Above, my envisioned anarcho-capitalist tesla village. Photo by myself. Featured image also by myself.

Tom Ben Joseph’s message to the world.

I demand three things. 1 That the awakened create a New Earth Nation.com Ubuntu village of contributionism and private schools, like a Trojan-horse pallet example so the glass house of cards will tumble, 2 a Nicola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich group of alternative scientists to reform all fields of academia, (onlyresultscount.com) 3 And thus the end the New World Order by mass enlightenment through training messiahs, unleashing a media-campaign exposure of the 1 technocratic, 2 cultural and 3 financial elite, focusing on the technocratic elite, e.g. cancer cures, alternative village science, alternative electricity, something all relate to, thus shaping the future in the lead, not as sheep that can be downplayed. Go with the political current saving the ecology, but with no compromise to false physics, history, astronomy and medicine.

Everyone knows someone who’s died of cancer.

The awakened must overtake any free nation with such a Trojan-horse village society, with all enlightened anarchist hippies, and conspiracy-realists uniting, waking up from waking up, and focus ALL on ONE nation to get the ball rolling, ok? Norway would be an ideal location for such a movement, although over-run by mad-men, I live there, and the revolution must happen in a western, Americanized country for the desired worldwide immediate effect.

Read my book: The people’s army’s revolution – the battleplan against the NWO.

Don`t curse the darkness ¨ah I hate the NWO.¨ No, light a candle instead! Gather the ambers and the one, single light will expel all darkness, as the NWO glass house of cards will fall by the uproar of the people.

Ignorance is a sin. We the people have the OBLIGATION to be in the LEAD to change our future. The OTO madmen tampoonlards of non-existing Egyptian history try to break boundaries, but these gangstalkers are the worst, most obedient slave-criminals in history! They’re poor, have no technology, and eat Rothschild crumbs while their race is ruined, obeying the academia of lies when they could had levity-propulsion and a new industrial revolution through my alternative state model, read my books. They’re not rebellious or groundbreaking at all. They are a stagnate post-history civilization of slaves.

The OTO hail the joker and say ¨why so serious¨, but dress like bitchy pin-up slaves, never talk to strangers, and act like machines. They’re a contradiction to their origin.

And I am the most enlightened sage in world history, just look.

¨Wise Jester Sage by Thomas Eidsaa, aka E.T.¨

No real wars. No real rebellion. Just controlled opposition by my world government. But we intend to erase all religion, all cultures, and all human existence.

Although I favor a redeemed perpetual world without slaves, there are other forces of evil much darker than the fallen angels.

The negative forces shaping our current systems are simply humans like me and you, driven by GUTS for life and lust MONEY. It is simply a matter of who has the most GUTS, and never an armed conflict, this world being like ¨a TV-show¨.

Furthermore: This NWO has replaced common sense and common ethics with the inversed teachings of all holy books, thanks to the not-so-enlightened Sabbatean Frankist Jesuit Illuminati, whom are in reality the Luminari plagiarizing the sun-cult, infiltrating it and perverting all things. The Jesuits, really… And the Frankists. Ugh!

They call the disintegration of cultures and races through staged wars ¨the only sustainable future and inevitable global order.¨

Really? Is a forest not beautiful because of it’s plurality? Is humanity not beautiful because of multiculturalism and human bio-diversity? They’re making a mono-culturalism, not multiculturalism. Their truth inversion strategies… A non-polarized, perpetual peaceful world can only come through common human ethics, not ethnics or population control, but the enlightened freedom of the Buddha’s, Krishna’s and Jesus example, not common social status, income or common equal intelligence, but common SPIRITUAL intelligence: Common sense and morale, LOVE for God’s sake! Period. And that`s the reason I wrote the Law of Source, Love and Light.

All great periods in human history were due to a people-serving priesthood whose religion (e.g sacred geometry, astrology, etc) incorporated sacred philosophy and sacred science. There was never a point in history where science was not identical to alchemy, magick, secret and SACRED, like the Christian and Egyptian (Atlantean) religion of the survivors of Hyperborea, the religion of the SUN, their Tartarian monuments still surrounding us everywhere, baffling us; because we lost our guardian priesthood to the moon cult of the Luminari.

THAT`s our aim. A sustainable ecologically intelligent monastic village trojan horse civilization. A globalized world is not sustainable AT ALL. The bird-flu, SARS and the Corona virus epidemic prove the NWO is a non-sustainable wildshot. Not to mention: Forbidden by the Elohim, our creators. We will only end up destroying ourselves or being destroyed by the Elohim, as happened in the Biblical Tower of Babel story.

Only a worldwide reformation of all fields of school, including physics and religion, perhaps after a war against terrorism, followed by an industrial revolution, creates a perpetual, ethically homogenous world of small, independent economy towns (cells), where no currency, state or police is needed other than the presence of the Elohim, the white brotherhood. OUR high-tech and religious knowledge is perfect and eternal, sustainable, and could last for tens of thousands of years.

Not only does small-cell globalization through ethics and space-police eliminate the countless future epidemics, biological mad-scientists, and wars funded by a global banking elite:

There is simply not oil, and not enough Cobolt for electric car batteries. Not even for 100 years, and that’s about: Now.

Look closely and see the NWO was built to fall, look at the OTHER hand of Elohim (illusionist`s) cards:

It is US the FREE BRAVE ONES who remade our world! Nothing lasts unless the people do it themselves.

My mission is an inevitable future outcome, a perfect world. And if we’re not living in it by now, why believe Jesus will return and create it for us? Is that not against free will? If it hasn’t historically happened, why would it happen when there are 6 Christians left in the world? Not that Christianity was ever true, only my Nazarene path of Christianity is THE very truth, being the most enlightened man in world history. A sage unable to die out of his love for humanity.

I don`t want 20 generations to suffer under a NWO disintegration of culture, morale and religion, before they realize their ancestors were irresponsible and led future generations into a globalized world doomed to fail OR: Forever be controlled by madscientists of the banking-cartel.


So let`s BUILD that village or wait 500 years, because this Marxistic police-dictatorship might last forever. Or be destroyed.

Anyways. Cheer up, there are good forces out there, like us, so light a candle, and stop watching depressing videos nurturing darkness. Get optimistic, activistic and organized with your conspiracy-theory friends.

Let`s start in your back-yard, let`s start love-and-light-family gatherings, think tanks and private schools. Got me? This is the most exciting time to be alive. Run with it. The mantle and responsibility as messiah is just as much yours as it is mine. Don’t pray to the clouds! They never told you the truth! This world is nothing but a school  of ascension and entertainment to them. A game. But we are given rights as stewards, gardeners of Earth by the Adamic and the Noahic covenant! Will you give away your rights to machines???

It’s time to act. To realize that alternative media and the political platform won’t save us. But never forget! The worst would be if all heroes left politics, if all true Christians left the Catholic Church, etc, leaving only the alien serpents left. The light shines in the darkness, and it’s important to take part in all sectors, and lot give the darkness entitled domain, because this is a spiritual war.

