Elohim upgraded monkeys?

I am a monotheist, dualists (as in Taoism), trinitarian, and also a pantheist. So should every Jew, and Christian also be. Everything is relative to perception. God is one, but also all the others. Why? For we discovered Jewish beliefs in that God is the all, and present in all. Just as Wilhelm Reich, and ether physics prove. The Jews knew of the Matrix of reality. The Kabbalah.

God is the God ABOVE this universe, whom we are cut away from. The father. God is eternal, living spirit. The mystery is: We are made in his image! We are his eternal children of infinite value. If God is holy and eternal, we are also meant to be so. But we are trapped here in our current modified form; 7 dimensions below the creator! In a dimension foreign to our origin. A dimension of Death! Where the only conspiracy that matters is: The reality of Hell!

Until mankind reaches disclosure, and unity consensus on escaping it, Satan, and his reptilian hoard might once more become the dominant species on the planet! Unless you do your work!

For Jesus led us out, and brought us back to the creator, as we will discover. We are trapped and are in a very real sense: Fallen angels, or at least their creation. Yes. I said we are the creator of the fallen angels. Did you not read the Bible? The ELOHIM in plural were the ones who created man! The garden of Eden stems from pre-biblical stories from the Babylonian Enuma Elish among others.

Who then is the creator, and lord of this fallen universe? Who created us, and caught us here? The Elohim. The Gods of pre-history, Egypt, Phoenicia, Sumeria, and the Indus Valley. The ones Zechariah Sitchin calls the Annunaki.

Above is a hand-written explanation by Miceal Ledwith, Catholic priest, and author of ¨The Origins of the Human Race¨, on a napkin, sent to me by Michael Tellinger, a great alternative archaeologist, showing that the Bible has been translated incorrectly. He explains in his book how we must add the missing letter “alef” to the opening phrase of the Bible – which is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. All sacred Jewish, Canaanite, and extrabiblical ancient texts with great historical significance had to be started with an a/alef.

Completing the first verse of the Bible by adding the alef, changes the Bible completely. The handwritten picture above now translates to: THE FATHER OF THE BEGINNINGS CREATED THE ELOHIM, THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH.

This is the first verse of the Bible, and changes the entire interpretation of all the Bible completely, bringing it in alignment with all other pre-biblical texts of all ancient religions and cultures who tell us that our makers came from the Heavenlies.

The biblical Elohim, which is mostly misinterpreted as being a singular god, is actually a plural “gods”, beings of some significance… BUT NOT God the creator – and most certainly NOT singular.

These Elohim/Angels were created by the Father of the beginnings.

Regarding Michael Tellinger`s archeological study of the Annunaki/Nephilim/Fallen Angels, their lost South-African civilization, and the diverse humanoid species he has found skeletal remains of there, I have an upper hand as I am an experienced breatharian. What is a breatharian? It is one who sustains himself without food (or even without water) by drawing etherial energy, chi, or chakra, from the Sun, the Earth, the Planets, and in my case, primarily the elements, especially the element wind! This is reflected in the anime-series ¨Attack on Titan¨, where the giant Titans do not eat, but sustain themselves from the energy of the sun.

If Michael Tellinger wonders why the ancient Annunaki built geomantic and phonetic structures to harness the Earth`s energy-field at specific sacred sites, I can only say that in my case, my own Orgonite energy devices, and the Force I wield, have enabled me to go for years without feeling hunger, eating only 500-600 calories each day for a period of 3 years.

To back this up, I would refer to the yogis of India, or the ¨Buddha boy¨, Jesus, and St.John the Baptist, who practice, and have practiced the exact same techniques, St.John surviving only from a diet of tiny desert grasshoppers, and wild honey near the Jordan river, in the desert where he lived. But I myself am just a natural. I never trained these abilities, as I was born this way: Very sensitive to the ether, the scientific term of a hypothesized all-permeating body of spiritual energy that upholds creation and sustains all beings.

Michael Tellinger has found over 500 square miles of agricultural platforms, and over 10.000.000 stone ruins of a geomantic energy grid of rocks in South Africa, along with the fossilized remains of the giants who lived there, who apparently were so warm-blooded and big, they did not require housing. As some of his fossilized remains point to giants the size of skyscrapers, and with the book of Enoch telling there were giant Elohim measuring 2000 meters tall, it goes unsaid that these hugest of Gods, in lack of better term, these humongous Elohim, certainly did not eat blue-whale cereal for breakfast. Our blue-whale population wouldn`t last a day. I myself am sceptical to 2000 meter tall giants ever existing.

But they certainly survived at least partly from the Ether, and were technologically advanced. The Bible also records them:

Genesis 6:4

¨There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.¨

For your interest, I recommend doing a google search on ¨giants news-articles.¨

Is the serpent evil? Enki, Satan and Yah.

Originally, I believe mankind was more primal than today. We were once free from sin, because we were primal monkeys. Probably of the species homo erectus, as Zechariah Sitchin believes.

It was the Sumerian/Babylonian God Enki/Ea whom Moses equates with the serpent, who modified man in the garden of Eden, and upgraded mankind, granting us intellect, or the knowledge of good and evil. The old gnostic question is however: Was the serpent evil, and was Jesus the serpent? To that, I can only say; There are good and bad serpents. Jesus tells us to be wise as serpents.

As the serpentine angelic race were called Seraphim in the Bible, as in the Swedish Seraphim Order, it is no wonder there were both good and bad Lucifer`s and serpents. Yet the book of Revelations clearly states ¨Satan, that old serpent¨, making clear that Satan is a serpentine being, not a human, and that he is evil. Yet is the pre-biblical Babylonian Enuma Elish text where Ea/Enki, created mankind and saved them from the flood a true story? Is Yah the same as Ea/Enki because Ea is pronounced ¨Yah?¨

That`s where the trouble starts. Gnostics believe mankind`s alleged creator, Enki to be Lucifer/Enki in the garden, reincarnating as Jesus to undo/pay for his sins, and ascend his creation, which this book will be the first to go in great depths about. At the same time, Satanists, who are not Luciferians nor Gnostics, yet wrongly assume Lucifer as the same as their ¨Satan¨, would gladly acclaim that Enki is Satan, mankind`s creator, although it is certain that the being called Satan is mankind`s enemy, and that it was the good lord of the underworld that always cared for the human race, Enki/Osiris, not Set/Satan. This is evident in comparative mythology. ¨Satan¨ is not the creator of the human race just because some Satanists equate him with Enki to boost their religion, and make the claim that Satan, the enemy, is mankind`s creator. This idea is stupid, seen from a perspective of religious history.

The Bible tells us the Elohim, the Gods in plural, were the creators of mankind. To magically and historically equate the Sumerian God Ea/Enki with the Jewish name for the most evil one, Satan, destroyer of humanity, would be the same as saying Jesus is actually Satan and that Satan is actually Jesus. Or that Monsanto is good and seeks to help mankind. Get the point? Lol.

Do you think the human racial difference, intelligence, language, and antique religious sources lie? They tell a deeper story of our origins. The ancient pre-historic civilizations tell of an advanced race coming from Heaven: The angels, created mankind from mixing their DNA with ours.

These fallen angels whom the ancients called Gods, were demonized and called Satans/adversaries by Abrahamic religions, because Satan means adversary, and is a generic term, so that any God that doesn`t involve ascension to Heaven is attributed the epithet a ¨demon¨ from Greek, or a ¨Satan¨ from Aramaic/Hebrew, of course.

The being you call Satan or Lucifer is in actuality a fallen cherub, with both good and bad aspects, while Satan is a generic term for all his evil aspects or demonic masks. I like to think that the ¨good guys¨ made humanity, but the truth is that the Elohim (The Gods) was both good and bad.

Why would we be enslaved by Gods and giants without being made to reach ascension? It may or may not have been Satan, more probably ¨Lucifer¨, coin the term, who made humanity, but Jesus clearly says: This is Satan`s world, and we were Satan`s until Jesus rebirthed us through the ritual of the cross.

Some ancient sages coherent with my astral travels to the angels of the highest Heaven say Satan Lucifer, the fallen cherub, even MADE these fallen physical worlds of polarities by descending creative conscience, e.g Sophia (Ashtar?) falling as in Gnosticism looong ago, much earlier than the arrival of Azazel in the book of Enoch.

That would make sense as these lower worlds is a matrix, yet physical, is bipolar, made of life and death, unlike any of the heavens where death never happens. Our world is also bound by time. Time and death are the epithets of the Greek God Saturn, the death-star or ¨Lord of the Rings¨ whom is Satan, the old devil, and the rulers of our lowest 3rd dimensional reality. It would make sense since this world is a prison, as in the cartoon ¨The mysterious stranger¨ by Mark Twain. A flat plain floating in space. This is why freemasons call Lucifer Satan (the fallen cherub) for the Great Architect.

