Before we start, you might want to read FFF’s official stance on religion:

Buddhist monks liberating themselves form carnal desires, creating a pure state of mind.

First, before we discover my religion, we need to cover source-field physics.

Religion and science have lied to you! Intelligent design can be proven!

See my book ¨The God Reality.¨

This will change everything! Everything! From the way we interact, to technology, what the internet really is, how we connect with nature, how we treat animals and especially: How we see God. Religion must reform with new scientific knowledge, and since I had the wits to see it through, I did it.

While mostly all the world`s population still believe in the Creationism, there are few who question how creationism actually happen.

How come nobody does this research?

Most religions agree that Darwin`s theory of evolution of the species is absolutely insane, unproven, and impossible by chance of billions to one. This is true. But it doesn`t matter unless the religious adherent would prove otherwise. And that is what we`re actually going to do today. We will call this scientific hypothesis/theory for source-field biogenesis, a term used by Reich scientist Dr. James DeMeo.

My personal field of interest is whether to discover if I am right in my hypothesis that the sexual act symbolizes creation, and my hypothesis is that everything=sexual energy. Or source-field=sexual energy. And even spiritual energy=transmuted forms of that sexual energy. I will further come to the conclusions that negative energy = Hell.

Energy that cannot be recycled by God. God being the super-conscience that embodies this matrix/all life and space-time.

Our main study will be the replicable discoveries of Austrian Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He discovered something called Orgone Energy, another word for the ETHER, the Greek word for quintessence, which I claim is the spiritual tachyon field of physics, the field from which all space-time and forces of physics originate with. A universal field creating bions – the building-blocks for all life. A force of physics still unrecognized by science, because it confirms the existence of most probably, a singular God. Russia calls this the Torsion Field. America often calls it Scalar Energy, and you will find these 3 terms intermixed on the internet. I most often go by Source Field, Ether and Orgone energy, as defined by Mr Wilcock.

David Wilcock concludes in his recent book Source Field Investigations, that. ¨Space, time, matter, energy, conscience and biology is being created by a (God) universal conscience. And it`s main script is love. ¨  Very clearly. I`ve read his book, and it`s a must have for this movement of Light.

This source field (or force-field, like in Star-Wars) , which is all we see, has historical been termed as the force (by the Egyptians), as ether by the Greeks, as mana (by the Polynesians at Hawaii), and Vril (by Nazi Germany) etc, who were eager to tap into this force. For those interested: Read the Secrets of Vril by Robert Sepehr. I read it. It`s ¨ok.¨

I postulate that love, and light constitute an eternal metaphysical law, or code for the entire universe to exist, which I have claimed to have discovered.

Think about how love/reproduction, and sunlight really constitutes an eternal circle of life, for as long as this universe last. For perfectionist measures, I should mention that water is only a constitute of life, but not life itself.

The source-field (which is orgone – orgone being named after orgasm and organism), the act of procreation, and light (photosynthesis) gives all life we see on this planet. You need of course, the presence of water. But since the source-field construct all matter (the whole universe – including water), and has a conscience based on love and light: It seems valid to put these 3 together in what I could be made into a magical system or a sacred triad. Source-field, light and love.

You might find it strange, but I hypothesize in this book, that: The source-field = positive sexual-energy.

And that: All life energy=negative, or positive sexual energy. The positive energy being male, and the negative energy being female. Wilhelm Reich`s research shows that the SUN, and SEX are the greatest orgone/source-field generators.

The Source Field investigations

A kind hippie gave me David Wilcock`s Source Field Investigations, a book that was the first of its kind. It`s revolutionary content stunned me. Here was undeniable scientific proof of God!!! I was at YWAM Kona Hawaii in 2012, the year it came out. After I was thrown out of school, I ended up on a harsh, messianic journey that continues until today. The Source Field Investigations is the greatest sci-fi-spirit-science book that I ever read, and nothing comes close. I encourage everyone I meet to read it. It should be elementary-school-stuff. People should go like ¨Of course God exists, that was proven in the 1600s by Leeuwenheuk`s experiments on sterilization! ¨

God exists, is a measurable field, and God drives evolution/creates all species. This should be taught in kindergarten. But it is not so. Why? It is simple, yet hard to grasp for the naiive. Because of secret societies. Yes. The most elemental fact that should have been established in kindergarten as the basic for all physics, religion, AND science has become a secret hidden for 400 years since its first modern discovery!!!

