All secrets revealed! Bear in mind that this was written while I was still a Christian.

Is there any relation to Source-Field science??? Let`s investigate…!

The lost knowledge…

The teachings of source, love, and light has almost disappeared COMPLETELY from its last stronghold: Christianity, while it once had a stronghold in Egypt. The other Abrahamic religions are rather moon-Saturn-cults, while as Christianity is sun-centred. Still, the teachings of love are prevailing throughout Christianity, world religions, and humanism.

The concept of undeserved forgiveness, and everlasting love was invented in the Judeo-Christian tradition by Jesus who was a great nature-philosopher, liberator, feminist, and communitarist etc. The Buddha also had teachings of love.


The idea of a supreme, Heavenly God is not only Abrahamic, and even though abrahamism acclaims monotheism as structural belief, it was not always so, especially with Judaism.

I should mention that deva, the Indian word for God/a God comes from the proto-indo-European word deiwo meaning celestial (the Gods came from Heaven.) It is from deva that we have the Latin word for God ¨deus¨, the Italian ¨dio¨, the english word divine, as well as the Greek ¨demon¨, an ancient word that originally meant ¨a God.¨

All pre-abrahamic, or pre-Islamic Gods were simply given new names as angels, or disguised like with for instance Fatima, or Virgin Mother Mary, who the catholic church officially declares ¨the Queen of Heaven¨, as was the title of Asherah, the  goddess under many names in different cultures. Studying religion, you will find that Canaanite, Phoenician, Persian, and Babylonian religion inspired much of the Old Testament, and that Buddhism inspired much of the New-Testament teachings of Jesus in a school called comparative mythology and astrotheology, as worship of stars, e.g astrology and pantheist animism were mankind`s first religions. History, and archaeological findings like for instance the Mesha Steele shows the Abrahamic religions are continuations of more ancient religions like the Egyptian, Phoenician, and primarily Canaanite religion with different ¨set of Gods¨, which the monotheistic prophets of the Bible warns us about, when monotheism dominated in the age of the prophets, around the time of the dynasties of Judah and Israel.

Christians say they are monotheists but believe in a trinity. Jews accuse Christians saying they`re not monotheistic, but know not their faith originated as astrotheological renditions of the zodiac (mazzaroth in Hebrew), Egyptian deities, Phoenician deities, Canaanite deities, and the seven planets, until the characteristics of El, Baal, and Asherah were assimilated into singular Yahweh worship, as stated by Wikipedia… The Jews are thus lying when they say their God has no son.

We will discover that one of these Canaanite Gods mentioned in the Mesha Steele is Ashtar, which is probably the earliest origin of our Christian understanding of Lucifer today.

If I have one hand with 5 fingers, but say the hand is one, I do not lie. The same relativism applies to Christianity and Judaism which we will get to in a minute.

But abrahamism is not the only religion that copyrights these beliefs, with lesser Gods, or angels serving underneath in what is called henotheism, which was practiced in ancient Israel contrary to what the Christians believe.

You have most noticeably the Greek-Roman version Zeus/Jove/Jupiter. Notice how the Greek Jove is similar to Jehovah and know that the ancient Greeks had the same alphabet as the pharisees, the paleo-Hebrew alphabet.

The Hindu’s have an elaborate theology of trinities, good, evil, a supreme creator, a ¨son of God¨ etc. Much of this is relatively true! I say relatively because what matters is not the name of the God you call upon. What matters is the personality behind that name, and the COVENANT to reach that God. There is only One God, and Arabic Christians use the word Allah for God.

Remember that blood is the currency of the soul, its sins, and that ALL covenants with either Yahweh, or any other deity (for that matter) are BLOOD covenants. That`s why Jesus BLOOD was so important as we will discover.

One name Jesus used for God was Elah, according to the Bible when Jesus cries out on the cross. Elah means God in Hebrew/Aramaic, but not necessarily the Hebrew God. Jesus shouted Elahi which means ¨my God¨. Allah is an ancient Arabic variant of the Aramaic Elah.

The Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) also used Eloah for God, which is singular for Elohim – and can mean a God, or Idol although it mostly applies to the God of the Hebrews. It is not the truest name for God, and it seems the 1st century Christians didn`t care about God`s name as all text refer to God in Greek as Kyrie, with Elah(i) as the singular exception. Our world God comes from Germanic Odin worship! Does Yahweh care? Not so much. So it was with Elah.