Sumerian sources tell that the God Kingu, a reptilian God, was slain after a long war, and mankind made from his blood. Kingu was a ruler of Tiamat`s reptilian hordes. Or did you think it was God – the superconscience – who wanted to populate this fallen dimension with a race of God-looking slaves serving giants??? The brotherhood of the snake, the Illuminati, the chosen high priests of the Elohim, their bloodline, and their serpentine Gods can be seen in all human folklore and mythology from China`s festivals to the serpents surrounding Krishna, Japan, the Ouroboros of the Egyptian pharaohs to the Viking serpent war-ships, and the English druidic God ¨Hu¨, an Osirian archetype, ¨Hu¨ meaning serpent, where we have the term ¨hu-man/human¨ from, meaning ¨serpent man.¨ The Hebrew serpent tribe of Dan (nowadays Denmark), Egyptians and Phonecians travelled across the world and settled in England 3000 years ago, I was told by English ex-Illuminati witches.

When you think of a non-hairy human, specifically a blonde person, the appearance is more ¨serpent-like¨ than apes, considering we have neither feathers or hair, and since aboriginal blondes have silky smooth skin, almost white hair, zero male facial hair and look beautiful, like serpents, representing the priesthood of the ancient creators, the Elohim. Alternative history, the new chronology of Anatoly Fomenko, and the work of Sylvia Ivanova, her documentaries, detail a different history of man, where an eastern Empire, the (blonde) golden horde, the slavs, ruled the world as the first historical world Empire in known history.

Ancient magical traditions of the Illuminati (Also called Black Brotherhood, Brotherhood of Enki, Priesthood of Ra and Brotherhood of the Snake) vary from rising the Kundalini serpentine energy as in Yellow-Dragon Yellow-Cap Tibetan society to the incredible shapeshifter science of the Red Dragon Society of England, which tradition say began with Vlad the Impaler, Dracula meaning Dragon, Vlad being a historical member of the ¨Order of the Dragon¨, just like his father, Vlad also being known as ¨son of the dragon.¨

But Jesus broke the veil between us, and the Holy Creator. He freed us from our prison! We became God`s creation anew. That`s why Christians say: ¨We are reborn! ¨ ¨We are dead from the sin!¨ ¨We are a new Creation¨!

¨We are no longer ¨subjects of Ymir¨ or ¨subjects of (insert your own idea)¨, or ¨subjects of Lucifer¨as in the masonic ¨Attack on Titan¨ anime etc, but reborn Heavenly citizens because of a blood-covenant, a breaking of some curses, and a fulfilment of ancient trials, the law of Moses, all which Jesus accomplished on the cross, crucified as the lamb of God, in Azazel, Adam and Enki`s place of the serpent, which we will get into; the greatest ritual in history. (If it happened.)

The pre-Biblical creation of mankind.

Mankind did not evolve from monkeys. Popular new-age belief with Zechariah Sitchin proposes mankind was created by Enki: The Sumerian version of Lucifer. I concur to this. It happened when the serpent tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit of the knowledge of good, and evil in the mythical garden of Eden. The coiled serpent around the tree symbolizes DNA.

In the pre-biblical Sumerian Enuma Elish, Anu, the King of the Gods agrees that the work of the Gods was too great, so he gave Enki the right to create man by mixing their DNA together.

From the Enuma Elish:

You have slaughtered a god together
With his personality
I have removed your heavy work
I have imposed your toil on man.

In the clay, god and man
Shall be bound,
To a unity brought together;
So that to the end of days
The Flesh and the Soul
Which in a god have ripened –
That soul in a blood-kinship be bound.

This first man was created by extraterrestrials/angels in Eden, a Sumerian word which means ‘flat terrain’. In the the pre-biblical Epic of Gilgamesh , Eden is mentioned as the garden of the gods and is located somewhere in Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

So, you see how the Bible only retells a more ancient story. And even the Sumerian story might be half historical, and yet at the same time, retellings of far more ancient tales…

This story is reflected in the writings, and saying of many credible authors like David Icke and Michael Tellinger. All across the globe, we hear the story that it was the Elohim, the Gods in plural, who created mankind.

The story goes that human beings were kept as slaves to work for the Annunaki (meaning those whom from Heaven came or ¨copper Gods¨ from anak, copper) , initially unable to reproduce on their own but were later modified with the help of the Gods Enki and Ninki. Thus, Adapa, the pre-biblical version of Adam was created as a fully functional and independent human being. This ‘modification’ was done without the approval of Enki’s brother, Enlil, and a conflict between the gods began. Enlil, comparable to the sky/heaven God of the Roman and Abrahamic religions, became the adversary of man, and the Sumerian tablet mentions that men served gods and went through much hardship and suffering.

Adapa, with the help of Enki, ascended to Anu (the highest God) where he failed to answer a question about ‘the bread and water of life’. Opinions vary on the similarities between this creation story and the biblical story of Adam and Eve in Eden. Adapa was one of seven sages, who are said to reincarnate at every major stage in human evolution. That the first men were taught by the Elohim, and later deified as Gods is probably. Variations of this primordial man/God vary from religion, with Adapa being the oldest, then the Egyptian Atum (father of the Gods) , and the Biblical Adam. Jesus himself regarded himself solely as the ¨Son of Man¨, although a more truthful translation would be ¨The Man¨ or ¨Adam¨, as we the Bible clearly equates Jesus as ¨the second Adam¨. The journey of this chosen reincarnation of Adapa went from 7 sages to 12 disciples after the 12 zodiacal constellations.

Archaeological findings of artefacts embedded in billion-year-old sedimentary rock testify that mankind has existed in several hundred sub-species dating back for many millions, if not a billion year. My research stopped at 500.000.000 years. Most sources, like those of Credo Mutwa, David Icke, and Zechariah Sitchin makes it clear the current form of mankind was created by the Gods, the Elohim, or Annunaki, as a slave-race quite certainly about 400.000 years ago. So our civilization is 400.000 years old, quite certainly, according to all experts in alternative archaeology. Frankly, it is only the last 1000-400 years that Homo Sapiens Sapiens have been the only human species on the planet for the first time since at least 400.000 years ago, as Biblical, historical, archeological, mythological, and pre-biblical sources tell that both giants, elves and dwarves lived among us until very recently. Google ¨kjempene I Setesdalen¨ or google ¨giant skeletal remains newspaper¨.

One can wonder how many incarnations Adapa has lived, and when he will return. The Babylonian priesthood wore a fish-head, cone-shaped hat in reverence of Adapa, and Oannes, who were the Gods chosen mediator or ¨high-priest of the Gods¨, now symbolized by the Roman Pontiff who wears a hat identical to that of the Babylonian priesthood, as Catholics believe the Pope to be the ¨Vicar of Christ¨, who the Middle-Eastern mystery religions equated with Adapa and Oannes, because Jesus himself proclaimed to be Adam, ¨the son of man¨ , more correctly translated ¨the man¨, and because Jesus was the great teacher of the age of astrological age of Pisces, the astrological sign of two FISHES. And what was Christianity`s first, most ancient symbol during the first 3-5 decades of it`s expansion before the Roman Church vandalized him with crosses? The symbol a Christian used to draw in the sand with his sandal, to show he was a mystic initiate in the Nazarene cult of Jesus/Yeshua was a FISH! All historians agree to this.

The name Christian is a Roman invention, and the first Christians were called Nazarenes, a name that is a Hebrew acronym for the Mazzaroth which we will get to later. Christianity was (at least in it`s original form) , a very true religion that incorporated much, if not all the science, and mysteries of the occult ancient Middle-East. (occult means secret or hidden.) Jesus clearly states ¨I am the Light of the World¨, as well as saying ¨I am the bright Morning-star¨ in the New Testament, identifying with the Sun in the age of Pisces, with his 12 apostles, which came to replace the 12 Zodiacal signs on the floor of all synagogues, now painted, or depicted with mosaic on the domed roof covering all Churches from 500-current date A.D.

But Jesus Christ (from/of) Nazareth was not the only great wisdom-bringer Sun-God in ancient history. Lara Atwood, in her book ¨The Ancient Religion of the Sun¨, discover the path, and mission of another to civilize the stone-age men with his 6 other sages. He was called Wotan in German, Odin in Scandinavia, Kukulkan in South America, Osiris in Egypt, etc, was always described as a blonde man with a beard, had magical abilities of healing and raising the dead, travelled across the globe with 6 other wisdom bringers to teach agriculture, sun-philosophy and religion, banned human sacrifice, and brought civilization to the world some many thousand years ago… Comparative-mythological evidence suggests that such a group of wisdom-bringing wanderers did exist, and echoes through time to this day.

The Noahic flood.

The story of Noah depicts a similar story as that in the Epic of Gilgamesh, which also predates The Bible. The god Enki (or Ea) was the creator of man, also according to this epic. Enki approached a man named Utnapishtim (or Atrahasis in the table called Eridu Genesis, or Ziusudra) and revealed the plans of the gods, giving him the exact plans of how to build a boat and going against the will of the other gods. Once the flood was over, Utnapishtim sends three different birds (a dove, a swallow and a raven) to find land. Once on land, Utnapishtim offered sacrifices to the gods. A few gods found Utnapishtim and the other survivors, and because of mercy they did not kill them but transferred them to another area to live.

