Am I a gnostic? Regarding Gnosticism.

Yes and no. But the hermetic tradition of sacred geometry can be a lifesaver for the church, proving God to be real through mathematics…

There is a lot of false teaching both in the mainstream church, and in Christianity in general. It has become more, and more gnostic and liberal. I am biblical, and interpret everything as a whole, but yes, I have a few ¨gnostic¨ beliefs regarding the archons, the Elohim, the monads, or call them the Annunaki if you will, and the idea of a comparative-mythological Sophia, etc, but I do not believe that the demiurge is EVIL at ALL. And I NEVER worshipped Lucifer or believed that Lucifer is good, and that the God of the Bible is evil, as gnostics, like the Gnostic Catholic Church of the OTO in Norway believes.

Or else: It would make me a Babylonian heretic. The gnostic theology of Sophia is based on philosophy, and not reality. There was no Sophia other than perhaps Inanna, whom we have covered. The virgin goddess Ashtar, Ishtaroth, Ishtar, Astarte, Isis, Aphrodite, Al-Uzza etc.

Then we have the mother goddess Manat, Semiramis etc… It`s a huge topic, and I’m not willing to add on it. I am in truth presenting Christianity as it originally was. A mystery religion.

What am I then? The last Nazarene. That`s the cult Jesus belonged to.

I would like to mention that the gnostic creator of the universe, Yaldabaoth is not Yahweh/ Yahovah, but is Saturn El. Lucifer Satan. Comparative mythology tells he fashioned this world. Jesus himself says Satan is the God of this world.

Furthermore, the goddess, the wisdom Sophia, the Jewish shekinah, is trapped in this world, and resides in all of us… To undo the evil of Yaldabaoth, and create reunion with spirit God in Heaven, which Jesus eventually did, as we will soon discover.

I agree with the Gnostics in that there are planetary archons, and lots of Gods, and magical beings both good and bad, in Heaven and in Hell.

I differ from most Gnostics as I personally believe in salvation through not only knowledge, but deeds and piety. Gnostics believe sex is holy, and for that I can only say you have to ask the Holy Spirit. I myself do not even masturbate, as I am a conservative Christian, if not to say ultra-orthodox.

I also don`t believe in reincarnation. I do believe in ¨new-age stuff¨ like for instance auras, sacred geometry, and more controversially: Crystals and Orgonite. The high-priest of Israel had crystals on his breastplate, and there is no condemnation of such, as the appliance would have been more widespread in ancient Israel than in modern times.

The blonde lions, children of the Sun.

That redheads and blondes do not see themselves as a tribe, or a chosen people is ironic, considering they are the most endangered worldwide minority, beautiful, kindhearted, civilized, peaceful, holy and spiritual. God would certainly want blondes to see themselves in that their outward appearance being blonde, white, and light filled would reflect an inner appearance of holiness.

My books discover a scientific-religious philosophy of Light. The light of your golden hair, and your blue eyes is sacred to the Sun, the blue sky of deep soul and wisdom, and the Morningstar`s holy purity. Your white velvet skin is sacred to Heaven, Heavenly clouds, and your overwhelming beauty is the lion goddess incarnate.

A lion is blonde if you had not noticed, and the lions are the top of the animal kingdom. Platinum-blondes from central Sweden are the last of these people who in ancient times were described as ¨those who from Heaven came. ¨Blondes are the ancient ¨lion people¨.

The lion tribe of lion blondes that were the symbol of all Sun-Cult civilizations (the Illuminati), along with the red and golden colours, (see Knights Templar, the Roman Empire, etc) who`s blonde Caesars ruled every ancient civilization, from blonde Aphrodite, to blonde Alexander the Great to blonde Julius Caesar, until Satan, the Black Brotherhood infiltrated the Illuminati. Darkness always hides in the light, and takes something pure, like the Illuminati (the original Aryan sun-cult), or Lucifer (Venus, Jesus, and the Angel of Light), and destroys it by plagiarizing it in it`s stead, claiming he (Satan) is the light, when Jesus really is. This Satan`s favourite way of ridding of his enemies.

