There are bitter, evil German Nazis in this world, who have not been sentenced, but shipped over to America under Operation Paperclip, to recruit scientist for the US. And from there, evidence shows they took over the world through infiltrating the secret intelligence agensies after starting CIA and NASA, the latter founded by NAZI Wernher Von Braun. The CIA Mk-Ultra experiments, competing with Russians, continue today under the guise of police and mental institutions, and cover the gravest attrocities to human kind since time immemorial. The most celebrated family in this AXIS OF EVIL are the Bushes, since Prescott Bush FUNDED the Nazis throughout the entire 2WW, something that made his grandchild and great grandchild earn the title of President of America.

Worst in history are the crimes committed by the Mk-Ultra Nazi experiment “Kristiansand politikammer”. It has become so bad, that if a Norwegian even calls himself “a person”, that person is guilty to eternal HELLFIRE, having broken all historical and contemporary laws, including ALL SPIRITUAL, JUDICIAL AND RELIGIOUS LAWS OF HISTORY.

This NAZI Kristiansand crime syndicate are guilty of child-trafficking everything from little boys to the historical Jesus and Muhammad through cloning, an ILLEGAL branch of science which resulted in myself, a biological experiment, popularized through the Nazi Hollywood.

People such as George W Bush and Louis Solheim Premak are guilty of all inside job terror attacks and being the antichrist handler who eventually decided to go gangster and backstab his hippie friend.

Louis has never been in Church and is an over-inflated sociopathic megalomaniac that needs to be punctured. This is very disturbing, but since I see the signs of the coming of the antichrist everywhere, I can do what I have to make a legal cause before God and man against this evil creep.

I took down my book from Amazon, since it was shadow-banned anyways.

This is my un-edited diary of their evil crimes and the E.V.I.L antichrist, un-edited as this is extreme crime territory, not fiction, but sold as fiction.

The Bible teaches us that Christians are “slaves to truth” and “cannot serve two masters.” It also tells us “the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth” and that “what has been done in secret will be shouted out from the rooftops.”

Thomas Eidsaa copyright. I have the world record in surviving the most torture (by Christians) in the world. Still, in the midst of this, I praise Jesus every morning to evening.

Feel free to download and read: ONLY if you swear to Jesus, Muhammad, or your legal system of your contry: To take peaceful legal action.

As a Christian, I am a pacifist e.g Jesus said “those to take to the sword shall die by the sword”, but extremely illegal activities, like those perpetrated by all Norwegians, are unparalelled in history and incomparable to any judicial or religious text.