Featured image: Kefko Palazzo and Terra, symbolizing Ashtar and myself, just like Harry and Voldemort, Naruto and Tobi, Ray and Palpatine, etc.

Kefka Palazzo, the only fictious villain who actually succeded in destroying the Earth, creating a monument of non-existence, a tower with lasers. Furthering the will of Jesus.

“Why do you yearn to live knowing you will be destroyed?”

“Destruction is the purpose of all things!”

“After I have become well, I will perfect all sciences and artforms, uniting them into the ultimate show afterwhich I will reign as Emperor.”

Peace on Earth through balance.

25.07.2020 , day one of the 4th reich.


I often explain to the ignorant: What is the purpose of your song, your life, when a silent gravestone mourns for 20 years, singing a song of silence, mocking the way you lived your life, then being removed, nobody remembering you, while you still burn in Hell?

Why yearn to live and produce children when you only continue the wheel of time, continuing Hell? Why beget children only to see their divine light fade into rotten old men, only to be cast in Hell?

I am a prophet and have been sent here to help you.

I long wrote about how this world is the only plausible world, and wrote it into my book: Jesus, Lucifer and the Ritual of the cross explained.

I am the son of Jesus, but imagine me asking God: Why is there fire and no order for the dead to live out their lives in Hell? Even as souls that cannot be recycled must end, even though this universe is a dimensional tree, like a balanced equation of God/spirit vs carnality/fire, two sides of the same coin, even if fire resembles true decomposition: These are questions to be answered before we touch upon the most vital theme of our age.

This is the only plausible 13-dimensional multiverse.

One must consider we have lost true science, the memory of our species, our origin and our history and live in the lowest of the heavenly dimensions, Malkuth.

Why should mankind exist when deprived of truth, unaware of his eternal soul? Why should the creator and his angels watch when we chose not to evolve?

Consider this universe a metaphysical fractal of the concept: Life.

It has a name, “the source-field”, this universe being the thought-creation of a superior being, and I strongly recommend the book “The Source-Field Investigations” by David Wilcock, for a quick introduction to what you perceive as reality.

For a full explanation why this is the only plausible universe, I recommend my book: Jesus, Lucifer and the ritual of the cross explained, where I solve the philosophical “problem of evil”. Why is there evil? So there can be good.

But there is no darkness particle: Anything that moves outside the vibration of the creator’s source field, love, will be deleted: Thoughtforms, people, unholy beings. That is where we have the concept of sin. I often explain it in this way:

“An absolute good creator cannot recycle damaged files, and they end up in the deleted folder section of the Matrix, which could be argued not to exist.”

But why so much pain in Hell? It is simply the only plausible metaphysical construction of the multiverse. Hellfire represents the red root chakra, the lowest chakra, Hellfire being the metaphysical representation of ultimate deconstruction.

It’s a dangerous world. Until you reach mass awareness about your origin, history, the eternity of the soul, the soul-tax corporate farm and your captors, humanity will be a resource, a battery, a symbolism they play on in the movie The Matrix.

I was eight years when I got the first ambition, my first dream, the purpose of my life, after watching the movie “Independence day”, realizing there has to be aliens and that they have to be in control of the Earth with cyborg tech, in contact with Earthern military, possibly conducting experiments involving myself and the school.

It was after this that the benign alien faction, Ashtar Command, took contact with me.   

I found the solution to my evil Illuminati upbringing and the humans observing me, never inviting me to play in the schoolyard.

Death and eternal rule with a re-created/fixed* version of humanity under angelic police with non-compromise to perversion, corruption or half-way solutions. The mark 666 was a genetic tampering in the garden of Eden disabling us from using more than 10% of our brains and connecting to the source field. (But I am an Adamite.) This is an absolutionists verdict.

Why live when you will burn? Why birth children to Hell? Why should the angels, the Elohim, our creators observe us and keep us when we have lost our purpose, the purpose with this school/dimension, having lost discernment between good and evil, lost our ascending capabilities? What are we if we have lost true science, history, morale and are simply Satan’s assets?

