The People`s Army`s First Free Federation (FFF).

I tried for a whole month, but I seriously could not come up with a better term for our United Conspiracy Theorist`s Global Movement than the FFF, although it`s the 6th letter of the alphabet. Our end-goal is (of course) to create the first Illuminati free nation through disclosing TRUTH to the public, criminalizing, and ridiculing other nations antihuman projects, like chemtrails and propaganda to hide it. A federation is a collection of common interests, like f.i a trade federation.

We call ourselves ¨The People`s army.¨

We are a federation of all enterprises with our common aim. A nation without borders. We are a humoristic, humanist, inter-political, inter-religious, multi-ethnic movement of INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS fighting in the great meme-wars. Training to become one, and wake people up is your current mission.

We are revolutionaries, scholars, and reform scientists which does not mix religion with politics, and want to:

  1. Give cheaper, and more efficient medical care through promoting technological advancements to the people through investigative journalist disclosure of a global medical conspiracy that affects billions of lives and will threaten trillions, e.g secret cancer cures.
  2. Preserve western human bio-diversity, humanism, and human rights against any form of state or ideology.

We have love, light, and laughter (compassion, enlightenment and humour) as motto, and we SHOULD be a humoristic-humanitarian banner under which all ethnic groups, and all religions are united through the inter-religious law of Source, Love and Light, as in my book: The Scientific Religion of the Sun.

We SHOULD have the red, and black flag of social-anarchy/anarcho-syndicalism as our flag, which is displayed on the cover of this book.

Why so serious? All your life is after all based on lies fabricated by Jokers. It`s time we realized we`ve been fooled, put on the mask, and start making fools of them instead!

Our Goals?

All our primary goals can be summed up in reformation revival revolution renaissance. The 4 R`s.

Our first goal is rewriting sciences for a reformation in education, universities, and science through rewriting physics, history, and medicine which currently are based on masonic lies for those who researched Nicola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, Royal Raymond Reiss, and a DOZEN others including for instance Thomas Joseph Brown, and investigative expert David Wilcock. Just to name a few popular to get the ball rolling.

This must be done in our very secretive beginnings, by hoarding books, authors, and experts from field of science, and every branch of society to our cause. Before the next goal.

Our secondary goal is disclosure of technology through hardcore investigative journalism, and political demands through peaceful parades of idiotic display of their crimes. Art, comedy-plays, memes, and revolutionary music. We will break all the norms of politics, race, sex and correctness like a wild, humorous bunch of anarchist socialist savages.

Going forth with humour is something all can relate to, which will spread like wildfire, and make everyone join the parade, because it`s just as crazy, and somewhat hilarious what our politicians have been doing, if seen from the right view.

Our third goal would be to create an Ubuntu economy.

As the Satanic media prime role is to weaken the human spirit through seriousness, focusing on war, suffering, and how the state is there for your protection, the media will simply collapse, as their entire system fails, and doctors, policemen, politicians, and the media will have to answer a laughing nation of sexual savages standing at the gates of parliament demanding answers to chemtrails and ¨is all physics wrong¨ Lol.

When they say yes, because they can`t say no, we will simply be EVEN more harsh, and never give up until we take over the media and make official broadcastings on the crimes, conspiracies, cures, and the People`s Army`s People`s Courts has condemned these political Jokers to public hanging, done to the cheer of a million protesters.

As long as you have love, light, lust and laughter as motto, I guarantee you the police will stand down and let you straight into the parliament, preventing martial law as there is nothing for the police to gain on defending the conspiracy, as they were only bribed with sex and drugs, and the People`s Army alternative is better.

And the INFOWARRIORS must strike NOW before they strike US with viruses, nuclear-war, food shortage, steal our economy, or shut down our internet.

Expose them through investigative disclosure, and massive broadcasting on all internet platforms.

Our motto is Love, Light, Lust and Laughter.

Our battle-cries are:

People have the right of a state where politicians serve the people of the nation, not monetary conglomerates and foreign interest think tanks. A state that gives them the best available healthcare, education and technology. A state that cares, not lies.

And start from there.

Why so serious???

We will awaken every single person in all the world, and we will do it through playing on conspiracies with comedy, branding our elected officials as traitorous jokers to be laughed at before the gallows.

