Jesus, Son of Caesarion, son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. The great secret!

Half a year after finishing this book, I had the opportunity to meet many of the descendants of the historical Jesus Christ in person. Their knowledge about history, magick, and the ancient mysteries were unparalleled, and cannot be found anywhere online. It was with tattoos of chi xi stigma, tears in their eyes, and with other tattoo symbols they convinced me beyond any doubt that what I account their teachings below is partially true. I can not account for it, and will not tell everything, as some secrets are never meant for the light, but I feel it does Jesus justice, and puts the remaining puzzles of this book into place.

How could Jesus atone for our sin? Why did he flee to Egypt? The pharaoh symbolized the serpent, Lucifer Azazel Horus/Osiris, the God of this realm. Why does Rev. 12 tell Jesus born from a conjunction at the womb of Virgo – the Isis constellation? Why does Jesus mean Son of Isis in Egyptian? Why was Jesus symbolized as the Giza Pyramid, the world pyramid, the world, the I Am, the Light (Horus/Lucifer) or Sun, the Son of God, and so many other mysteries?

How could Jesus symbolize all mankind, the All, Adam, the Lucifer, the Serpent, the God of this realm, and atone for ALL sin on the cross??? It finally makes sense. 🙂

The Luciferian Conspiracy.

Luciferianism is an ancient philosophy/religion where mankind is God, closely connected to and preserved by Gnosticism, started in particular by the royal Egyptian-Roman Hermeticists, with the wisdom of the library of Alexandria, now lost. Offsprings of this original Luciferian religion that revolved around the emperor Julius Caesar being God, and his offspring with Cleopatra, Caesarion being Horus, have drawn much of their teachings from the Kyballion, and middle-eastern mystery schools, while the true Luciferian teachings, that of the sacred bloodline, the descendants of Jesus son of Caesarion/Joseph were kept secret by the Egypto-Roman descendants.

It was about that time, during the early dynastic period, when knowledge became too vast, seen as a threat, monopolized, as they burnt down the library of Alexandria, planning a New World Order, having already discovered the true sciences of our etheric/nous reality, far beyond anything school teaches in the 21st century.

The Illuminati? The Sabbatean-Frankist-Jesuit Illuminati Templars.

Most of conspiracy-theorists reading this will now automatically respond to associating this with the Illuminati, an utterly flawed and failed organization by a normal idiot, Adam Weishaupt, that does not exist anymore, and was never ancient or world-dominating. If delving into secret societies, let me tell you that the historical Knights Templar has survived, are Luciferian, the historical protectors of the bloodline of Jesus, and have had shapeshifting and antigravity technology for a long time.

When you say Illuminati, I say Sabbatean-Frankist-Jesuit Illuminati and Knights Templars, and no, they are not remotely associated with the 6th degree of Norwegian/Swedish blue-lodge freemasonry, but entirely void of exposure to_this_very_day, all royal bloodlines of Europe having been descended from Jesus, as the TRUE root of all conspiracies, if anything, which is just racist, narcissistic, Nietzscheistc, megalomaniac superficial belief in being better by blood.

The first banking institutions, and the first real lodge was the Knights Templar, who secretly worshipped Satan as Baphomet, researched black magick, and became so powerful they had to go underground.

Same story as the Illuminati, but far older and more powerful. The overthrows of governments and rights leading up to the New World Order, is their ultimate ¨return¨.  They were the first major secret society in the west… Think about that for a minute…

The historical Illuminati was an utter failure by another ¨Crowley¨ who was thrown out and did his own thing, but have been popularized today for the advancements of Satanism, especially by certain corrupt Sabbataian-Babylonian-Talmudian Jews, Satan being a Jewish title…

If you say Illuminati, I say Vatican Jesuits and Knights Templar, you need look no further than inside jobs like 9/11, the self-acclaimed Knights Templar 22.07 terrorist Anders Breivik.

I don`t even want to give you the clues, all I can say is that the historical Knights Templar had UFO technology back in the crusader-days as the military arm of the pope, discovering ancient clues from India to the levant. The treasure at Oak Island was told me to be a proof of this UFO, or ¨levity propulsion technology¨, to use the Tesla term.