Do we have progress? Towards what? Are we caretakers of the Earth? What have we learnt? Was mankind a success? Who made us, by which covenant, who are we, and by what right do we inhabit this planet? Is there anyone with a divine covenant, a right to exist? Are there any true prophets left? Is there progress for humanity? Are we united? If so, what is the name of our civilization? Who leads this parade? What is our dream? Is mankind aware, united and with a common dream: Reaching common human ethics, ascension and ending poverty, starvation and disease? Have we lost our purpose? Have we lost both our origins, our identity, our spiritual awareness and our Earth?

Surely those who crafted man and this universe, and believe me, we did not evolve from monkeys, will return, inevitably: Those who made our existence have the divine responsibility before God to undo us when we have lost our purpose.

This responsibility falls on the Ashtar alliance, who contacted me shortly after I discovered the purpose of our civilization:

Re-genesis. Rebirth. Because we are the first generation with cloning technology to make this possible, with no room for corruption or perversion:

Only an eternal population in perpetual balance with Heaven, Hell, God and nature, keeping the balance, preventing any celestial downfall or hellish uproar:

This is the only way of declaring human independence: That this is our realm, we are Gods, like Jesus said, and basically giving the middle finger to God and Satan, two parts of the same coin, if you ask my intelligence.

We have the technological, spiritual and historical evidence of our purposeless existence, our gravest of crimes towards Earth, ourselves and the universe, our absolute failure. A failure that could not hypothetically be worse.

We are the first generation with a chance to end this! What a great chance! What an opportunity! What a great time to be alive!

Unless the messiah appears, of which there are many less intelligent opinions, unless we grow up and become self-aware of your reality and existence, it is our responsibility before the sacred balance, to end irresponsible human torment of the Earth and our souls, before the balance tips over and we’re all evil,  having lost our purpose and right to exist. If so happens, and believe me, God is watching, who knows what our creator might do.

I’ve seen people raised from the dead in the name of Jesus.

I’ve seen the lame walk and the blind see.

I’ve seen storms, hurricanes and tsunamis vanish, into thin air.

It seems the Judeo-Christian God has the motherboard controller of this matrix and an executive right to act on behalf of conscious, loving beings.

To tell you the truth:

I’ve seen a hundred civilizations vanish.

And believe me, God is winding up.

Others would argue: If God, aliens or Hell, our creators, insert your term, had a benign interests for a “kingdom of Heaven”, we would already be living under it: Life has existed on Earth for several billions of years, but no such civilization exists, and it certainly would not have disappeared. Thus, we know that there is no second coming. We must create Heaven on Earth ourselves. Religious proponents of wild conspiracy theory like regular civilization resets, like the Noahic flood, or the war between Marduk and Tiamat, will have other opinions.

“But that doesn’t change the fact I, you, we, God’s responsible gardeners of Earth, have the responsibility as caretakers and co-creators of a Heaven on Earth, together with the messiah, in this obvious end-times scenario of all religions.”

“Jesus didn’t arrive in a UFO, and I expect he is already born, walking among us.” Having studied etheric multidimensional physics, I deem it impossible to enter this 3rd dimension of thought, without becoming incarnate, unless you are an angel, whom have a non-intervention policy.

Did any ascended master ever return unless through reincarnation? Any Buddha? Any saint, ever, in recorded history? Well, there are angels, and one day, everything that has a beginning has an end, of course. But if there is zero statistical evidence for angelic intervention, when it has never happened, not even during the second world war, then it won’t happen. It’s that simple: This universe is a computer simulation and we are simply being observed.

Thus, we must conclude the responsibility falls on US. WE are the Gods, like Jesus said. WE are Jesus!