I’m not telling the alt-right should stop their current fights: Just regroup and focus all on one nation, a Tesla village, with private schools! Unite and you WILL win against their ¨divide and conquer¨ strategy. Just be bold, protest and victimize yourself. Preach environmentalism, free love, get the attention of the liberal idiots who work in media and politics, and preach anarcho-capitalism, outside the political spectrum, and they can’t possibly shut you down.

It is an unwritten people’s right to deny the state and crown a new king. Do it before Marxistic world dictatorship. First comes the cultural Marxism; disintegration of culture, and then comes the monetary Marxism.

Go against Rothschild Zionism. But, you know, an alien archon bets on all horses…, as long as there is morale left! But with Sabbatean Illuminati Frankism, all gotta go.

Imagine what we could accomplish if gathering the resourceful people like Thomas Eidsaa, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson (oh, they killed him) , Thomas Joseph Brown, Sasha Stone, Michael Tellinger, Harry Rhodes, the alternative media and sponsors to create Michael Jacksons ¨world united¨ dream of Scatman John’s Scatland. Go watch that song.

We need to wake up from trying to wake up the people and instead, unite those who are awake: Out of Babylon and into my eternal dream! It is the only dream. The only hypothetically valid philosophical purpose of our time and our technology. AND we have God, and Jesus ascended on our side.

¨Only live for something worth dying for.¨ I would die for myself, of course. Maybe not for you, heh, but we’re in this together. The greatest illusion is the illusion of separation. We are flock animals in an all-permeating spirit-field floating in space. Love! Unite! What’s serious? Science??? The police? Politicians? Do I have to teach you natural human responses on how to rebel against tyranny? Show them your ass!

Imagine if all alternative news sectors combined with all alternative multidimensional physics/etheric physics scientist in the ¨Tesla sustainable village project¨ of Tomislav Tesla. We will save 20 generations!!!

Let me explain. We are all one superconscience. This superconscience decides who God is, what God says, etc. Statistics show the meditation effect to work, that when thousands meditate for peace, crime-rates drop globally. Statistics show that independent scientists always discovered new technology at the same time.

When one light is lit, when Lucifer rises, all will WANT our village system of alternative physics, alternative history, and alternative medicine with free electrical energy. Beautiful gardens and inland levity-propulsion technology flying (google Coral Castle) Herbs, and frequensies, like the Royal Raymond Rife machine, abandoned by big pharma misanthropists, could cure all bacterial, fungal and viral disease. A small hand-held apparatus for each household. And cancer is cured by Vitamin B17 (apricot kernels) and intravenous Vitamin C, among others, do read my book, the Kingdom of God.

Why will attacking the technocrazy department work? Because all want more technology, better lives and more money! We will use Materialist Marxism to it’s own doom. One such village ignites a hundred more, and the worldwide system collapses.

EVEN now, millions, Christians, neo-pagans, national-patriots, targeted individuals, and persecuted scientists are desperately seeking an exodus from the busy, tiring life of 24/7 work 5 days a week, AWAY from the hectic 5g smart-grid system of big brother’s coming virtual internet reality, false friends and back into REAL friendship and romance with mother nature… They need to wake up from waking up, realize their strategies are not working and unite: Creating an anarcho-capitalist village and a university of alternative physics and medicine. Did you know we had atmospheric electricity before the mud-flood? Tesla knew and took it further.

No more shopping mall pin-up copy-cats. No more superpowers. No more soul-tax farm nations. Only humans in their natural habitat; symbiosis with nature.

For with my technology and enlightened belief-systems, there is zero purpose for hospitals, police-stations, schools, or government.

But we must act while the internet is still free. These are the goals I`ve had all my life. Ask all my friends.

I wanted to follow Jesus and tread a new, sustainable future pathway, and not end up like some copy-doll puppet antichrist, of which there are too many, giving your freedom to a super-idol career agent.

I was willing to die for you as a MASSIVE target by the misanthropist Sabbatean-Frankist NWO Illuminati Jesuit conglomerate. THEIR religion is ¨worship yourself¨, OUR religion is love, the human rights and strength in UNITY! It`s time you realize it`s not necessarily me they`re after. They`re only after me because I try protecting YOU. Love and Light.

Prince Ashtar sleeping in his Sarcophagus beneath stained lead-glass windows during sunset at St. Davids’s Cathedral, Wales. Photo by myself.

If I took power today?

Let`s say I took power over Norway today, and got a theocracy with me as King. I would of course fix the country as it is through socialist means. Any governmental form would work with the right leadership and a ethically unified public. I would create a new Rome.

Yet there are a few steps I would take to make sure the bad-guys are exposed:

I would write a new national constitution based upon the previously described theocratic model and take over as described in the ¨battleplan¨ chapter. Then…

If you watch the 10-episode video-documentary, ¨Europa the last battle¨, you get a truer picture of the economic infrastructure miracle Hitler did when putting the Rothschilds out of business, printing his German mark debt-free. This caused the Washington post to headline: Judea declares war on Germany, in 1933, 7 years prior to any German hostilities against Jews.

All major schools of science are either direct or indirect lies, and I would create: The university of etheric science, the university of religion, spiritual phenomenon, spirit philosophy and metaphysics, thus scientifically certifying the one true religion, the multiverse reality, Hell, and finding the best way for human ascension and protection against evil, so it never returns.

We would enjoy interdimensional travel into unimaginably beautiful spiritual dimensions, magick would be reduced to science. And the heroes of humanity would be such magical/spiritual athletes. Being from a 1000 year old bloodline of magicians, I myself have connected to source and obtained the luminous body, doing miracles, having pictures taken where I am literally RADIATING light so you can barely see my face, with good help from my world`s best Orgonite allowing me to heal incredibly fast and survive from 1/5th of normal food consumption, for over 7 years. I also easily control the weather, only by using the force, have walked across water, but the best thing about reaching ¨Nirvana/Buddha/Christ-conscience¨ / being one with the source, is that you literally FEEL all energy as joyous, loving energy, literally in your body, filling you up with a joy that is better than sex. It`s a dimensional consciousness upgrade that will make you see the world as it TRULY is for the first time. And for that, they persecute me!!!

Levitation and healing, only by spiritual means, would absolutely be within reach, take for instance St. Joseph of Cupertino who levitated and flew around the top of St.Peter`s Church in Rome for many minutes, with thousands of observers! Take the lung-gom-pa in Tibet, who can fast-travel through nations faster than a car! Each jump takes them 100 meters! THAT is true sport!

With technology I have in my garage, my team of etheric rainmakers would green the deserts through etheric translators, power-free, utilizing tubes to channel and direct atmospheric ether, thus controlling the weather to unimaginable effect. My friend Harry Rhodes already greened the California desert on two occasions causing two super-blooms in two years!

Imagine making dry land into agricultural land and never worrying about drought again ever, on a planetary scale. This is what WE are doing TODAY, and I have the latest technological designs. The team are my very best friends, including Harry Rhodes and Thomas Joseph Brown, renowned alternative scientist, former associate of Trevor James Constable, who was a national-patriot holocaust denier.