All I can say is that the historical Knights Templar are not remotely associated with the modern Masonic or contemporary ¨media Knights Templar¨, but represent an alien superpower guiding mankind for the last 1000 years, with the technological superiority to eradicate mankind in an instant. So, for any of you Christians out there; THIS is the result of Mary`s womb; a hoard of presumably ¨alien¨ super-inbreds due to the secrecy, all thanks to Cleopatra`s vicious plan.

So now you know who your royals TRULY are; God-kings with lineage back to Julius Ceasar, Jesus, Babylon and Egypt. Not to mention Vlad the Impaler, and the shapeshifting order of the Dragon, Prince Charles just had to mention that…

Reality is closer to the Van Helsing movie, and to believe the esoteric-science power-structure of Rome evolved without practical-science advancements is idiocy.

They populated Antarctica before you were born. Jewish conspiracy? Well, if you follow the moneytrail.., but ideologically, absolutely not. Also do consider that the Knights Templar of Rome were predated the Rothschilds as the world-dominant secret order and the first modern banking institution.

Freemasonic Knights Templar conspiracy and the Lucifer cult from ancient Rome?

Absolutely, Judaism is spiritually, scientifically, and philosophically invalid, and the initiated Jews are well aware of this, carefully deconstructing Israel at the hands of the initiated Rothschild dynasty of druidic Knights Templar.

Yes… I have talked to several Egyptian druids on TWO occasions in two different countries who both proclaimed the same thing; descendance from the pharaonic dynasty, the ancient Egypto-Canaanite religion`s calendar, linguistics, and ritual holidays being close to identical, the hermetic archetype of angelic middle-eastern language being used to construct the English language under guidance of the DRUIDS.

Druid conspiracy? Yes. Does it all fit together??? Perfectly. The bloodline of Jesus, the Royal Knights Templar of Europe, the Luciferian Vatican, and the European Druids share a common bond in Middle-Eastern esotericism, of course, which in turn came from an ante-diluvian civilization, but that would be too much for you.


Luciferianism is not to be confused with Satanism, which is pure idiocy as God and Satan are just two parts of the same coin. This is a philosophical absolute, which we will discover later on.

The true teachings of Luciferianism is that Lucifer is God, that God IS a God of love and Light, particularly Jesus, as he was worshipped, and still is worshipped as Lucifer by the roman Church.

This view of God as the force of the sacred flame goes back to the first monotheistic religion, namely Zoroastrianism. The American Indians, the ancient Egyptians, and the first Christians, the hermeticists, also operated with God as this force: Nous in Hermeticism, also called Ether in Greek.

Notable modern Luciferian philosophers that influenced the current New Age movement include Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky, Albert Pike and Aleister Crowley, neither of which I like, or deem to have any spiritual integrity/talent whatsoever.

Yet it was Crowley, a relatively normal idiot (yet with a ceaseless will and immensely strong legs), who got himself thrown out of lodges because he was a maniac and a sex-addict, forming his personality to start something new, who boldly stated the start of the Aeon of Horus/Lucifer the child.

Since then, child-worship has been a major concern, as Crowleyanity, as it is often termed, disguised Satanism and not true Luciferianism, infiltrated Freemasonry and the Catholic Church. This problem is exemplified in e.g my own family and their child-experiments. The idea of a divine child, the homunculus, originated with Crowley as in his book ¨moonchild¨. My werewolf grandfather is dead now, so dance on his grave. Yay.

Luciferianism is about will, intellect, and the concepts of, or the ¨mission of light and love¨ , as defined by Alice Bailey, exemplified in nature as the astrological energies of the Morningstar Venus that heralds the new-born Horus, the morning-sun, or ¨the child¨, or ¨childlikness¨ in philosophy, but also religion, where some see Lucifer as an actual being, while other regard him/her as a force of energy only, or deific mask, as do I. This form of Luciferianism started around 200 years B.C in Greece, where Lucifer was known as Phosphoros, soon spreading to Rome, where Julius Caesar was chosen by Lucifer, who was present as the King of Kings, coronating every Roman emperor in secret.