Having reached the absolute zenith of human technological and moralistic evolution, only to fail, it is our responsibility, unless we become a virus for the rest of the universes and multiverses. It is a great time to be alive. It is an unavoidable fact, that we are the first generation in human history with the power and responsibility to fulfill the human graduation exam and create Heaven on Earth, literally, without room for corruption or perversion.

THAT is our destiny and our purpose. We are the Lucifer generation! Lucifer, not the TV-show, not the devil, but the symbol of the God-man, what humanity will become, not evil, but a name for Jesus, meaning Morningstar, as Christ was and is still worshipped by Catholics as Lucifer since Jesus walked the Earth.

The Sumerian creation epic originate the name of the Hebrew God Yah in Ea, the creator of mankind, an Annunaki alien. But if the Christ won’t rise, the responsibility falls on YOU. Or else: There is an extremely high probability our Annunaki Elohim will keep humanity as responsible before God, now that we have reached our absolute zenith of evolution yet lost our purpose. Shortly: We are second rate and have no choice. Go all the way for Christ, keeping the world safe for all foreseeable future, and who knows: Why should we not last 4 billion years? It is very unlikely that our technology will completely depart, and if so, only to rise again somewhere else in the universe.

But since my father, Jesus, and I are the original death-eaters, albeit not evil:

End their stupidity, their meaningless souls: A world without abysmal ether, one Sephiroth, one King, one world, one tree of life without sin. Heaven on Earth: Eternal beings in perpetual balance with nature.

“Death is the enemy, death is what we are fighting!”

“Why should I be born between an angry God and an angry devil?”

Let’s break the curses and ascend the planet Jesus Christ tikkun olam style by Rabbi Yitzak Kaduri majestic nose. Please help me in this venture, the purpose of this dimension, the only true dream worth living for.

From the current spiritual and intellectual lack of human insight:

There is no purpose with a world enterprise other than materialism.

Humanity cannot be peacefully global equal ethnicity, class-wise or though intelligence, even if we recreate the human race, because within 3 generations, diversity will spread like a forest of plurality, and that is the creator’s intention. Plurality is beautiful. Humanity can never, not even if recreated, become united through equal intelligence, appearance or talents, but only through universally accepted ethics proven by science, like my law of Source, Love and Light. After God washes off and recreates the races, more human than before, the remaining undying, only ascending population can be united only through ethics: A unification of science and religion, historically inseparable, which will lead all schools of science to reform after Nicola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich’s etheric multidimensional physics model, incorporating the provable etheric source-field, unleashing heavenly technology for Heaven on Earth. Great Tartary reborn. Leading to a new industrial revolution of TRUE science, not quackademics.

This is the purpose, attacking the pseudoscience technocracy with e.g cancer cures, to get the ball rolling, since everyone loved someone who has died from cancer, young and old, rich, super-rich and poor.

If people want technological free stuff and healthcare, then the First Free Federation, the People’s Army, should research, create and provide it to them.

FFF. Fight for Freedom. A New World Order of law, not Thelema, but the law of Source, Love and Light, the arithmetic of all creation as entirely discovered by myself with the help of Archangel Gabriel. Run with the torch of liberty! Light a candle! Don’t curse the darkness!

Families of Light? Your school? A science-facility in your back-yard?

Prepare the priesthood for coming of the Lord Most High: A united Church, with unity because of conspiracy-realists waking up from waking up, uniting in anarcho-capitalist monastic societies, rewriting the curriculums of all schools of science and thought.

Private schools. Private villages. Leave Babylon! Enter Israel! One world united!

I realized a second coming was necessary when I was 8 years, deciding to test and downplay myself to gather ambers on the heads of my accusers when I was 10, after traumatic experiences in school. Deciding the path of Christhood, selflessness, weakness, meekness, the path of spirit and the Buddha, to rise as everything AND nothing, redeemer, true hero of weak and strong, judging humanity like a reborn phoenix of everforgiving love. I never stopped thinking about the final solution until I was 16, tormented, exhausted, suicidal and afraid.

