Russian Dr. Victor Grebennikov discovered the cavity structure effect. And now we`re talking. It is simply the same effect as with Golod`s pyramids, that all physical structures like for instance through Feng Shui shape the source field, and that some structures direct the field more powerful than others, for instance pyramids. Dr. Grebennikov`s research is ground-breaking, and further explores the technological possibilities of the source-field in relation to healing and antigravity. He was the one to discover how the bumble-bee, and beetles like scarabs actually fly despite their impossible weight.

This is due to the cavity structure effect in their wings. You see, their wings have microscopic hexagonal bee-hive-patters which (amazingly) cancels gravity. Well. Gravity doesn`t really exist, as there is both gravity, and levity, and it all depends on the speed of the waveform of the atoms/objects in question etc. It is a huge topic, and I know at least 3 completely different ways to achieve antigravity. I pray that such knowledge of simple, and inexpensive antigravity will be available for the masses. Buying a not too expensive flying bicycle is totally within reach of the future… Like in E.T. Lol. Google, vimana, die glocke, mercury Hermes ufo, and ww2 foo fighters. Yes. The nazis developed a form of antigravity based upon rotating suspension of superconductive mercury metal… And yes, it takes a lot of electrical power, so of course they had both fusion and fission reactors. Research Open Mind with former American radio host Bill Jenkins, and know that fusion reactors are simple, would solve all world-wide energy needs, and are being kept from us…

Back to topic.

America Dr. Ed Wagner is a recognized physicist who researches plants, and claims to independently have discovered the source-field, calling it the Wagner Wave. He is one of the few living scientists available to the public who researches the source-field to this date. His website is where you can order his book ¨Waves in Dark Matter.¨ We don`t have time to get into the gravity matters, but both Grebennikov, and Wagner discovered the cavity structure effect, and how the source field relates to gravity apparently depending on microscopic structures, which according to Wagner, is how the trees draw sap from the ground, which until now has had no sound explanation. It`s due to the physical structure of the small nodes inside the tree trunk fibers, according to Wagner.

Just like with the bees, a certain structure cancels out gravity. Wagner drilled a hole inside a tree trunk, and measured lower gravity. This is something you can do at home… It`s like Newton`s falling apple: How does the tree transport water against gravity??? Nobody questioned it seriously prior to Wagner… Lol.

His main research is independently discovering the Backster effect in much greater detail, namely how plants talk to each other. Dr. Ed sat fire to one tree in a forest, and had polygraphs connected to trees around the forest. The chaotic reaction of the fire spread for kilometres at the speed at 5 meters a second. So you it is arguable to say they ARE ACTUALLY talking to each-other, as 5 meters a second is an impossibly low wavelength speed phenomenon. Or it might be that the forest mycelium (one cellular network of one underground mushroom`s roots (mycelium) often cover the entire forest living in symbiosis with all trees) was the medium for this exchange of information as proposed by a guy I really like: Mushroom mycologist Dr Paul Stamets. Check out ¨6 ways mushrooms can save the world.¨ Yes. Our reality is closer, if not identical to a fairyland, a child`s wildest immagination, or the movie ¨Avatar.¨

So now we know plants, and trees have actual emotions, and TALK to each other like the Ents in J.R.R Tolkien`s The Lord of the Rings.

We must realize we are gardeners of this SACRED, SACRED REALM, and are meant to live by prahna, vegetables, eggs, and be thankful to every living thing we kill, just like the American Indians offered thanks to the Great Spirit after killing an animal or buffalo. Yes. The American Indians were REALLY onto it. In fact: There is so little difference between the idea of the Great Spirit, and the Christian Holy Ghost that Christianity was easily introduced to American Indians, although the Indians knew more about it, it seems…

Grebennikov, a very credible scientist with no psychiatric disorder, according to himself, and many witnesses, used scarab bug-wings to build a flying platform by stacking hundreds of wings in a row connected to wires in a trey connected to his ¨bicycle brakes¨ so that when he pulled the brake, the wings would flip, and be stacked on top of each other, producing the antigravity effect. He never told which scarab beetle he used, but bumblebee wings have a similar effect. Try placing them above each-other. One will float, or jump off the other wing because of the cavity structure effect. Lol.

Above: Victor Grebennikov demonstrates his bug-wing platform. What profit would Victor Grebennikov have from producing this image other than to be hunted by the KGB? He was a genius scientist in sole service to mankind…!!!

This has to be the easiest of all possible levitations. And why doesn`t the government mass-produce microscopic hexagonal sheets for us to ride flying cars, bicycles etc? What`s better is that no fuel is needed other than food or water. Grebennikov also stated he could fly really REALLY fast because the antigravity effect was so large he was partly in another dimension, and thus protected from wind. Isn`t God who made this a genius??? And will this science soon be available for mankind? Is this the secret of the Egyptian scarab hieroglyphs, and the flying carpets of King Solomon? Think of the implications… We could transport material to live in the beautiful, secluded valleys of Norway, build pyramids, heal ourselves, and have free electricity of which there are a hundred devices out there. For instance, research Keshe`s newly invented ¨plasma generator¨ , or Tomislav Tesla`s river power-plant to begin with… When will we have a Tesla village of True Tesla Technologies in Norway???

I remember I researched anti-gravity before I was lobotomized and wondered if I should not try cultivate these beetles, and make myself my own flying platform. Haha! Considering the 1000+ ton solid blocks moved in the antique levant, it`s no secret they had anti-gravity, and it was either sound levitation of scarab-wing ¨magical carpets¨ like in the cartoon Aladdin. They also knew of the source field, but it was lost in time, and monopolized by the Freemasons, and Knights Templar who hid their treasure at Oak Island, and flew to America, and killed the remaining giants for their theory of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, and world history to be accepted. I have talked to Illuminati members who confirmed these suspicions. Just be smart, and you can get a LONG way in life!

I pray this will give courage to young, aspiring scientists to never grow up, and create fairyland for all of us! Yes, all you believed was impossible can be achieved by any man by himself. If Nicola Tesla, and Victor Grebennikov built flying platforms, then so can you!

My dream was always to fly. I fly in all my dreams and am a natural born angel. The Creator constructed the world so that mankind was MEANT to discover his grandeur, and dream of flying – and fly MUCH faster than jet-airplanes on much more simplistic devices that they CERTAINLY had in the antique, with the hundreds of 10-20-600, yes, 600 ton stone blocks the Egyptians, and ALL ancient cultures effortlessly raised. Because when you cancel gravity: EVERYTHING within the field floats..! Even Solomon`s Temple`s foundation has stones weighing over 200 tons.