But historians agree that the Israelites moved from El worship to Yahweh worship whence the Davidic Kingdom was established. That was the TRUE starting point of the Jewish religion.

Elohim is the first name of God in the Bible. Elohim derives from the Phoenician, and Akkadian God El whom is the equivalent of the planetary deity Saturn. He is the evil God of the law, death and time. God is not El or Elohim. Have you ever heard of anyone healed in the name of Allah? But Elohim, and Allah are not the same! Elohim is a plural term for the Gods Israel worshipped prior to monotheism. One hand – five fingers. God represents the all.  The 7 planets, or seven fires that burn before the throne of God is one of the reasons why the Jews light the seven candles. The menorah, or hanukkah.

El of whom Elohim, Elah, and Allah is derived: Stems from the bull- El of the astrological age of Taurus 6000 years ago!

All Abrahamism worships El?

There is a common misunderstanding that Judaism and Christianity worships the Greek God Saturn through equating Saturn with the pre-Biblical Phonecian highest God; El through comparative mythology, while Yahweh is clearly an ¨all there is¨ concept, primarily a life, sun, and Jupiter deity, in REAL comparative mythology.

It is a Biblical, historical, and archaeological fact that ancient Israel, Phoenicia (and Egypt) , along with all other cultures of the levant greatly affected each-other, and many New-Age critics come with the notion that the hebrew alphabet stems from the phoenecian alphabet, as they are almost identical. The phoenecians invented writing and had the first written alphabet, and their alphabet made its way into the alphabet we have today, from moving to Greek (yes, the ancient Greek alphabet was identical to phoenecian), to latin and the english alphabet we have today.

New-Agers, conspiracy theorists, Masons, and critics of Abrahamism in general have made the notion that Yesreile is the ancient Phoenecian word for Saturn, equated with El in astrology. New-Agers like Sacha Stone, Michael Tellinger, David Wilcock, David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, all secret societies and all the rest claim that the God of the Old Testament and the Quran is El, and that he is the same as Yahweh. These new-agers compare this God to something the Freemasons, the Hermetecists and early gnostics called ¨the demiurge¨, and claim that this is the God who created religion as a tool of enslavement, while the REAL God is the Goddess, e.g under the Gnostic name Sophia, or other names from other mythologies. They claim this evil God made this world as a prison, but we already covered how our world is the only plausible philosophical world. Frankly, this is what most educated people you meet on the street believe. They claim that infant sacrifice to El is comparable to Abraham sacrificing Isaac, and while their notion is that yes, the Israelites lived alongside pagan Caananites and Phoenecians, the ENTIRE MORALE of the story of the the Bible, Abraham and Isaac, the story of Jews, Israel, etc, is that ¨thou shalt not kill¨, and CERTAINLY not kill infants, as infanticide (for reasons of survival) was common in all ancient cultures inc. ancient Palestine.

All  the ancient Israelites went FROM pagan worship of El, Baal, Asherah and other Gods TOWARDS YHWH and ¨I am that I am¨ in the course of Jewish history, ending with Jewish expulsion to Babylon, from which we have our current form of Judaism today.

This has been a terrible plot from the enemy. Ask any new-ager critic these questions: Did the Israelites speak phoenecian? Did the other tribes ALSO use the phoenecian alphabet, even as far as Greece? Why did the tribes of Israel revert from Canaanite and Phoenecian human sacrifice, polytheism, worship of El, and start worshipping YHWH in the course of their religious history? (Around the time of Solomon and later) Why did Israel risk so many enemies, invent the Mosaic law, and chose to worship YHWH instead of El, even suffering under the law of Moses in obedience? Was it because Jews DO NOT WORSHIP EL?

We know through the study of NDE (near death experiences), verified healings, dead being raised, testimonies of love with the divine, and much more, that YHWH and ¨I am that I am¨ is God/Source, and that he is not responsible for the evils of this world. All testimonies tell of God being an infinitely loving, deeply emotional, deeply intimate, responsible father who hates sin (inc sacrifice) as it is described in the Bible, his book of perfect numerological 7-ens, as Ivan Panin discovered. More on the problem of evil later in the book.

Now, Judaism (not Islam) IS the only surviving culture from the historical period of El-worship, and yes, there are many non-obedient pagan Jews today as there were in Biblical times, but all the Bible, the prophets in particular warn against the consequences of Israel worshipping pagan Gods as they are the ONE historical people to whom God (not the God of THIS world) revealed himself too, through and from the period of the COVENANT, Moses meeting ¨I am that I am¨ in the burning bush, giving him the law and onward. The Israelites waged many wars against polytheists.