Hitler raised up the poorest nation to be the world`s greatest power in only 3 years, by kicking out the Sabbatean-Frankist Rothschild clonglomerate. Like Hitler employed everyone and ended homelessness, providing every family with a home and car in THREE YEARS, I would do the same, and with the oil-fund, provide every household with a flying car and levitating boots, for free, that runs on the cavity-structure effect discovered by Victor Grebennikov, everlasting cars and boots running on zero-point energy. I would build fusion reactor plants (which I know how to do) , electrolysis water-hydrogen power-plants based on the Joe-Cell invention, who I have friends that build. Energies based on water, the most bountiful resource on Earth.

I would build great monuments through levitation technology, like Coral Castle, confirmed by Michael Tellinger`s cone-tools, you can also use acoustic levitation, cavity-structure levitation or magnetic superconductor mercury levitation, like the Nazis did with Die-Glocke, etc.

With our new technologies, all industry would be obsolete, reformed, and the world would follow our example. Work would be a lot easier, and people would use their lives on art, forest and garden cultivation with levitation tech, and be able to inhabit the too remote valleys of Norway, creating Heaven on Earth. With our new technology, we would build theme parks of extreme enjoyment, both far off into wooden fairylands etc. And take your snowboard up to where you`ve always wanted to ski, with your levitation bicycle, and program it to fly down, follow you with a camera, or just order it to park where you`ll end up. This is technology we`ve had for decades.

A new age would dawn. A tiny light will illuminate the whole room. The world will forever remember the Sabbatean-Frankist-Illuminati traitors in our reformed schoolbooks, so they could never plausibly rise again, because MY new world order would be just too good. And it`s world military would prepared for any under-sea or interdimensional evil infiltration.

We would have teleportation technology. Life-extension technology (infinite life for those who could afford it.) I have solid sources on all this. Electricity would be free! There are a DOZEN reliable energy alternatives both in the grid and off the grid, like water-aggregates and zero-point plasma generators for far-away farms, if you want to live in fairyland. Nicola Tesla`s dream of free, limitless, wireless electricity from the ether (atmospheric electricity) would come true! Some alternative-history researchers (like myself) , say we had such electricity prior to a certain population reset.

Most work would be automized by robots. All would receive citizen salary. Perhaps we could even abolish currency in total. It would be a utopia. All diseases would be cured efficiently with handheld frequency generators, eliminating cancer-cells, viruses and germs.

All schools of science and school curriculums, all physics, biology, history, state-politics and medicine would be all be reformed by me and my friends of newearthnation and the UBUNTU movement, and we`ve got some great minds, like Thomas Joseph Brown, my friend.

We would be an ecologically-intelligent green society, flying around exploring the woods, lakes, valleys, snow-covered mountains, doing summersaults and making video documentaries about the majesty of God/The Source-Field`s creation. Evolution would be long forgotten.

Mankind was meant to dream, fly and focus on enjoying life, creating art, electronic art and megalithic structures with ease, through the advancements of our technology and computers. My dream is a world where movies about violence and crime is prohibited, and mankind constantly worships and enjoys the creator through exploring the magnificence and complexity of life through recreational activities and video-documentaries. A world of love and light.

Not to mention the enjoyment of creating and improving new species through source-field manipulation as discovered by the Urzeit Code, improved by my vast knowledge of the force. Research chicken-egg homunculus and witness a ¨biological impossibility. ¨ Yes, all you`ve been told is a lie. Dr. Peter Gariaev was able to make frog eggs into salamander eggs. And Dr. Alexander Golod sas extinct species re-appear surrounding his 70m pyramid, due to mutation. Etheric fields. Electrostatic fields. We could easily induce gigantism – imagine how cool that would be! In a peaceful perfect world with violent tv-channels and war long-gone, we would inevitably perfect or rather add to the human and other gene-pools.

I would create a much better social state than today, but with free market competition… I`d have forums like that of ancient Greece, social integration centers where norsemen, and people of all the Earth could hang out, discuss, teach, share art, music, and culture over an open mic!

There would be open roman culture-centres and theme parks everywhere, at the heart of every city where people could make plans regarding their city, have a drink and sign up to do theatrical shows on the scene all day-night long…

Every governmental form will work as long as the people have the same ethical-intelligence. The clue to peace is homogeneity in the populace through ethics. But I would NOT accept ¨Islam as the religion of peace. ¨ If so. What is Buddhism? The religion of non-peace?

I would create a religious-crime-police-department and a religious science department to investigate the crimes of Islam since 9/11`s 20 years of terror and war, going through my universities of etheric physics and history, exposing Islam as a false religion, forcibly converting them.

I would build great monuments to human achievements like for instance the monument of peace, or the cathedral of human accomplishment, to mark the milestones AND suffering we overcame as a human species, ending with the golden age, so as to never EVER forget, and to settle with stone that we overcame all wars and stand together to the end of all time!

I would build free work-out centers as temples of man, or shrine of good health to ensure good longevity! Everything would have a spiritual aspect, as our world is spiritual, not physical in nature. Read my book on that.

Every state department, every aspect of science, every company in the nation, would need to have a spiritual basis for it`s existence. Even the television-channels, supermarkets or opera-halls would be shrines to the Source, the holy wholeness.

I would reform all schools of science, killing quackademia, and spiritually remake every aspect of life, every company, music, food, ecology, as it should be in a Golden Age. And I would of course stop the toxic food import/export like the Monsanto pork, GMO`s and toxic additives like Aspartame! YUCK!

The idea is to get one such newearthnation UBUNTU village to reform all schools of science, teaching our children as messiahs in our private schools, and broadcasting through our atmospheric-electrically powered media center. If 100 people build Joe-Cell cars at the same time, would they kill us all? We would bribe, and put pressure on humanitarian organizations, the international market, media and UN, etc. This might hear sci-fi and far-fetched, but look where we are compared to only 30 years ago. The fact is, we`re WELL underways, with Sasha Stone`s newearthnation movement, who preach this same gospel (of this particular sub-chapter) and gathered history`s most amounts of royals and heads-of-state for a philanthropic movement, humanitad. You can find the videos of their new-earth meetings on YouTube. I strongly advice you to build families of love and light, cell groups and newearthnation villages.

Go for it! All your ancestors fought to stay alive, but your Jewish cultural-Marxist morale is money, sex, power, drugs, rock n roll and post-human culture. Be a man! Repent! Defend your nation and your children`s future!

ONE free nation, no, ONE free mutual-anarchistic survivalist Tesla village is ALL it takes to destroy the New World Order glass house of cards COMPLETELY. If only ONE piece moves out of line, their entire pyramid collapses. It`s a system that only works because of slaves and only produces slaves. Are you a slave? With President Donald Trump putting the private federal reserve bank under state treasure department, me and many others, like Michael Tellinger, are praying for a global enlightenment campaign to nationalize all banks and put the Jewish conglomerate out of business. (At least try with a village!)

We would have a private market, but free drugs and medicine.

I would cure cancer, all disease, all starvation and all poverty. Afterwhich there would be no more crime!!!

I would have reformed a lot… There would have been war before we could make it through, but this is our only, and last hope. The world`s first Illuminati free nation (or Tesla hippie village)! The First Free Federation!!! FFF! Felleskap for fremtiden!

