Alexander Golod`s pyramid in Russia near Moscow.

We will not touch upon sacred geometry, wands, fasces, or star-forts, but focus on the easily available beneficial uses of source-field technology. I should however mention the etheric properties of Shungite, which I have alot off for sale, for those of you interested in purifying water and your body. Thank you.

Pyramids funnel the source field, which intensify evolution.

The Russians, by scientist Alexander Golod, built Pyramid to harness the Source Field. These phallus pyramids are famous, enormous tourist attractions today, the largest, near Moscow as seen above, being 70 meters tall. Yet compared to its grandeur, few know of the ENORMOUS benefits of harnessing the Source-Field. What struck me as most interesting is that:

Biological life surrounding the biggest pyramid would sometimes genetically jump to extinct species – a proof that it really is the source field that magically, and consciously creates DNA out of its own WILL.

This knowledge of alchemy can be used to create gigantism, new species or extinct species by changing the DNA, a dangerous, but simple science as seen below.

But let`s go back to the benefits of Golod`s PYRAMIDS.

They built one over an oil well. It became 25% more productive, and the oil was 25% more pure.

The pyramid would make poisonous chemicals less poisonous.

Diseases would be cured: Even cancer. They had white underbred mice and injected them with toxins that would normally destroy them. 60% of the laboratory mice died, but only 6% of the pyramid-mice died. Why? Because cancer cells are a frequency phenomenon. Look up Royal Raymond Rife, or Wilhelm Reich who cured cancer by numerous frequensies.

The Russians discovered up to 400% increase in production of agricultural seeds stored in the pyramids. The taste was better, the fruit larger etc.

They discovered a strong electrical activity atop the pyramid, and they could generate electricity. Proof that the etheric field ties into, and shares many similar attributes with the electromagnetic spectrum.

They discovered a significant reduction of earthquakes around the area of the pyramids. There were many small ones instead of one large one.

The Russians have secretly developed torsion field technology and detectors. They discovered a huge column of energy hundreds of miles wide around the energy. Sadly; the public does not have etheric measurement devices as of yet…

The Russians discovered severe weather activity would deflect around the torsion-field of the pyramid.

The Russians took giant granite slabs inside the pyramids, stored them, and later built prison-cells for 5000 prisoners, and discovered substantial increase in addiction recoveries from alcohol and drugs i.e better health, as well as better attitude and behaviour. Alexander Golod had confirmed that all crystal stores torsion energy, and that pyramid charges molecules to the degree that red granite slabs would physically get white stripe-marks from the torsion-field epicenter after being placed on the pyramid floor for a few months. White circles inside the pyramid so to speak. The source field when harnessed through a pyramid works just like the magnetizing effect, as how you can magnetize an otherwise non-magnetic iron nail.

So, the energy that makes you who you are can be harnessed in a pyramid. Alexander Golod discovered that any metal in the pyramid disturbs the source-energy flow dramatically, so all his pyramids were made of fiber-glass with NO metal inside, or around it. We know this from Reich earlier. Metal attracts, and repels all Orgone/Ether/Torsion field, and would have disturbed the natural flow of ether surround the pyramid`s (cavity) structure effect we will soon touch upon. If we built an oval structure, or any other structure, it will have less effect as the pyramid acts as pyramid, or an obelisk acts as the best funnel for the source field. I like to call them ¨God`s penises.¨ For that IS what it IS. God`s penises. It is very simple. The source/force is all around, and the pyramid is a simple funnel: Strengthening the energy emitted from the Earth. The Source Field would make extinct plants come alive through DNA change caused by the nearby pyramid. Could evolution be energetically driven by the source-field? By God?

The Cloudbusters – greening the deserts.

Wilhelm Reich, source-field scientist, while persecuted by the FDA for his discoveries, Reich began devising weather-modification technology, and found a way to measure orgone in the atmosphere. In 1946, in Maine, Reich constructed an DOR (dead-orgone) accumulator that would eventually be known as the cloudbuster, a term often applied to Orgonite. Reich hypothesized that orgone was like the immune-system of nature.

Watery and lush environments created good Orgone/ether/Source-Field, which Reich called POR for ¨positive Orgone¨. You also have DOR for Deadly Orgone, and Oranur, when Orgone goes into a frenzied state that can be harmful.