Let`s say someone 1000 years from now finds our alphabet and discovers we worshipped something called ¨God¨, and coincidentally discovers that the VIKINGS ALSO worshipped their divinity under the title ¨God¨, that would definitely mean we worship Odin, right? After New-Age logic?

Just because the word ¨God¨ comes from Germanic worship of Odin and because Odin had one eye (Saturn) doesn`t mean we worship Odin when we call upon God. Because God is just a term, as was El and Elah in ancient Israel, just a term like we say ¨God¨, which is the reason why it is so common in the Bible, even Jesus calling YHWH for ¨Elah¨, but that was not his NAME, while Allah IS pagan, because Allah meaning ¨the God¨ was worshipped at the Kaaba prior to Muhammad with human sacrifices as Allah.

What is the name of the term ¨God/Elah¨? YHWH. Allah means ¨The God¨, but what is the name of that God? Allah, a pagan moon-God. It`s the personality BEHIND the name that matters: Allah is not the God of the Bible. Allah has VERY pagan origins and was the demon guardian of the pagan Quraish tribe, the tribe of the pagan-born Muhammad, whose father should have been sacrificed to Allah. Allah is not the Judeo-Christian God, as Near-Death Experiences confirm.

To define Allah as a singular deity, he would be a moon-Saturn God, perhaps as he was worshipped at the pre-Islamic Kaaba, and not necessarily the Hebrew-Aramaic as Elah.

He was a pagan God worshipped at the Kaaba along with Hubal (spirit baal), and three goddesses (Al-Uzza Alat and Manat – daughters of Allah) before Muhammad came along. Allah comes from Al-Illah meaning ¨the God¨ in Arabic. They also sacrificed humans to Allah before Muhammad. That is history.

The pagan origins, and similarities between ancient Israelite religion, and particularly the Canaanite-Phoenician religions caused Israel to slip away from monotheism through history, had it not been for the prophets. Islam takes religion back to pre-Israel where bull-El as he is called was worshipped. The Israelites historically moved from Allah/El worship into Yahweh Elohim worship.

In my magical experience: Allah is God of the prehistoric zodiacal age of Taurus the BULL. Old father Saturn. Death. Time. Law. While Muslims worship God as Allah, God cannot accept them unless through a COVENANT, since mankind`s DNA is corrupted. The Yeshuaic Holy-Ghost Sanctification covenant reigns, and although you MIGHT say Christians, Muslims, and Jews have the same God – they cannot be saved except through the covenant.

Islam is disguised Lucifer worship. We will discover that Catholicism, and Islam are disguised continuations for the Illuminati to preserve their respective sun, and moon-cults from the original pre-Judeo cults of the ancient Middle-East.

Both Rome, Jerusalem, and Mecca sit on 7 mountains as does the Whore of Babylon in Revelations. God is not Elohim or Allah. To believe that Israel`s religion did not evolve during, and after the time of Moses is unhistorical.

We know practically nothing of Israel`s religion until 400BC when the first biblical manuscripts were written. Israel`s historical, religious evolution is seen in the Bible, and verified by historians. El, and Elohim was replaced by Yahweh Elohim, or Yahweh (I Am – creator) OF Elohim (All co-creators). Israel was corrupt, and the real God Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (I am that I am) was forgotten… Until now.

Mysteries of God.

Let me elaborate on God`s name from the time-period the NT was written.

A clever man once told me Yahweh`s name is the sword. Throughout ancient and up until recent times, the first sword lesson, starting with an elevated sword pointing backwards, you draw the name YHWH, not in English, but in Hebrew, as in the practice of magick, using an athame (magical dagger or sword) , to pronounce Yahweh`s name while defending yourself against spiritual entities.