Norway is the best candidate. And we don`t know before we try. Since hope is all we have then, hope is all there is: So there is ONLY hope, and that`s an encouraging thought…

When they take me out, someone will take my place. They targeted me just as I entered politics, so I have been sick ever unable ever since. Yet I would make Norway into the pallet example of an everlasting perfect society.

I would have integrated every Muslim by scientific proof of the Christian God and the humanistic ethics 100%. Creating a common sense of ethical unity and pride in being part of our futuristic empire. A society of intellectual voters where everyone is an enlightened athlete, smoking is forbidden, all live to 100 years, and disease is no more. Norway still has a chance. IT IS POSSIBLE!

Socialism is being abused to give power to an elite few. They WANT conflict to divide and conquer, taking our rights under the guise of enforcing national security! Marxist Russia is a historical example of Jewish totalitarianism, where up to 90% of the KGB were Jews, and Jews had all the highest positions, actively inciting food-shortage starvation by taking food supplies, causing 3 major genocides with 120.000.000 casualties, mostly against the targeted smart, beautiful and blonde among the Russian population. They were successful. The same is coming with UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 population centers, a Jewish Sabbatean Frankist Illuminati world dictatorship, 

I would have reformed the sciences, schools, and educations.

My devoted police, political activists, philanthropists and religious adherants would have exposed and sued the international lobby by following their payers, the moneytrail, back to the elite few Rothschild Zionist, globalist corporationalists. I would write propaganda in the newspapers and expose them. WE WOULD MAKE THE ENTIRE NATION STAND UP TO THEM! The world would soon follow…

But here I am sick, disabled and oppressed by Satanists. I won`t be able to start a simple school! All because ¨pussy¨ as bribery, was more important to  the goyim than all the dreams above, which I verily swear to God, I would have fulfilled, had I not been targeted through gangstalking, electronic harassment and sick Mk-Ultra voodoo technology.

The dream of the first non-illuminati nation/school/village.

A religious, and technological revolution, and disclosure of the Sabbatean-Frankist-Jesuit-Illuminati`s crimes by a worldwide neo-charismatic police department of the First Free Federation is coming to awaken the world! Our success rate will be 200%!

This is not about race or color. This is about souls, freedom, justice against the (Satanic) New World Order, and the future of the Earth.

Have you ever considered that you Christians are spiritual Israelites that deserve your own nation? As of now we have only Russia, perhaps Poland, and a few countries in South America that publicly state they are Christian nations, but no real Christian nation in the way Israel is a Jewish nation, or Saudi Arabia is an radical Islamic nation.

I say that these two are in many way FASCIST states, and there is nothing wrong with that. Fascism just means that one opinion, race or religion is superior to others. They just want to protect themselves. China is for instance in many ways a fascist atheistic country. But a conspiracy-reality state??? Or a Christian fascist state for Christians only? Or a state where the PEOPLE are fascists?!? Where WE HAVE the rights and the voice to speak??? Why fascists? Because truth is not relative.

Have courage and start dreaming! But the west has somehow lost the guts, and privilege to rebellion alongside freedom of speech, and human rights because of radical Islam.

In the future Europe I prophecy: Unite, strategize, emigrate, and rebel for the protection, and preservation of ONE Christian state in Europe. That`s why I sing: Raise up an army from these dead bones like in the Song of Ezekiel by Paul Wilbur! Halleluja!

I want a liberal-economic, neo-charismatic-Christian, anti-Satanic democratic state with a government of saints for Christmas.

Only a traditional-ultra-liberalistic (not modern liberalism), neo-charismatic (fascist) Christian state with a government of saints will do.

A state of Christian: Politics, media, hospitals, military, police, schools, and social welfare. Where people are treated with love. Where the children are taught about REAL technology, (like Reich`s theory of evolution, and sacred geometry – God`s fingerprint) and the CRIMES of the Satanic New World Order at SCHOOL.

Where Einstein`s physics is THROWN away, and Tesla`s physics build flying machines, and hydrogen power-plants!

Where the state builds HUGE monuments, and Churches for Christ.

Yes. That is God`s will.

As in the song: ¨I hear the voice of the prophet, preparing the nation for war! ¨

Raise up an army. Raise up an army. Raise up an army. From these dead bones!

We will win! Amen! By starting private schools, and teaching truth.

By starting hospitals and curing cancer patients.

By organizing and building 50 cars that run on water.

We will win! We will WIN! When we only have ONE society of true religion and science! All will be lit! One tiny light expels all darkness, and the world built on the lies of the (Satanic) New World Order will crumble. Everyone will want our system, religion and technology.

That`s why a Christian Tesla village in Norway is so important. (Like the one in Croatia.)

God spoke to me about this since my early teens.

1 The World`s first Illuminati-free nation of truth, living in symbiosis with nature. The First Free Federation.

Today: There is no Christian, nor white nation in the world. There is no nation where Christian fascists or white nationalists can feel safe. We decree through our UN human rights, the need for a (Thomas Jefferson) ultra-liberalistic, fascist home for the white race, just like the country of Israel. This is empirical in our belief of this last age, and for the survival of human bio-diversity, multiculturalism and plurality. 

A neo-charismatic Christian state-church theocracy ¨kingdom of God?¨:

I don`t want corrupt career politicians to decide my life! Do you? I want to be ruled by the proven, miracleworking saints! There is no totalitarian, Christian nation in the world, (aside from the Vatican) not to mention a single church with theology according to 1st century adherence to the Bible. While Islam has many fascist Islamic states, we just watch politicians selling our own countries to Islam, having ruined our national declarations, and our very cross covered flag!

We appeal to all world powers, for they have left the sacred balance! We cry and cannot sleep at night! Crying:

WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO OUR COUNTRY`S ECONOMY AND PEOPLE!? We have our UN rights! The Jews have their state. So do the Muslims. Christians, and whites have no safe-place to hide, or cultivate our national-romance or identity! We are being massacred!

Examine religion first before siding with the obvious false one! Ah how we know we are the right. Muhammad won`t come to our borders and change our true 5000 year old tradition through ¨revelations¨ of what we wrote as history 1400 years prior to ¨the prophet¨ rewriting it! We cannot take this anymore, and feel threatened both as Christians, Greeks, Europeans, Vikings, humanists, anarchists, free men and westerners. We feel our religion, human-rights, human diversity, western culture, ethnicity, and our liberty is threatened by radical Islam. This cannot be dismissed as senseless fear.

2 Communities, Ununtu Tesla villages and hippie societies.

If we cannot revolutionize a First Free Federation, the world`s first Illuminati free nation to our desire, creating advancements in science, and a new economic system, we will have to start small-scale, comply to laws, and build a miniature version; our ethnically homogenous Ubuntu NewEarthNation communitaristic village societies of enlightenist perfectibilistic hippie Tesla-scientists. Ultraliberalistic, survivalistic and anarchistic as described in ¨Our ideal village¨. This will be our haven, a self-succifient village with a media-centre and private schools until we have reformed all schools of science.