The historical Illuminati did just that…, but the Illuminati is far older than Weishaupt`s evil, Jewish financial scheme of a tyrannical New World Order, where the aim is to kill the blonde people before they realize they are the chosen people of the Eternal Religion of the Sun, science, beauty, history and achievements.

I was trying to determine what people are chosen by our God. If YOU were an alien: You would choose an intelligent, beautiful, tall, naturally beardless, broad-shouldered, blonde, non-hairy hermaphrodite male with a tiny pointy nose, and a face perfect after the golden ratio, of course. An intelligent, civilized, orderly beauty of noble moralistic standards, peaceful nature, a strong independence, and albeit naïve, but because of a heart of love.

These are the traits of the purest of the race of Platinum-Blonde race, the people of central Sweden, this pointing to definite traits of our Sky-People ancestors, blondes who came from Atlantis, and civilized the world after the great flood.

Nordics happen to have all those qualities unlike any other people-group, and also happen to have exceptionally large penises with Iceland coming in one centimetre shorter than the nr. 1 nation. They are also the second tallest people, only a few centimetres shorter than Nilotes.

Nordics also have the greatest varieties of facial features (personality) , the greatest varieties of hair features (white, platinum-blonde, blonde, brown, red, red-blonde, black, curly and even afro-tendencies aren`t uncommon in Scandinavia) , and the greatest varieties of eye-colours (blue, green, golden and brown.)

Mostly all other races all look the same as their own race, but the Nordics are a mix of many ancient, extinct races and tribes. Did you know there were tribes of blondes only and redheads only? All know who the 10 lost Israeli tribes are, but nobody knows who the hundreds of Norwegian tribes were???

The age of the Sun has dawned upon the second Atlantis. But where are it`s people? Where are the chosen Nordic people, chosen by the law of love and light, science, athletics (Norwegians and Swedes), beauty, and history? They are in chains, bound by corrupt politicians.

Where is the lion-blonde sun-children of the stars deep blue souls??? Where are the elves, Elohim and angels??? Christianity, originally a sun-cult, native pagan beliefs and tribal identity (which are extinct), and our race, which represent vital aspects the human gene-pool, and native European culture, is under threat, yet all seem to ignore it, due to their abovementioned peaceful nature…, and their lack of knowledge.

Blondes were in fact deified throughout all European history from the ancient Greeks until Nazi-Germany (see Aphrodite, and look up Wikipedia), who saw Jewish-financial tyranny as an enemy, banned the Jews and Freemasons, and sought to create the second Atlantis for better or for worse…

But Scandinavia was never part of their racist supremacy, so let`s beautify Europa`s heritage as her son and preservator. You Europeans are called to a chivalric mission of the most noble nature.

The naive, kind, polite, peaceful, and beautiful Nordic, blonde people have lost both their pagan, and Christian culture, with mass-immigration threatening our language and ethnicity! Return to monastic societies, and/or Viking chieftainships, and remember your identity as an Illuminati lion tribe with dignity!

Don`t you dare succumb to be an Americanised, post-modern slave! That`s why immigrants hate us! The more Norwegian, and nationalistic you are, the more you will love yourselves, and the more they will love you! Love=Love. Hate=Hate. That IS my experience… Being cowards won`t suffice to anything.

Don`t sing your national hymns only on Independence Day! And start wearing hats like in the 50ies! Oh, children of the Sun, i call you. For we are creating a new world, and YOU are called as the head-corner-stone! Why?

I thought you knew. There is a HUGE why!

The need is for the populace of a pioneering nation like Norway to push for a reformation in all scholarly fields, including the branches of physics, history, medicine, pharma, psychology, and spirit science, waking the world up to the financial New World Order conspiracy through utilizing obvious conspiracy theories like the cancer-industry to reach unity in opinions of politics and religion. That is the task given to Norway, or any pioneering, industrialized nation.

The world needs revolution, and it can come through 1 Sexual Revolution, 2 Nationalist Revolution, 3 Religious Revolution, 4 Technological Revolution, 5 Political Revolution – where I like the three latter, dissatisfaction with lying politicians which ties with all of the above. Come on! EVERYONE know politicians are bought by secret societies, foreign think-tanks, financial lobbies, lie, and do politics ONLY for wealth, fame, and the fun of having power. I suspect many of them to be literal Satanists too, but I hope I am wrong.

