I decide that I lend my books for preview to friends interested in knowledge, as we might only have 1-2 years left to fight this war. I am a national-patriot with emphasis on taking care of the root-problem; the war-money-machine. I love all immigrants, often more than Norwegians. This is a greater war against AI and the technocracy. It’s no longer white vs black, or red parties vs blue. The same doom is coming for all of us.


All writing is written by Thomas Eidsaa , who holds copyright over the written material. Please donate to tombenyeshua@gmail.com through paypal or buy the books at Amazon, although those are censored does not contain all images. This is because of Amazon’s bot, which compares pictures and written material. You cannot self-publish a book that has material copied from anywhere on the web, not even Wikipedia. Every word is written by myself.

The GRRRRR book-series, or The Great Romantic Revivalist Reformation Revolution Renaissance series is a an eye-opening Christian series which detail all my research into Christianity, neo-charismatic theology, apologetics, ontological arguments, the problem of evil, eschatology, and conspiracy theories of great importance which every Christian needs to understand.

It is a work aimed at waking you up and expose the evil you never thought existed.

What you don`t know can still kill you.

It is a guide, and compendium of all important topics relating to the radical, Christian faith in the dangerous, unpredictable 21st century death of Europe.

I take the reader on an amazing journey – uniting 1st century Nazarene knowledge with 21st century science, theology and societal problems. I personally believe the knowledge therein will create peace on Earth.

I believe Christians hold sole responsibility for the Earth and must act as such.

I have therefore created the Ontological, Metaphysical Law of Source, Love and Light. which I hope will be the universal, humanistic, inter-religious scientific religion, and bedrock of a future Golden Age Utopia, upon which all differences are set aside.

I also believe the neo-charismatic, Pentecostal Christians deserve their own nation by now, being the largest growing Christian group, which I dedicated myself to see happen as outlined in the Kingdom of God, where I outline a utopian system of Christian governance that I hope can be a light for all nations…

Books in the GRRRRR series.

  1. The God Reality? Scientific proof of ¨God¨? And the scientific religion of Source, Love and Light.
  2. The Wisdom of All Golden Ages – The Ontological  law Source, Love and Light.
  3. The Christian Path – Biblical Theology – The Last Reformation! (This book has no conspiracy, or controversial topics, and relates to every Pentecostal and Neo-Charismatic Christian.
  4. Jesus, Lucifer and the ritual of the cross explained – How Jesus was the messiah.
  5. The Secrets of St. John`s Revelations – The Revelation Conspiracies!
  6. The Kingdom of God – Strategies to guarantee global Christian utopia!

Other books:

  • How to make the world`s best Orgonite – All mistakes, so you don`t have to.
  • The People`s Army`s Revolution – The Battleplan Against the NWO!

Book 1-6! Spread the word of Jesus!

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God is real and he loves you. It is time YOU took responsibility and questioned: Is there life after death?  How much do we really know about our reality? I will try to fill the holes that science has so long avoided.

This is the first book in the Great Romantic Revival Reformation Revolution Renaissance. Or GRRRRR. I delve into ontological and philosophical arguments for creationism, before discovering alternative physics of the Source-Field as proposed by David Wilcock and Dr. Wilhelm Reich to prove evolution started from microscopic bions, something Dr. James DeMeo calls ¨bion biogenesis¨. Is energy sexual in nature? I talk about my own experiences with dimensions, Orgonite, Source, Ether, Orgone or Vril, my black night of the soul, to confirm my hypothesis.

I touch upon the work of Cleve Backster, Victor Grebennikov, the Russian Pyramids, and the ¨cavity structure effect.¨ What is sacred geometry, the platonic solids, the Fibonacci sequence, and ¨Ivan Panin`s numerology in scripture¨ if not a FINGERPRINT of God`s intelligent design? I end with proof of spontaneous healing, questioning near-death-experiences, and a conclusion:
The first multi-religious metaphysical law, a trinitarian code of Source, Love and Light, an eternal concept that unites science, religion and philosophy.

The book is filled with interesting philosophy, theology, and science that will transform your life for ever!

This is book 2 out of 6 books in the Great Romantic Revivalist Reformation Revolution Renaissance series, or GRRRRR series. While most of my books detail controversial new topics, this book is merely theological in nature and concerns all normal aspects of the Christian faith including Biblical Church-life. While many of my other books would be considered ahead of their time and controversial, this is only conservative Biblical Christianity that you can gift to your grandparents.

It is a long compendium of questions and answers to all theological questions I asked myself in my Christian life like; what does the Bible say about sex before marriage, prayer, worship, church-service, baptism, saints etc? I also include my 2 year study on God`s true name, which I consider complete.