Obviously in the Babylonian myths, gods create the flood and gods save the one faithful and obedient survivor, but again, more survive the flood.

We know there was a Noah figure, an ark, and eight survivors. Hobby archaeologist Ron Wyatt even discovered the ark, and carbon datings date it back appox 10.000 years.

Flat Earth theories of what caused the flood range from:

  1. The water above the firmament collapsing down.
  2. Monstrous ocean volcanoes.

Round Earth theories vary from:

  1. A giant asteroid.
  2. A planet-scaled object passing nearby, affecting the Earth`s gravity so that monstrous tidal-waves would swipe away all vegetation.
  3. Monstrous ocean volcanoes.

But was there a giant asteroid that hit the Earth, and wiped out civilization 10.000 + years ago?

To quote from the news-agency forbes:

Scientists have translated an ancient stone tablet found at a temple in Turkey. The tablet confirms that a comet struck Earth around 11,000BC, leading to global destruction including the extinction of the woolly mammoth and the rise of new civilizations.

The carvings were found in Gobekli Tepe in southern Turkey, the world’s oldest known temple and a site for ancient observatory and worship. In fact, the temple dates back to 9,000BC, approximately 6,000 years older than Stonehenge.

The carvings at the centre of the recent scientific publication were found on a pillar known as the Vulture Stone. The carvings depict various animals corresponding to astronomical constellations. The stone also shows a swarm of comet fragments as they hit Earth and a headless man symbolizing human disaster and death.

But are there theories that suggest the flood happened much further back in time, and that the asteroid impact was responsible for a different retelling of this faar older myth?

To quote from wikipedia:

The Mesopotamian flood stories concern the epics of Ziusudra, Gilgamesh, and Atrahasis. The Sumerian King Listrelies on the flood motif to divide its history into preflood (antediluvian) and postflood periods. The preflood kings had enormous lifespans, whereas postflood lifespans were much reduced. The Sumerian flood myth found in the Deluge tablet was the epic of Ziusudra, who heard the gods’ plan to destroy humanity, in response to which he constructed a vessel that delivered him from great waters. In the Atrahasis version, the flood is a river flood.

Or perhaps it was added to the myth? The melting ice-caps made the sea-level rise over 120 meters from 16.000bc-6000bc. This would have been catastrophic for ancient sumer-mesopotamia, and many ancient cities now lie submerged by water. Perhaps there came a tidal wave, accompanied by rain which engulfed ¨the whole world¨ as it says in the Bible. But perhaps it was only their ¨whole world. ¨ Namely ancient Sumer, and not the entire globe, as deduce from the story of Noah.

Lucifer`s antediluvian Kingdom.

Comparative mythology of all the ancient world tells that have been several occasions of fallen angels, or ¨extradimensional intruders¨. Mythology tells that there are two sets of Gods in almost every ancient religion. The ancient ones, and the old ones. Lucifer first came to Earth as hero of God and fought against an evil reptilian Earth, defeating the dinosaurs and reptilian humanoids, later identified Biblically as the angel-race Seraphim, as in the Swedish Seraphim Order. In this myth, Lucifer was Marduk. As Zeus, Marduk, or Horus, he fought against the titans/Typhoon of Greece, Tiamat of Sumer, and Set or Apophis of Egypt, and was the defender of Humanity of comparative mythology. Lucifer vanquished the terrible reptilian race who today is known as the ancient Gods to occultists in our time.

Lucifer then set up his kingdom, and ruled Earth with his host. These became known as the Old Gods in our time.

Mankind was then made, upgraded, or re-made by the angels after the ancient Gods were defeated, according to Enuma Elish.

It says we were made from Kingu`s DNA, the King over Tiamat`s reptilian hoard. So you see, mankind`s DNA is very corrupt. Which is the whole reason I put a serpent on the cross as the cover of this book. Jesus set us free, re-enacting in place of all humanity as Adam on the cross. Jesus must have been very wise.

Lucifer became prouder over time, and fell from grace.

The angels did the forbidden act of procreating with humans, as is written in the Bible. They did not obey God, but did what they fancied, even creating hybrids, and giants through mixing DNA. This eventually led to a war where Michael the archangel descended and defeated the armies of Lucifer before leaving. Lucifer was now cast down to Hell and will remain there forever. But there will always be ¨an angel of Light¨ or Lucifer, as this fractal universe always repeats itself through summer, winter, solstices, equinoxes, death and life, the precession of the equinoxes and ¨re-incarnation¨ , which is nothing more than the same script, not the same soul. The Egyptians operated with a whopping 9 parts of the soul. I operate with 8.

Since this is a matrix. When something dies, like for instance a tree, a new tree grows in its place to replace it. Lucifer was the very impersonation of the Sun-God and Venus, the ruler of this realm, the image of the creator, which gives life to all that lives. The perfect one. God. Or the son of God, depending.

The Matrix will always balance the equation and reprogram itself to restore its deleted files. Lucifer as a God, and as a term, is seen both as simply a name for something good (Sun and Venus) , or as the devil Lucifer Satan, where Satan is added as a title meaning ¨The adversary¨ from Hebrew.

Since Lucifer fell, his incarnation will appear from the energy created while he once ruled, since this is a fractal matrix where everything repeats itself. That is where we have the story of the One, as in the move the Matrix, according to comparative mythological lore. It`s the ¨never-ending story¨.

It seems the extra-terrestrials, the Elohim, the Annunaki, or whatever you call them, have left us.

But legend says Lucifer will be reborn. When he is born, he will unite the Ennead 9 Gods of Egypt, or the 9 Bolon Yukte Ku Gods of the Mayans, the destroyer-Gods, and rule Earth in a reborn dynasty of the angels. According to Pyramidal, and Mayan prophecy, which you can find on Youtube, this was supposed to happen, or start in 2012.

Where did they go, and are they coming back?

The confusions regarding Lucifer.

How Lucifer reappears, the story of the chosen hero.

Let`s jump back to God and El`s. The story of Lucifer in comparative mythology and Illuminati lore, is that God created ONE dimension: Heaven. He then created several co-creators as aspects of himself, angels. These later ¨fell¨ resulting in the creation of the lesser universes, similar to the story of the Jewish Shekinah, the gnostic Sophia, the Babylonian Goddess, or the princess Z-El-Daath, of the Nintendo franchise Zelda. Satan Lucifer, the fallen Cherub, fell and created the imperfect bi-polar universe.

The ancient story goes that this universe was not without healing, as God`s son was also himself trapped/responsible in this universe to seek reunion with God in Heaven, varying from Vishnu to Jesus Christ.  

This is the eternal story of the Zodiac. The Saviour. The civilizer. The sacrifice. The man from Heaven. Who is that? If you asked an Egyptian child 3000 years ago, it would be obvious. For God wrote it in the stars. But we have forgotten. There is a very clear image of a son-of-man in the sky: Namely Orion. Lucifer Osiris, and the pharaoh was deified as Osiris the hunter.

In Babylon, Osiris, and Horus are Nimrod and Tammuz. But they have the same story. The story of aliens. Fallen angels.

Personal deification unto the image, and story of the zodiac, and planets is what later led to worship of Gods who were originally angels (or alien – we use the term angel), but were attributed planetary spirits, universal forces, and laws of nature. Horus and Tammuz are the prime examples of this. They are thought to be Gods of war, life, the sun and nature. If you were an angel who came to Earth. Would you not deify yourself as the sun?

The Sumerian Gods deified themselves as planets and remain the most powerful deities today. In this way: They would never be forgotten, and their sacrificial cults would empower them after they eventually died and went to Hell. Clever move.

Men who know the eternal story of Orion, the ¨son of God in the clouds¨, repeat the stories of the original Gods. The last example of this is Lucifer Jesus.

As Lucifer is the God of this world, but was originally good, it is natural that this universe matrix fractal, being a mental faculty that copies itself: Eventually reunites itself through birthing Lucifer-figures like for instance Jesus Christ to ascend to Heaven. Just like a fractal. In Judaism, and Gnosticism, they call this ascending force for the Shekinah. God`s divine spark, or force inside of all of us. Jesus was the incarnation of Adam/Adapa, the prime shekinah, and ascended humanity.

The science of hermeticism, sacred geometry, mathematics, and source-field physics ascertain that this universe (matrix) we live in is the lesser body of a superconscience. You can read how science prove God in my book: ¨The God Reality. ¨

This is similar to the conversation between Neo, and the architect in the blockbuster-movie ¨The Matrix¨. Freemasons operate with Lucifer as the ¨Grand Architect. ¨ He/she created this lower universe as a prison but was later trapped in it willingly or unwillingly depending on myth. In some myths: Lucifer is a female like Ishtar. The oldest Canaanite myth similar to the Christian narrative of their supposed ¨Lucifer figure¨, as fantasized to be a the Heavenly rebel who tried to exceed God, but was found unworthy exists in the myth of Ashtar or ¨Ashtar Chemosh¨ of the Moabite tribe which the certain origin of the Christian fantasy regarding Lucifer, if anything… We will get to this soon.