How Luciferianism became the world religion and declined.

What I am about to tell you has been revealed to me over the years by dozens of 33rd degree Christian freemasons, several Illuminati members; including the head of the Southern Norwegian Illuminati, and a member of the main Rothschild family that I have talked to. As well as one descendant of Jesus, a freemasonic man with tattoos secretly depicting his royal descent, told me this story in tears, shivering over Christ`s greatness. What I am about to tell you is based on his account, but I won`t tell all, nor even half the story. That is for another book, if I dare publish.

Julius was the first Roman to be deified as a God, after Julius had begotten a son with Cleopatra 7th, the son being Caesarion I, ¨Lucifer son of God¨, or Horus son of Isis and Osiris, the Egyptian version of Lucifer…

Due to attacks against the couple`s conspiracy to turn the Roman Empire into the Holy Roman Empire, conquering the world through creating the first world religion (Christianity), and setting up an eternal world dynasty, through birthing the messiah of the age of Pisces, Caesar was murdered for this reason, Octavian took over and became Emperor, Egypt was then invaded, and the last historical Pharaoh, Cleopatra and her husband, Mark Antony, took suicide. There is however no solid proof that Caesarion was killed.

Caesarion vanished from the historical record, taking the Hebrew/Aramaic name Jesus and Joseph (aka the Prince of Egypt), and fled to India, following the silk road, taking the name Jesus.

There, he was taught Buddhism, the art of supernatural healing, and returned to Judea, to give birth to the historical Jesus through a temple-virgin, Mary, because of an important astrological happening 19.08.01 BC, in Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, as Ceasarion`s plan for ascending the throne of Caesar lied with his son becoming the Jewish messiah, the Jews and the world awaiting the Magus of the age of Pisces.

Jesus was to overthrow the Romans, unite the entire eastern world, and sue Rome for the conspiracy that led to his grandparents deaths. King Herod killed a few babies on the important astrological dates, but Caesarion fled to Egypt, keeping the Child secret with their noble relatives. The Illuminati stresses the fact there were TWO Josephs; Caesarion and a much younger Joseph as a cover up…

Cleopatra, knowing 9 languages, and probably the library of Alexandria, historically saw herself as the very real incarnation/personification of the Egyptian Goddess Isis. The name Jesus means son of Isis in Egyptian, and also ¨healing Zeus¨ in Latin. Chrestos was an Osirian God the Greeks already worshipped. Julius Caesar, Julius meaning blonde, was seen as Osiris by Isis, and as a God, an aspect of Lucifer, by the Romans.

There are many more secrets I will reveal, but these will do for now.

Why do you think Jesus is referred to as Lord, Son of God, Light of the World, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Morningstar, etc, titles which all belonged to the divine Roman Emperor; titles which history tells Caesarion was worshipped as in Egypt historically, even on Wikipedia???

None of the actual apostles ever wrote any of the Bible, but St. John, and St. Peter refer to Jesus as Lucifer in their writings. Do also consider reading John 1:1-9 at once, if you are new to this subject. There is Hermetic wisdom between those lines…

Christianity is the ¨divine conspiracy¨, or the ¨Lucifer experiment¨, that went wrong. Christianity today is nothing like the Hermetic mystery religion of Mazzaroth astrology, and etheric science at the time of Jesus, although they were indeed monotheists, with Jesus being a well-verse Jewish rabbi, who wanted to correct and reform Judaism, which he was partially successful with.

I`m here to finish the job.

Christianity was originally a cult of noblemen, particularly Egyptians, and Jesus` relatives, where they threw of class, nationality and gender, were initiates were given a new name, and lived in communitaristic fellowship with the rest of the Christians. That was TRUE Christianity, a great religion which I hope to restart myself.

Luciferianism is the secret philosophical rendition of astrotheology, the religion of all times, and BLOOMED at the start of the Roman calendar, in the form of Christian Jesus worship, Greek and Roman Luciferianism (Lucifer son of Zeus and Aurora), Greek Chrestos worship, and Egyptian Horus worship, etc, even before Jesus, a wave he caught at the will of God, and has dominated secret societies to this day in the guise of the Roman Catholic Church.

