¨World war¨, war between different parts of the world, ground-war, atmospheric war and any war between different parts of the globe is obsolete and has been so since the 60-ies, at least the 80-ies, with confirmed sources. Period.

For how long have world militaries frequency weapons and not told us?

Fuck war, guns, tanks, airplanes and FUCK your missiles. This isn`t the 50ies. War is obsolete! We are gardeners of the galaxy, not parasites!

Contemporary war is agreed upon beforehand, by the warring parties, and is a ¨toy soldier¨ game fought for profit and the NWO agenda, after which they make violent video-games degrading sweet goyim and beef-supremes. These Sabbatean Frankists!

Who do I have to call to reform physics, stop WW3 and make nuclear missiles obsolete?

Nukes, missiles and projectiles = obsolete.

The COMMERCIAL industry had the blue laser diodes BEFORE the US rocket-shield program in Ukraine.

Where is the public outcry?

Shoot missiles with missiles when the military have megawatt lasers and scalar frequency weapons. Good logic.

One could melt the tip of a projectile, and it would fly off it`s course: A nuclear continental missile would tare itself apart or spin off into the ocean. And even if the rocket SMASHED into solid rock at mach-speed, it wouldn`t be enough to cause a nuclear blast, a fracture of the metal casing leading to detonation of the HMX firing Uranium mechanism, but maybe. That`s where destroying the missiles electronics comes in, which can also be done with laser and scalar weapons, shutting off the rocket, making it no more harmful than tons of steel dropping out of the sky.

The problem is that air absorbs much of the laser-beam, making lasers useless at the distance needed for continental ballistic missiles, but if megawatt infrared and visible spectrum doesn`t work, then use a scalar frequency!

The problem is, however, that ¨scalar weapons don`t exist.¨

Who do I have to call to reform physics?

The US and Russia has ¨been in scalar-war since the 60-ies¨, according to Dr William Deagle, whom is the most outspoken (and smartest?) scientist of our time, at least online.

Dr. Deagle, a dumb (NOT stupid!!!) asshole, seems to follow certain protocols, or perhaps he doesn`t know about the ¨stuff¨ that I know, since prideful geniuses often close their eyes to anything that doesn`t fit their reality. REALLY sad, anyways…

What about laser tower cannons atop of mountains? Talk about an ultimate shield! No need for a US rocket-shield against Iran! It wouldn`t take many towers to cover the ENTIRE land of Israel, not only Tel Aviv. Perhaps 10-15, I have no idea… AND we could build nuclear-powered UFO motherships with lasers, capable of being continuously airborne, able to intercept rocket-speed in an instant without gravitational problems.

Space age = Dark age.

Whatever. Guess they`ll just use UFO`s and teleportation to deploy nukes. Not to mention that scalar weapons could fry an army or a nation.

Well. As soon as the UFO`s come into our dimension:

Shoot them and their nukes with lasers. Light is instant.

Should work, right?

Regarding out space-age, I thought I should mention that an alien invasion would last less than a second with EMP`s and lasers before our leaders or computer-systems could work. Now you might start pondering what countermeasures they have against this.

I`m ¨not going to tell you about the self-replicating chemtrail-morgellons cybersatan smartgrid.¨ If so, read my book.

The moment a ¨Heavenly Host¨ invades us, they sacrifice out planet to Satan, turning us into zombies and giving everyone a heart attack (research scalar weapons and mass animal deaths) like the push of a button.

Yes, the dark alliance constitutes 10% of the universe including Earth, dominated by narcissistic-sociopathic reptilian humanoid predators. They have reset human civilization, their life-stock, even in recent years, AND got away with it. Truth is that Earth`s evil alien infestation never left.

But the Angelic Alliance of Lord Michael, Lord Gabriel and Lord Ashtar, is very real, and there is currently a lot resistance in the US Military, politics, police, Hollywood and media and I hope by 2025, that the nuclear threat will finally be stopped.

War is stone age logic in the age of nano-science and frequency weapons. Technologies that could be used to cure every disease and extend life indefinitely.

Ground-combat: Obsolete.

fire-arm combat, and no, hand-held laser weapons won`t be able to kill enemy soldiers, nor replace regular firearms to do so, but they will make them useless, and that`s good.

Check out this guy,

Styropyro built the strongest hand-held laser, 200w, out of scraps, with an inefficient cooling  system. It`s not bigger or heavier than a regular rifle and light is instant. This article will not be about supersoldiers and their superweapons, which is fascinating but scary, but watch the video and imagine a military-grade lens with a match-head size focus-point, sure possible.

Imagine a 600w+ military grade rifle (EASILY possible with our technology) , along with a back-pack cooling system (if needed) and battery pack that could last for hours. From there on you could add a regular rifle, other laser and frequency weapons, grenades of all sorts, a pistol, infrared auto-targeting optics, white reflective bullet-proof ceramic and spider-web armour, perhaps with some levitation tech, or a mighty-man-suit, etc, not mentioning the worst of my conceptions: The age of the super-soldier is definitely here, and has been so for a while. It is fully possible for any terrorist to build these technologies and literally light the entire world on fire in one day. (Extradimensional levitation tech can make you invisible to radar and has a Mach 10 travel speed.) This is fully possible for any group or individual to make, given he has the resources.