It has always been known to the initiates, but to us non-Illuminati, this is mind-blowingly modern! Wow! God actually exists!? There is a force in nature which creates life`s genetic code out of thin air? This is what countless scientists have discovered ever since Leeuwenheuk. Sterilized water, and beach sand miraculously produces life out of nothing from what W. Reich called ¨bions. ¨ These bions are the binding-blocks between inorganic and organic matter. The force surrounds everything, and holds everything together, endlessly creating new life-forms. Dr James DeMeo is a Reichian scientist and has a website with YouTube videos where you can see life forming from nothing but sterilized water and sterilized beach-sand. He calls this bion biogenesis, and it explains how life started: The source-field.

The Big-Bang theory, and theory of evolution of life stemming from nothing but a single cell struck by lightning 3.5 billion years ago is far less believable than the electric universe theory, Source Field theory, and bion biogenesis. Atheistic belief-systems have been brainwashing us for so long that we clinge to them as one would clinge to a religion, even in this information age. This NEW age. We have forgotten that science was carefully constructed and financed by mainly Jews and Freemasons, ¨the Sabbatean Frankist Illuminati Jesuit conspiracy¨ as I like to call it, not your regular Jew or freemason.

Their quackademia science is solely build on faith, and not on facts at all! Atheistic contemporary mainstream science is just another religion. The craziest religion of all. Solve the cabal…! The root of the problem…

The Illuminati doesn`t sound right. They`re not a bunch of sun-worshippers. They`re our enemies, although I hate having any…

Today, the easily proved ground-breaking proof of God, the source-field, is withheld from the general public, as it would shatter 400 years of theories, and awake the public, and Christians to the reality: God is a scientific reality? A MEASURABLE force that holds all things together? Yes absolutely.

Intelligence agencies, and secret government sci-ops have long utilized this secret of physics for source-field mind-control, and worst of all: Spirit control. Yes, you heard me right. The so-called ¨mark of the beast¨ is here: A technology of artificially controlling etheric vibrations to exclude you from the Heavenly court! No justice here? At least not for me… We`re talking advanced black magick implemented on every person on a global scale, but that will not be revealed until my book on Revelations.

Mr Wilcock also states in his book:  ¨Might we believing in amnesia- going through experiences that will eventually guide us through a full awakening into the vastness of this (God`s) infinite consciousness? ¨ In other words: The Kingdom of God. A world tuned into the source field of love and light! Where peace and love reigns as all have coherent ethics; an enlightenment universal brotherhood of man, where no man raises his fist against his fellow human. This world is sacred…

New-Agers have long been LIGHTYEARS ahead of Earth population when it comes to defeating the Cabal and disclosing hidden science. It is time theistic people like Christians took over and did their part. The lion SHOULD rise…

Our universe is the result of a superconscience, an intelligent field, or a divine mathematician that creates space-time, electromagnetic energy, conscience; and life through bio biogenesis. Renowned physicist Michio Kaku believes this ¨God¨ exists in the 11th dimension as he said himself. They are throwing pearls for swine. Google ¨Is God a mathematician? ¨

Charles Darwin`s father was a 33rd degree mason. This Satanic (not Luciferian) brotherhood is a spiritual cult and believe in the survival of the fittest, not beauty, harmony of the source-field or love.

Reich`s discoveries of spontaneous generation of life from Orgone, the US FDA`s burning of thousands of his books and his technologies, followed by his presumed assassination as a 61 year old in PRISON, is proof of a secret society conspiracy to steer science, and all scholarly fields away from true religion, the existence of God, and concepts of morale, good and evil. I mentioned them before. They`re bad materialist bankers and hate the proof of God and spirit. The theory of evolution was formed according to their ideology and survival of the fittest/richest. Not about beauty, perfection, harmony and love!

