Are we walking in a state of trance?

Some people have abilities like telekinesis, telepathy etc. How?

Dr. Cleve Backster worked for the military early before his discoveries. He was into hypnosis and hypnotized the secretary of the commanding general of the counter-intelligence corp, and told her to give her a top-secret document, which she did, but didn`t remember giving him afterwards. We must conclude that some part of the brain just obeys command!

A lot of CIA mind-control technology like Mk-Ultra started with Cleve Backster.

Dr. Thomas Garrett hypnotized people into a state of deep trance. He would then tell them they could see through objects, go through walls, fly, and teleport to anywhere in the universe. I experience similar realities in dreams, which I call the TRUE reality. I can do all these things in my dreams, even copy myself, change form, grow wings, and meet people. I once spied on George Bush Senior who was sick, praying for Lucifer to return soon. I woke up, and without my knowledge: It was Obama`s inauguration day. They stated. ¨The Bushes are not present as Senior is very ill.¨ No, I am only curious as to what our leaders are doing, as they`ll have to answer for their crimes one day… Or how do you think I became a targeted individual???

I have had this ability all my life, and lived my life in my dreams, not in my body, where I have a fraction of deeds, and memories compared to my dreams which I always remember.

The Backster effect: Plants talk to each other!

From hypnosis, psychics, lucid dreams, and astral projection, we learn that consciousness is not strictly limited to our own brains and nervous-systems. But if all is spirit, and if spirit is conscious, then what about all other lifeforms? Are not they spirit too? Perhaps they are conscious as well…

By 1958, Cleve Backster had developed the first standard system for numerical evaluation of polygraph charts – which is still being used today. Or simply: A graph used to measure electromagnetic response when connected to the human body, which he had worked with for 18 years at the time. In 1966 – Backster had an idea. He had never owned any plant but decided to connect his new Dracnea plant to the polygraph. Much to his surprise, the plant didn`t have a smooth, flat pattern of electrical activity. It jumped around like that of a person! About one minute into the chart recording, the tracing exhibited a short reaction similar to that of a person who experienced the fear of detection! The plant realized it was being monitored.

In other words. It reacted just like a person who was hiding a lie. Backster, stunned at this discovery, figured that he would find a way to threaten the plant to get a reading on the polygraph. What happened next would change the world of science forever, and still has not reached public awareness. He was fifteen feet away at the very moment he got the idea of burning the plant with a match, the polygraph recording pen JUMPED to the top of the chart! No words were spoken, no touching the plant, nor lighting the matches, just Backster`s clear intention to burn the leaf.

The plant had an enormous panic-attack! Author David Wilcock arranged a repetition of the original experiment 40 years after its discovery, and caught the same reaction on camera, with a different plant of course.

Backster writes ¨after returning the matches to the secretary desk, the tracing (finally) returned to the calmness displayed prior to the original decision to burn the electrode leaf.¨ When Backster`s associate Bob Henson came to work- and cheered at the magical discovery, Henson repeated the experiment, and the exact same reaction occurred.

Backster now felt sympathy for the plant and decided not to burn any of the leaves.

Backster used synchronized watches and discovered that when you start caring for the plant, it seemingly track your thoughts. He writes: ¨I found that the moment I decided to return to where the plant was, the plant often showed a fairly significant reaction-especially when my decision to return was made in a spontaneous manner. ¨

Then Backster got more plants and connected them all to polygraphs.

Backster first discovered that all living matter is in constant conversion when he poured boiling water down a dirty, bacteria-overgrown sink in his lab –had a huge panic-attack.

He started experimenting with dropping living shrimp  into boiling water, and Backster says ¨the plants reacted strongly each time he dropped a shrimp.¨ But it only worked at night when there were no humans in the lab, or else, the human energies would be more interesting to the plants.

Backster performed hundreds of more tests, even on America, and Russian tv-shows, but the scientific community was not amused. Russian scientist V.N Pushkin replicated Backster`s experiments in 1972 using EEG instrumentation, but

Dr. Otto Solbrig of Harvard University`s biology department wrote:

¨This is a waste of time. This work is not going to advance science very much. We enough already about plants- so that when someone comes up with something like this, we say it`s quackery. ¨

Backster also connected yoghurt bacteria, ordinary chicken-eggs, and even live human cells to his polygraph- and continued to get stunning results. He discovered all living things are constantly tuned into their environment so that when one living thing suffers, all other living things react. He put eggs inside a lead-lined box and dropped an egg into boiling water. The other eggs ¨screamed¨, but since they were inside a lead-lined box, their communication could not have been electromagnetic. How does all nature conversate? Through the (God) Source Field. Backster also discovered that distance matters not, and that cells from a test-person responded to his daily stress-moments even 300 miles away. For when two beings are intimately connected, they respond to each-other even at the other side of the globe! And it`s made of love.

Affecting the source field. The meditation/prayer effect.

The meditation effect was proven by Maharishi Yogi in the late 1960. He believed that if 1% of the people of Earth together in one room, you could affect the whole world. 7000 thousand people meditated peace together. And terrorism rates worldwide reduced by 72% for the days of meditation! This effect has since been proven in 39 attempts, with a chance of billions to one that the effect was a random happening. Just think of the implications of prayer!

This proves that within the source-field conscience, our natural blissful, loving happy selves, have a radiant effect of ressonance. David Wilcock also proposes that every species has their hive-mind telepathy – to a stunning degree as seen with how historical invertors did breakthrough simultaneously. We are all one! Our brainwaves, and mental states affect each other, which I am certain you will agree with. For instance, when a depressed person comes into the room, and the vibes suddenly sink.

From reading Wilcock`s book, I got new proof of the ¨circle of attraction¨, and ¨think yourself healthy. ¨ Think of the amazing, dormant human potential when we synchronize our thoughts through love and light! That is why I wondered if: Should I call this book the Kingdom of God? I, like Jesus, and Isaiah believe in we can eliminate sin, and suffering for a future golden age! Perhaps you now start realizing how much sacred knowledge is hidden from us.

If good humans ruled the Earth, we would have declassified technology to end disease, starvation, poverty, electricity crisis, aging, and transportation. The future world I envision can be found in my book ¨the wisdom of all golden ages¨.