, satanic cabal who own much, if not all of international mega-corporations, which the socialist state has to answer to through bribery. They further bribe all important societal and technical sectors of society with money, power, childporn, and torture sex-slaves. So we already have a priest-elite of a Theocracy, although a Satanic one.

Let`s get to Thomas Eidsaa`s state model!

To prevent demagoguery, we will enlighten the people. To ensure the supremacy of Christianity, only Christians will have the ability to vote as in Socrates intellectual democracy model where all voters are educated in politics, and enlightened from school. This will be a Christian, fascist state much like Israel, but also a direct-democracy though internet voting, like demanded by the French yellow-vest protesters under the RIC movement.

Why shouldn`t the Christians have ONE supremist state when Islam has dozen and even Israel has one? Why do neo-charismatic Christians support Israel, but do not think about getting a nation of their own? Any governmental form will work as long as all are Christian. Yet this example will be an ultra-liberalistic theocracy. Why? Because I base all upon the Biblical model. And it will be perfect.

100% of the populace will be a part of the State Church. The Church/people will rule the nation. Books like my God Reality, and real education, not quackademia, will ensure a high neo-charismatic Christian spirit.

The legislative branch/parliament will be elected from among the recognized, hard-working saints, and heroes of the State Church, people with humanist ideals every 4 years. This will be the legislative branch or parliament.

Political parties will be reduced to workers-parties (experts in their former field of interests, e.g culture, welfare, military, progress or environment) , containing scientists, and well-educated experts in those fields, so that our elected officials actually know what they`re doing, and are the best in the world of foreign politics…

The executive branch will be chosen through regular elections as is today, if recognized by the Church/Parliament.

The people will be educated in politics, and vote on all major government decisions through an internet platform.

Hospitals, drug-stores, well-fare, etc will all be privatized. The state will only compromise land and roads, government, police and military, owned in turn by the Church, which funds them with the biblical 10% taxes the people pay to the Church, the only tax in the nation.

Police will in time be needless, and return to the Biblical pallet of Church Judges and/or Inquisitors.

I want the Church to oversee all levels of society, both social-welfare, school/university, court, police and military, although all these, including schools are private corporations. The Church is God`s Kingdom, the state-Church, the only Church in the nation, but every local Church acts like a private institution from donations. The governmental role of the Church, the very theocracy, is only there to oversee everything.

It`s a system of continuous living in abundance in God`s glory with brothers and sisters on a fruitful Earth, and about getting the saints and prophets into government.

So, every previous social-institution is now a department of the neo-charismatic Church. It`s all about getting the greatest of saints into top positions.

Private actors will take care of what we today relay on through socialist means, e.g hospitals, elderly-centres, schools etc. The unity of the liberal people will prevent corrupt career-politicians, foreign agents, or rats in the system. For the first time: The people are connected, united, and have the power. The state holds no power. That`s the very core of liberalism. And that is why we must eliminate all taxes aside from market tax, customs, etc. The entire idea of the system is based upon the Bible, the time of the Judges in particular with a unified religious nation and a free market economy.

So, the state itself has no power of economy. If anyone (a corporation) threatens the people, we will overthrow them. The people have the power!

The theme of a unified belief will of course be very socialistic even through this is a liberalist country. For all are the same, and thus social, helping each other! Rich will of course take care of the poor, and make sure every child gets to go to school, for we are one people! A Christian people of love-light values! Equals! The private actors, and the legislative branch must answer to the people, who in turn elects saints. This can`t go wrong!

We could build monuments! Roman forums! Temples of man`s achievements, like museums of history to how we overcame war, and achieved unity!

An even better solutions comes to view through combining the thoughts of Christian Norwegian author, businessman, and politician Bertram Dybwad Brochman. He was hushed by the state, and opposed for being a Nazi, but had pioneering ideas of the solution to government built on the Bible.

He constructed a system similar to the Bible, where all citizens get citizen-salary from a government existing of political parties reduced of political status, rendering them labour-parties/groups of each field of expertise, for instance climate, with their expert opinion on this matter representing the people of the nation.

Brochman saw government compromising a council consisting of representatives from these earlier political parties, with elected scientists in each field, whom determine how all citizens shall serve the state-Church in obligatory work (as with the priesthood in Israel) for instance in farming during harvest, or with Church-service in Church-welfare (hospitals, schools etc), foresting, or in general; all disciplines of work that connects the citizen with God either through nature, or through well-fare social work, to get their monthly citizen-salary from the Church.