You had places with good orgone, and bad orgone, depending on the water content . Lush, green places like forests, and lakes would have good orgone. Dry places like deserts would have dead orgone. Reich compared human behaviour to the levels of orgone, and found that people were more spiritual, tolerant, liberal, including, non-racist, humanistic, and hippie-like depending on the water content where they lived. For instance, the inland of America is more conservative, while the green east, and west-coast is liberal. This continues up into Canada.

It is the same when comparing Europe to the Middle-East. All desert landscape on Earth like f.i Mexico have an extremely conservative population caused by the lack of orgone life-force, with war, poverty, drug-cartels etc. Ironically: Israel is green while as its neighbouring lands are dry.

Water cleanses the soul it says. That is why Muslims perform oblation. They remove sin/dead orgone. It is why you feel refreshed after a bath, why the Johanites do baptize rituals, and why you feel renewed after rainfall, as the storm pushes away the dead orgone. Have you ever felt that? When the sun-rays generate orgone – shining through right after a rainstorm is when I feel the most powerful sensations of positive orgone in nature. I`m sure you will agree.

Chemical fumes, radiation, and electromagnetic fields are some of what create dead orgone. Reich knew that water also attracts dead orgone, and that metal funnels it. Reich set out to heal nature. The device was simple. 10-20 metal pipes leading into a water reservoir- and that`s it. Yet it worked and has been demonstrated by scientists and hippies worldwide.

The FDA seized all of Reich`s cloudbusters because of his success. Reich would measure how the dead orgone would be sucked out by his metal pipes just like you suck air through a straw. Simple but extremely effective. Dry deserts would receive rainfall. A remarkable experiment was conducted in the California desert of Tuscon Arizona, October 1954. Local residents had lived there for 50 years, and had never observed grass growing, so they called in Dr. Reich.

Reich put his metal pipes down into the underground water-reservoir, and immediately the amount of water-vapor in the atmosphere increased. Then the hydrometer showed increased humidity. And before rain even came: The humidity had already caused grass to grow knee high! An area of 40-80 square miles to the north, and east of Tuscon of 50 years of former desert now became lush with grass. Streams of water would start running where it had been drying for EVER. They even aired it on television. This infuriated the government. The local government were so desperate they actually accused him of tapping into the water-supplies. The airforce, and military came after him. It did not take long for We have now discovered how pyramids, and orgone accumulators could affect orgone, with the latter having the possibility of effortlessly, and cheap transforming Sahara into fertile land.

A simple cloudbuster that I own, capable of removing clouds or making it rain when mounted. If interested, contact me, I have the latest designs.

Think of the implications… My friends in the ¨only results counts¨ forum has replicated this result in the California desert creating two ¨superblooms¨ two years in a row. Just google it! If we had the resources, that is, more people, and if they stopped with HAARP and Chemtrails (…) , we would green hundreds of deserts, and have already destroyed hundreds of hurricanes, saving thousands of lives, all thanks to to the God-given effort of my close, dear friend Harry Rhodes, and Trevor James Constable who furthered Reich`s cloudbuster work some time after Reich`s death. Harry`s youtube channel is ¨chemtrail chemtrail¨ as of 2019…

But be careful. As soon as you set up the cloudbuster, DON`T TOUCH THE METAL PIPES. EXTREME amounts of dead orgone create viruses, and germs out of thin air. If you touch the metal, the Orgone will be forces to travel though your biological body, which can lead to a loose stomach, fatigue or mental illness. Or even death in the worst cases. I once touched my cloudbuster steel when destroying a Norwegian drought, and felt a surge through my body. To be correct, it is the same feeling as an evil spirit. This tingling… DOR. Deadly Orgone. I had to cleanse myself with Orgonite devices, which is the best tool if you get smacked by DOR.

My own orgone experiments.

In the 80’s, another independent researcher, Karl Welz, discovered that a mix of metal particles suspended in hardened resin was superior to the alternate layers of organic and metalic material that Wilhelm Reich had been using to accumulate ether/source-field.

He called this new composite material Orgonite. And from there we went from an orgone accumulator to an orgone generator.

Don Croft intuitively understood the potential of this innovation, ad combined it with his knowledge of Reich’s cloud-busters to create his own version of a cloud-buster, and several other devices thereafter. He also found that this configuration could transmute DOR into POR.