Blondes are traditionally the chosen people of the Illuminati sun-cult, as children of the Sun, so why blondes do not see themselves as the chosen people, and as the lion tribe is beyond my understanding…, for I am personally light blonde, and see so much beautiful, loving potential of national romance in my people, civilizing the world with love and light. May the people of the Sun awake! This is now or never! I warn you as a prophet. Mixing the races as in the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel is strictly forbidden in Judaism, Islam and Christianity, and is purely Satanic: Destructive. Preserve God`s most precious creation: Human diversity. Yes. Nationalism in the NAME of diversity and Christianity. Or perhaps you lost your head to political labeling?

The Luminari and Illuminati brotherhoods.

Here I will be factual to the book. Some might agree, others might disagree, but I have to shortly cover the ancient Brotherhood of the Snake. The Brotherhood of Enki, or Brotherhood of Ra, which is basically the same.

The Illuminati is the solar brotherhood of the snake. They symbolize the one true God (who is a male) , the lion king, masculinity, light, law, civilization and spiritual power, mind over matter, spirit over matter etc… The Luminari is their sister-brotherhood, is also part of the brotherhood of the snake, but symbolizes matriarchy, the night, matter over spirit (materialism) the moon, and all opposite characteristics.

The snake symbolizes the circle, light-waves, secrets, cunning, patience, and the wisdom bringers. The ancient Gods and Pharaohs (see Krishna) were depicted as ¨shining ones¨ (as in the book of Enoch) with light-beams coming out of them, which in turn, over many centuries turned into serpents coming out of them instead. But the serpent more importantly symbolizes rebirth, which is very remarkable in the animal kingdom. The serpent does not mean that the Illuminati and Luminari are part of this scandalous David Icke theory of reptilians. He is a masonic agent. Etheric magick can transform your body into birds, beasts, but yes, also serpents, which some people might have taken too far, of which I cannot comment. The serpent is traditionally seen as a sacred symbol, especially because of it`s rebirth. This might sound strange, but this is what we find in every ancient religion, also in shamanic traditions.

The Illuminati has been Sumerian, Egyptian, Canaanite, and lately Roman and Jewish as today… Yet they have betrayed their roots, betrayed God, and turn to Set/Satanism which is the BLACK brotherhood, not the SOLAR brotherhood.

That`s why I’m here to clear the mess. If you want to destroy your enemy; you must hijack, and change their religion/beliefs/nations. That`s what the Black Brotherhood did to both the Illuminati, AND the Lucifer figure. We reverse that, and take back our rights, or more correctly; my bloodline family right…

Most people have heard about the Illuminati but not of the Luminari.

They are the two great forces that battle for control, the Illuminati is the Solar brotherhood, the brotherhood of light whilst the Luminari is the Luna brotherhood, closely related to the Saturnian brotherhood of darkness.

During the golden ages the solar brotherhood bring enlightenment to the masses whilst during the dark ages the Luminari bring all the opposites characteristics.

Contrary to what the masses believe it is not the solar Illuminati brotherhood that control the world but the Luna dark brotherhood of the Luminari.

The Solar brotherhood use the colour red and the metal gold in their symbolism whilst the Luna brotherhood use the colour blue and the metal silver in their symbolism as you for instance see in the flag of the European Union, the UN-flag, and the flag of Israel.

For instance, the Vatican and Knights Templar use gold, and red as colours. The Vatican square is an eight-pointed cross (of Shamash the Babylonian Sun-God) with an Egyptian obelisk to the sun-God Ra in the middle. Another obelisk stands in the City of London, and yet another outside the White House, constituting the trinity: Religion (whore) , Money (dragon) and Military Power (beast) from St.John`s Revelations.

Both me, and Mr. Leo Zagami agree that the current Illuminati are NOT so enlightened at ALL, but are rather HARD-CORE materialist. It`s a monetary pyramid, not a spiritual one at all… And Satan has plagiarized both the term Illuminati, and taken the name, and throne of his adversary Lucifer. The Aryan people have lost both their cult, and their patron saint from aaages past.