Give, (10% tax) and it shall be given in abundance, as is Biblical. Thus: All citizens get citizen-salary, eliminating the lowest class and poverty. I would love to see this idea implemented, and thinks it fits perfectly with my state model.

Aside from the obligatory work for the citizen-salary, all are free to nurture their economic independence, as this is an ultra-liberalistic model, where the people have liberty and power to make strong inland economies, necessary for a strong nation.

The idea of ultra-liberalistic theocracy, Brochman`s wettest dream, is that the parliament is the state-Church`s theocracy elected by the people, and the government is reduced to only government, police and military, with both the government, and parliament getting their salary from the 10% (tax) donations to the Church, not donations directly to the elected/hired officials, as to eliminate bribery, as they are thus owned by God, which owns the Church, which is owned by the people, for the people`s protection only.

Monarchy, power-hungry-Satanists, and career politicians eliminated. In such a model, the people (the people are the Church) are ultimately responsible to eliminate the possibility that any sector of the nation cooperates with corrupt capital, or independent organizations not serving the people, trying to feed its own malicious existence of oppression and cruelty. Today`s state answers to secret societies ruled by multicorporate globalist capital, because the state is independent from the people. This is only possible because it feeds of their taxes.

As we have no taxes, there is no people vs the state. Or maybe people vs the Church, but then again, the people are the Church AND the military. This is the Biblical system of the Old Testament. One nation under God.

God doesn`t change, and religion is about soul, and thus important for the Christians citizens, who will flock to this nation, and rather die to keep the Church, and state in check with the will of the Bible and people, in a world where Christians are the most persecuted people-group in the world, and have no nation of their own…

In my state, all will be Kings. All secret societies, and non-Christian organizations will be banned including the Masonic lodge, but spiritual research organizations will exist, under oversight by the Church. Only Christians will be allowed to live, and work in the state.

The local churches, schools, educational systems, hospitals, etc, will all be privately owned, but answer to the Church and Army, which in turn is the people. The people who represent, and literally OWN the nation, through the ideal of liberalism.

With a homogenous population of Christians, we will see technological advancements in all fields, particularly in medicine!

For the Church`s Christian people/workers will own the former state-corporations e.g hospitals… If there was any culprit, people could quit or rebel. In this nation, some would live from citizen salary or donations as a monk/nun in Church from the 10% ¨taxes¨ the people give to the Church, but the idea of personalized economy is important to keep mankind at it`s highest potential, and not slack off…

This is a perfect system, because God is a perfect God. If God is perfect, then of course there exists a perfect solution.

I am also in favour of an internet platform where citizens vote on all governmental affairs, similar to the RIC (Citizen Initiative Referendum) of the France Yellow-vest protests. Yes, all major decisions of the government will be voted upon by the Church/people/military, where the majority of the people over-rule any government.

So as a libertarian person, I say the people, not the parliament/church, can thrash the government by majority of votes.

No feudalism, just love and light.

Today it`s the other way: Satanic interests are bribed unto the socialist state, which exists independently to control the market of welfare, technology, and evolution through monopoly of all social sectors like hospitals, and schools under the bought template of the state, to suppress, serve multinational agendas, and work not on the behalf of the people, but against them.

I am therefore against taxes, socialism and communism, because of room for corruption as the state becomes a ¨self aware artificial intelligent vampire-squid¨ serving those globalist, multinational corporations, think-tanks, and Jewish-masonic lodges who bribe them.

The current system must therefore be abandoned. Our democracy is a demoncracy.

Every state department, every aspect of science, every company in the nation, would need to have a spirit-scientific, philosophical basis for it`s existence. Yes, every company in the nation would be a shrine to the honour of God, as it should be. For our reality, science, is more spiritual than materialistic, as all science, all nature, including ourselves: Reflect the glory, intelligence and love of God.

Our system is perfect, but we just have to be careful that the people chose no Barabbas over Jesus. But how would this be possible when the theocracy Church is the people and the people the Church? When the people are the army and the army the people?

Also, the necessary condition of attaining sainthood before being elected in the parliament or government, eliminate rats in the system. (Along with our Inquisitors…)

Think of a world where science, movies, and media was about glorifying God! And the fact is that TRUE science do glorify God, but has been replaced by Einsteinian quackademics.

The people will get a never-before sensation of freedom through a personal economy, liberty, and a socialist spirit to take care of each other on Christian premise. The people represent the well-fare system, not the state, as there is no state. This Brochman system will be a powerful state! Think of the great military we could achieve!