Adding quartz crystals as an amplifier in the middle of the Orgonite allowed to project the energy in a much wider range. The real breakthrough with these new devices is that they become active in the presence of powerful negative energy fields, transmuting the deadly energy into positive, life-giving energy, contrary to Reich`s devices.

These new devices would actually benefit from being exposed to negativity.

The cloud-buster “movement” then became a vivid and fast-growing community of independent researchers, as Orgonite is cheap, and easy to make, and positive effects could easily be felt and experimented first-hand as seen on YouTube.

Could this be a community way of geo-engineering deserts?

I have myself made LOTS of relatively large orgonite pyramids in hand-sized dimensions, which channel NOR and DOR, and transform them into POR and felt crazy effects, as I made sure to perfect it`s science. I also have a book on Orgonite…

There is substantial evidence of orgonite creating some field, but just as with Reich`s accumulators, the public has no way of measuring it, as the secret military by up all scientists.

I also built some of the orgonite pyramids with 72-degree angles – crystals covering the outer 4 corners – as replicas of Alexander Golod`s pyramids.

I also have several miniature versions of these pyramids made from wood-material. Whenever I walk into my room filled with orgonite, and pyramids: I feel a very powerful presence of calming, healing energy.

Above: In the middle you see two Giza-pyramid shaped orgonite pyramids, and one 72-degree vertical Alexander Golod shaped orgonite pyramid with crystals as outer layer. Only use clear, holy quartz crystal imo.

I did put my cannabis seeds inside the Golod-pyramid, and for the first time in my life, all of them became resistant to fungi during the first week of sprouting, which was a MAJOR increase as the best results I had had so-far was that 50-70% of my seeds survived the early growth stage, and the experiment repeated itself 3 times with only one seed ever dying due to fungi every time. This amazed me as it was either pure coincidence, or it seems this field is conscious somehow, and protected the growth of the plant, while stopping pathogens like fungi. Perhaps it`s in relation to positive vs negative orgone. Very strange.

Above are a few of the first pyramids and sacred shape Orgonites I made with both metal shavings, ball-milled crystal powders, ball-milled metal powders, and lots of expertise. 20 ingredients in total. The tops are brass an amethyst crystals.

My ¨easy and working¨ Black Sun Orgonite of Joyous Energy recipe.

Consider buying my top-rated book, ¨How to make the world`s best Orgonite¨ on Amazon.

Orgonite made in sunlight, tuned with music, or by simply chanting ¨Ooom. ¨ The legendary ¨Black Sun Orgonite. ¨ It`s really caught on the last 3 years.

You can make FANTASTIC Orgonite very easy out of 1 Black Iron Oxide powder, 2 Red Iron Oxide Powder, 3 shungite powder, 4 Black Tourmaline Powder (can be excluded), 5 Aluminium shavings, and 6 at least 1+4 quartz crystals (Holy Hand Grenade). All these powders can easily be bought cheap at Alibaba and EBay, and will make EXCELLENT Orgonite with a EUPHORIC energy, and FANTASTIC protection from evil entities. This Orgonite is SO simple to make and has a larger radius than powdered metal Orgonite. Great for protection…

I just pour some resin in the crown and mix it with brass shavings to make a more beautiful crown layer first, and let it harden before mixing the resin with 1/3rd of the aluminium shavings, then the powders, then the rest of the shavings, and pour it. Add an SBB coil if you want to.

That`s it. 2 layers. SO easy to make in huge quantities, and with excellent results. Yes. It really delivers… Only 10% of total powders make Orgonite that is MUCH superior to regular shavings-only-Orgonite.

Keeping it simple, with few ingredients is often better. Orgonite Austin (Devin Gardner) who trademarked Black Sun Orgonite adds iron filings, powdered quartz, powdered kyanite, powdered calcite, and powdered selenite.

I don`t use Iron shavings, it`s not necessary. Aluminium shavings are probably 20-30 times as cheap. Aluminium also keeps bad-guys away just like iron.

Very short on how Orgonite work.

The Shungite mineral powder, and the copper tensor rings have their own specific scalar/vortex field in addition to the field created by the Orgonite – similar to how a Nubian pyramid creates a scalar/vortex field. (…) One could argue that these fields benefit from, and benefit to the Orgone field.

The resin-metal matrix translates Orgone, and creates an ORGONE field like a generator transmuting Orgone for all eternity. (Which is why I deem it wise to only produce the best of Orgonites.) Orgonites are also pretty-much impossible to destroy as they are made of solid plastic and will never deteriorate.