We will focus on the law of love and light mission, etheric religious science, discovering all truths about alchemical etheric science, new farming technology, free electricity, in our private schools, and society development to create Heaven on Earth as Lucifer`s independent village-society experiment for a future model of the Utopian Kingdom of God: Our nation. Our core values will be based on enlightenist, humanistic ethics, and the scientific source-love-light religion:

To keep an anarchistic society safe. Religion, and science will be intimately connected, as they always have been, historically speaking, until the lies of Satan`s replacement science came along. The Temple/Church will be a blueprint of the future parliament/government and serve as judical institution, religious institution, police, military institution, school, and social wellfare centre for the elderly and disabled. In every high-civilization, science and religion is sacred, intimately connected, and the nation prosperous, ethically united because of the sacredness of TRUTH (science/religion), the state functioning as a priesthood, a nation where all sectors of society have their spiritual aspects, as was in all ancient time.
It will work perfectly without crime, for all are humanists of the love light law.

It will be our miniature version of Eden where humans could live in peace with God and nature. We would obviously be called a ¨ new-age village of anarchists, radicals, hippies and geeks. ¨ We want to create protective environments to cultivate our new culture, science, religion, race, soil and soul.

Our educated men will write books on the Sabbatean Frankist Jesuit Illuminati crimes against humanity and our nations, reforming all schools of science including history, creating a true school curriculum for missionary outreach to civilize the rest of the world. Our children, Homo Sapiens Lux, will be like the civilizers from Hyperborea.

Basically: We will regroup in a village until we have all necessary proofs, books, and educated men to release a global campaign of reformation revolution renaissance, and ethical-religious enlightenment for eternal world unity.
Amen to that!

Perhaps: When we have our private village, private school, and books documenting the crimes of the state: We will awaken the rising lion, the national patriots, and the Vikings of Scandinavia to peacefully dismantle the state for selling our resources to foreign globalist institutions. The entire world needs to wake up from waking up and realize revolution is possible, just as much needed as was in previous times. The first anti-nwo revolution will spark a domino effect, people realizing victory is possible.

Our main focus in our media campaign will be appealing to health, wealth and success, our main target being nationalizing all state-banks, putting the Rothchilds out of business, and the Rockefeller-Cardigan pharmaceutical conspiracy, curing cancer, because: Rich, poor, young and old want to  be healthy, wealthy and successful right? This village lighthouse will create a domino effect, or as Jesus says: One light, lightens up the entire room.

Who doesn`t want flying platforms, eternal life, money and love? Who wants to die of cancer, when every medical illness can be cured with my technology.

My village would be Christian, but the same model can be adapted by all ideologies for instance Buddhists, Hindus, Viking pagans, and especially new-agers. All villages should cultivate its own food, have its own electricity and medicine as is possible today. Ecologically intelligent living, cultivating the garden of Earth in symbiosis with the planet as a part of her and not as a virus.

What are we waiting for? We don`t need the state nor nations anymore. War and religion is obsolete, and we have technology for every village to live independently as a cell, with their own electricity, medicine and food-stock. My new world order will be ultra-liberalistic (right wing) , with private concerns under a barely present world state comprised of spiritual athletes, the priesthood of science/religion reformed. Please help me reach this idea!

We need to create villages for the protection of the graeco-roman-Judeo-Christian-western-humanistic cultures. We want villages with monastries, and beautiful gardens in secluded sacred valleys, to last 1000 years! We want to cultivate the hidden valleys of beautiful Norway into Rivendell`s and Gondolin`s!

I also believe it is every human`s right to cultivate, and deify their ethnicity with fantasy and religion, and express their ethnic, religious, national, and cultural pride! A fantasy-scape where elves live in the mountainous Norway! Our world is an expression of intelligent design fantasy and plurality, why should Homo Sapiens and culture be different? Is not a forest beautiful because of it`s plurality? Operation Rivendell. Or Alvarheim? New Asgard?

God has given us a wonderful opportunity to live in such a monetary blessed resource-rich country (with 10% of the world`s oil), and with such beauty. It`s time we use our wealth, intelligence, and resources not succumb to ignorance. You`re alive because all your ancestors begot children. You`re human because you are FREE, free offspring of mother Earth, because your ancestors fought for freedom against evil alien enslavement, like the Sabbatean Frankist Illuminati Jesuit conglomerate. Carve a future utopia for yourselves. OUR space. OUR dreamworld. The world revival will start in Norway or any civilized country! Run with the Aquarian pitcher of knowledge, and the Light`s torch of flame!

That was a bit too long. Part 3.

3 The Lighthouses, social-political centers of care and culture.

My dream is having a Centre of love and light, in EVERY city. Not necessarily religious, but the world needs the scientific-religious reform of source, love and light to ethically unite as a whole. There can never be intellectual unity, only ethical unity. The world needs social workers. Private factors can make a greater contribution than state-departments. The world needs lovers  and heroes, and I will make a hero out of you.

Outreach-centers functions as roman forums of dialogue, a political and cultural heart in society, open 24/7, WITH social welfare in every city of the world. This is one example of ultra-liberalistic socialism. Private actors can do better socialism than the corrupt state.! Why should the corrupt state have monopoly on social welfare when they only sell drugs made for agenda 21?

Our centers stand for true spiritual, mental and physical health. With alternative medicine, and alternative treatments in a liberal state: The people have rebellion as option against a corrupt concern. In a police-state like Norway, you can`t rebel because the police are already Sabbatean-Frankist-Jesuit-Illuminati CRIMINALS.

These Outreach Centers will be open 24/7, and serve all citizens in need of physical, mental, and spiritual health. Love, food, care, sleep and protection.

We are demonstrating the Aquarian code of love and light as responsible private actors for a warmer, more stable, friendly world, and to ensure enlightenment. It will be a center for love, light, life, and joy in the community they are part in. This social-political revolution will be THE forum for renaissance revolution, enlightenment, art, and exchange of ideas in every town until our scientific and religious unity reform, reverts the (slave) state back to small cell villages in symbiosis with nature, connected by levity-propulsion air travel. Lol.

We build our vision upon the forums of ancient Rome, and Greece as we will focus on the cultivation of philosophy, talents, music, and art. We will arrange open microphone debates, and discussion of all political issues, societal topics, philosophies and religions, including conspiracy, unlike they do in the stagnate moat of a Church. All should be welcome to these centers.

Aside from the police. They would seize our healing equipment. Just kidding.

4 Spirit science vs quackademia, reforming all scholarly fields.

A disclosure of technology. All sciences of all scholarly fields must be rewritten from medicine to physics, from art to music, reconfigured after the  source-field model of ether physics. And everything in between. I fear the TESLA knowledge I have will be lost forever. I call forth an alliance of state officials, agents, doctors, masons, whistle-blowers, teachers, and scientists to unite. Our goal is a disclosure on secret technology.

The Darwinian survival-of-the-fittest carnal non-spiritual ¨so-called-enlightened¨ Marxist sex-drug-money-power conglomerate make money from keeping mankind oblivious behind a curtain of spiritual and scientific knowledge, ecologically intelligent technology, inhibiting their spiritual potential until they become Talmudic materialist swine themselves. But we don`t need money or states with self-sufficient technology.