The Purpose of a People`s Army?

Our aim as the people`s army is to protect, and represent the people, and not a political opinion. This is the People`s Army. It`s not about white vs black, Islam vs Christianity, or left vs right politics. We are the watchers watching the watchers. When the state has become a parasite vampirizing the people for it`s own existence, we need a revolution to give power back to the people. When the state no longer represents the people, but serve money, capitalism, and secret societies interests: It is time the people create an army that serves the people and watch the watchers. Watching the state`s media-propaganda and crimes, protecting the people from the state. The army of the people is dedicated at doing the job of what the state SHOULD have done.

Our aim is to keep world peace for as long as possible! You can hold a balloon under-water by force, but once you let go, everything reverts back to normal. We reach ascension as a species. Global enlightened brotherhood through free internet information. It is just a matter of time, unless they start a war to put us against each other. No communist police-state world order! We the people will create the NWO on our own! Don`t go against the political zeitgeist! Use globalism and socialism against them! Drop everything you have, focus on creating global ideas of peace, love, light, lust and humanism, because if they start a war, we revert back to the 60ies.

The People`s enemies will be judged once the People`s Army establish the People`s Courts – like during the French revolution.

We will thus PUSH forth all technological, socialist, and medical advancements in the ONE nation (like Britain or Norway) ALL of the FFF focused on. Because when the People have superior technology in ONE nation: All others will HAVE to change in conformity as the media simply collapses due to the widespread internet.

When humanity has ONE light, the entire room is lit, and ALL revealed. ALL members of the worldwide FFFederation must focus ALL on lighting that ONE candle for the world…

If we cannot get this nation, we will have to start a peaceful community to protect ourselves from the parasite state which suffocates us and eats our lives and money.

Such a community can in itself be the LIGHT the world needs to spark technological revolution renaissance globally: If we are clever activists, and use media, and the internet correctly. But we need SCIENTISTS, and doctors from all schools of society.

I myself a patron for the Free Thought Project, the Anonymous Movement, the secret ORC (which needs a mediaplatform) and the New Earth Community. Those are the organization I recommend cooperating with in the FFF.

Our third goal is for the New Earth Community, and the ORC to create ENLIGHTENED PHILOSOPHER KING`S, who are ALTERNATIVE SCIENTISTS (ether scientists) , INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS, TALENTED SPEAKERS, HUMOROUS ACTORS, and TALENTED SINGERS to become SUPER-STAR MESSIAHS to breakthrough a technological reformation/revolution in a western-humanistic, free, industrialized country. Something they can`t shut down. (We`ll just use parades and play on music, dance and sexuality.)

We will infiltrate, and reform.

  1. The media. (Internet meme-wars, article-writing, YouTube, alternative media)
  2. Education. (Schools, universities: Science in general: History included)
  3. Politics. (Both left and right) We will make protests with torches. (Lightbearer)
  4. The financial sector. (Marketing, clothe-codes, tech-products, medicine, enterprise, think-tanks etc)

We cannot expect to win ONLY through involvement in the political arena, but will of course influence, and put PRESSURE on them as well through infiltrating and uniting humanist patriots of different parties.

Every member gets a USB pen with info on hidden tech, and info on the conspiracy to hide knowledge. The knowledge I will show, and YOU make public!

Our stance on Religion?

Our stance on religion is that we are officially etheric scientists and humanists. We believe in the will, and the power of good inherent in mankind, who I believe IS inherently good, contrary to Illuminati belief who teach we are all evil.

We believe in compassion, and a warm society. I personally believe in Source, Love, and Light as the scientific religion of humanism, but that is just me personally. Yet do you have a better solution???

It`s the only option I had as of now, although I deep-down have a sliiight belief Jesus will come on a wonderous white horse, and subdue all evil people, including other etherical shapeshifters, from this horse. Must be one incredible horse!

No, I`m just kidding, Jesus second coming was a Mazzaroth, and Pyramidal prophecy that was originally meant for Lucifer, architect of the Great Pyramid, and not Jesus at all.

It`s a scam used to control EVERY generation. ¨The fact that the world is evil just means Jesus is coming soon! ¨

Bullshit. There will always be an antichrist.