We even have technology for electrical energy enough to support a population of at least 100 billion for as long as there is water on Earth (billions of years) , AND the technology to control the weather and green the deserts for agriculture. No, I am not talking about HAARP, but etheric translators, something I happen to know a little too much about. A dangerous technology of potential mass-destruction, especially if you are airborne. Make Orgonite instead, or contact me for more information.

But with laser and levitation technology, imagine the danger of pyromaniacs! In the future, if the revolution comes and we get levitation, laser-diodes more than 5w would have to be criminalized.

Let me give you an example, a fight between American and Iraqi soldiers where American soldiers lays siege to a small occupied town, ditch war, where soldiers run between walls and hide. Enter laser helicopters, laser tanks and handheld lasers.

Even with the home-made 200w laser made by styropyro, imagine how easy it would be to eliminate a running Taliban or Iraqi soldier in an open landscape. Say goodbye to bullet-delay and enter lasers.

All experienced fighters knows hitting a sprinting soldier is close to impossible, especially for a distance longer than 60-70 meters, even with sights. But light circumnavigates the globe EIGHT times in ONE second… The moment the terrorist is hit, even with styropyro`s rifle, he`s unable to continue running. He throws his rifle in the air, waves his arms and have no idea of what is happening. Nothing is as painful as getting instant 3rd degree burns, even a bullet is less painful, as a bullet causes more shock than the incinerating pain of a high-powered laser. The terrorist falls to the ground in screaming agony, perhaps thinking he is hit, making it even easier to laser him more, and when a soldier stops moving, he`s as good as dead. Your buddy with a rifle knows this. Perhaps he stands beside you to take him out, if needed…!!!

And that is the problem, laser weapons aren`t exactly humane, but how about this:

What`s the PURPOSE with ANY form of ground combat when we have projectiles that travel at the speed of light?

If one major army started using lasers, all others would have to adopt. I have viable information confirming that most current and past wars were instigated. Why does not science or warfare reform? Because the Sabbatean Frankist Jesuit Illuminati has secretly taken over all Freemasonic lodges, all academia, the corporate world, military and politics to further their New World Order. The unknowing civilians and soldiers are sadly too stupid to know they fight ¨toy-wars¨ as Satanic worship and a way of gaining territory, resources and money to the Marxist Illuminati NWO conglomerate.

If there`s an Iraqi rebel city, just put lasers on a drone, with automatic infrared targeting, fry them a bit, blind them with ¨flashlight lasers¨, and the terrorists on the street would surely surrender and stay put where they are until the city has been rescued.

And what about laser grenades and blinding lasers?

For door-to-door combat, imagine a wide-ray laser rifle with the purpose of blinding the enemy or a handheld throwable device that shines insane amount of led-light in all (or certain) directions, weapons that shouldn`t be so dangerous as to cause permanent blindness.

If the enemy soldier wants to remove the grenade, he can`t, because he has to look at it to throw it out, and it would be too warm to throw it out anyways. He would be chased from one room into the other by blinding laser rifled soldiers until all terrorists are out in the open: A few zaps by a laser drone`s auto-target system, and all terrorists are down on the ground, unable to move or keep fighting, screaming in agony from harmless 3rd degree burns. Laser light of certain frequencies can be dimmed completely by filter-glasses, but the terrorist won`t know what frequency the police are about to use, and if he blinds out all visible light, he would see nothing but dark.

The catch about laser rifles would be instant blindness for the rest of your life, so humanitarian laws would be made. But it`s better than loosing your life, and if the terrorist is an Islamic extremist, he won`t be able to do any terror any more for the rest of his life.

The laser grenades could be recharged. Deployed by soldiers, rocket launchers, helicopters or drones.

As we find out, laser weapons would EVEN make indoor room-to-room fighting obsolete. There would be no resistance in Iraq or anywhere else, where there are terrorist groups. There would be no point in war anymore, only pain and the chance of permanent blindness. How manly and encouraging is that for an army recruit?

With one country switching to laser weapons, all other countries would be forced to switch as well. The threat of large war-operations, missile threats, and the threat of nuclear holocaust, would disappear. Domestic terror from car-bombs, and bomb-planting terror would be the only remaining threat to a world society at peace.

Stand up for laser weapon disclosure!

When saving terrorist hostages, imagine what a great advantage laser rifles and blinding lasers would be to current pathetic methods. Even if the terrorist is enclosed where light cannot penetrate, imagine the swat-team entering with lasers armaments shouting: ¨Get on the ground and close your eyes!¨ The hostages lie flat with their eyes closed, but the terrorist won`t be able to, since he has to either blow them up or shoot them, and when the police open the door with blinding light, he sees nothing, but the police do, and he is immediately incinerated from 3rd degree burns, hopefully before he`s able to fire.

Just my thoughts on ¨lasers.¨

I myself have been a life-long victim of these alien technologies, electronic harassment, population control experimentation, mind-control neuronics and directed energy weapon torture, which you can read about at my other websites, if you dare, put please do, and THANK YOU.