We could peacefully protect ourselves, and conquer the world peacefully as their glass-pyramid shatters with our model of monetary system, police investigation into inside-jobs, and our technological advancements… And dare I say our nation would be with zero crime? We might not even need more police other than the Church`s inquisitors, like as with Israel`s judges, an idea I very much like, that could be implemented in due time… If it worked in ancient food-shortage Israel, why should it not  work now?

We need a new Eidsvold 1813, a new constitution, and new laws must of course be written, based on the western-humanistic values of Christianity, love and light.

We decree this as human individuals who have lost their freedom of speech, nationality, nation, culture, religion, rights, pride, and the possibility of living to our religion`s requirements and ideals. We must get ONE neo-charismatic, biblical state!

What governmental form is ¨social¨? What creates ¨my rights?¨ Classical liberalism or socialism???

Today with the current system, the executive branch/government only abuse, and misuse it`s power, and is a governmental structure that does not work in its people`s interest! We need a revolution! But the parasite state has eliminated Christian revolution. And irresponsible lack of integration of Muslims to the western model lead to a cold society in need of a more POWERFUL socialist state, which the state of course planned: A police-state. (For your own safety haha) It is the responsibility of anarchism, and liberalism to find a new system, as defined by Noam Chomsky.

As I said, Government must be reduced to military and police. Is anarchism, and classical liberalism opposed to socialism? Not in the way the uneducated sees it! They think of social when they hear the word socialism, and that it means to socialize, and that ¨the people have the power! ¨

This is a prevalent lie driving the world towards global communist police state control. It is with liberalism that the people have the power! The popular image of revolution, freedom, the people having power, the people having rights, and women`s right does not belong to the political left. It belongs to liberalisms political right.

Socialism is just a bad excuse for corrupt career politicians of a parasite state, although utopian socialism might work. But have we ever seen working socialism or communism? (Aside from Norway, where socialism is masking the destruction of our culture.) Are not all genocides, and corrupt dictator states attributed to socialism?

If the state disappeared: What would you do about the problems of society that socialism address? ALL people come up with better answers than the corrupt socialist politicians. Answers to integration, social-centers, homeless, medicine etc can be easily solved by private actors in a state of uniform ethics, love and care, without giving all responsibility and freedom over to socialist politicians because ¨we can`t take care of ourselves¨.

Is that what you want??? In my ideal state, when people realize they have the power with classical right liberalism, not socialism, that`s when their slave mentality recess. They realize THEY are the solutions to every problem, NOT the state. This truth is kept hidden from the people. Most of the people I talk to don`t even realize they`re slaves if inside a socialist system ruled by an anti-human mob that monopolizes cancer-treatment and takes away your individual freedom ¨for your safety¨. Are you a baby? Do you need the state to tell you how to get well? Or can you use google and think for yourself?

The need to abolish taxes completely is to secure the great idea of freedom, and ensure that a parasite government of socialist monopoly of police, human treatment and human opinion e.g monopoly of mental institutions and hospitals etc, NEVER rises again, and this is eliminated by a constitution that never applies taxes in any future ever again, destroying the possibility of state that parasites on the people as an independent corporation of Satanic or globalist opinion. As long as the idea of classical liberalism, human freedom, Christianity, State-Church, Love, Light and Military stands, our country will be safe, all will be happy, and all will live long healthy lives. A state where the people, not the state, care for the people, because the people are united.

The idea of an internet-direct-democratic People`s State, where all can vote on affairs is also intriguing. We imagine the political parties (reduced to labour groups and scientists) have this internet structure that those educated can join in our intellectual direct-democratic model. With the saints overseeing everything, to prevent demagoguery lobbyism of course.

Modern socialism doesn`t work since power is abused by Satanist lobbyists (often hiding like wolves in Jewish cloathes) that seek high positions just for Satanic power, religious reasons and career, not because they are idealist serving the people! We live in a system where being an egocentric psychopathic narcissist is looked up upon, and with all Satanists wanting power: What better arena to gain power than through politics?

They have built their shadow empire, and you have done nothing to stop them! In a socialist state, the evil elite will only become fewer, eviller, and be the super-rich. Karl Marx was Jewish, so was eight out of twelve in Stalin`s party, and communism/socialism with state-mega-corporations is the ideal society for a handful of lobbyist to rule a global communist New World Order.