Together, these energies can guard your home against DOR (deadly orgone), and transmute negative energies into POR (positive orgone), as well as keeping negative thoughtforms and manifestations away very efficiently.

Let me explain in further detail. The idea behind Orgonite is very simple, yet very powerful. The metal attracts the ether/Orgone (specifically atmospheric Orgone), and repels it just like a magnet has a magnetic field as we discovered in the properties of Orgone: Metals in the Orgonite attract atmospheric (and biological) Orgone, while biological material (like hydrocarbons in polyester resin (Reich used sheep-wool)) transforms the non-biological atmospheric Orgone into biological Orgone. (That is why Orgonites inside cloudbusters, or the 6-pipe-Orgonite cloudbusters don`t do jack-shit at changing the weather, because we`re talking biological Orgone, and not atmospheric Orgone, something the entire community seems to have missed.) The more surface-area between metal and resin, and the more metal particles, the denser the matrix, and thus the effect is greater with powdered metals, but the best effect is with layers of both powders and shavings as they affect different spectrums, and since shaving Orgonite arguably has a larger radius… Atmospheric Orgone does display similarities to electricity in relation to negatively, or positively ionozed weather (low-pressure=POR, high-pressure=DOR) , in a very broad general term, because Orgone, and electricity are connected through stemming from the same field, yet Orgone travels in a dielectric fashion from high to low potential throughout the Orgonite, that is, even if metal shaving Orgonite could have electrical current run from one side to the other based on immediate contact, Orgone is all-permeating, cannot be shielded by any material, and does not travel in such a fashion. Think more like magnetism.

The Orgone is forced to travel to-and-through the resin matrix by the metals, the crystals, and the different degrees of high and low potentials throughout the layers of the Orgonite, or else it is stagnant, like an Orgone accumulator, and that would be terrible. The purpose with Orgonite is to make an Orgone translator or re-generator. Coin the term.

As our reality is etheric in nature, the etheric properties of the resin-matrix the Orgone travels through going from one metal particle to the other, affects the etheric/Orgone output of the entire device to such a degree that one well-crafted Orgonite is better than 100 others, in very real terms. How would clear resin translate Orgonite more than the Orgone coming out of the resin of a tree??? If you`re making clear-Orgonite, then why don`t you park it, and go for a walk in the woods instead??? Adding alchemical ingredients to affect the etheric translation is where the fun (and danger) begins by testing out diverse crystal powders, chemicals, and blends with the polyester resin. Sadly, not many people are spiritual in tune to feel the slightest differences in this science of alchemy, but I am, and the recipes below deliver the best results with today`s array of resources.

We conclude that the Reichian science of Orgonite is closer to medieval alchemy that the scientific monopoly of today.

There is also the piezoelectric (and etheric) effect of the terminated crystals because the resin shrinks, and emits pressure on the crystals, emitting a well-known scientific piezoelectric effect from these – real electricity with one end being + and the other – , and as we know – the electricity produced as such is etheric in nature, just as a Nubian pyramid creates a strong current on its apex. One can only wonder what field the crystal emits on the ETHERIC spectrum, once it is pressurized. That is one of the reasons you put crystals in Orgonite.

Many claim that Orgonite is good against 5g wifi and strong EMF`s, including the dangers of electronical weapons. Yes and no. Orgonite does not stop electromagnetism (as a field), it smoothens out EMF`s effect on the ETHERIC field thorough emitting a POR (positive orgone) etheric field (with a radius of 2-15 meters) through the resin-metal reaction, because EMF affects the ETHERIC field around your body, as Reich discovered. The Orgonite simply boosts your own field so you can better resist the currents of fatigue, headache, etc caused by EMF. I have used my Orgonites to vitalize myself a hundred times.