Who created man according to Bible, and comparative mythology? It was the El`s. The Gods in plural, as I mentioned earlier. We were made in the image of the Gods.

But if God the father exists: He is certainly a man too! For mankind is anatomically perfect. It is my hypothesis that God in Heaven is an androgynous man. Occult, and ancient Jewish sources depict Yahovah as a blonde man with bronze skin, and an androgynous human face that looks like a cat or ¨cute as a cat. ¨ This is actually quite serious, seems to have been forgotten, and the Temple of Solomon, if seen from birdview, looks identical to the sketching of a man. Yet we know from the Beatitudes that Solomon himself had black curly hair. His father David, was however, quite certainly a redhead.

It seems Lucifer trapped himself in this creation through his lust for man after he became a fallen angel/alien. And we were his prisoners, purposefully made from the corrupt DNA of Kingu. Now you know where the purposed ¨Reptilian shapeshifter Kings¨ got their name from. Or as Michael Tellinger purpose: The family, the bloodliners, or the ancient priesthoods the Gods/Annunaki instituted a covenant with, was given power by the Gods to rule this world as mediators, and incarnations of the Gods in their stead.

These first temples were also the first banks, made in ancient Sumeria, with literal clay-bank-notes instead of dollars, after depositing your gold to the temple of the Goddess. The first banks were sacred to Inanna, the Whore of Babylon, and were brothels, a theme that dominated the ancient world from the sacred prostitution of Inanna to Ishar, to the Egyptian Isis, to the Greek Aphrodite, to the Canaanite Asherah, and of course the pre-Islamic Al-Uzza. Sacred prostitution down to the age of early puberty, was common in all the ancient world says Herodotus.

It is now you realize we live under the same, damned system of Babylonian priesthood banking, taxation, Kingship, sex, and control over the masses today as in 9000 years ago. It is said that the royal bloodline of our current Illuminati Kings is recorded back to at least the ancient royalty of Egypt, so it`s the same damn bastards in control. And who is the Archdevil Ashtaroth, cursed be her name, in Catholic demonology? She is the main treasurer of Hell. Some say that the current leaders of our New World Order, the Rothschild banking dynasty, took their name after AshtaRothschild when their banking founder, who financed the historical Bavarian Illuminati, Mayer Amschel Bauer changed his name from Bauer to ROTHSCHILD. Child of Ashtaroth. Or ¨Ashtar Rothschild.¨ ¨Lucifer Rothschild.¨


To the ancient pre-Christ philosopher: The ancient world seemed lost, and void of meaning. Mankind was created as a slave-race out of corrupt, reptilian DNA, with no chance of redemption or ascension. Like batteries for Hell, in the movie ¨The Matrix.¨

¨Is this not a purposeless dimension of death where we are toys in a prison by the Gods of Hell?¨ There was no meaning of life when all go to Hell: Except as a resource for Lucifer, who also resides in Hell. We were basically Satan`s children until Lucifer ascended, and mankind was free from sin through Jesus, according to Christians. Great proof of ascension through Near Death Experiences (NDE) exists.

The different Lucifers and the Biblical Lucifers. The Lucifer confusion conspiracy.

There are countless theories inside and outside Christianity to what Lucifer is and was. There are probably 20-30 to choose from. Lucifer is Latin and means light-bringer.

Lucifer is Latin, the language of the catholic priests, and was the name of the son of Zeus and Aurora. A Roman God called ¨Lucifer¨ from Lux and Feros meaning Light Bringer. The Illuminati priory of Zion, the Lion descendants from Jesus, people that I know, tell tales of how this roman God, Lucifer originated in Greece 200 B.C where he was worshipped under a different name with the same attributes, Phosphoros meaning Phos/light bringer/phoros. He was the male child of God, and the male representation of the morning star Venus. He was blonde, like Julius Caesar. He was attributed the characteristics of Venus and Jupiter/Zeus, being the son of Zeus/God. The Illuminati told me that every emperor of Rome was secretly coronated by the priesthood of Lucifer, as Lucifer was regarded as the ¨King of Kings¨ , a title belonging to Jupiter, but coincidentally with Jesus.

For Jesus was also worshipped as Lucifer/Venus/The Bright Morningstar in the early church, comparative with the then popular Greek ¨Chrestos¨ cult (a Greek death-and-resurrection God) , and the popular Persian Mithras cult, a Persian Sun-God, both with similar attributes to Christ. The reason we have the name Jesus Christ, or Jesus Chrestos today is probably because of it`s popularity with the Greeks, who already worshipped Chrestos as a death and resurrection God based on the Osiris archetype, as Jesus name was originally Immanuel, meaning ¨God with us¨, then becoming Yeshua meaning ¨Yahovah saves¨, then becoming Greek/Roman, ¨Jesus¨, meaning ¨healing Zeus¨ and ¨hail Zeus¨, directly translated, and Christos/Chrestos meaning ¨anointed one¨, that is, the ¨true King¨. So there is much reason why the Jesus-cult became so popular. The Priory also told me much more that I shall not convey to you publically. The entire Roman Empire soon accepted that Jesus, the Jewish messiah, also was the prophesied King of the astrological age of Pices, Chrestos and Lucifer, prophesies Jesus amazingly fulfilled.

Lucifer and especially Lucius was a beautiful, common name in ancient Rome. The Lucifer, Chrestos, Jesus Christ, Mithras, and Osiris cult were very common, and emphasized spiritual rebirth, sun-worship where the deity was the sun/son of God, the age of Pisces (the astrological age of the fish), and could be regarded as a hippie movement among the Roman empire in the first centuries.

Back to modern times, in the world of Magick, Lucifer is a common term applied to any angel or demon that brings light associated with the Sun, with Venus, intellect, and the element wind, and/or fire. The fire of Lucifer can also mean spiritual power/potency/flame, not physical fire, that is the 5th element of the Greeks: Ether, or what the Egyptians called ¨the Force.¨ Lucifer can also mean the devil himself, and we will get to that soon…!!!

In mythology, Lucifer is also a common term for any mythological deity who saves manking, and/or by defeating a chaos monster like for instance Tiamat, Apophis, Set, the Hydra.

Lucifer, Venus being the original ¨hermaphrodite¨ in all religions, is both a male, and a female, often historically depicted as a hermaphrodite/blonde lady with a moustache in art. And he has both dark, and light qualities. As a female he is Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte etc. Some give him the qualities of Aurora, Gaia and others. There is some disagreement to the gender of Ashtar, the Moabite version of Israelite Asherah, however, she is most often regarded as Ashtar, Queen of Heaven, consort of Chemosh of the Moabites, although they are sometimes referred to as Ashtar-Chemosh, a singular deity.

The Israelites strayed away and worshipped her as Asherah, Queen of Heaven, bride of Yahovah. Ashtar/Attar was also worshipped at the Kaaba, at the time of Muhammad, and Ashtar is a pretty normal Arabian boy-name today. Some cultures saw Ashtar as female, while other depicted him/her as male. Some cultures depicted Lucifer as female, and others depicted him/her as male. The same with Venus.

As a male he is the Egyptian Amon Ra in his highest form. This name is too powerful, abbreviated with roaring thunder. It has such terrifying power beyond compare, by the very, very few who could use it, if you are of the bloodline of the Babylonian priesthood, the Illuminati, the brotherhood of the Snake, also known as the Priesthood of Ra or the Brotherhood of Enki.

Ra as in Maat Daath Ra (MaDaRa) of Naruto. God/Ra and judge/Maat of the underworld/daath – as in the Kabbalistic Qliphoth. The Sun-God judge of the underworld, so to speak, coming to rebirth Ashtar/Princess Kaguya, as in the Naruto series. One could wonder who the real Lucifer really is. All I will say is for you to study the arrival of the goddess in the Euphrates, and discover how it all began in ancient Sumer, with Inanna, her sacred prostitution temple which also was the first bank, which produced bank-notes in the form of interest, on clay tablets, just like we have paper-money today. She was a real deity, a fallen celestial being, who resided in their very city as they wrote the Sumerian clay tablets. Her Babylonian name was Semiramis, consort of Nimrod, the first great King after the flood… He died, but she married her son Tammuz. Most of what we call history is her work, in truth. The Babylonian stories are identical to the Egyptian stories of Osiris, Nimrod and Horus, Babylon being the oldest example of the satanic trinity, nowadays referred to as the beast (Tammuz) , whore (Semiramis) and dragon (Nimrod). The leader of the Illuminati, the Pindar, carries the power of Osiris/Nimrod.