Yet most of the world today are religiously confined to absolute doctrines from medieval books.

How can we let the elephant in the room escape the scientific method? RELIGIO. Supremacism. The cause of ALL modern war, and ALL western social upheaval? Abrahamic religion is nothing but a ghost from the past. A TERRIFYING force of evil used to enslave people for millennia.

The revolution campaign for a peaceful NWO for the west craves heroism. It is accomplished by societal groups, not lonely individuals, but societal groups uniting that have the same program outlined in this book…

Will your religious group wilfully reform from to benefit our true cause? Please contact me. Our religious movement/revolution would create perpetual peace. Those called include political parties, think-tanks, philosophers, human-etic foundations, well-fare-organizations, etc, as well as religious establishments, IF they are willing to resort to the reason of the scientific method and REFORM.

The worldwide pallet for peace:

1 Revolutionary love is the only immortal, global culture that can save, and unite the world for perpetual balance, coherent in all humans. Traversing all borders and ethnicities.

The code for this eternal law is Love and Light. Love is akin to the word Law. Love is morale, respect, kindness, heart etc. Light is truth, enlightenment, expression, brain and deliverance. Heart, and mind distinguish us from animals, as chimpanzees scientifically has no human intellect, or concept of self-sacrifice. Combine them, and you create morale.

Animals are purely egocentric contrary to humans whom COMBINE mind/light, and love/heart to produce: MORALE!!! And what morale is there except love and light?

Both love, and light are Life. Without these two, nothing life would exist. They are the scientific creator, the circle of Life. Light and love is the eternal lesson for humanity to cultivate. Therefore;

2 God is love and light. How come that all sciences of the 21st century advance as they undergo the scientific method of thesis-antithesis except religion – which was science to our ancestors up until only 400 years ago? Away with idiotic tolerance and relativism! You could not learn to read unless you became a priest only 300 years ago! Science and religion was inseparable, but now it`s othwerwise?!

Therefore, enlightenment must render religion reduced to science, and cannot escape the scientific method under an investigative People`s Army effort, and a university of all religions craved established. They will discover that through the etheric science, the science of comparative religion, and doctorates on religion (which I studied intensively) that;

3 The God of all Abrahamic religions is the same both from a linguistic, historical, and spiritual perspective. (To which I can testify greatly) And God is just a concept of pantheism united in a single conscience. AND that religion boils down to ancient myth, superstition and astrology popularly called astrotheology. Medieval myths, and anti-human, anti-liberal laws of enslavement cannot be tolerated in the 21st century if science has spoken against them!!! As religion has been the cause, and is the cause of especially all CURRENT wars, therefore;

4 Since the Abrahamic God is the same both in name, and since God is merely a concept, now defined through etheric science as the ALL, all ARE all the children of God, thus equals, and we crave an END to idiotic religious war, and the right of claiming his/hers religion is superior to others through criminalizing anything but the scientifically, historically, and spiritually true religion.

Institutionalized supremacist fascist religion – especially when mixed with politics – has a bloody trail through history, and must end, and be replaced with Source, Love and Light. We thus crave the University of Spiritual Science to establish a judicial court against all claim of false religious/spiritual superiority, and claim of religious sole truths with non-compromise to other truths, criminalizing all organized supremacist religions that are non-confirmative with free will, etheric science, human evolution, human liberty, and freedom of expression – criminalizing their institutions –criminalizing all violations against modernization of liberty, law, and UN human rights. Or simply: Common 21st century human sense.

All state religion must be criminalized unless modernized by the People`s Army Declaration of Human Rights, and the scientific religion of Source, Love and Light.

Christianity reformed long ago and is very compatible with the scientific religion of love and light, and atheistic humanism. It poses no threat to freedom of expression, and liberty whatsoever.

And must be criminalized, as is common sense…

Sorry to take your religion away from you. Read my books on the subject.

The 5-stage battle-plan goes like this:

  1. The investigative journalist phase.

The secret part of the plan. Gathering all knowledge about all topics, and recruiting members for unofficial private-school cell-groups  of love and light, to prepare movies, writing books, making posters, flyers, planning concerts, planning protests, planning love, light, and laughter parades, as well as fashion, and slogans (like love and light) will be important. Infiltrate and recruit a network of revolutionaries from all sectors of society including politicians, doctors, lawyers and policemen. Prepare all groundwork underneath the radar of all media already in stage 1.