Illuminati has been infiltrated by the Luminari and black brotherhood. Satan always hides in the light, plagiarizing it to destroy it`s existence through monopolizing it, and turning light into darkness.

That is why I call them the Sabbatean-Frankist-Jesuit-Illuminati, as they are not the real Illuminati, that is, the Solar brotherhood. They are guilty in equalling Jesus with Satan, equalling Illuminati with the Black Saturnian Brotherhood, and guilty of equalling Jesus with Lucifer, and Lucifer with Satan, whileas Lucifer was traditionally the arch-enemy of Satan, and remains so today…

Essentially the solar brotherhood are the Aryans, the Nordic people of ancient Atlantis, Sumer, Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc, and follow the ancient Indo-European sacred traditions.

The Luna brotherhood are the kabbalists which in fact is the teachings of the Solar brotherhood perverted and reversed. It is the blue lodges, and the red lodges of Freemasonry respectively. At the moment, the Luminari have their headquarters in Israel and the world in their grasp, but it will not last, the solar brotherhood the brotherhood of light will displace them.

The goal of the Luminari is to destroy the Aryan peoples which is why these people head the political movement to flood predominantly European countries with immigrants.

It is a bloodline war, the descendants of the Elohim (Nordics) vs the descendants of the Adamus (the test-tube created slaves) It is the force of darkness against the force of holy light.

There are three sides of the Force. 1. The Holy Spirit, 2 The Bright Side of the Force, and 3 the Dark Side of the Force.

The Light is infinitely more powerful than the dark side. It constitutes all biological life, everything you see. The Source Field. The Dark Side is simply deleted files.

Since these cannot be recycled, these files end up in the deleted folder section of this Source-Field-Matrix: Hell. The will of the Force is strong and fighting with us. All Heaven, Heavenlies and Earth, all life that exists is on our side.

The THREAT of the Luminari.

Our nations sovereignties, identity, culture, religion, language, and ethnicity are on the brink of destruction. If Europe falls, the Aryans will never rise again, unless the Gods return, and recreate a new root race, which arguably cannot happen, as they don`t intervene if we chose loss out of free will. If we lose, the ethnicity of the Aryans will be gone for all eternity. Our enemies are not immigrants, blacks, Arabs, or any ethnic group – far from it!!! Let such never be heard! We are not skinhead reprobate neo-Nazis! Ethnicities can live peacefully side-by-side. OUR enemy is the ideology of the Luminari which predominantly resides in the Jewish-Satanic, and Islamic-Satanic cabal.

To oppose this, we need to resurface the identity of the ancient children of the Sun, and protect our Christian borders. Our goal is creating eternal utopia through defeating evil through exposure through giving Christian enlightenment facts, and golden-age technology to a divided, witless global citizenship. We will use Trojan horse village societies, like the New-Earth-Nation and Ubuntu movement to bring advanced technology and medicine to light through media. One village, one light expels all darkness, illuminating the entire world, and the glass pyramid cabal will FALL.

As of today, I am the only Christian sun-temple in the world. The Christian brotherhood of Light is on a knife`s edge. Whereas the Illuminati sun-cult once ruled Rome and Egypt, today it`s the opposite. The sun-temples are gone replaced the Satanic Temple, and Church of Satan. The black brotherhood has taken over the Christian Sun-Pyramid of Jesus Illuminati, and is close to destroying all sun-religion, Aryan society, civilization, Europe, and the Aryan people. There is not ONE sun-temple left in the world, I checked… But Satan has thousands of very real Satanic temples, factual organizations.

Isn`t Jesus ¨the sun¨? The ¨light of the world that gives light to all who enter it?¨

WE will bring revolution renaissance enlightenment to the world! For this is not as much a racial war as it it a war against corruption, hidden technology and freedom. IF the Luminari complete their NWO, and we chose to submit, we turn our rights over to Satan, and who knows how long it would last???

The Light-elf village.

It`s time to fight for the protection of God`s most valuable creation: Human diversity and beauty, expressing the persona of God. The Bible is on our side, with the tower of Babel story where God destroyed Nimrod`s world civilization and world language, spreading humanity, creating diverse races, cultures and languages to live in peace now by the gospel of Christ. That is TRUE ¨diversity.¨ That is TRUE multiculturalism, co-existing in our respective countries, not self-destruction, naivity, cultural Marxism and relativism towards a New World Order of global communism, space-alien rule, and a one-world bank. God wants Christian tribes to protect themselves, the Bible supports nationalism.