There is some disagreement inside the freemasonic lodge in whether Yahweh`s planetary representative is Mars or Jupiter. While Yahweh originated as the war-God of the Canaanite tribe, most neo-charismatic seers who experience the overwhelming power of Yahweh today will unambiguously agree that ¨God¨ and/or ¨Yahweh¨, is/has become synonymous with the almighty God, whom the ancients regarded as Jupiter and the Sun. If you look at European coins and church-art from the 15th-17th century, you will find that close to every single minted coin depicts the tetragrammaton YHWH inside the rays of the sun. There was also a reason the Romans desecrated the 2nd Temple with placing a statue of Zeus inside the Temple of Yahweh, as Greek culture was not far at all from the levant, as we will see:

Yahweh=the Greek Jove= which became the Roman Jupiter= who is also known as Zeus= or as he is worshipped in Churches today J-zeus. Jesus is latin for Yeshua and was pronounced He-sus. This means ¨healing Zeus¨ in latin. This is one aspect of God as good divine ruler. The planet Jupiter. Might the Jews have moved from worshipping Saturn to worshipping Jupiter??? It`s all about astro-theology. No wonder the romans and pagans adopted Christianity so quickly! It is time we rediscover the powerful mysteries of our Christianity`s origins.

Adonai=Adon=Odin. And the Germanic word for God: Got=God=good. Some linguistics also say it stems from the goat-god Gad, the philistine God of fate, of the city of Gad which is pronounced ¨God¨, and written G-d in Hebrew… Jews always write G-d instead of God. Coincidence? There is much corruption in Judaism.

The Germanic Got is however the undisputable origin of our word God, but the ancient Persians used Khoda, pronounced ¨God¨ to designate a ¨God.¨

Yahweh is the Roman pronunciation of Jehovah.

The first, and only time God reveals himself in person in the Bible (to Moses) he uses the REAL name: Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh. It translates to ¨I am that I am.¨

YHWH, better known as the tetragrammaton (upwards pentagram) of Jews, and Jehovah`s Witnesses, symbolizing the 5 elements, the periodic table of alchemy, if you will, and/or ether, the 5th element, pointing upwards symbolizing victory over matter is the symbol of God`s name, God being Jehovah/Yahovah. The Hebrew/Aramaic translation of Jehovah is ¨he who is.¨ Jehovah means ¨self-existant.¨ Yahoshua, the correct full Hebrew spelling of Jesus means ¨Yahovah saves.¨

The pagan pentagram is frankly the symbol of Yahovah  God. Let me tell you a fun-fact. The tetragrammaton the four letters YHWH from which we have the name Yahovah is derived. From the Mesha Steele to the Dead-Sea-Scrolls, and all other archeological findings: God`s name is always written as these four letters. All we know is that the Jews of the 6th century stopped pronouncing it because it was deemed to Holy. But books by Karite Jew Nehemia Gordon proves they never forgot God`s name, and that the ritual of whispering Yahovah to the next generation did not change in over approx. 1600 years. Any why would the zealous traditionalist Jews change God`s name? The Bible says that ¨the heathens will know me (Yahovah) by my name¨ in the end times. Historians agree that Jews often GREETED each-other with Yahovah, prior to the 6th century.

The four letters YHWH has 22 guess-names depending on where you insert the vowel points, invented to designate vocals from consonants by the Masoretes in the 6th century. It is often misquoted, even on Wikipedia, that modern Jews ended up with Jehovah because Jews of the 16th century didn`t know how to pronounce the four letters, so they took the vowel-points from another name, or title of God, namely Adonai, meaning Lord, and inserted them into YHWH so it`s pronunciation became Jehovah.

The ancient Greeks, and Hebrews had the same paleo-hebrew alphabet, and don`t forget the Greek Supreme Deity was called Jove! Then Jesus appears, and what does Jesus mean in Greek? It means hail Zeus or healing Zeus!

There is only one God, and it`s the personality BEHIND the name that matters. I’m not saying that Jehovah is Jove, or that Jesus is Zeus, but Christianity certainly spread like wildfire! The very idea with worship of God is to better name the ineffable one, the name=¨ha-shem¨, in Hebrew, as the Jews still do not pronounce the sacred name.

The Greeks also worshipped an Osirian (Osiris-based) death-and-resurrection God named Chrestos prior to Jesus, and all archeological, and scriptural evidence suggests that ancient Christians used the word Chrestos for Christ. So, Jesus Chrestos, there being many similarities between the three. But it`s the personality, and not the name that matters, ey?

The tetragrammaton has many sacred secrets. Historians speculate if not YHWH was derived from the verb that is used to make, I AM, namely היה (haya), meaning to be or to become, or rather from an older, and arcaic form, and rare synonym of haya, namely הוה, hawa, hence y-hawa or yahwah.