Note that the being you call Satan, the reptilian demons, and most fallen angels, spirits of the deceased, stem from an age faaar older than Semiramis and her whoredom of banking, which very bloodline continues today with the Ashtar-Rothschild banking dynasty, the current rulers of the Tower of Babel (Europa riding the bull/beast) the descendants through Khazaria down to Sumer, also related to Nero and the Phonecians. The Catholic name for this demon princess/prince is Ashtaroth, and the Rothschilds see themselves as his/her priesthood. The mother of dragons, her children: Roth-CHILD being the Lucifer bloodline dragon family of Banking, the city of London, centre for worldwide commerce. There are only three city-states within cities in the world. One is London (Dragon/money), the other is Washington DC (beast/military might) , and the last is the Vatican city (whore/false-religion/idolatry.) All three are independent nations/states within nations, and all three have an Egyptian obelisk outside their headquarters, the ones in London and the Vatican Square having been transported all the way from ancient Egypt. I am certain you have seen the obelisk outside the white house.

Yes. Lucifer`s second most powerful persona is Shamash, or Ashtar-Shamash of ancient Canaan up to present day Arabian/Muslim/Jewish pagans.

Many say that Ashtar is currently incarnate, as he is the God of the astrological age of Aquarius, having the attributes of the water-bearer as a vegetation, fertility and rain-God. They say he works tirelessly for the benefit of mankind, seeking reunification with the Highest God, and to bridge humanity over to Heaven through Christ, love and light, technology, and ascension techniques.

But be vary of false messiahs, especially with compromise to the heretical Islam and Judaism. Who knows if the poor deity is himself nothing but a slave…

Thirdly he is Azazel Melek Taus, also of Jewish-Arab origin, of the Iranian/Iraqi Yazidi pagans, who claim Lucifer is Azazel Melek Taus, who ascended about 20.000 years ago.

Azazel Lucifer; as the black sun identified by the occult Nazi German Order of the Black Stone, he is Allah, the ancient Arabian moon-God of Muhammad`s Quraish tribe who eventually took over the Arabian peninsula (if not the world).

I do not work with El, Allah, or Azazel, nor any other spirits or Lucifers, but I was a targeted individual by some witches for a while.

Allah is identical in magical work to El of the ancient Israelites and Canaanites, whose origin is in ancient Phoenicia. Both El, Allah and Azazel are seen as moon-Saturn Gods of death-energy, are horned, and have the same demonic/astrological seal, namely the magical seal of the planet Saturn. A black rock, or a lamb was said to represent Azazel taking all the sins of the world, like that of the black meteorite inside the vesica pices of the Muslim Kaaba, the black Saturn worship of the Muslims. A cube can also be inverted into a cross, and it is said that this Angel, Azazel, was responsible for the latter fall of man into sin in our time, and that the Muslims worship him.

It might very well be that Azazel, the demon of Judaism, is the real culprit, as it seems Jesus identified with him to make up for his mistakes, along with all other sin of Adam/Adapa, me, and you for all time until forever on the cross, but we will get to who Satan is in a moment.

We will also explore how Jesus saw himself as the incarnation of this comparative-mythological ¨lamb of God¨ whose self-less, perfect, loving sacrifice would pave our road to Heaven through his defeating the current seal of Saturn and it`s power as ruler of this realm.

These Lucifer archetypes coincide with ALL the dark figures in St. John`s Revelation, namely the two beasts (Azazel is a she-goat with horns like the 2nd beast, dark in the form of the dreaded Baphomet of the witches Sabbath), Apollyon (the Greek sun-god), and the whore of Babylon (Ishtar/Inanna).

Yet masons, and Jehovah’s Witnesses believe Jesus to be Lucifer the sun-god Apollo as the Bible tells Apollo holds the keys of death, and is thus clearly Jesus to them. They also believe Jesus to be the beast 666. For 666 correspond to the Greek letters 600 chi, 60 xi, and 6 stigma, in gematria/numerology, translated: ¨600 Christ, 60 on a cross, 6 (being) pierced¨ from ancient Greek.

This is conclusive evidence that the 1st century Christians saw Jesus as a Lucifer-myth or feared that he would evolve into a Greek-Roman Lucifer-myth, and not be seen as the Jewish sage, and King who he really was. Alas, the fears of St.John came to pass, much worse than any 1st century Christian could ever have imagined in their most distant nightmares…

The beast 666 represents the Romanization of the Jesus figure in the form of the military-political power of ancient Rome, now wielded by the Catholic Vatican, the Great Harlot of Revelations, not Jesus himself, to which there is no redemption, only pure heresy to the original Nazarene origins of Christianity.

However: Jesus depicted as the cross, the cross representing the primordial sound, the sun-cross, and the sacrifice that set us free seems to have been canonized as Holy by Heaven, while St. John originally warned us: Cross worship leads to secretive death worship and death-cults! The cross was a pagan symbol.

Considering the Lucifer-God-experiment of modern times, and sacrifice, we conclude that Jesus never should have been worshipped on a cross, but as what he is, and claimed to be; God, the way, the truth, the life, the tree, the morning-star, the sun ¨light of the world that shines on everyone who enters the world¨/Bible, and the WORD (not the Bible) but sound that started all primordial creation (google David Wilcock sacred Geometry and Michael Tellinger) as in John 1:1-6, which clearly tells the ancient Nazarenes, especially St.John, had knowledge of our universe` origin on par with alternative-scientist lecturers of modern times, considering the Merkaba, the cross, and the fractals it produces are the constructs of all forces of alternative Tesla physics, and our material universe.

I spoke to Jesus, and he showed me his crucifixion, and asked me: ¨What do you see written?¨ Above Jesus, according to the Bible, was written ¨King of the Jews.¨ Jesus replied: ¨I am. ¨ I therefore advocate a long-overdue reformation to peacefully dismantle the heretical crosses of the secret Vatican`s sacrificial cult – hidden in plain sight – and replace them with Christ depicted in his crowned, ascended glory as Majesty over all the Earth. We owe him that. Instead of crossing yourself, say the Jewish shema. We will get to that in my next book.

Azazel is one of the favourite deific masks of Lucifer and Luciferians. These three abovementioned ¨Lucifer categories¨ carries extreme power! But I had to cover these topics as knowledge is vital against the enemy in our time, and will be essential to my book.

Remember to never work outside co-ordnance with God and scripture!

The origin and correction of the term Lucifer and the evil conspiracy to blacklabel light and lightlabel darkness.

Lucifer most often associates with the devil. We`ll get to that.

Is Lucifer the devil, and are there many devils? In western comparative mythology, and freemasonry, there are hundreds of different Lucifers in all different mythologies, and there are billions of devils and demons. To categorize them would be impossible, because Lucifer is the Light, even Jesus to some, while he is the devil to Christians like myself. And some worship Lucifer as ascended, while others worship him as descended.

There has been perhaps a hundred great teachers, and civilizers who were sun-deified for bringing peace, order, religion and civilization to the world. Who were angels/Elohim/Annunaki?

Let`s work with the Biblical canon, and the book of Enoch, which was basic scripture at the time of Jesus, even quoted from by the Nazarenes in the New Testament, before it was lost due to persecution and war.

There were many lightbeings/Lucifers who fell to Earth along with Semjase and Azazel, their leaders. But Christians seem to have forgotten the book of Enoch.

The only scripture referring to the Lucifer fantasy of contemporary Christianity is in Isaiah, and relates to Nebuchadnezzar II, not some imaginary fantasy.

Isaiah 14:12-21

“How you are fallen from Heaven,
O Lucifer, son of the morning!
How you are cut down to the ground,
You who weakened the nations!
 For you have said in your heart:
‘I will ascend into Heaven,
I will exalt my throne above the stars of God;
I will also sit on the mount of the congregation
On the farthest sides of the north;
 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
I will be like the Most High.’
 Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol,
To the lowest depths of the Pit.

 “Those who see you will gaze at you,
And consider you, saying:
Is this the man who made the earth tremble,
Who shook kingdoms,
17 Who made the world as a wilderness
And destroyed its cities,
Who did not open the house of his prisoners?’

“All the kings of the nations,
All of them, sleep in glory,
Everyone in his own house;
But you are cast out of your grave
Like an abominable branch,
Like the garment of those who are slain,
Thrust through with a sword,
Who go down to the stones of the pit,
Like a corpse trodden underfoot.
You will not be joined with them in burial,
Because you have destroyed your land
And slain your people.
The brood of evildoers shall never be named.
Prepare slaughter for his children
Because of the iniquity of their fathers,
Lest they rise up and possess the land,
And fill the face of the world with cities.”

Lucifer (latin) in Isaiah came from Phosphoros (Venus in Greek), but Venus original Hebrew name is however ¨Helel Ben Shachar¨ meaning ¨shining one¨, or ¨son of the morning¨, referring to the planet, the morningstar Venus, and nothing else. That is ALL there is to it..

Isaiah writes about Nebuchadnessar II and compares him to the transit of how Venus is never high above the horizon in an analogy.

Isaiah never intended that Christians would misuse this scripture to believe that Venus, and the Light is associated with the devil! But so, happened after the writings of Dante Alligheri, and John Milton`s Paradise Lost.

They were the first to associate Lucifer with Satan the devil, who traditionally is called Samael in Judaism, and NOT Lucifer.