  • Stage 2. The disclosure.

The day we go public. Starting a meme-war, and Facebook groups will be essential, but we must be careful not to mix religion, or ethnic hate into the picture, because that`s when t.h.e.y can shut you down. We must go along whatever political flow in the nation to our advantage.

You must be very dedicated to victory, and start professional, larger media-organizations with newspapers, and educational centres with classes/lectures with for instance pdf presentations. It won`t do with simple claims like I do in this book. You need FACTS, and EDUCATED people from stage 1.

And if you don`t prepare all this in stage 1, they will easily shut you down in stage 2, before you can really begin… Make it so that people will HAVE to see that supporting the People`s Army is the right thing…

Involve ourselves in politics REVEALING ourselves as the People`s Army, (sort of like a Joker version of the Anonymous movement.) Why so serious when they (state, power-brokers, money-brokers) don`t care about your health, your soul, your culture or your race???

Our most important objective in this phase will be getting People`s Army`s investigative journalists to make interviews with politicians, philantropists, royals, elite, and scientists where they are confronted with the evidence of their crimes, for instance the cures to cancer, which they will have to admit exists, afterwhich we work hard on creating these documentaries for public disclosure. This will be our first priority and should set an example for the rest of the world.

  • Stage 3. The awakening.

Our work in the media is a success, people are waking up, and the People`s Army rebel, and crave a reformation of science, physics, history, education, and medicine due to the previous hardcore exposure of conspiracy reality.

The people then go to the streets CRAVING the best available technology and medicine! This is where we beging focusing on a school curriculum reform, because this will awaken future generations, and be a revolution they can`t put out. You must think 100 years ahead, just like they do…

The most important part of the Revolution is education of children through gathering our scientist members to re-write school-books which must be handed out after they were created in phase 1.

Phase 3 will be initiated when we have enough funding, only so we can get MORE funding for creating our own futuristic People`s Army youth camps, and eventually villages with water-powered cars, water-powered hydroplants, and private schools, being active in media, uniting with Michael Tellinger`s Ubuntu and Sasha Stone`s NewEarthNation, putting MASSIVE stress on the mainstream media and mainstream science and politicians to where our idea either spreads, or they seize us as criminals.

They can kill a single scientist, easily. But how can they kill five people if all drive water-powered cars, and post it online? How can they attack us when we`re making fun of them in a way that the lay-man will understand???

Build cars not only to drive them, but to drive the people furious!!! And how about Tesla`s flying car??? And anti-gravity propulsion? I know several who would build them, but lack the great funding, engineers and materials.

  • Stage 4. The Coup d’état.

When we have our own private schools, our village, our media-channels, have a firm foothold in every political party, and a great percentage of the population is in support of our political party and independent courts of justice, the evidence that the state is ruled by a foreign monetary crime syndicate will be so obvious.

That is when the FFF get together all political parties, noble houses both foreign and domestic, organizations of interest, write our own public constitution of independence, preferably crown a new King, create a never-ending carnival of love, light, lust and laughter enlightenment campaign in front of the media and parliament, and storm them when the police lower their guns, as they have nothing to loose, before we broadcast the long-prepared disclosures for three hours straight on all national TV, and announce the world`s first Illuminati Free Nation, with utopian promises to the rest of the world, with the people`s court declaring that any support of the conspiracy of the previous regime IS treason to both old and new constitutions, humanity, international law, and national law.

  • Or a transition to the FFF through majority of votes.

Our revolution should end with a coup-d`etat with the cabal taken into custody by the People`s Court of the People`s Army, surrendering, and admitting to their COUNTLESS crimes in court on public television, that they lied to us about Utøya 22/7, deceived us in the war on terror, etc.

But the best would be to win the election, something like: Getting the people to announce their new King themselves, use the king to throw out, and criminalize all corruption (freemasons, intelligence-agencies) as the King is the head of the freemasonic lodge, an essential takeover we must plan.