Sow an idea so good it`s inception will make it`s completion inevitable; we all know someone who`s died of cancer, so create a media-campaign for Vitamin B-17 and Royal Raymond Reiss frequency therapy!

Sowing the idea of monetary and material need, and dependence upon the state since pre-school, keeping mankind unable to think by constantly creating new cravings, giving the illusion of happiness, the only way to unite the people and make them rebel today: Is through convincing them that they are not happy through exposing the lies of science, the pharmaceutical companies, and the industry in general, giving them a craving for something better, a better alternative.

We need a Hospital/University of etheric science, researching healing and herbal medicine. How is it that herbs who have been used as medicine for eternity now has become ¨alternative¨, and artificial chemicals are the norm? Thank you, Rockefeller Cardigans…! If nature has a problem: Nature has a way to solve it. Always: The creator expressing his care through intelligent design.

It should not be too disprove Darwinism and redo the failed Michael-Morley experiment, proving the ether. Wilhelm Reich proved intelligent source-field bion bio-genesis evolution in Oslo in the 1930ies. We could begin by uniting the Church (John 17:21) into a theocratic government and make a compendium of Near Death Experiences and God`s miracles as a doctoral study with signatures, and medical journals of let`s say a thousand stunning miracles, and resurrected dead?

We have the Fibonacci sequence, the source-field-theory, near-death-experiences and miracles. It should not be hard to prove the etheric nature of the world, rewrite physics, and connect spiritualism with religion and science as they used to be connected through all human history, up until very recent latin-schools and the Roman-Catholic clergy. A 21st century renaissance!

We will rewrite physics and destroy all quackademia. Science, history, etc, has become a religion with opinion ruled by the elite masons, Satanists and liars. Since ¨science¨ was established as ¨truth¨, people have forgot it`s just as much a belief-system as let`s say Islam, as Nicola Tesla puts it ¨Einstein`s theory of relativity is metaphysic philosophy, not science.¨ We will destroy Darwin`s theory of Evolution with the Source Field theory. We will destroy particle-physics replaced by source-field phonetic fractal geometry. It`s really that simple. We will discover fusion energy, Tesla antigravity (levity propulsion), water-fueled cars and powerplants, the Joe Cell, and much more.

We could prove the existence of Jesus` miracles, and the Holy Ghost through simple brain-tests when someone is praying in tongues (which there are references of), some electronic equipment, and a couple medical journals, and we are good to go crave the establishment of a spiritual ether physics university of healing. I dream of a BIG university on the science of religion. It might however turn out to be corrupted into a Hogwart whorehouse, but this should be avoided. Just mentioning.

Religion, education, and science was intertwined until the renaissance. How is it possible that religion (which is only scientific hypothesis, or even superstition) is allowed to exist without undergoing the scientific validation method, and humanistic-validation like any other field/school/thought of the 21st century? Islam and materialistic monetary-Marxist Talmudic Judaism will surely fall…! Guaranteed!

We are Christians and Romans, and want to recreate the ancient golden-age world through renaissance. The forums. The temples… Where every workplace, every building, has a spiritual aspect, all interconnected to our source-field spiritual reality. Reforming construction with levity propulsion, perhaps we could build some cavity-structure-effect cathedrals and pyramids of sacred phonetic geometry? Fusion-reactors, and new hospitals for curing cancer, and all disease? At LEAST they should have an Oregano-oil-diffuser room in every hospital, but no: There is zero intelligent human life on the planet.

You don`t have to look further than into Royal Raymond Reiss frequency technology. And that was almost 90 years ago! Also. Why is it that the New-Age movement is at the forefront in alternative physics, history, spirituality and medicine while Christians are way behind , EVEN in politics, alternative media and disclosure, which used to be Christianity`s purpose.

New-Age exposes conspiracies, the alien agenda, the depopulation agenda 21, the lies of the scientific religion, and covers new physics, spirit science, free energy, levitation, mass-conscience, the matrix reality, and much more: While Christians do nothing! In fact, I have never once heard a mainstream pastor discuss geo-political affairs, science or politics!

I recommend reading the works of David Wilcock, and watching his Wisdom Teachings on Gaia.com

The goal is solving every problem in medicine, end starvation, disease, and provide all Earth with all the sustainable technology they need to live independent from the grid, the Marxist monetary-state system. When our revolution renaissance discloses all technology, people will realize how parasitic the state is and move back into the future, in symbiosis with nature, as Adam and Eve, gardeners. The path to world unity lies in exposing the cabal: Our common enemy and forming a one world on the principles of love and light, the scientific religion all can agree upon.

Spiritual, liberal, and scientific breakthroughs of humanity should have been encouraged by the Vatican if she was not a usurper church for population control, the false whore Circe of revelations, infiltrated by the antichristian Jesuit activists. The Pentecostal and Neo-Charismatic movements move back into the age of the persecuted 1st century Church, with signs, wonders and miracles. They need their fascist nation and a headquarters, the first true Christian unity since the true Church died under Constantine, being compartmentalized. We will do the spirit science job and be the light the Vatican SHOULD have been, God`s pedestal governance of Earth.

The age-old question of which religion is true shall FINALLY be answered by technological advancements and etheric physics!

As our spirit-science discoveries advance: We need a public disclosure of the reality of the Hell conspiracy, the core of all conspirasies, quickly before any more souls are lost! This is a Hellish game we have played, irresponsible, as we are human children of God/Source. The Hell conspiracy is the oldest, and largest conspiracy. Compared to it, all other conspiracies are just branches. We must disclose the scientific evidence of a spiritual ether reality, the reality of soul, the afterlife and Hell, or else, humanity will never be the dominant species of our planet, but reptilian aliens.

5 Our own private schools!

I would love to be a teacher! I have always loved children. And for that we need a liberal state. This should be easy to accomplish. Jews in America are smarter than us because they attend private Jewish schools and learn true history in synagogues. They also record history and religious evolution in their Talmud, something Christians should have as a non-canonical continuation of the book of Acts.

Our schools will have our own TRUE curriculums of religion, reality, history, physics, music, geometry and math, for the procreation of a universal educational reform whence our schooled blonde children enter the world as messiah light bearer civilizers. Through our internet school media-campaign of Ashtar command, all the world will want our knowledge in their schools, and crave our reforms, moving back to symbiotic cells in nature since my technological advancements makes the monetary-state obsolete. A global awakening renaissance is thus guaranteed. Why? Because our children would be on FIIIRE! Learning about source-field intelligent design in nature, Fibonacci geometry, fractal math, and how music, resonance, and all science, and physics is interconnected with God, spiritual/magical in nature, is nurturing superheroes!