Also: Reading YHWH downwards in Hebrew letters makes it look like a human. So God is a man? Y-hawa also means God-Eve! Because Y means God, and Hawa is the name of Eve in Hebrew! The ancient Hebrews believed Yahweh/Jehovah to be a beautiful male with looks like a blonde, androgynous cat, not literally, but in kawaii terms, terms of ¨cuteness ¨, and they believed him to be blonde, like the sun, in which he was depicted in ancient coins and churches. Yah, the goat-god of the biblical pagan city of Gad, was said to be androgynous as well, as female goats have beards, the goat/gad later coming to represent Satan through church-art, and later the goat, once again in history, on top of an INVERTED pentagram signifying Satanism, the figure we have of the devil of the witches Sabbath today, created by Eliphas Levi, the occultist, creating the witch-God Baphomet, who some say the Knights Templars worshipped. This goat-God Gad, the God of fate, has become very popular among black-metal artists in Norway today.

The modern Luciferian, New-Ager, the gnostic Christians, and conspiracy theorist will often equate Lucifer with the pre-Biblica Sumerian God Enki, whom they claim was an alien from outer space, who the Babylonian Enuma Elish says created mankind and saved them from the great deluge, just like Yahweh!!! The later Babylonian culture`s equivalent to Enki is Ea, and they are close to identical. Was it in Babylon we ended up with the tetragrammaton, Yah/Yahweh and Judaism as it was at the time of Jesus??? Ea is pronounced ¨Yah¨. This is interesting to note, because Ea is often synonymous with, and called the serpent, Lucifer in the garden of Eden, throughout the world of comparative mythology. What a mess.

Jesus likens himself to the serpent in the New Testament. Yeshua or rightly pronounced ¨Yahoshua¨ means Yahovah saves. Christians believe Jesus to be fully God, Yahovah, or Ea, Yah himself, as did the first Christians, which is evident, and has always been the core of Christian belief. Are there secrets to Christianity and is Jesus Lucifer? Jesus is so much we will have to write a book about it, which this book will outline the basis off. I will however let you draw your own conclusions for now. Let`s continue with our history lesson.

The Gods¨, meaning the Elohim, developed from polytheistic worship into monotheism where Yahweh adopted the previous qualities of Ba`al, later demonized as Belzebub (Baal translated as Lord, but not of the flies but Lord of Heaven, as Baal`s full name was Baalshamim; literally lord of Heaven(s) who is a wind and sun-God at a time when Yah was a moon God or/and a war-God), Asherah (God`s wife), and El (God). But Semite religion was also greatly inspired by Egyptian religion, adopting the Egyptian Seraphim and Cherubs, which guarded Moses ark of the covenant, and later became two sets of angels. This is why in Freemasonry, you are revealed a secret name for God: Yaldabaoth, a composite name of many Gods, inc El, Yahweh, Baal, and Osiris, which is herecy.

Anyways. El, Asherah (his wife) , Baal and Yahweh merged into the Biblical God of today, becoming one, God symbolizing both male Baal and female Asherah in Judeo-Christian religion today, e.g as the Jewish ¨shekinah presence¨ symbolizes God`s holy female presence. Mankind moved further in history and understanding, acknowledging that there was only one God, or a God ABOVE (constituting of) all the other Gods, which I call GREAT PROGRESS. Alternative physics of the source-field (book 1) discovers this is true, we are all part of one great conscience, a field, although retaining singular individuality.

This movement towards monotheism was greatly inspired by the first monotheistic religion, Persian Zoroastrianism, a religion that barely survives to this day in India and Persia, but which has many similarities with Abrahamism, particularly Islam, the latter borrowing much from Zoroastrianism, Arab paganism (a later more evolved form of the Canaanite pantheon) and Hinduism. The ideas of hellfire, ¨yolo – you only live once¨, a bridge to Heaven, a God and a devil can all be attributed to Zoroastrianism. By the time Jesus arrived, religion had evolved into perfection with the revelation of the sacred trinity, as God`s son/sun physically incarnated to shed us absolute truth. Thank you Jesus, hallelujah. Let`s continue.

The tetragrammaton pentagram was sacred to the ancients as it symbolized all the 5 elements, or what we would today call the periodic table.

With ETHER/SPIRIT represented by the upward point of the star symbolizing ascension of spirit over matter. A downwards pentagram means the opposite; carnality first. From this we learn that God is the ALL – the Source-Field, that God is an androgynous blonde man represented by the Sun, and that God is One. ¨The I am that I am.¨ Amen?

And we are his long-lost sons now reborn through the Holy-Ghost covenant of Jesus.

And now to tell you some secrets: God is Yahweh Elohim which are the respective planets Jupiter and Saturn, which in turn represents life and death/matter and time etc.