So Orgonite can in NO way block EMF, but it repairs, and protects EMF`s effect on the atmospheric and biological Orgone fields (like your DNA, it`s a field) and you can easily hold up my world`s most powerful Orgonite devices, resonate with it, and feel your etheric body heal from the exhaustion of dangerous EMF`s. Remember that the Ether is a living, conscious, vibrant thing, and that Orgonite is something that works best if you learn to tune into it, and open yourself to it, which makes it sound like placebo pseudoscience, but has more to do with the mechanisms of all things spiritual…

One can observe the result of Orgonite through kirlian photography, or through putting the Orgonite under a jar of water in the freezer popularly called the ¨freezer test. ¨ There are several ways to measure the effects of Orgonite, but it`s hard to measure the Orgone itself as it is etherical in nature. The Russians admittedly keeps measuring devices secret. They call it the ¨Torsion Field¨, which is probably the right name for ¨THE field.¨

Just don`t tell anyone to feel the energy of Orgonite. They`ll see a big black lump and think you`re mad! I myself am a targeted individual and have used much psychedelics. (I used to grow shrooms and weed back in my hippie days.) This (sadly) made me (very) psychic, and open to even the SLIGHTEST energy fluctuations that nobody else feels, and I felt it as my responsibility to create an Orgonite Tech. And I am always correct, and the experiences repeatable.

What Orgonite can do: It is good for protection against EMF, and for healing, sleep, manifestation, or for increasing overall vitality (especially blissful, uplifting, and also sexual energy) , although all Orgonites are different, and one can produce sensations varying from feminine energies, grounding energies, up to male vitality energies of etheric bliss.

My products deliver the best Orgonite field I have discovered in my studies so far, as I luckily am (too) psychic.

Although I perfect the science of Orgonite (as a sensitive craftsman only), Orgonite is ultimately credited to the research of Wilhelm Reich, the Jewish Austrian hero, if I might say, who died in prison at the young age of 61, for defending humanity, greening the desert of Tuscon California, and curing cancer-patients with Orgone Accumulators. Reich discovered the Ether, a forbidden concept that proves our world is mental, spiritual, and fractal in Origin, which was originally an ancient Greek concept, and which all true science was based upon until medieval alchemy ultimately became replaced by the Newton`s quackademic pseudoscience of masonic monopoly of knowledge. (…) The last of the great, great scientists who worked with Ether, and not Einsteinian physicists who abused Einstein`s work, was Nicola Tesla who discredited Einstein`s work as ¨metaphysics rather than science. ¨ We`re still trying to catch up 70 years later.

It goes unsaid that the secret military-industrial complex, and the lodges incorporate etheric science, and knowledge into weapons of mind-control, and purposely keep such knowledge hidden from the public.

How to make tensor rings.

Tensor rings shape and funnel the source-field, creating a torus field and require a certain length of wire. There is alot of information available online. These are powerful tools which I combine in my Orognites. Above you see author with a few of my tensor rings.

Get some 2mm copper wire, and some 1mm copper wire. It doesn`t matter if it`s plated or not. 3m length of 2mm copper wire is the most common on Ebay and will produce 7 x 26,2 cm sacred cubit tensor rings. Fold the wire in half and put the two ends into a drill so that each end fastens. Hammer a nail into a piece of wood, and bend it, putting the end of the folded 2mm copper wire over the bent nail.

Start drilling. You can drill quite fast. Notice how even if one side of the bent wire was longer than the other, it gets absorbed by the twisting. If you use 3m, measure underways to make sure you get 7×26,2 cm of wire, or twist more and get 6.

You can drill-twist up to 3mm thickness of copper wire, (found at Alibaba) but when doing so, make sure the two lengths are EXACTLY equal, and in immediate proximity to each other before you start drilling, or else the two 3mm wires will bend when you drill, and not end up straight, which takes tools, or strong fingers to revert. Stop drilling right as you see it bending or before, if you have done a good job at getting the folded wire at equal lengths.

Back to the 2x2mm. Take you folded, twisted wire and easily shape if into a circle with your hand, and a pair of pliers. When you have made a nearly perfect circle (it`s hard getting it perfect, so don`t nit-pick) , fold the ends together, and twist a 1mm copper wire around from one side to the other, connecting them. For a 3mm tensor-ring, I use two strands of 1,8mm copper wire, and twist it to connect the ends. Now you can either use solder wire, or solder paste to complete the tensor ring. I recommend using solder paste, because using solder wire takes a bit more time, won`t deliver the best results, and sometimes falls off right after you`ve fastened it. They key is to apply the metal in 360 degrees surrounding the tensor ring. Use spray lacquer to prevent the copper from greening. Two-three sprays is enough. You will find that the semi-electrical current, we`re talking ether here, makes the tensor ring oxidize much faster. All this takes a lot of practice, and you might get blusters on your fingers. Use gloves for 3mm.