Conspiracy Reality

Jesuits have sworn an oath to vanquish the memory of Jesus from the face of the Earth, and they are well underways to complete it. The prequel to any revolution is exposure. Exposure of tyranny. Here I will list some topics you should study yourself in your spare time.

DISCLOSURE NOW! Do what I did and tell every conspiracy theorist you meet to do the same: Write books, blogs, and flood the internet with reformation revival revolution renaissance, future technology and cancer cures!

Do it ferociously. Be unified and organized and you will win. I also recommend you read my book The People`s Army, the Battleplan against the NOW.

Starting with broadcasting cancer cures, and telling the blatantly obvious truth that your politicians have lied to you, and that you must be responsible and fight, from the inter-religious perspective of the Anonymous movement, would be a good idea, for their battle is against all humanity. Setting race, religion and politics aside, being unified in conspiracy-reality-science and disclosure as a people`s army and people`s court movement, setting up a new government and monetary system would be a must for humanity to survive.

Everybody knows the politicians lie and cannot be trusted. All Norwegians I know, know this deep inside, that they must fight or be held responsible as gullible actors participating in the conspiracy. But all I know convince their conscience through idiocy that ¨I am a good person¨ when they look themselves in the mirror in the morning, and convince themselves that ¨I cannot fight, just live my own personal life an pray.¨ Even the very president and demons of Satan look themselves in the mirror and say the same thing.

STAND UP AND BE MEN!!! Away with your weak apathy! You women are more manly than you are!

From here on you should google some of these topics.

Weishaupts Sabbatean-Frankist-Jesuit-Illuminati have infiltrated the Catholic, and Protestant Church! They are destroying our Christian nations from within! All sectors of society have been infiltrated, and they sell nothing but lies! A new society with a new educational system must rise!

But you might be saying: Well that`s just conspiracy theory. There is no Weishaupt`s Illuminati, Jewish, or Satanic conspiracy. Well I recommend you use internet while it`s still not censored and available. Do some google searches on:

Weishaupt`s Illuminati goals. Bill Schnoebelen. Brother Nathanael. Just to introduce you to the reality of Satanism. I have all of Bill`s books, and they are an excellent source of information.

Read Per Aslak Ertresvåg`s books. Read Leo Zagami`s books. The Church is deep, down Satanic. My own biography confirms this. Read it as well.

The federal reserve system, and how USA is in 21 trillion-dollar debt. It`s laughable. That is a topic worth a life-study, and I have not taken the burden of exposing it, as many have written great books on it, as I especially recommend the books by Michael Tellinger, and his free-economic Ubuntu movement in South Africa.

Lincoln warned us. The Jews planned to crash the economy and introduce debt-based economy: an economy of lies. They managed to change the laws in 1930, and in 1973, when the gold-standard vanished. The last 5 years have seen America`s debt to the private-owned FED increase. Higher taxes, big banker-bailouts, and all the corruption that follows. China artificially keeps their currency low through a fixed economy system, so it is profitable for America companies to hire labor abroad in China.

Insider David Wilcock tells how all America`s gold has secretly been shipped to China. The Jews are destroying America, and like Johan Galtung predicted: USA will only last 10-20 more years. Trump`s boosting the economy only postpones the inevitable fall of the west. And when America falls, it will stay down a long time… The globalists corporationists Stalinists are marching triumphantly on top of the world, destroying all underneath.

Google fema camps. Google Denver Airport. Google Georgie Guidestones. Google agenda 21. Watch conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura. They plan on crashing America at a time of war, and economic crisis. Perhaps even a virus. To deport and kill huge parts of the population.

Oh, and regarding population. In only 10-15 years: There will be more non-whites born in America. Europe is there already. Yet they still call us racists. But native Europeans (like myself) are a persecuted minority without rights.

Chemtrails and Haarp. Nikola tesla. The source field investigations. Scalar technology. Nanobots. Etc. They plan to chip us and control our minds through scalar-field technology. I am already a test-subject victim to this CIA experimentation which ties into CIA`s Mk-Ultra projects lik for instance project Monarch.

Research Wilhelm Reich, and Bion Biogenesis (evolution through the Source-Field/Ether) for an understanding that evolution, and all Einstein`s physics are wrong. Boom.

Yes. You`ve been living inside an illusion.

Google Monsanto conspiracy. Google aspartame dangers etc.

Google David Rockefeller, the trilateral commission, council on foreign affairs, and the Bilderberg group. These are think-tanks furthering the Sabbatean-Frankist-Jesuit-Illuminati agenda: Undermining DEMOCRACY! Most royals, and prime ministers are part of these Satanic societies.

Google Alex Jones, and Bohemian Grove – a Satanic-druidic temple in a California redwood grove.

Google hydrogen water fuel cell cars like the Joe Cell.

And by now, through reading this book, you should have figured that Rothschilds created all Hell on this planet the last two centuries. The French, and Russian revolution was created by you-know who. And you should know that they own all of Hollywood, all America media, and big media-companies in Europe. Their tentacles are sometimes invisible and have ties, especially in the freemasonic lodge.

I hope the internet stays free longer.

The Cancer-profit industry.

A video compilation.

I decided to make this an independent chapter as it is too important. Of all conspiracies, the Cancer-conspiracy and the monetary conspiracy have to be the worst, and humanity most important spearheads.

Google how Rockefeller, and Cardigan bought up the pharmaceutical companies, and the pharmaceutical conspiracy. In total: They earn 2.6 trillion dollars in America alone. Approx. 10% of USA total income. Google how Vitamin C, Vitamin B17, THC, and CBD kill cancer cells, including brain cancer. Search up cancer cures on Etc.

All cancers can be cured easily in a matter of 2 weeks. This will be our spearhead against the glass-house of cards, since this conspiracy is so blatantly obvious, affects rich and poor, and everyone knew someone who has died of cancer. It`s ridiculous how far we are behind schedule.

The pharmaceutical conspiracy will be our spearhead against the glass-house, not because ¨this is opinion about corrupt government Illuminati conspiracy theory¨, but because we`re talking easily confirmed scientific facts that millions of doctors are hushed to keep secret, waiting for the public to wake up. The cancer conspiracy is in a different league than all other conspiracies, since we`re talking billions of human lives here. It`s not ¨just important¨ that you speak up about it, it`s ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to where humanity moves from now.

For if, and when we blow this thing wide open and change from chemotherapy to deficiency medication, the timeline of all the future will change, saving BILLIONS of life. (At least a billion.)

As I said, this conspiracy is more important than your life, and is by far the ugliest conspiracy in my opinion, worse than AI nano-fiber Morgellons chemtrails, HAARP and artificial intelligence. Because not giving a dying man a pill instead of nuking his body with radiation is such a direct evil on the personal plane, especially when the doctor knows it, that it`s like some sick death-game-horror-movie or like one of Satan`s fairy tales. I could not imagine anything worse.

I have a hard time grasping chemotherapy as reality and it makes me furious that vitamin B-17 from apricot kernels, intravenous vitamin C (in much higher doses than what your FDA tells you) , and many other methods can be implemented to cure EVERY cancer in a matter of 2 weeks. Permanently without the cancer ever returning or spreading.

How can you even call yourselves human if you didn`t fight for your dear ones who died of cancer???

The worst case scenario is that the Illuminati death-cult of the monetary pharmaceutical big-boys get away with it, censor the internet, and leaves mankind without a cure for cancer for the next 500.000 years. As I said, it is not just important, but CRUCIAL, more important than your life, that you fight against chemotherapy. That was long… Anyways…!!! Back to topic.