The book starts with my short testimony and inspirational life-ambition with enthusiastic visions for the future of the Biblical reformation movement. I then delve into the subject of New-Testament laws and deeds, cataloguing it for the first time.

The book is the next step towards uniting the reform, liberal, Pentecostal, and charismatic Christian movement with reforms to attitude, worship, prayer, evangelization and Church service!

A great book for guidance, faith, and inspiration. Highly recommended for advanced Christians, pastors, Church-planters, and the regular Christian.

This is book 3 of the 6 books in the GRRRRR series, the Great Romantic Revivalist`s Reformation Revolution Renaissance. It is my best.

This book, like all my books, details only content that has never-before been published. This is a mystical book for the initiates of the Illuminati and must be read as such, but will still be readable for the new-born Christian. First, we will question our reality, discover who God is, his name, who Lucifer is, slaughtering every myth, how mankind was created and more.

The new Christian philosophies and true Biblical interpretations in this book are unparalleled in contemporary and historical Christian literature.

We will discover that Jesus did exist, how he looked, what his personality was, his secret teachings, who he was to the Romans, Greeks, Jews, Egyptians, etc, of his time, and how saved all mankind on the cross, explained in literature for the first time since He died 2000 years ago, leaving behind the Shroud of Turin which we will also discuss.

We will discover the secret pyramid prophesies about Jesus, and how Jesus was the Sun of the astrological signs in the Mazzaroth that the Jews, and the Nazarenes, his cult, believed in. 

This is a complete book that covers all the initiate needs to know about spiritual warfare, God, Jesus, Judaism and Christianity. We will discover exactly who Jesus was, his actual birthdate based on never-before revealed secret interpretations of Revelations, who he was to the Jews, if he was the messiah ben Joseph, what scriptures he fulfilled, if he is coming again, before revealing ALL about HOW Jesus did hypothetically save us in a ritual on the cross.

We will end with conclusions on what He accomplished, what modern Magick is, how Satanism is spiritually, physically and philosophically dead, before I reveal secrets in a chapter on protecting yourself against false Christs, impostor spirits and attacks.

This is book 4 out of 6 books in the GRRRRR series, or Great Romantic Revivalist Reformation Revolution Renaissance series…

Love and Light is a common catchphrase in the spiritual network. But what does it mean? We discovered the tachyon source field in book 1, and now you will journey into a futuristic golden age where all live by a universal law of Source, Love and Light!

This is the first time the secret teachings of Jesus the Nazarene has been fully revealed: The true, Eternal, Scientific Religion has re-emerged for the first time in literature sice ancient Atlantis, and we will discover it in total, it`s evolution from Egypt, and see how it perfectly fits into the Christian gospel of love and light. My philosophy for writing this book was to discover the law of the coming Christ in the coming New Age Kingdom or ¨millenial kingdom¨, where peace reigns on Earth, as the book continues from the previous book; Jesus, Lucifer and the ritual of the cross explained, where we discovered how mankind reached ascension through Christ blood-covenant. In this New Age, mankind must learn to overcome polarities.

We will discover new, never-before-heard philosophies about what light and love means metaphorically, and by accident, I re-discovered the eternal-inter-religious Law or ¨blueprint code¨ that unifies philosophy, metaphysics, science and religion! The religion of the entire universe!

My personal interest behind this book is: How can the Bible teach there will be no more sin in the future Christ-Kingdom??? As we continue from how Jesus became the messiah in my previous book: Will sin disappear, or will pain disappear?

We will also touch upon the darkness of light, the Lucifer effect, Prepare to read the most perfect, loving ideology ever written since the fall of Atlantis!

This is book 5 of the 6 books in the GRRRRR series, or Great Romantic Revival Reformation Revolution Renaissance. After a lifelong interest in the secrets of Revelations, I am proud to present my work/field of interest… 
We will start by discovering Christ`s actual birthdate and Mazzaroth astrology recorded in Revelations. From there I will detail every true, controversial interpretation of who the figures of Revelations are/were, including historical ones like Nero. 
We will discover Jesus in relations to Easter and all historical perversion created by Revelations. This is a doctoral study without mercy. 
We will discover all possible meanings of 666, and how the mark-of-the-beast monetary system is coming. 
We will discover all antichrist figures relevant to Christianity, like the Pope/Catholic Church, Judas, Islam, Muhammad, Apollyon, Azazel, Zabatai Zevi, Sabbatean Judaism, many you have never heard off before. All of Revelations will be revealed. 
I will end with a warning, discovering the second coming and where the world is heading. 
We will discover the Jewish shemitah calendar. 
There was no good book on Revelations out there. Now the World`s knowledge about on how Bible prophecy works will be complete. 