Although corporationalism will exist in our ultra-liberalistic state, the people have the power both through the Church, direct democracy, police, and full control over the military, to overthrow bad corporations as there is no conspiracy-corruption among state and corporations. This eliminates the evils of the world, which are predominantly Satanists in Jewish sheep`s cloathing.

Communism and socialism has killed hundreds of millions in the lie that capitalism is evil. From Hitler`s national-socialism to Stalin and Pol Pot.

Capitalism is a necessary evil that will always exist in whatever way you see it. A world without capital is philosophically impossible. It can`t exist. Capitalism has always, and will always exist in one form or the other, unless we give up our rights to corrupt career politicians to ¨take care of us¨ because we act like babies and think we need a socialist state.

Big-capitalism will exist even more in a communistic state-form, centralized around the people who own the government. And who are they??? Those who print money: The Rothschild globalist mega-capitalists.

Capitalism hasn`t killed anyone, or gone to war. Do you want the upper-middle class to disappear in America because of increased taxes? Socialism destroys the free market and the middle-class, anything but the super-rich (most of whom are Jews).

Do you want to give away your right of free speech because you couldn`t rely on yourself to integrate Muslims, and must rely on a socialist state who LOVES Muslims, and hate Christianity, all for your protection cause you were a baby who didn`t learn of conspiracy theory?

That is why we must establish this nation at ONCE, before the people lose all power and free internet information! Before the demagoguery parasite state wins! There is no Christian, or white nation on Earth! We MUST be allowed to exist somewhere on Earth as mentioned above, even if it is only a small village, or else the alien-ruled-shapeshifter communist NWO of Satan (Mr. Rothschild) will have no resistance and become global for hundreds of thousands of years. How come nobody has seen this necessity before me?

In Scandinavia today, the Christian, and native people need non-corrupt right-wing liberal governments. And we are actually doing quite well. Norway`s wide array of political parties from Rødt to Alliansen display our freedom of speech. But the paid lobbyist media and paid career politicians still side with Islam over Christianity, so don`t give your freedom of healthcare, security or opinion over to the state…!!! (Integrate and solve Islam yourselves). We all know where Arbeiderpartiets and our health-department`s money and allegiance come from: The Rockefeller foundation. It is the same in every other country. Globalist philantropists conglomerates steer health, opinion, and politics like dictators in every western nation, by funding opinions and politics like Arbeiderpartiet, that are in line with the New World Order, and the people think democracy works! In return for their funding, Arbeiderpartiet, and worldwide health has to obey the rules of the game. You could easily call this world: ¨the moneylenders game.¨

But Norway still has a wide political spectrum, and the new party ¨Alliansen¨ was established as a result of the Trump election and is among the best parties. Norway has a powerful divide between left and right, and has had a very balanced politically centred model, albeit with high taxes, but with the world`s highest welfare system, and also a liberal market.

But it`s getting worse. Media, and the left are monopolizing opinion, big private actors of the liberal market is going downwards fast, and we are selling our resources, rights and government as slaves to the European Union. Many leftists in America think Norway is the perfect socialist system the entire world looks up to. Perfect if you want to tax and destroy private actors, propery and opinion. Perfect for babies who showed no resistance to anti-human activists taking over their formerly Christian nation`s arenas.

Our perfect, rich Scandinavian countries are over-run by cultural-marxist career politicians ruled by money. Follow the moneytrail, and you will see the politicians are bribed by foreign interests, and secret societies serving globalist Jewry, like the  Rockefeller Foundation, Bilderberg Group, the UN, the EU, CFR etc… It is a parasite state. We must reform, or else: Norway will end up like a police-state, perhaps sold over to Russia, or even worse, a sharia police state where nobody dares speak of revolution or human rights. A cold society where the natives are treated like dogs.

Vikings assemble. Aside from Alliansen, there is no political party aside from ¨Liberalistene. ¨ An ultra-liberalistic party with no representatives. Fremskrittspartiet is the only major political party that has fronted dangers of multiculturalism, and mass immigration, but they got their chance in governance and failed to deliver their promises. Corrupt.

We are not the best, but still way better than Sweden. The parties Demokratene, and Partiet De Kristne are also better options. The problem, however, is that all major right-wing parties support Israel, as Christians of Norway are very patriotic about Israel. The party Alliansen is national-patriotic and does however NOT support Israel, for better or for worse. And the party leader Hans Jorgen Lysglimt Johannessen is seen by many as a clown, and has some outrageous claims I don`t support.