Since most people are tempted by evil, it goes unsaid that this new, heretical theory that Satan was an angel of light took on, but darkness is darkness, and light is light. The early church worshipped Jesus as Lucifer, and the Catholic Church still worship Jesus as Lucifer in their Easter mass of today, just use google.

You cannot call the devil ¨Lucifer¨ , which means ¨Angel of Light¨ without being heretical, because the same term applies to God and Jesus, who calls themselves the light and Morningstar. Are Jesus, and God also the devil? One must be consequent throughout scripture. The Bible will always interpret itself by itself, not by Dante Alligheri or John Milton`s writings.

They misused scripture in favour for the devil. While the devil had been darkness, and Satan, he was now sympathized with as a being of Light. It is a common saying that darkness always hides in the light, and that ¨to overcome your enemy (God) you must plagiarize him and steal his reputation. ¨

Do we have material for a book on the Illuminati conspiracy, and how they invert evil to good and good to evil??? I bet they even plagiarized the very NAME of God???

Oh… They did.

Yes. Jehovah means ¨God of destruction/wickedness/perversion¨ from Y=God and Hovah=destruction/wickedness/perversion according to Hebrew dictionary. The Jews forgot the name of God by saying it was too holy to use, then centuries later inserted the vowel points of Adonai into the tetragrammaton so that YHWH became ¨Jehovah¨, while mostly all historians agree that the historical pronunciation of YHWH at Jesus, and pre-Christian times was Yahovah, not Yahweh, which is the Roman pronunciation.

Remember: Everything was about astrology to the ancient Israelites, and astrology was not considered heresy. Worship of stars was however very strictly forbidden, as God was seen as ¨the all¨, which the tetragrammaton, the four letters YHWH represents.

Let`s examine Isaiah 14.

Lucifer (the planet Venus) will exalt my (his) throne above the stars of God;
I will also sit on the mount of the congregation
On the farthest sides of the north;
Lucifer (Venus) will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
Lucifer (Venus) will be like the Most High.’
Yet Nebuchadnessar shall be brought down to Sheol,
To the lowest depths of the Pit.

The entire idea with this comparison is that Venus never rises high above the horizon e.g never ascends above the heights of the clouds of Heaven/The Milky way. It is a quite good comparison indeed, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with the modern misunderstood perception of the Roman God Lucifer who came along at least 500 years after Isaiah wrote this.

Are we talking an Illuminati black-brotherhood conspiracy???

Satan isn`t Lucifer! Jesus is! Jesus says himself in Revelations 22:16, i am the bright Morningstar! (Venus)

“I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”

2 Peter 2:19

 ¨We also have the prophetic message as something completely reliable,and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.¨ Here, Peter is using the Greek Phosphoros or Latin Lucifer, the morningstar in relation to Illumination and sanctification.

And in Revelations 2:28, Jesus, talking about his coming rule on Earth, says:

¨And I will give him the morning star.¨

1st century nazarene beliefs interpret this to mean that his disciples BECOME the morning-star, becoming Illuminated sons of God of light and love.

Reprobate scum made darkness into light to popularize the devil, stealing a title of our Lord Jesus!!! Just like they made Yahuah into Jehovah. J-hovah meaning: J/Y (God) hovah (Ruin, mischief, calamity, disaster, perversion, very wickedness, noisome). The Y, symbolizing the bull-horns of El, Isis, Baal, the Pharaohs, the crescent moon, and the hail sign of your middle fingers quenched is the most ancient symbol for God in history, not the symbol of the devil.

The devil has plagiarized the title of Angel of Light like the Bible warns us about in 2 Corinthians 11:14, and you did nothing to stop him! What`s worse, he has ruined the YHWH tetragrammaton to mean Jehovah, which probably happened during the Babylonian exile. Many phenophoric Jewish names still carry the Yahu(ah) ending such as Israel`s prime minister Netanyahu. Darkness always hides in something good, gradually perverting it plagiarize his enemies. More on this later. I personally believe God`s name IS Yahovah, meaning ¨he who is¨ with a 95% certainty, and that God also is a destroyer. A God of hovah/destruction, bringing FEAR back in the ¨fear of God¨, as many times as the Israelites went to war… This warrior aspect of God is something peaceful, loving Christians too often forget.

Lucifer is Latin and means light-bringer. The Roman-Catholic church translated the Greek Bible (called the Septuagint) into Latin. The Greek word for Lucifer was Phosphoros meaning ¨morningstar¨ after the planet Venus.

That`s how we ended up with the name Lucifer in modern times, which eventually, idiotically, because of contemporary misconceptions due to Milton`s Paradise Lost, made it`s way into the popular American King James Bible, where Lucifer was incorrectly inserted into Isaiah 14, speaking of Nebuchadnessar II, or perhaps the King of Babylon, while it is never used for Jesus, as was originally intended in the earliest Greek Bibles who used Lucifer and Phosphoros for Jesus.

Can the Church accept this? From there on, the fantasy about the devil somehow being an angel of light has gripped world culture to terrible effect, perverting our youth as lately seen in the HBO series ¨Lucifer¨ where Lucifer, light, is incorrectly mixed with the correct Hebrew name for Satan, namely Samael, which is pure blasphemy, as in the series… Samael is the worst of the worst of all demons!!! And they mix it with one of the most beloved ancient names for Jesus that even St.Peter and St.John used: Lucifer or Phosphoros: The morning-star!

Make up your mind and be consequent. Is God or the devil the light???

Some Christians will argue that Isaiah 14 is speaking of Nebuchadnessar representing the God of Babylon, but was Venus the God of Babylon, and did Nebuchadnessar represent this deity? There is no proof to show this, and he probably identified with the God Marduk, although he contructed the Ishtar gate. One could theorize that Isaiah was referring to Ishtar (the Babylonian Ashtar) in Isaiah 14, but this doesn`t make sense as Ishtar was a female, and Nebuchadnessar II was a male.

But it doesn`t matter anymore. The battle is lost as Lucifer, once known as Jesus or the beloved Venus, depending on culture, is now SYNONYMOUS with SAMAEL! Darkness has become light, it seems, and Lucifer is no longer a sacred name at all, and should be avoided. I do not worship Jesus as Lucifer, in fact, I never have. But let`s continue.

The Christian tales surrounding Lucifer, how he was a great worshipper in Heaven, the most beautiful of all the angels, next to God in power, and how a war broke lose after which Lucifer fell to Earth with one third of the angels has NO biblical proof, and is false doctrine in any way you see it.

Where does that even come from??? Where??? Is it in the Bible??? Is it in ANY extra-Biblical text? Nowhere!!! All the Bible says is to be vary of Satan masquerading as Lucifer!

2 Corinthians 11:14

¨And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.¨

And that`s exactly what happened. Satan took over and plagiarized the title of Lucifer – Angel of Light. Now Satan is officially the Angel of Light.

Which is bogus! Satan is darkness! Jesus/God is Lucifer or anything that has to do with light!

Not anymore…

It is a disaster we have allowed evil to taint Jesus title as Lucifer to be associated with the devil. Jesus was originally worshipped as Chrestos and Phosphoros by the early Palestine and Greek Church, and was, and is still worshipped as Lucifer by the Roman-Catholic Church to this day. Watch Catholic apologist Jimmy Akin`s ¨Lucifer Worship at the Vatican. Really???¨ on YouTube, although I strongly advice you to abandon the once Christian title Lucifer entirely, as the name is TERRIBLY tainted, much THANKS to the Vatican, their Dante and John Milton.

There is however SOME basis for the gnarly King-James Bible preachers, and their fantasy that darkness is somehow the angel of light. Long after Lucifer ended up in Isaiah 14 where it should have read Venus instead, the mythological ¨Book of Enoch¨ resurfaced from ancient times public for all. There, Semjase, Azazel, and their fallen angels are described as ¨shining ones¨. The book was known at the time of Jesus, as the New Testament quotes from it several times, so we see that the fallen angels indeed masqueraded as angels of light. But then again, is this Lucifer Samael? From my past occult experience, I must say no, although others will disagree, as many occultists wrongly associate Azazel with Samael.

And by mere chance, since ancient Gods are often re-invented as devils, there is SOME basis for the Christian myth of Lucifer. Shachar (Shahar) was/is a pagan Israelite Venus-deity synonymous with the Semitic/Moabite God Attar/Ashtar whom, if anything, is the origin of our modern Lucifer myth of Isaiah 14, and was the ¨son of God/EL¨ , but failed to ascend the highest God`s throne.

This highest God was Baal Hadad, equated with the Greek Zeus. Jesus is the roman name of Yeshua, and means ¨healing Zeus.¨ Jesus was believed to be the son of God/Zeus, namely ¨Lucifer¨ (coin the term) from the beginning, and ascended into ¨Zeus-hood¨ just like ancient Greeks and ancient Roman nature worshippers believed the morning star Lucifer to ¨transform¨ into the morning sungod Zeus during the day. It`s all about astrology.