They simply replaced Nietzsche with Christ. God says: The strength of the strong is the length of his arm.

Scientists I know always say that the source field is the source of all-time space, electromagnetism, life and conscience. All is the matrix of a superconscience God.

The 4 forces of physics will disappear when the unified physics theory of source-field physics is presented. Science today is nothing but a scientific religion. Nikola Tesla, and Wilhelm Reich are sadly the only historical scientists to further true physics, and not Einsteinian physics.

Tesla said: “Einstein’s relativity work is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king… its exponents are brilliant men, but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists.”

The Law in Short!

Who is God? The definition of the monotheistic God is the Creator. The creator must therefore be love and light. For the sun, and sex upholds the circle of life!

1 The source-field is the creator. The creator is often termed ¨God¨. And the creator is also love and light. So we have three metaphysical creators. A trinity, but one ¨all-father.¨

But listen to this:

2 Love is akin to the word law, and when combined with light/intellect: It creates all human morale. It`s word implies respect, compassion, social kindness and care.

3 Light means holiness, truth, enlightenment, fire, spreading of knowledge, exchange of ideas, peace and order.

Wow. And because love is the most beautiful aspect of man, traversing borders, cultures and religions: Let`s therefore make it the law: A world religion so fantastic and true that none could disagree!

Furthermore: we came up with a sacred trinitarian law. And on the first day of creation, God/Source said: Let there be love and light, and the circle of life was born, along with the three divines:

A trinity consisting of Source (God), love (spirit/divine feminine) and light (holiness/divine masculine).

These concepts can be further expanded upon, which this is all about, to see how far we can go?

1 creator God/source-tachyon field/ether etc, 2 the sun/son of life/fire/holiness, and 3 the divine feminine mother or love, which differ as the holy ghost, the shekinah in Judaism, Sophia in Gnosticism, mother-earth, moon, lady Venus, etc depending on religion.

These three can be God, Jesus son/sun of God and the Holy Ghost. Depending on the religion you adhere to, it might be something like the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, or the Egyptian Ra, Horus and Isis. Or Babylonian Nimrod, Tammuz and Semiramis, as one could rightly assume God father (source), Holy Mother (light) and Love (divine child/fruit) in this concept. These are just examples of the trinity concept that traverses religions. But we will pertain to the most philosophically true rendition, which happens to be Christian. I don`t want children to be associated with the holy spirit, whatever the comparative elements, and considering the spirit of children or ¨childlikness¨ is holy.

As I am somewhat of a Christian-Buddhist, I was astonished; only the Christian trinity perfectly corresponds to Source, Light and Love. But Christians has lost the mystical meaning of YHWH as 1 both a personality and 2 ¨the all that is good¨, while Zoroastrianism and Hinduism are the only religions today where the supreme God is scientifically valid, close to source-field-physics.

Regarding scientific ascension religions.