A bird told me he is controlled opposition by the Freemasons… Alliansen is hostile towards Christian-patriots as well, and paint a sad, pagan future picture of Norway. There is in no way any political party of responsible intelligence in this nation. There are no Christian politicians of intelligence and responsibility in this nation. Nobody represent me, and nobody represent you. You just haven`t realized that yet. Politics is a foreign form of power and control set in motion by the Illuminati hundreds of years ago, and still ruled by them today.

What more will you allow them to destroy before you denounce the state and create your own neo-charismatic theocratic nation where children can be free and happy? Where all disease and poverty is ailed, and people live in harmony with nature under the constant glory of allmighty God, ruled by proven miracle-working saints? Are you going to sacrifice this opportunity and go through another 400.000 years of being ruled by Nephilim? Are you going to let them kill you, and vanquish all trace of Christianity from the Earth??? Because that`s what Satanic Jesuits, and the Illuminati take as their oath!!!

Are you going to rely on prayer alone, or will you prepare his Kingdom?

The world needs nothing but a Christian romantic revival revolution renaissance.

Our riches, and oil-fond will disappear as the world crashes into nuclear war, but would have been used to strengthen inland economy, and the Norwegian currency IF we had had a homogenous society of right-wing liberalism. Norwegian patriotism, Christianity and technological development would have developed into a perfect futuristic society, if Norway had been uniform in ethics, humanism, had a right-wing government, had taken no part in America`s war, and had taken no Muslim immigrants. A national-romantic renaissance.

We would have NEEDED that for Norway to evolve into the greatest nation, a light changing all healthcare and systems in other nations, but now we`re all divided between nationalists, Christians and Muslims, because of a masonic conspiracy, with homogenous natural human evolution halting. Thus Norway became what she is today, controlled by a Satanic lobby government police state ¨there for your protection¨ who finally gets their power through the abovementioned ¨divide and rule¨ ideology, false-flag Satanic terror attack inside jobs like the Utøya massacre, which was a freemasonic left-wing operation by Mossad just for us to give away our civil rights, and freedom to surveillance and population control ¨there for your protection¨. One step closer to cybersatan`s AI mark-of-the-beast system.

If Norway would have been ethnically homogenous, and thus ethically homogenous, we would have been the most peaceful and prosperous nation in the world with a system that would be a template to change all other nations! But now! ¨Divide and rule/conquer!¨

Without immigration: A national-romantic humanist renaissance towards a technological, and ethical golden age would have been inevitable! Satan knew this, and halted natural human evolution. I wouldn`t lie in saying: Immigration has destroyed all western countries, and halted humanity`s evolution through dividing the populace, and destroying free speech through medieval Islam.

Norway, and all Scandinavia, and the west is ruined forever by secret societies. The Workers Party (Arbeiderpartiet) have completely destroyed Norway as outlined in the books by Per Aslak Ertresvåg. Our tribes who once were great nations of blondes, and redheads millennia ago are gone, unless we create a Nordic Village, comparable to American Indians nature reserves…

And now they tax-steal whatever the upper-middle-class have left and give it to immigrants as welfare money. Just like they do in America…

With the destruction of private property and national borders, and with WW3 looming, and with Rothschild controlling all media and politics with increasing censor-ship, humanity is not more than 100 years away from global Satanic communist dictatorship.

The Sabbatean-Frankist-Jesuit-Illuminati will create religious war so that mankind`s religious spirit is broken. The future social life will be so tense, and the emotional hate so strong between atheists, Muslims, and Christian natives that the police-state will crush every evangelist. ¨You`re not allowed to preach or say you have any opinions on the street!!!¨ ¨Be tolerant!¨ ¨Obey the state!¨

Religion, and Christianity in particular, will not be tolerated. This is their aim. Perhaps they aim at destroying religion through putting us up against each other. First, they destroy white ethnic pride and Christianity through Muslim immigration, then they destroy Islam through atheism.

Religion will be taught as the reason for WW3 in history books. Most will agree Islam is the true religion, because democracy rules, and they get more children than we do… Because we abandoned Theocracy (priest-rule) 400 years ago, and never dreamt that dream again… We never even allowed ourselves to dream of having our own world or our own nation, although such a nation would be exactly what the world needs.

Be right-wing. It would be hard getting our privatized village or private schools if we do not have a liberalistic right-winged government.

If I took power today?

Let`s say I took power over Norway today, and got a theocracy with me as King. I would of course fix the country as it is through socialist means. Any governmental form would work with the right leadership and a ethically unified public. I would create a new Rome.