Please remark and note this: I myself do NOT worship or believe in Lucifer as an actual being, but rather as a symbolical energy-form, although there are certainly beings of good AND bad, claiming to be whatever, including God, Satan and Lucifer. I do believe in God but am not stupid enough to claim I know God`s, his Angels or Satan`s name, for that matter.

Demons call themselves Jesus and Lucifer these days, and my research into original/traditional Luciferianism reveals it to be at least closer to Christianity than the Satanism we see today.

I only acknowledge Lucifer in the way the ancients constructed religion; Lucifer originally being a metaphysical concept of Love/Venus heralding the new-born Sun, the child inside of everyone, every morning.

Luciferianism is a concept of child-likeness, light, love and rebirth. And that is a beautiful concept visible in the Heavenlies and believed throughout all the near-ancient world.

Plagiarizing your enemy`s name is an old Trojan-horse tactic seen in everything from politics to demographics and religion, especially in our time. Satan being the adversary in particularly the idiotically tiny, unimportant culture of Semites/Jews, they seen to undermine OUR Gods, including Jesus who identifies with Lucifer, through plagiarizing him with Satan, their Jewish ¨god¨, as human corruption favours adversaries.

Dante Algieri, and John Milton played on the decaying flute of formerly Christian Europe, preaching that Lucifer is somehow the Jewish Satan, as we advanced towards the New World Order, and it was John Dee who wrote the King James Bible, as revealed to me by the Holy Bloodline themselves, finalizing Lucifer as a demonic term in Isaiah 14, which originally only compared Nebuchadnezzar II to the  transit of Venus and the God Helel, controversially ¨Ashtar- later ¨Attar¨, all the-while Lucifer was originally a philosophy representing the opposite of Samael.

Lucifer, as now depicted in the tv-series Lucifer, remarking my words how fallen Semites plagiarized our term for God: Lucifer, equating him with their own devil. Much due to the corruption in high halls.

Lucifer was just Lucifer/Phosphorus, the herald of the dawn, names of the extremely popular Greek/Roman/Egyptian God of nobility, from 200 BC – current date.

The Catholic Church even openly worship Jesus and God as Lucifer, still after 2000 years, as Jesus calls himself the Morningstar, translated as Phosphorus/Lucifer in the earliest Bible, the Greek Septuagint. Just listen to Jimmy Akins of Catholic answers.

The early sect of true Christians were heavily persecuted by the Roman Emperors, due to the gravity of crucifying the true Caesar, and Christ`s descendants fled beyond Hadrian`s wall, where, due to hard work, long years and secrecy, the bloodline was forgotten by everyone but the druids whom later became all the royal households of Europe.

It was the descendants of Sta. Clara, the Merovingian dynasty, the nowadays Sinclairs, who kept alive the bloodline of the true, first World Emperor, the first Caesar, the undisputed Son of God, Jesus Lucifer Horus son of Caesarion, and more notably, the last Pharaonic heir alive…, ending a list of Pharaohs that go back to pre-historic God-Kings.

Jesus was the last representation of God, the Monarch, as Horus, God`s representation on Earth, or ¨as above so below¨, in the form of the deific mask of Horus and Lucifer, but more particularly I Am, Yahovah, as Christians teach us, but still much discrediting Christianity in favour of the mostly lost Hermetic religion of Jesus, which is far older and more true…

While the original Christianity was true, it was soon defeated, and later institutionalized, and became an entirely different religion than what Jesus and his disciples originally intended.

The only thing remaining is the blood-covenant work of salvation on the cross, Jesus parables (Buddhist nature philosophy – Caesarion first fled to India under the name ¨Jesus¨, which there is free information available of), and Jesus lingering power of spiritual dominion as an ascended Master, or rather ¨THE son of God¨ or ¨THE ascended Master.¨

The descendants of Jesus started crying as I brought up this subject and only replied ¨Jesus was very mighty¨. So mighty so that both they, my friend Leo Lyon Zagami, two Illuminati members from my family, and my friend Erin Green Hicks all claimed that Jesus, having transformed his body through Lucifer`s Holy Light, was bound to his body, and unable to die on the cross, a simple practice of etheric science that would be explained as ¨magick¨ to the non-initiated, which I will not go into.