We can for instance have private schools at summer camps! Boy, I`d be a happy kid if I grew up in one of these. Beautiful waterfalls of Norway! I can`t wait to repopulate elven lands with our flying platforms…! I have seen these camps in future timelines and visions all my life since I was 14! My Christian friends from back then can testify: Human bio-diversity nature reservatory Tesla villages has been life`s idea, which I never dared initiate, as I never attended such a private school… But all my dreams were possible, never stop being crazy, ¨it`s a lie we couldn`t learn to fly¨, mankind was MEANT to fly. We can start with a summer-school, or summer camps, and rent a campsite. Within 50 years, I see ¨a hippie renaissance swarming around Norwegian campsites like pylons of light!¨ It`s a possibility.

6 Alternative media.

Alt. media, or rather TRUE unbiased non-partial media, as an internet school of spirit science and ascension, is the most important mission: To affect opinion, and politics through media in all its forms, and also: Create a neo-charismatic/Pentecostal Christian unity headquarters strategy think tank to address the Jesuit-Illuminati problem and make the apostles of today write the second volume of the book of acts, instituting their governance, proving miracles, etc. To hoard the living apostles together to create a testament to the honor of God through the validity, and proof of what God`s doing TODAY!!! We will write the Christian version of the Jewish Talmud! The Jews have continued their sacred texts. Why should not Christianity, a science of enlightenment, have extra-biblical non-canonical texts? You`re supposed to be like your master Jesus, but you never once continued writing parables, philosophy, or research Mazzaroth source-field science! We embrace the spirit-science reality Jesus taught and lived in, which regular Christians don`t! And that`s a sin.

All contemporary writings are personal development therapy, milk for babies, endless books about success Christendom, happiness Christendom, your personal life with God, or about this, or that single verse, but never about the advancement of the Kingdom, Israel, the Church, which is the red thread of the Bible. With the internet, neo-charismatic Christian unison continuation of the book of acts should have been established 30 years ago with a world headquarters, do you not see the Jesuit infiltration of the Vatican? The mother Church (of harlots) cannot support Christian Europe as it`s backbone, it`s a corrupt whore, sex, money, war and drug corporation.

To make the people realize mainstream media is a fictional view of reality, give them something they can relate to, like success, happiness, wealth and health, cancer-cures, break their illusion of happiness with hidden technology, or rather, give them a better alternative, and the liberals would surely revolt ¨for their libtard rights¨: ¨Feed me daddy state, I want more!¨ Make them realize and revolt: ¨We the people demand the best treatment and technology available!¨ Make them realize they are not happy by giving them knowledge so they crave our social-political reforms, although they have tablets and Iphones.

When they realize their daughter could have been cured for cancer: They will rebel. History shows mankind won`t rebel unless they are starving or lose their nation and rights, unless it`s controlled libtard ¨progression¨: ¨Give me more, daddy state!¨ We will step in to fill the demands we planted, and the pyramid of cards will fall.

The world ecology, human bio-diversity of Nordic ethnicity, and culture is dying, but the illusion of happiness will last until cultural Marxism becomes monetary Marxism, private property is abolished, and our people are moved to Agenda 21 population-centers, with their noses still clinging to their Ipads. This will not happen. When the consumer-market fails and people crave something better, we will step in as the New Age. Things we take for granted like Easter-holidays, Christmas, etc might not last more than 10-20 years. And that is a very short time!!!

7 Worldwide unity. And a world Church.

Christianity is the religion closest to our spiritual reality and Matrix laws. Mankind is inherently depending and inclined to worship, as a flock species, just look at concerts. Christians give their souls and sins to Christ, but many even crucified their responsibility as human representatives of God on Earth, not only their sin!

How do Christians achieve world domination? Through the second coming? Through Christianizing Israel? Through common, western, graeco-roman-Judeo-Christian rights of humanism? Through the law of Source, Love and Light? I recommend verifying your religion through the scientific method, but to do that, you will have to replace particle-physics with source-field ether physics. The enemy is 400 years ahead of you. Then I recommend getting your own nation, because as of now: There is none. Whatever you do, Jesus commands us to be one Church, it`s an undisputed commandment in John 17:21; Unite the neo-charismatic movement as a conspiracy-realist think tank government under priestly rule by proven saints like Heidi Baker.

Human rights are founded upon the Bible. Not through sharia. Not through Nietzscheism, or quackademic Darwinian survival of the fittest. Only through the abovementioned morale of source, love and light as defined in my books on the subject.

Worldwide unity? Mankind is inherently religious, hungry, thirsty and wanting, searching for truth and always craving more, especially with the consumer-market`s illusion of happiness. This can be used to our advantage.

The idea is ¨one light dispels all darkness¨: When we establish ONE absolutionist enlightenist eco-village of etheric scientists, presenting all truth and uniting religion with all reformed schools of science in a unified system: We will overthrow the grid-system of consumer-market craving with an ecologically intelligent symbiosis with nature, the cities, roads, states and industries will be obsolete once the Tesla-age begins, with atmospheric electricity and antigravity (levity) propulsion technology.

Mankind is inherently imbued to mother nature and instinctive truth by their automatic connection to God, the source-field, and will emigrate until the monetary state-system falls to Ubuntu newearthnation villages. This culture once established will spread. For mankind will continue to evolve without balance until factual, global truths are established as a foundation for all society.

A World Church? How do we achieve this? Let`s say I gather all the miracle-working neo-charismatic, and Pentecostal apostles of today under www.1stcenturyministries.com  A new Vatican backbone of Christianity so we don`t disappear completely within 40 years.

But I have not had one member or Christian comment on any writing I have ever done all my life. Never has a Christian invited me to Church, hanged out  with me or called me all my life…!!! In spite of making 8 Christian books, 3 internet churches, having two blogs, the www.savethomas.com website, my futuristicfellowship (www.felleskapforfremtiden.com) website, and in spite of being a victim of population control experimentation, a victim of organized state crime, who suffered more than any historical person, on top of being world supreme in all fields, and the most loving forgiving person in history, fulfilling all biblical prophesies, which you can read about in my Testament of Thomas.

Perhaps a chivalric order? Primarily because an order survives time and gives us more protection from atheism and sharia Muslims. People tend to respect secrecy more seriously, all mankind being inherently evil and demonic. And this is serious business. A silent war is being waged on Europe by antichristian misanthropist activists: The Ordo Templi Orientis non-existing Egypt Babylon, the pan-European EU plan of an Egyptian negroid Europe as planned by Count Kalergi, and the monetary-state corporationalism of powerhungry Sabbatean Frankist Jews. Yes. All are monsters except me.

We should start as many political-parties, think-tanks, orders, schools and societies as possible. Not to mention families, home churches and cell-groups.

I don`t think extremist Muslims, pagans or atheists will ¨chop off our heads¨ if the majority of Christians become ¨secretive, en-nobled warrior-monks¨. And let all our members wear hats, like in the 50ies. I want to give the normal, purpose-driven Christian the opportunity to get the honor, respect, and protection he deserves. But he doesn`t have a nation and nobody values human bio-diversity or true multiculturalism.

8 Peace on Earth? Regarding Israel.

After we have validified the only true religion through the scientific method, and united the body of global citizen brotherhood, we finally accomplish the single-most important goal of all: Forcing the Satanic elite to stand trial for their crimes! To do this we must first expose the false Sabbatean-Frankist Illuminati Jesuit religion, and then their New World Order as the criminals they are to mark a change in history school books and create an eternal, universal non-tolerance to their illegal activities of murder, and global control.