Yet there are a few steps I would take to make sure the bad-guys are exposed:

I would write a new national constitution based upon the previously described theocratic model and take over as described in the ¨battleplan¨ chapter. Then…

  • I would nationalize the media, putting it under my control. No more hate, and fear mongering. No more socialist or communist propaganda.
  • I would re-create the State-Church, but reformed in line with my books.
  • I would reform all national laws, and the system of courts to answer the State Church.
  • I would create a new police department made of recognized conspiracy theorists, investigating into Rockefeller`s bribery of our government and Norsk Folkehelse Institutt, etc, investigation of former politicians and corporation`s alliances with foreign interests and think tanks (treason) , much more, and set up a new Utøya commission, and once the news hit the streets that the terror attacks were an inside job, the PST, Kripos, Norwegian Police, Freemasons, Ordo Templi Orientis, and the Knights Templar will be jailed, seen as foreign intelligence infiltrators and traitors paid by the Rothchilds… To put  it to an extreme: People will no longer see Syria`s president who protected Christians as their enemy, immigrants will no longer be seen as our war-targets, but as potential allies against the same elephant, and the former state will be seen as a vampire-squid, and this will unite people of all races and religions.
  • I would make a legal case against usury private banks, transfer all money to a true national bank, and give the government the right to create our own interest free money, thus putting the Rothschild gangsters out of business. As of now; the state loans money from private, Rothschild owned banks, with you paying taxes to the government so the government can pay the private banks!!! I would BLOW the Norwegian Krone to the sky through using enormous amounts of money from the Norway`s enormous oil-fund to build inland industry, powerplants, science-facilities, making Norway EASILY the strongest economy in the world.

If you watch the 10-episode video-documentary, ¨Europa the last battle¨, you get a truer picture of the economic infrastructure miracle Hitler did when putting the Rothschilds out of business, printing his German mark debt-free. This caused the Washington post to headline: Judea declares war on Germany, in 1933, 7 years prior to any German hostilities against Jews.

All major schools of science are either direct or indirect lies, and I would create: The university of etheric science, the university of religion, spiritual phenomenon, spirit philosophy and metaphysics, thus scientifically certifying the one true religion, the multiverse reality, Hell, and finding the best way for human ascension and protection against evil, so it never returns.

We would enjoy interdimensional travel into unimaginably beautiful spiritual dimensions, magick would be reduced to science. And the heroes of humanity would be such magical/spiritual athletes. Being from a 1000 year old bloodline of magicians, I myself have connected to source and obtained the luminous body, doing miracles, having pictures taken where I am literally RADIATING light so you can barely see my face, with good help from my world`s best Orgonite allowing me to heal incredibly fast and survive from 1/5th of normal food consumption, for over 7 years. I also easily control the weather, only by using the force, have walked across water, but the best thing about reaching ¨Nirvana/Buddha/Christ-conscience¨ / being one with the source, is that you literally FEEL all energy as joyous, loving energy, literally in your body, filling you up with a joy that is better than sex. It`s a dimensional consciousness upgrade that will make you see the world as it TRULY is for the first time. And for that, they persecute me!!!

Levitation and healing, only by spiritual means, would absolutely be within reach, take for instance St. Joseph of Cupertino who levitated and flew around the top of St.Peter`s Church in Rome for many minutes, with thousands of observers! Take the lung-gom-pa in Tibet, who can fast-travel through nations faster than a car! Each jump takes them 100 meters! THAT is true sport!

With technology I have in my garage, my team of etheric rainmakers would green the deserts through etheric translators, power-free, utilizing tubes to channel and direct atmospheric ether, thus controlling the weather to unimaginable effect. My friend Harry Rhodes already greened the California desert on two occasions causing two super-blooms in two years!

Imagine making dry land into agricultural land and never worrying about drought again ever, on a planetary scale. This is what WE are doing TODAY, and I have the latest technological designs. The team are my very best friends, including Harry Rhodes and Thomas Joseph Brown, renowned alternative scientist, former associate of Trevor James Constable, who was a national-patriot holocaust denier.

Hitler raised up the poorest nation to be the world`s greatest power in only 3 years, by kicking out the Sabbatean-Frankist Rothschild clonglomerate. Like Hitler employed everyone and ended homelessness, providing every family with a home and car in THREE YEARS, I would do the same, and with the oil-fund, provide every household with a flying car and levitating boots, for free, that runs on the cavity-structure effect discovered by Victor Grebennikov, everlasting cars and boots running on zero-point energy. I would build fusion reactor plants (which I know how to do) , electrolysis water-hydrogen power-plants based on the Joe-Cell invention, who I have friends that build. Energies based on water, the most bountiful resource on Earth.