I had many deep tearful visions of Jesus saying: Burn Babylon, leave Babylon, and ¨build my Kingdom¨, on this rock I will build my Church, etc…

It is time to protect human diversity, but our leaders have thrown terms like ¨diversity¨ upside down. Think how boring it would be if everybody should live together and emigrate wherever they wanted: Everyone look the same, and the few remaining platinum-blonde Nordics would have died out 200-500 years from now! How can you call yourselves enviromentalists and not care about God`s most precious creation, human diversity?!? What is a forest without plurality??? God MEANT for diversity, and I dare say he is VERY angry at this ¨New World Order.¨

I want to live in a Nordic aboriginal/ethnic village state reservatory, with my blonde-haired tribe, to protect human diversity, and it HAS to be done within 100 years. I`ve already seen the blondest boys and girls water out their blood in my own generation, supreme-blonde-hair gone from the face of the Earth!!!

What an ecological human tragedy!

I want blonde (or redhead) national-romantic tribal reservatories now, an end to the abuse of the words ¨diversity¨ and ¨multiculturalism¨, with dreams of cultivating our own village with our own rights, not Aryan supremacists. Where is diversity and multiculturalism if you mix everything up in a bowl of soup??? Certainly, this ¨not taking care of our biological diversity¨ makes the our Creator, who loves his creation, whoever he is, VERY angry… And sad beyond comprehension…

A supremacist is a person who believe he has the religious or racial birthright to subdue and rule other races, so we are a far way from supremacists or Nazis. The myth that there are white supremacists is wrong. I never met a white person who wanted to subjugate others. We only want our own rights to live with our kin, to have something of our own, and to live out our dream with other likeminded blonde (or redhead) natives for the preservation of ethnic diversity. Why?

Because the blonde, and redhead race having a short prognosis as both are the world tiniest minority by percentage, and also because we are the most different minority, judging from the striking appearance of blonde hair, no facial hair, and blue eyes contrary to other races. It is time we re-create, and breed forth the aboriginal blondes. Natural platinum blondes who have silver-white hair into adult years are more in danger than redheads, because red hair is a recessive gene and will appear in children if both parents carry the gene, although both parents could have black hair.

This not necessarily a ¨Christian project¨, but more like an idea I would have if I could decide over the world.

No racism, only national romance. We want futuristic village territories based on the romantic idealist Michael Tellinger`s UBUNTU movement, just like the native Americans have their rights.

Of course, native Norwegians want to deify ourselves and our stereotype, as does any man, as is our God-given right as equals of any other ethnicity, like for instance Jewish supremacists or afrocentrism who deify their races very much these days, contrary to whites. I think it`s a good thing: All should be allowed to deify their race. God made it so, and banned a one-world Babel forever.

Being proud about who you are doesn`t mean war. Olympic games and nationalism doesn`t mean war. Governments want war, people don`t. Certainly not in the 21st century, with globalism, and all the partying. All should be free. Olympic Games and sports are good examples of peaceful nationalistic identity, and how it only makes the world better, more loving, more respectful and amazed over one another, and I dare say more united.

Nationalism isn`t the opposite of globalism. Globalism is an idea of ethics, the humanist ones, peace, not about creating ethnics or demographic crisis. Globalism is about ethics not ethnicities, remember that.

Some envision farming-societies of inland Norway based on independent survivalist contributionism (as defined by Michael Tellinger`s Ubuntu movement), community rules (anarchy) living in ecologically intelligent villages without toxic waste, in perfect eternal symbiosis with nature – villages to hopefully last at least 2000 years and protect human diversity, God`s creation.

Other imagine high-tech elvish societies with antigravity-propulsion like something out of Atlantis or the Lord of the Rings… Check out New Earth Nation and the humanitad organizations of the great human patriot Sacha Stone.

We are all different, and are all allowed to dream, nurture our dreams and fulfil them in this world of opportunities and human rights.