Satanism, that just seeks to ruin everything is one reed. And then you have the question of Israel. Jews, who know they killed their messiah, but continue their religion for materialist purposes of childish self-denial.

My book ¨the mysteries of Jesus and the ritual of the cross explained¨ is the very KEY to reaching the Jews and should be used to great success. Talmudian Jews believe there can never be world peace unless their messiah rules us from Israel. This is why Talmudian Judaism is always at the core of every conspiracy. Because of this racist, fascist, imperialist, unscientific criminal ridiculous belief, they see it as a game to rule us as cows, to destabilize and ruin every land they come to for their own benefit, except Israel, revealing mankind`s darkest sides. These are historical, and present-day facts.

I say peace comes only when the Jews bow to Jesus, their messiah who HAS come. Or else: Talmudian Jews will conspire, and ruin nations until their King Messiah arrives. And ONLY then will they conspire to create (the illusion) of peace in the world.

What do we do about Israel? Well! We cannot end them, and would never succeed in doing so anyways, it would only make things A LOT worse, AND even if we tried persuading them with love and light, modernism and Christianity, the Sabbatean-Frankist core will never surrender until there is no green left on the planet! But we will try. What we CAN do is what I already told you: Embrace the Noahide laws/humanistic concepts and ACCEPT Abrahamism (particularly Judeo-Christian historic-cultural tradition) as the universal history, and universal baseline culture upon which all other cultures can flourish. For it`s the first humanistic and oldest cultural-historical legacy, the only legacy which can be said to be global, now that they`ve (Jesuits and Jews) ruined the Tartarian Aryans, true science, the Buddhists and the Hindus.

I am the world supreme in all fields, am being cloned and eaten, suffering more than any historical person, every day, and nobody have any ambitions aside from the Sabbatean Frankists, or else they would have been kind to me once. The only hope is extradimensional help, the second coming.

Yes. I am serious.

Peace on Earth? You mean ending poverty, disease and starvation?

We will do this in the childlike spirit of everloving light: True knowledge, and enlightenment to educate, civilize, convert, and create a global renaissance leading to global dissatisfaction, revolt, return to source-field  physics, return to ecological small-cell living, and then happiness, and everlasting utopia circus on Earth through graeco-roman-Judeo-Christendom`s western-humanistic morale, human-rights, and the Aquarian law of Source, Love and Light. We will accomplish this either in utopian socialism, or rather in utopian Christian theocracy, if all goes according to plan.

The best would be: Christianize Israel. The second best would be: Become a worldwide Israel under Noahide laws anyways, setting yourself in their respect, albeit not Christian. The worst would be the destruction of Israel and the alien rule of Babylon, the Sabbatean-Frankist Illuminati plan. I hope God, Jesus or good aliens destroy us before we become a parasitic interstellar/interdimensional race. But although not favored by myself, what if mankind made love into the name of our civilization? Like I said: The childlike spirit of everloving lust? Would they be able to stop the super-idol sex-fixated children? Would this melt the icy hearts of Sabbatean Frankists, buy us time to deal with ultra-orthodox religion, until a genius re-discovers my law of Source, Love and Light?

It`s just a thought. It`s what sex-addict Aleister Crowley envisioned: The age of Horus the child.

Here is a plan.

1. The study and secret recruitment phase/families of love and light. Unite in families, secret schools, and study-groups of love and light (love=morale and light=enlightenment/science). Cooperate to discover all conspiracies, secrets, truths, and technologies hidden.

Hoard books, make movies, write books on this until your knowledge-basis of all scientific fields is UTTERLY complete to the point where the pyramid WILL tumble. Knowledge is power. Power to the PEOPLE! This is the secret stage. You spread in cells, and recruit members in all sectors of society. Infiltrate, and recruit people in the political left (and right). Recruit all members secretly through letters, and usb-pens. Avoid any media exposure. Recruit internationally and gather everyone to focus solely on reforming ONE nation because when one light is lit, everyone will want it.

2. The media phase. Start everything you can from facebook-groups, meme-wars to media-organizations, newspapers, etc, to spread all the knowledge of truth you have gained to the people. You must secretly promote interest in hidden knowledge, hidden history, hidden science (like etheric physics), and start private schools built upon this new physics and reality. Focus on the root causes and most obvious elephants only, things that will really get the attention of our primary target: Children, youths, liberals, leftists, hippies, bikers, anarchists, new-agers, peaceful Muslims, nationalists, and all who believe in conspiracy reality.

3. The awakening. The movement has gained media attention, and the people are waking up. Push harder. Start pushing your agenda into left-wing politics, mainstream media, organize public humiliating laughter protests, Love, Light, and Laughter parades and concerts: To get the people to fight for their RIGHTS of having truth, and the best available medicine and technology. Peel the serious face of the politicians until they`re naked liars and laugh at them. You will win.

4 The Revolution. Parade with the crave of a media disclosure, and government step-down to the FFF`s PA, and start reformation in the sciences of economics, physics, history, medicine etc. Build up inland economy, start science-facilities, villages, private-schools, think tanks, and welfare organizations etc. Be a light to the world.

I have no other goal than victoriously singing, dancing, and parading the streets with an army of love, light and laughter. We will avoid all stigma by being joyous, humorous and life filled. Not stereotypes the media can blackwash like bald-head Nazis. I mean… Come on… Did you hear you lost the war??? It means Hitler ain`t gonna save you this time.

Now we can celebrate for all eternity, and hand over work to robots. Not really. Working is good. But anyways…

Here is how it might happen. The Army of the People enlightens the FURIOUS cancer patients, and their relatives (which includes all humanity – rich and poor, left and right). They put on their yellow vests, and protest with our documentaries, books, and knowledge until every marionette, and police realize they serve a tyranny of terrorists, and surrender to the people.

What`s left standing is the Satanic cabal of secret societies, and their governments of career politicians. Naked liars shaking in their boots from our laughter. Every citizen protest, and denounces the government, police, and refuse to vote for them, wanting the revolution and perhaps a new King???

Yes… ONE good-old-traditional way to consider, is the old Alpha-Male Civilizer Sun-King Horus. They won`t be able to shut THAT down, because nothing encourages people with pitchforks more than a super-idol King. (Which is basically what a King was back in the days, before the Hannovers took over, anyways.)

This might be a better route than going through the political arena, because you simply cannot deny the people the right for a King. And what`s even better is that all the King dictates is law and secret societies. So, the pyramid will fall brick by brick whatever happens, IF you follow our commands, and raise up Messiahs.

I have given you a jump start! From here on starts your journey into conspiracy-REALITY!

Say what???

What is a secret Bilderberg meeting if not conspiracy???

Do you have any better term for it? The Bilderberg Group was formed by people who openly profess alliance to the New World Order as late Pr. George Henry Walker Bush, and Henry Kissinger!!!

Wake up and put a smile on that face. 😉

Laughter, Love and Light will win against all odds, if you do what is written in this book. 100% guaranteed!