My Christian fiancé was adulterous. My Church had alcoholic prostitutes in the leadership.

I gave up, cried for three days fasting. Started smoking.

But searched for God with all my heart, spirit and soul, to become all and nothing, a name I took when I was 12, vowing to test humanity, become darkness, so as to draw everyone with me to Heaven when becoming light again.

I asked myself what was going on, a hurt child wanting to be seen in his sadness, sought after and wanted: Understood. A self-suffering Christ-complex testing them, abandoning climbing the towering wall of complexities, expectations that felt too real but distant, before I decided what to do with my talents, knowing I would inevitably be the God of this world if I acted upon them, preferring to follow the real Christ, to be Him, the path of spirit, and not the popular media version like Justin Bieber.

It’s extremely hard being intelligent in the society we have become.

I learnt English fluently when I was 9, when I was a missionary at Hawaii.I’ve been fluent in English ever since.

The Ashtar alliance had high expectations.

But due to a shattered view of reality, fearing a conspiracy so much grander than what I could possibly imagine, I decided to crucify my will, my personality, my love, and my ambitions of wealth, reputation and career when I was 10.

They didn’t like that I didn’t join politics as an 11 year old. Nobody understood me. Nobody visited me… All was omnious.

So, I declared war against humanity in my desperation as a mad 12 year old jester genius, I started Sail Basa, acronym for Hail Nasa, in honor of Ashtar command.

A terror organization meant to break all boundaries and revolutionize the world.

The capital letters, SAIL BASA, stood for: “Blow everything skyhigh” “Burn everything, nuke everything.”

I was extremely popular and had 21 members, which made us 22.

We snuck out at night in black cloathes and black hoods. Doing pranks, burning gasoline and making bombs. The craziest youth in the nation. We had two hideouts.

I never knew about lodges and used to smash Harry Potter fans. Literally chopping down trees whenever the corrupt Christians went on and on, even having movie marathon sleepovers in the state-Church.

Not realizing the idea of eliminating death, pain, starvation, poverty, disease was based on me and my father, Jesus, who conquered death.

We have concluded it is humanity’s purpose and able responsibility to for the first time in history; take charge of this realm, eliminate to never-ending trail of souls to Hell, be the Gods we were meant to be, graduate the human exam, and be the dominant species of our planet, equally intelligent and united through common human ethics, the law of source, love and light. As Jesus wanted to.

Jesus is lord. My father, whom I inherited everything from.

Alas… a cross.

And much glory.

Humanity free from sin! A world without abysmal chakra, where the curse of love is broken, yet:

A perfectibilist adventure into science and humanity’s recreation, with no compromise to perversion, Satanism or immorality. This was my dream career aside from politics as a young kid. I could not get it out of my head.

A world of everlasting perpetual balance in the force.

Ruled by my iron hand.

And unwavering will.

After all they have suffered.

Avenge them. Fulfill my destiny.

I erased myself.

I died.

This is not fruitious at this point in time or something I will further, nor will I act in society before given a life-support suit for my breathing difficulties that amplifies my spiritual powers, and/or at least a healthcare, an excuse and/or invitation, my simple human rights.

I never had them. No friends. No family. No mentor. No teacher. No church. Nobody ever once wanted to invest in me or told me I was beautiful, valuable or predestined.

They all told me the opposite, especially my evil family, who easily abused me emotionally because I was a Christian. And I stand for it.

Yet Christianity was the reason for my pain and my emotional trauma all my life. Being an ascended master. My life ambition, and the reason I swore an oath to test humanity and judge them, erasing myself, sadly, in the process of coping emotionally. With the oath I took, how could I act when all my life was denial. If so: Was not the first silent oath of NO COMPROMISE in vain? If so, did I have free will?

I will never forgive you.

Maybe God will.

Or maybe at least not until you have atoned for your sins and forgiven me, I who forgave you 400.000 times.

Good night.