This was the first book I wrote. It was the Archangel Gabriel who told me to write about the coming governmental form of Utopian, Theocratic Christianity. It is the forbidden dream, even for Christian: A state somewhat like Israel, or Islamic countries, only with Christians, and for Christians only. The Kingdom of God vs the Kingdom of the antichrist. As we already enter into the beast 666 system, Christians can no longer live in spiritual Babylon, Sodom, Egypt and Rome, or they will perish and lose their light. We are the 144.000 witnesses. Ask yourself: Is the Church a lighthouse affecting nations, or are the nations affecting the body of the Church? I conclude it is time for Christianity to unite in an Exodus to live together as the first Church. We are supposed to be in the world, but not OFF the world, yes. But in the last days: Jesus is clearly calling his body to unite and say NO to the beast system, regrouping in a futuristic Tesla-scientific sustainable monastic village, with private schools, etc, like the Amish. Globalism is Biblically forbidden in the tower of Babel story, and we don`t have enough metals for car batteries, nor do we have oil. This system is demonic and not sustainable, it can only last 50-100+ more years. Will you go under with the beast system, or will you cultivate God`s Eden in HIS Kingdom: Nature instead??? Will you build something that lasts 1000 years, or will you leave your children to die under the beast system? With a globalized world, the one who controls vaccines, epidemics and money, controls the entire world. A dangerous virus, and all the Earth dies. This is not sustainable. And we don`t have enough resources. Mankind is supposed to live in tribes, small cells, as is Biblical.

Additional book:

Although originally part of a Christian book-series, I now publish this book independently, as this book will appeal to all conspiracy theorists, revolutionary rebels, all religions, all political stances, and all ethnicities. This is the worldwide fight against the beast! The red and black colours of the cover represent the ideology of anarchism, but this is far from a socialistic or anarchistic revolution only, and could be applied to any political stance. Prepare to make your journey and become the King you were born to be! In the beginning, we will touch upon WHY revolution is needed, alternative history, e.g conspiracy themes, the self replicating AI chemtrail nano-morgellon fibers, cybersatan 666, the Jewish-Masonic Illuminati conspiracy theory, before coming with solutions for mankind, promises of a utopian future system. I then address the problems of the entire zeitgeist of the west to analyse the situation and find the only plausible way for revolution, and no, I do not know how to stop the monetary elite, but I do address the technocratic and cultural elite. I then come up with  the perfect battleplan. If you are interested in conspiracy theory or want to get the masses along your line of thinking, this book will make you smart. I upgrade your view of reality and deliver the goods with step-by-step instructions on how to defeat the NWO that will make any lady grow a beard over-night. I will make you realize that new Kings, Heroes and Messiahs are 100% necessary for the Army of Man to succeed against the NWO.

PS! This is not a Satanic book, but a national-conservative Nordic Luciferian book with elements from Christianity, humanism and white-centrism.

For the first time since Atlantis, I re-discover the ancient religion of the sun.

Prepare to be amazed!

The first part carves in stone how Islam, Judaism, and the God of the Bible is utterly flawed, better than any person in history, and evolve religion beautifully into loving responsibility for our Earth together… THIS IS NOT SATANISM!!!

You will learn what Luciferianism is, who Lucifer is, what he represents, how he has been defamed and what this age has in store for us!

The second part is called ¨pagan Nordic pride.¨ I teach you about sacred sexuality, Wilhelm Reich, the sexual revolution, and how the path towards a brilliant future is laid: If you seize it!

I criticize the current world order and come with bold steps towards a future where power returns to the people!

We must evolve and create the NWO as the PEOPLE ourselves and make any future scenario to be the greatest civilization mankind has ever seen!

To achieve this and eliminate polarities, returning to sustainable living, I create the first scientific multi-religious foundation we can all agree to disagree upon!

This is the age of science! A quantum leap of evolution! Mankind must learn to live in perpetual balance with nature. We cannot risk to loose!

This book is the mission of love and light fulfilled! The golden ones returning! Mankind breaking free from the shackles!

This is the time for universal brotherhood!

I will reveal all about topics such as history, mankind`s origins, shapeshifters, giants and the Illuminati.

You will learn more from this book than any other book you`ve read, that`s for sure.

This book will encourage you and make you a part of the revolution towards the future!

Either you are an Atlantean (Nordic) or not, this book will make you want to live close to nature as a tribe in the Nordic woods.

A must read for anyone interested in philosophy and religion!

Love and Light, Sasha.

I have two more books, you will have to find them yourself.