We now understand that the Judeo-Christian God, not Allah, is the ALL. The God ABOVE the archons or planetary deities. ¨Yahweh of Elohim – ruler of the planets/Elohims. ¨ Yahweh is singular, but Elohim is plural!

Let me tell you a great important truth. He is always referred to as ¨Yahweh of Israel. ¨ What does this mean in mystery teachings??? It is very essential to Judeo-Christian belief and has been lost for too long.

It means that Yahweh is the God ABOVE Israel as they moved out from Egypt. Israel is Isis, Ra and El whom in turn were the most important planetary deities to the Egyptians during the Jewish exile from Egypt! Israel are Isis, (Venus and the Moon), Ra, (the Sun and Jupiter), and El, (Saturn whom is the father of the Gods, the moon-Saturn God.)

That is one of the reasons why the Jews lighted 7 candles in the temple and tabernacle, symbolizing the 7 fires before God`s throne. Where is God`s throne? In the Heavenly 12 sign Mazzaroth/zodiac which the 12 tribes mirrored in the desert. What are these 7 fires? The seven orbital satellites to the ancients, the 7 traditional planets. Read again.

These were their Gods in ancient astrology religion which freemasons often call astrotheology. These three deities Ra (sun), Isis (love), and El (death) are the most powerful creative forces known to the ancients and are so still as I can testify of. Just think in terms of religion, philosophy and metaphysics. The ancient Israelites moved from being Phoenician-Egyptiac polytheists to monotheists.

If you think this is mere coincidence, think again. The early Israelites worshipped the stars, and the Hebrew zodiac from the beginning. The encampment of the 12 tribes in the Sinai desert mirrored the 12 sings of the zodiac above which we will get to later in the book.

The symbols of each tribe (for instance Lion/Judah, Eagle/Snake/Dan, Bull/Ephraim, and Manasseh, and Reuben/Aquarius)  correspond to the animals in the Mazzaroth. In the middle of the camp was God`s throne, the tabernacle representing God`s rulership over the Heavenly host which were in turn represented by the Israeli tribes.

Way back at the time of Moses: The Israelites believed in the Phoenician El`s/Gods who were 72 Gods – Sons of El, the Prime Creator in Phoenician religion. The sons of El, the father of all the Gods. His wife was Asherah.

History, the Bible, and Solomon`s erections prove that monolatry of Yahweh as a supreme God AND worship of El, and Asherah (other Gods) was common among the Israelites throughout all their history provably to this very day, with angry prophets shouting ¨repent¨!

And also, contrary to the Egyptians and Phoenicians, Moses (at least) worshipped the God ABOVE the Gods. ABOVE the Gods of the visible Heavens, the night-sky, the zodiac (Hebrew mazzaroth). Yet a God who still was amongst them… One step in the right direction. A God that had not been known to man before Moses and Abraham. The real God, not angels, not planets, nor fallen angels or demons.

God. The one who exists in everything. In one way, you might call it pantheism, dualism, trinitarism, monolatry etc.

The seven candles represent the seven spheres/planets of antiquity. Sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These are powerful forces otherwise worshipped singularly by pagan polytheists.

But the Jews worshipped them as part of the all: Part of the will of the one creator, and his choir of Heavenly song.

The superconscience of the source-field Matrix is God: The All: The upholder of the etheric field of all that is. And he`s not just some field. He`s in the 13th Heaven as an old, bearded white man sitting on his throne. I have personally seen him in ecstatic trances induced by the Holy Spirit, as have many others.

In the year 0, approximately, God finally reveals himself to man as Jesus and perfects religion.

The Israelites had arcane knowledge about the stars, and astrology was at the centre of Israelite religion throughout all history, and especially in the cult of Jesus Christ from Nazareth (Mazzaroth/Heaven), throughout all synagogue and basilica (Church) mosaic art to this day; depicting the 12 constellations directly in synagogues, or indirectly as the 12 apostles in Churches.

The Mazzaroth (zodiac) was the centrepiece of ancient synagogues from ancient times. Archaeology proves this. At the floor centre of the synagogue would be a depiction of the Mazzaroth with God`s throne in the centre, just like roman churches depict the 12 apostles with Jesus in the centre. The iconography was just reinvented.

Jews worship God, and Christian worship God, and God`s son/sun: The solar cross in the centre of every church. Who owns the son? Nobody! It`s GOD`s sun!