For stage 5 to work, we simply need to advance with public opinion in any major political party, be it FRP, SV or Arbeiderpartiet, etc, and we need a great super-star scientist dictator messiah-figure. A left-wing party would be the easiest in most nations…

But we would have to infiltrate the parties, so to do that, we need to start with reforming science, schoolbooks, and history, in part 1, so that the younger generation will be incorruptible with non-compromise to Satanism of the PST, the Freemasons, and the OTO lodges that rule all the west, by destroying Newtonian, Darwinian, and Quantum Physics, educating children on chemtrails, morgellons, and the monetary crimes of the American NWO.

We must make all banks into one national-state-bank, fix the economy, drain the swamp, and build up infrastructure. We will give the people technology of a Golden Age, and destroy the elite technocracy monopoly on money, history, science, knowledge, health and medicine.

As of today, all nations in the world take interest-loans from private banks (the Rothschild conglomerate) so that the government pay interest! The magnitude of people, and the secrecy this involves is no less than the chemtrail conspiracy! And all potential enemies are bought with sex and violence. God forbid.

Then we could use our now NATIONALIZED OIL-FUND to build a strong currency and inland economy: Norway would become the strongest currency in 4-5 years. Easily.

All history books will be re-written, as will all school-books, and books in universities, with permanent ban on the worst quackademia.

All in all: Our MAIN focus is investigative journalism, a media organization of alternative science, alternative medicine, and conspiracy realities, with the aim of inciting people to action, combined with a self-sufficient society (preferably village like the Tesla village we have in Croatia) where we can apply these people to work, in addition to a private school/educational centre. That should do it for the secret onlyresultscount (ORC) group I`m involved in.

Our future schoolbooks will never forget the NWO criminals!

Remember this. Your worldview reality is built on fictional lies. Destroy the world of lies. Conspiracy IS reality. Not conspiracy THEORY! Conspiracy RESEARCH!

Conspiracy-REALITY! CRIMINAL reality…

WE the PEOPLE decide reality: And the rebel movement, although scattered, have written books, the science – the proof of their conspiracy. MILLIONS of books. The PA will GET these books.

The people must REMEMBER their historical ENEMY through ALL HISTORY!!!

The HIDEOUS criminal, Satanic Illuminati that we OUTLAWED are BACK!!! NOOOO!!! We defeated them once before, and now we will CRUSH them for their sins.

When we win: All will know their CRIMES during the last 2 centuries from schoolbooks. The world will HATE the Satanic Illuminati and fear evil SOO much they can NEVER rise again, EVER, in ANY future. Because of the SCOPE, and GRAVITY of their crime! Is that not a FANTASTIC thought!?! A hope to LIVE for??? To defend your nations?!?

YOU can make that happen! Don`t forget to DREAM!!! You can create a FREE world of water-powered cars, FLYING cars, free energy, and medical technology so you will certainly NEVER DIE! That IS reality! Wow!

Just imagine FLYING into the hidden valleys of the Norwegian woods and saying hi to all of the little elves!

When YOU, and YOUR political party of the People`s Army WIN, and YOU create the First Free Federation, every man will get a minimum salary (social support) because robots will do most of the work, and the technology has made short process of all disease, and transformed the regular citizen into a superman!!! Mankind will be united, and happy forever, able to focus on ENJOYING life!!!

A world without poverty, disease, famine or even DEATH! Why will this Free New Socialist World be global, peaceful and united? Because the People`s Army defeated  mankind`s enemy: The Satanic Illuminati. THAT will be enough to unite ALL religions, and ALL ethnicities for ALL eternity, because we the people will never forget our schoolbooks… We defeated the mafia. The corporationalists, the super-rich, and the technocracy.

When children learn we defeated evil, secrecy, and conspiracy at school, it will never rise again! Just like Nazi Germany can never rise again!

Don`t you understand??? I envision a glorious People`s Army victory in Norway that goes global, UNITES ALL HUMANITY in dethroning the evil conglomerate!!! Together we will sit upon their carcass for as long as anything CAN last…

The world will be ONE, WON, and FOREVER UNITED through the inter-religious ethics of the humanistic religion of Source, Love and Light, which ALL can agree upon! Read my book on the subject. Someone wants me dead. But THEY shall lose THEIR head, whence we have the people and proof. MY head MUST remain on my shoulders where it belongs. Or else: The world faces a major loss which might be the fatal blow to all humanity.