I would build great monuments through levitation technology, like Coral Castle, confirmed by Michael Tellinger`s cone-tools, you can also use acoustic levitation, cavity-structure levitation or magnetic superconductor mercury levitation, like the Nazis did with Die-Glocke, etc.

With our new technologies, all industry would be obsolete, reformed, and the world would follow our example. Work would be a lot easier, and people would use their lives on art, forest and garden cultivation with levitation tech, and be able to inhabit the too remote valleys of Norway, creating Heaven on Earth. With our new technology, we would build theme parks of extreme enjoyment, both far off into wooden fairylands etc. And take your snowboard up to where you`ve always wanted to ski, with your levitation bicycle, and program it to fly down, follow you with a camera, or just order it to park where you`ll end up. This is technology we`ve had for decades.

A new age would dawn. A tiny light will illuminate the whole room. The world will forever remember the Sabbatean-Frankist-Illuminati traitors in our reformed schoolbooks, so they could never plausibly rise again, because MY new world order would be just too good. And it`s world military would prepared for any under-sea or interdimensional evil infiltration.

We would have teleportation technology. Life-extension technology (infinite life for those who could afford it.) I have solid sources on all this. Electricity would be free! There are a DOZEN reliable energy alternatives both in the grid and off the grid, like water-aggregates and zero-point plasma generators for far-away farms, if you want to live in fairyland. Nicola Tesla`s dream of free, limitless, wireless electricity from the ether (atmospheric electricity) would come true! Some alternative-history researchers (like myself) , say we had such electricity prior to a certain population reset.

Most work would be automized by robots. All would receive citizen salary. Perhaps we could even abolish currency in total. It would be a utopia. All diseases would be cured efficiently with handheld frequency generators, eliminating cancer-cells, viruses and germs.

All schools of science and school curriculums, all physics, biology, history, state-politics and medicine would be all be reformed by me and my friends of newearthnation and the UBUNTU movement, and we`ve got some great minds, like Thomas Joseph Brown, my friend.

We would be an ecologically-intelligent green society, flying around exploring the woods, lakes, valleys, snow-covered mountains, doing summersaults and making video documentaries about the majesty of God/The Source-Field`s creation. Evolution would be long forgotten.

Mankind was meant to dream, fly and focus on enjoying life, creating art, electronic art and megalithic structures with ease, through the advancements of our technology and computers. My dream is a world where movies about violence and crime is prohibited, and mankind constantly worships and enjoys the creator through exploring the magnificence and complexity of life through recreational activities and video-documentaries. A world of love and light.

Not to mention the enjoyment of creating and improving new species through source-field manipulation as discovered by the Urzeit Code, improved by my vast knowledge of the force. Research chicken-egg homunculus and witness a ¨biological impossibility. ¨ Yes, all you`ve been told is a lie. Dr. Peter Gariaev was able to make frog eggs into salamander eggs. And Dr. Alexander Golod sas extinct species re-appear surrounding his 70m pyramid, due to mutation. Etheric fields. Electrostatic fields. We could easily induce gigantism – imagine how cool that would be! In a peaceful perfect world with violent tv-channels and war long-gone, we would inevitably perfect or rather add to the human and other gene-pools.

I would create a much better social state than today, but with free market competition… I`d have forums like that of ancient Greece, social integration centers where norsemen, and people of all the Earth could hang out, discuss, teach, share art, music, and culture over an open mic!

There would be open roman culture-centres and theme parks everywhere, at the heart of every city where people could make plans regarding their city, have a drink and sign up to do theatrical shows on the scene all day-night long…

Every governmental form will work as long as the people have the same ethical-intelligence. The clue to peace is homogeneity in the populace through ethics. But I would NOT accept ¨Islam as the religion of peace. ¨ If so. What is Buddhism? The religion of non-peace?

I would create a religious-crime-police-department and a religious science department to investigate the crimes of Islam since 9/11`s 20 years of terror and war, going through my universities of etheric physics and history, exposing Islam as a false religion, forcibly converting them.

I would build great monuments to human achievements like for instance the monument of peace, or the cathedral of human accomplishment, to mark the milestones AND suffering we overcame as a human species, ending with the golden age, so as to never EVER forget, and to settle with stone that we overcame all wars and stand together to the end of all time!