Jesus fake death was planned between Pontius Pilate, and the sect of Christ, who swore not to let the true Emperor die such a humiliating death. It was unheard off, but the Jews demanded his crucifixion, as Jesus was very much not a ¨Jew¨, but rather a universal world teacher of the eternal religion.

Jesus entrance in Jerusalem was a response to rumours that the Caesar Tiberius had died due to disease, while in actuality, the Caesar died later. Jesus having the support of Egyptian and Jewish nobility, much of the east, tried gaining support from the Jews as the messiah, and it came very suitable to him that our world entered the astrological age of Pisces, which gave Jesus a lot of followers as the Magus of Pisces, the fish being the oldest Christian symbol. It all culminated in a silent civil war between the factions of Jesus and Rome, which saw Jesus as a threat, the rich priesthood of Jews fearing civil war, choosing to side with Rome. HERETICS!

It is very painful for me to write about Jesus crucifixion, myself being targeted like Jesus, cause I am the supreme of the prime Merovingian bloodline contending the throne of Norway, the former noble, notorious Fleischers, and my ancestors being known as the black Kings of Norway during the Danish occupation, having the highest positions for 200 years, according to the Fleischer-book my Great Grandfather, Illuminati Grand Maester, and his Cousin General Fleischer (WW2 hero) compiled, according to the book I can show you, of which there are only 12 copies worldwide…

But this breed of utmost secrecy transformed their bodies into werewolves through etheric science (research Tesla and Reich) and fucked me up, literally, as a baby. Oh… It was beyond description. Fuck them. Dance on their graves. You know there is a Fleischer graveyard. Crowleyan superstitious worshippers of ¨the child¨. Paedophiles for 1000 years. I want state compensation for lack of ¨barnevernet.¨ Fools of a by-gone era.

Who cares about God leading humanity when your religion is as thin as the smirk on the face of a pedophile priest? Anyways… Friends have suggested they just used masks, but I am quite the berserker myself, an ability of etheric usage, (possession) that I ponder why competitive athletes never use.

David Icke is PARTIALLY true in that it goes through bloodline, while it is in reality an etheric science; called ¨familiars¨ in the old world.

I`ve seen people transform into a herd of crows. That was the historical Cain, yes, in the Bible, who told me I was the reincarnation of his mother Ashtar when I was 12. Never mind. I wrote Ashtar in my diary at the time, afraid of myself, fleeing, howling in the woods every night, not knowing who Ashtar was, trying to forget the incident until … hmmm… 9 years later. Yes. I hope this clarifies a few misconceptions of conspiracy theorists.

I hope by now you start to question the narrative of Illuminati conspiracy theorists, and understand how our current (and dying) western world of Rome came into being, Caesar and Cleopatra`s ¨bed-time fantasy-plan of making the Roman Empire into a (HOLY) Roman Empire, an eternal Empire through creating a new world religion. The FIRST world religion; Christianity.

A plan that somewhat worked… The Vatican has reigned for almost two millennia!

Now you know what story every Hollywood movie is based upon. The Prince/Hero of destiny is born, the father murdered, there is a battle, the hero/child flees (Ceasarion fled to India under the name Jesus) , the hero/child meets a magical mentor, the child is now an adult and becomes the chosen one, the lion King returns, should have been victorious, and often is at the cinema, but although the hero dies, the story has a happy ending. I could give you countless examples. It is the story of Osiris, Isis, and their divine child, Horus/Jesus. The eternal story.

It is a story so great it is too sacred to be made into a movie, thus we have something called the Hollywood model. I went to media-high-school, because it required the best grades. Little did I know: The entire elite was raping-corrupt! Introducing me to hash! From hero to zero, I denied all the world, and fled to the woods like a wolf dressed in hippie clothes.