But Jesus was not Ashtar. Jesus is an aspect of not Ashtar-Lucifer, but Lucifer-Azazel ASCENDED. Jesus knew the truth of the fallen angels, and what curses had to be broken on the cross, and he did it. You might be shocked, but I will back it up.

Azazel is a different deific mask of Lucifer: namely Allah/El/Saturn – the black sun Saturn. The seal of Azazel is the same as Saturn. Azazel`s symbol is also the cross, which never was the symbol of Jesus anyways, whose actually symbol was two fishes symbolizing the astrological age of Pisces. Yet Azazel is in Judaism also seen as the lamb who carry all the sins of the world, which is the reason why the Jews send a clean lamb into the ¨the desert to Azazel¨ every year.

The magical energies of Jesus, Lucifer and Azazel, from the heart of a prophet who is truly saved and reborn, as a continuation of the 1st century faith, are close to identical. However I strongly condemn any worship of Jesus as these other titles, I simply have to be strictly professional, as this is an important study-book.

And Jesus true name is Immanuel meaning El/Saturn with us, as the first mention of something is always the truest, in Jewish religious literature.

Azazel was the leader of the fallen angels together with Semjase according to Judaism.

The word Azazel (‘ăzaz’ēl) derives from the Hebrew roots ‘ăzaz (“to be strong”) and ‘ēl (“God“). “God has been strong,” “God strengthens,” or “strong one of God.” It is thus similar to Elohim/Eloah who means ¨strong one¨ in Hebrew. It is from Eloah that we have derived the Muslim word for God, namely Allah. This is something all linguists and historians can confirm. The connections between El, Azazel and Allah are thus clear.

But Allah is simply a term that means ¨The God.¨ The Quran does however specify it`s talking about the Judeo-Christian God. A book full of mistakes. But if so: Why aren`t Muslims worshipping Yahovah???

One can only wonder what went through that illiterate pagan Muhammad`s mind when he invented his religion by false retellings of Biblical stories he remembered incorrectly. The ¨Prophet¨ mixes up Mary mother of Jesus with Miriam, sister of Abraham two times, the gravest possible mistake one could possibly begin to imagine. No wonder the Christians and Jews didn`t take Muhammad, and his war-conquest invention of ¨this is Islam, and I`m the last prophet¨ seriously…

We can read about Lucifer Azazel, leader of the fallen angels in the protocanonical book of Enoch which was certainly included as a holy scripture when Jesus walked the Earth. The New Testament even quotes from the book of Enoch in Jude.

Enoch 7:

¨And when the angels, the sons of Heaven, beheld them, they became enamoured of them, saying to each other, Come, let us select for ourselves wives from the progeny of men, and let us beget children. Then they swore all together, and all bound themselves by mutual execrations. Their whole number was two hundred, who descended upon Ardis, which is the top of mount Armon.¨

Enoch 8:1–3

“And Azazel taught men to make swords and knives and shields and breastplates; and made known to them the metals [of the earth] and the art of working them; and bracelets and ornaments; and the use of antimony and the beautifying of the eyelids; and all kinds of costly stones and all colouring tinctures. And there arose much godlessness, and they committed fornication, and they were led astray and became corrupt in all their ways.” 

Enoch 10:8

And the whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azazel: to him ascribe all sin.’

You got that? Transcribe all sin. That`s why the Jews sent a goat to the wilderness as commanded by Moses in the Torah. A goat for Azazel. That is why Jesus who was Lucifer had to die on the cross.

The confusing, mysterious tradition of European pagan Satanism believe Azazel was not the Seed of Angels and Women but the Seed of Semjase and Lilith (their version of Lucifer`s bride) who was not exactly human, thus God ascribed all sin to Azazel and he alone became guilty for all the sins of the seed of the fallen angels. It was said he was mightier than all the angelic seed, having been more angelically pure and angelically excelled in strength, hence his name, more so than the rest of the angelic seed mixed with women because his mother was Lilith making him, the Rival Seed of the Serpent Lilith the Adversary against God and Man.

One can wonder what might be true of these fairytales, as Azazel is clearly described as wholly angel in the book of Enoch, much prior to the invention of the abovementioned ¨Baphomet figure of Cain¨, which I choose not to add to, as this is a Christian book. Cain and Azazel are the Satanic Saints of witches, both whom they proclaim to be the offspring of this ¨Lillith¨, the Canaanite demon who steals children, mentioned in the Old Testament.

Satan probably used this name, Lillith, as the bride of his invention ¨Lucifer¨, in his clever guise to make his way into fame, because both names are pretty, and if not associated with evil, would have been better suited as elvish names in a fantasy novel.

But what happened to Azazel? What was his punishment?

Enoch 10:6-8

Again, the Lord said to Raphael, Bind Azazel hand and foot, cast him into darkness, and opening the desert which is in Dudael, cast him in there. Throw upon him hurled and pointed stones, covering him with darkness, there shall he remain forever, cover his face, that he may not see the light.

“pointed stones” = “PYRAMIDS”

The Desert of Dudael is in Upper Egypt. Specifically, Cairo. It is the tomb of Azazel/Lucifer. He is underneath the Great Pyramid in a hole with his face covered and hands/feet bound. Just like in the opening of the movie X-Men Apocalypse. Dudael is not in present-day Israel, it is in Cairo. The Egyptians venerated the pyramid as Osiris tomb, whom to some degree is Azazel/Lucifer.

The Great Pyramid was once known as Tha Khut or ¨the light¨. The name Egypt is derived from this noun. It was made by Enoch as a measurement of the Earth, as an astrological prophecy calendar, and incorporated sacred dimensions and mathematics.

Jesus also identifies as the cornerstone of the pyramid.

Matthew 21:42-44, “Jesus said to them: ‘Have you never read in the Scriptures: The stone which the builders rejected has become the Chief Cornerstone, this was the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes?'”

The Greek word used can only mean the capstone of a pyramid, more on this later… The GPG had exactly 144.000 white limestone casing stones covering the Great Pyramid before an earthquake that shook them loose in the 900`s AD, which was further transported as a great building material for mosques, and houses in Kairo, until all the covering-stones were gone. But historians and pyramidologists conclude that 144.000 white limestones once covered the Great Pyramid, giving it the name ¨The Light¨. So great was the reflection of the sun that it is said you could see the Pyramid from the mountains of Israel. Digging down to the base of the Pyramid, you find the same white-limestones that once covered the entire building. The funny thing is the relation between the Nazareenes, or the ancient Jewish school of prophets in general, and occult Egyptian pyramidal knowledge. How did they know so much about the Pyramid if Jesus, and his parents had not studied as part of a cult while in Egypt? For the number of saved Israelis from the 12 tribes of Judah in St.John (the guy who knew it all) Revelations is 144.000. More astounding is the fact that the New Jersusalem, also found in Revelations, has the same dimensions as the Great Pyramid scaled up.

The secret of scripture is that Jesus carried the sins of the world in the same way as Azazel. Jesus died on the cross. The cross symbolized Saturn, the doorway to Heaven, the gate-keeper. He thus ascended and took the keys of death: Opening a road to Heaven for all of us.

Was he the Jewish messiah? The Jews have two messiahs. Ben Joseph, and Ben David. Most Christians believe Jesus was both the messiahs, and rules from Heaven. We will touch upon this soon, but first rule out the competitors.

Where do I go with all of this? To boil it down for the regular Christian, ¨it seems Satan was furious having lost the title of God, Love/Venus, Chrestos and Lucifer/Shachar/Phosphoros to Jesus in the 1st century, so Satan fought and plagiarized the term for himself until today: Where Lucifer is synonymous with Satan, which is in any way MUCH worse than even the time BEFORE Jesus, because it makes Satanism much more appealing and sexual. But make up your mind: Is love and light: goodness, God and Heaven? Or is it darkness, devil and Hell? Because I sure can tell you, Samael is darkness, devil and Hell. If you`re searching for light and love, you CERTAINLY won`t find it in the caverns of Hades…!!!

The Lucifer term as devil; who is Satan Himself?

Ok. Back to the 21st century reality where Lucifer is synonymous with Satan, which is the greatest heretical contradiction in religious history, anyways…!!!

Where do we go with all this??? The title of Lucifer is down.

The real Lucifer that Satan has plagiarized himself into today, is only the BLACK sun: The fallen Lucifer Azazel Samael. Evil magicians have cleverly attributed the qualities of the most beloved titles to Samael. It is beyond healing.

So let`s just say it right out: Lucifer is the devil! At least in my book. Let`s agree, and just call Jesus for ¨Jesus.¨

But let me tell you about the main nemesis, and enemy of God, Satan or ¨Satan Lucifer¨ as he is wrongly attributed.

Masons, and occultists see Lucifer as a concept, or even the architect of the universe before he fell from Heaven and was ¨trapped in it.¨

To them, Lucifer is in many ways ¨the all. ¨ To freemasons: Lucifer is ¨the force¨ as in Star-Wars. We all have some of this ¨force¨ in us from varying degrees of angelic blood, as we are all descendants of a hybrid breed, allegedly. Masons see Lucifer as the spiritual force of intellect, courage, will, individuality, power, lust and nobility.