I would build free work-out centers as temples of man, or shrine of good health to ensure good longevity! Everything would have a spiritual aspect, as our world is spiritual, not physical in nature. Read my book on that.

Every state department, every aspect of science, every company in the nation, would need to have a spiritual basis for it`s existence. Even the television-channels, supermarkets or opera-halls would be shrines to the Source, the holy wholeness.

I would reform all schools of science, killing quackademia, and spiritually remake every aspect of life, every company, music, food, ecology, as it should be in a Golden Age. And I would of course stop the toxic food import/export like the Monsanto pork, GMO`s and toxic additives like Aspartame! YUCK!

The idea is to get one such newearthnation UBUNTU village to reform all schools of science, teaching our children as messiahs in our private schools, and broadcasting through our atmospheric-electrically powered media center. If 100 people build Joe-Cell cars at the same time, would they kill us all? We would bribe, and put pressure on humanitarian organizations, the international market, media and UN, etc. This might hear sci-fi and far-fetched, but look where we are compared to only 30 years ago. The fact is, we`re WELL underways, with Sasha Stone`s newearthnation movement, who preach this same gospel (of this particular sub-chapter) and gathered history`s most amounts of royals and heads-of-state for a philanthropic movement, humanitad. You can find the videos of their new-earth meetings on YouTube. I strongly advice you to build families of love and light, cell groups and newearthnation villages.

Go for it! All your ancestors fought to stay alive, but your Jewish cultural-Marxist morale is money, sex, power, drugs, rock n roll and post-human culture. Be a man! Repent! Defend your nation and your children`s future!

ONE free nation, no, ONE free mutual-anarchistic survivalist Tesla village is ALL it takes to destroy the New World Order glass house of cards COMPLETELY. If only ONE piece moves out of line, their entire pyramid collapses. It`s a system that only works because of slaves and only produces slaves. Are you a slave? With President Donald Trump putting the private federal reserve bank under state treasure department, me and many others, like Michael Tellinger, are praying for a global enlightenment campaign to nationalize all banks and put the Jewish conglomerate out of business. (At least try with a village!)

We would have a private market, but free drugs and medicine.

I would cure cancer, all disease, all starvation and all poverty. Afterwhich there would be no more crime!!!

I would have reformed a lot… There would have been war before we could make it through, but this is our only, and last hope. The world`s first Illuminati free nation (or Tesla hippie village)! The First Free Federation!!! FFF! Felleskap for fremtiden!

Norway is the best candidate. And we don`t know before we try. Since hope is all we have then, hope is all there is: So there is ONLY hope, and that`s an encouraging thought…

When they take me out, someone will take my place. They targeted me just as I entered politics, so I have been sick ever unable ever since. Yet I would make Norway into the pallet example of an everlasting perfect society.

I would have integrated every Muslim by scientific proof of the Christian God and the humanistic ethics 100%. Creating a common sense of ethical unity and pride in being part of our futuristic empire. A society of intellectual voters where everyone is an enlightened athlete, smoking is forbidden, all live to 100 years, and disease is no more. Norway still has a chance. IT IS POSSIBLE!

Socialism is being abused to give power to an elite few. They WANT conflict to divide and conquer, taking our rights under the guise of enforcing national security! Marxist Russia is a historical example of Jewish totalitarianism, where up to 90% of the KGB were Jews, and Jews had all the highest positions, actively inciting food-shortage starvation by taking food supplies, causing 3 major genocides with 120.000.000 casualties, mostly against the targeted smart, beautiful and blonde among the Russian population. They were successful. The same is coming with UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 population centers, a Jewish Sabbatean Frankist Illuminati world dictatorship, 

I would have reformed the sciences, schools, and educations.

My devoted police, political activists, philanthropists and religious adherants would have exposed and sued the international lobby by following their payers, the moneytrail, back to the elite few Rothschild Zionist, globalist corporationalists. I would write propaganda in the newspapers and expose them. WE WOULD MAKE THE ENTIRE NATION STAND UP TO THEM! The world would soon follow…

But here I am sick, disabled and oppressed by Satanists. I won`t be able to start a simple school! All because ¨pussy¨ as bribery, was more important to  the goyim than all the dreams above, which I verily swear to God, I would have fulfilled, had I not been targeted through gangstalking, electronic harassment and sick Mk-Ultra voodoo technology.