The ¨loosh¨ as they call it. ¨Give Lucius his loosh¨ is a term they use, referring to the rush you get when doing something that empowers you like for instance sex. Masons see Set as Lucifer`s brother and equate Set/Satan with the dark side of the force which is toxic, possessive, suffocating, breathless, and void of energy.

But you`re here because you want the truth, right???

The modern Lucifer of modern occultists is the black-sun alright. And one of the most common Satanic masks for Lucifer is Azazel or Allah, the black sun, whose demonic seal is identical.

But who is Satan himself? Is he a fallen angel? Is he a being of light? Was he the architect of Yahovah before he was trapped in the universe? Did the lower-dimensional dualistic creations including our realm result from this fall???

Lucifer has a fallen aspect as Lucifer Satan, which means adversary, the main devil, namely the former Cherub (the highest form of angel in Judeo-Christianity) in Christian catholic demonology who according to William Schnoebelen, a former 90th degree freemason, and myself, a former Illuminati insider. Schnoebelen saw him after summoning him, which you can read about in Schnoebelen`s book ¨Lucifer dethroned¨, and I have seen him too. He is a 12 feet tall, winged, blonde beauty who oscillates between a male, female, oxen, and dragon form. (A shapeshifter) When I saw him, he had four horns, and he is often depicted with four horns, as on the Dimmu Borgir cover Abrahadabra. Other times, he is not depicted with four horns but two goat-ears and two horns. Let me leave out that story for you…This is Satan, who fell at the beginning of this 3rd dimension, or at the beginning of mankind in it`s current form, which is about 500.000 years old, according to Dr. Bill Deagle.

This Satan is THE Satan, whose fall created this fallen bi-polar world of yin and yang, often equated with the fallen celestial beings in Jewish demonology Samael and/or Gadrael – Lord of the underworld/Hell, and main enemy of God and humanity. Schnoebelen describes Lucifer as a being of incredible, incinerating light, but describes how this light was false and incinerating. I testify the same, but I recognized it, and had it not been for me being a Christian, I never would have realized his light was false. Never.

That was Lucifer Satan the devil, the black sun. As of 2019, Satan has taken up the name Lucifer, and nobody seems to be able to stop him. But as Angels/aliens are beings of Light, the different Lucifer`s are given many names.

While Azazel, El, and Allah are different aspects of the black sun of Saturn, the more commonly worshipped Lucifer by pagans, was the arch-enemy of Set/Satan.

That is the Lucifer who ruled Atlantis and is the good progenitor of the Aryan race according to Theosophists Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Miguel Serano, and the secret Nazi religion of the third reich. He is Ashtar, Horus, Ra, and Shamash to the occultists.

This is the Jesus archetype. Judas is for instance Jesus brother just as the Egyptian Set was the brother who in some versions crucified Osiris. It is said that this good Lucifer ruled all Earth from a high mountain like Zeus.

He was then corrupted by the temptations of this world. The Illuminati told me that he became so bad that after an eternity of Earthly rulership, that Michael the archangel (an alien) descended from Heaven and defeated all Earth in history`s greatest war. (Not to be confused with the bird-serpent war between Horus and Set.)

Lucifer died, and was then cast to Hell while the Earth was replenished and set back thousands of years in evolution. Giants were destroyed, and the angels awaited the redeemer: Jesus, and started by leading the Jews out from Egypt as the Elohim, who plagued the Egyptians through their hidden technological superiority. In favour of the Israelites: The new chosen people. (Who now act as the very Egyptians they came from.)

The Illuminati told me there were two historical primordial wars. The war of the angels against a reptilian chaos-monster race (Tiamat / Satan) where Lucifer won. And a war where Lucifer was defeated by archangel Michael.

As of today: Both the bad (Satan), and the good Lucifer are said to rule different regions of Hell according to demonology. They are however still enemies, and while Satan hates humanity. The good Lucifer`s (aliens) by the names Amon Ra, Osiris, Horus, Mithras, Shamash, Enlil, Apollo etc want to keep humanity alive, advance civilization, prefer the white race, are not as hostile against Heaven, and wants to upgrade our DNA.

These were termed the ¨good rulers of Hell¨ in ancient times. To the Egyptians, he was Osiris the ¨faithful lord of the underworld. ¨ All pharaohs were believed to possess the Ka, or spirit of Osiris and Horus, and were as such treated as Gods. Set/Satan worship was however BANNED in almost all of Egypt`s long history. Punishable by death.

So you see: There is something VERY wrong with magick today, as it most often focuses on the stronger, more powerful dark side: Satanism. Which is easier to use, as not so many descendants of Lucifer exist to use the Light side of the force.

Freemasons say Lucifer represents courage, intellect, willpower, joy, laughter and lust. He is Light and Love. The God of this world, for without him, nothing would exist. He is Life, and was worshipped as such throughout all Egyptian, Babylonian, and Greek history respectively as Osiris/Horus, Nimrod/Tammuz, and Apollo etc.

They say Lucifer is the Sun and morning-star: Lucifer rises, and dies every day. The female evening-star Venus becomes the male morning-star Venus whom is the seed becoming the new-born Horus the morning sun whom dies and is born again every new day. That`s why we call them the 12 Horus`. The twelve hours.

Jesus calls himself both the light of the world, and the morning star, equating himself with an aspect of Lucifer. Is Jesus Lucifer then? Of course not! He was the son of God, and the morning-star is just a planet.

Yet some say Jesus is the son of Yahovah Elohim. This is like how Lucifer is the son of Zeus and Aurora in Greek mythology… Jesus is the son of Yahovah /Jehovah – the Greek comparison is Jove, pronounced similar to Jehovah. Both whom correspond to the planet Jupiter. The believe Lucifer was the son of God, or son of the planet Jupiter, whom is the King of the Gods.

Also: Both Jupiter, and Venus are called Lucifers as both are called day-stars or morningstars. They are the most radiant planets that can be seen during the morning and evening. Sometimes during the day.

A freemason, or Luciferian will sometimes refer to themselves as Lucifer. These believe he is the good-guy, and the creator of man, all which is partly true. The freemasons are not the only ones to worship Lucifer. The Yezidis of the middle-east worship Lucifer in an ascended form, believing he ascended out of Hell after some 40.000 years. They worship him as Melek Taus, the peacock angel, and also as Azazel.

In the old king`s English the word ¨star¨ was spelled Astar, or like the God Ashtar which is the origin of the Lucifer myth in the Bible.

If your life goes wrong, then you`re a DISastar. You must consult the astar`s (stars) was an ancient saying, according to occult expert, lecturer, and masonic author Jordan Maxwell. (Who often is strikingly wrong in his lectures, just to warn you.)

All religion stems from the arrival of the civilizers. The angels. The Creators of man. Azazel gifted mankind knowledge of war, metal-working, and caused terror to this day. Primitive man regarded the celestial beings as Gods, and many accounts say these aliens ruled over us. They have been deified to this day, and their spirits live on.

Mankind never forgot the knowledge of astrology, their religion, their banking system of Inanna, and their war-Gods. As the stars were thought to greatly affect earthly endeavours, sacrifice, and worship of these stars became the starting point of all modern religion, a popular theory among freemasons called ¨astrotheology.¨

Lucifer worship is hidden everywhere, and stems from mystery religions of ancient Rome which in turn stems from Egypt and Babylon, which in turn stems from Sumer. Eventually stemming from the angelic descent upon Mt. Hermon whenever that happened. That it happened before the flood is certain.

And if so, then it is likely that the story in the book of Enoch, guarded by Egyptian prince Moses as highly correct renditions of ancient history, is true, and the oldest retelling in the world by far. It is as such possible to hypothesize that the arrival of the fallen angels happened with the arrival of the Annunaki, although most Biblical schoolars look away from contemporary alternative archaeology, and date their arrival to approx. 17.000 years ago, while the Annunaki came around 500.000 -400.000 years ago.

I favour the view that there has been numerous angelic interventions or ¨fall of angels.¨ Most of Egyptian legacy is however lost in time, but there is a possibility that Enoch was regarded as the Egyptian Thoth, the scribe, and wise magician of the Gods, although the real meaning of the Gods were lost in time, perhaps along the book of Enoch, and only revealed to the initiates…

The Egyptians were the ones who had the most advanced religion and civilization. They also happen to be the only ancient religion where the sun-god was the highest God of the pantheon. Namely Atum Ra of Heliopolis. Horus was however their favourite God and was also a sun-god. So, they worshipped Light. But did they also worship Love?

The wife of Osiris, and lover of their child Horus was Isis, the goddess of love, magick and sex. She is perhaps one of the most powerful deities I know of and was second to none in ancient Egypt. Hathor was also a love goddess.

So yes. If we are to trace back my love and light philosophy, we would end up in Egypt for certain, but they didn`t see the HOLY aspect of the sun, of light, as I do.