We will use YHWH and Brahman a lot, as they are both a personality and also the all, although Brahman ain`t necessarily the all that is good, as Hinduism and Buddhism aren`t Taoists, but have a more fluid view of yin-yang, polar opposites, including good and evil. (See problem of evil.) But they both hold comparative-religious beliefs with Christianity, such as karma/sin, Naraka/Hell and dharma/life-path. Weighing Buddhism and 1st century Nazarene Christianity up against each-other, they are almost identical, especially in their definitions of what is sin/bad karma. The biggest difference is the dispute of reincarnation, which I have an article about. Christianity and Buddhism are the only religions with scientific proof of ascension after death. In Tibetan (Tantric) Buddhism and Buddhism in general, there are many miracles, many, and many Buddhist monks live very strict holy lives in nature with source, attaining the ¨rainbow body¨, the higher dimensional body. The institute of noetic science has documented many thousand Buddhist monks transforming their body to light, a miracle not unlike the most amazing you see on God-TV, where meditating monks gradually shrink in size upon dying, with rainbow light seen in the vicinity of the monk before, during and after. What remains is a hand-sized body that stay supernaturally warm long after death. Often, the body disappears totally, leaving only hair and fingernails which are then kept in a temple. Some of these monks are able to make a hand-print in solid rock or pass through walls during this ¨rainbow body ascension ceremony.¨ And like Jesus and John the Baptist, many Buddhist monks like ¨Buddha boy¨ can survive without food or water for years. I too need 1/5 of normal diet, and have levitated, been shining on photographs, when ¨being Buddha¨, as should be the norm. I mean, the early Christian monks meditated in caves for years and were seen literally shining, some levitating. See St. Joseph of Cupertino who levitated to the top of St.Peter`s Basilica. Christians and Buddhists should help each other. Yes, Jesus is the Messiah, we`ll get to that, as an experienced lucid dreamer, don`t tell me the pure loving Buddhist spirits went to Hell. How one-eyed can you get! There are also hundreds of Buddhist mummies of monks who meditated for so long they died, but stayed warm, without their body decaying, still preserved after hundreds of years exactly where they ascended like meditating Buddhas. The clue to attaining the rainbow body is having only loving thoughts for 5-20 years and other Buddhist practices. Science gives neither Christians or Buddhists the respect they earn. Christians are proven to ascend through near-death-experiences and miracles. There may be others ascending that I don`t know of, maybe Sheiks, Jews or Zoroastrians. But the teachings and life of Christ and the Buddha is the science and the key. Many Buddhist monks attain the rainbow body long before death and are seen with rainbows around them, with halos shining or being transparent on pictures etc. Many do miracles you would not even believe, like that of the Lung Gom Pa. Christianity and Buddhism clearly has a lot to learn from each-other. Amen.

With Buddhism, you find Nirvana/salvation, by emptying yourself from suffering to find yourself, leaving carnality/sin/karma/attachments, and by gaining intellectual and emotional enlightenment; ¨becoming whole/completed¨, becoming who you truly are, which the Buddha is an example off, and which doesn`t require an external saviour. It`s more about ¨peace, love, understanding and Buddha-conscience¨.

Love is the hope of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Love/Compassion and Light/Enlightenment are the best human qualities, the divine human qualities, that traverse all languages, ethnicities, religions and borders across all time anywhere in the universe. Together they merge into morale, resulting in all historical high-cultures. Our religion of love is the lesson for humanity to graduate and drop their weapons. To reach equilibrium, peace, and global unity.

For, the world can only be one through common humanistic ethics. Love and light are the answer. 

The popular hippie catchphrases ¨peace love anarchy¨, and ¨peace, love, and understanding¨ are simply children of this philosophy. For how can there be peace without common human ethics; a universal brotherhood of enlightenment? The Greek philosopher Aristotle realized homogenous ethics through unity in science and religion was the basis for any civilization`s survival.

The world has never been one before, as through the internet. The possibility of world peace, and a golden age is within reach for the first time in history. Stop everything you do, read the law, meditate upon love, fill yourself with light, and rise as a new man. You are now a child of the future. Start a civilization built upon common human ethics, or see the west perish!

Our belief/ethic/code/religion is: ¨Source, light and love!¨

Our motto is ¨Light to the people!¨ Meaning the spreading of knowledge and the law, our goal of a worldwide enlightened brotherhood.

And our battle cry is: ¨Light and Love!¨. Why ¨light and love¨ and not ¨love and light¨ as is so popular? It`s simply because the sun came first, making love/reproduction possible. Thus: Light and Love. And lust. Lust for life! DREAM!

For the source-field is LIFE, and the source-field is orgasmic in it`s nature and expression. An important part of our life, ey? Remember the 5 l`s. Light, Love, Lust, Life and Laughter.

Imagine a day when mankind are ONE! With only winners and no losers! I will create such a world.

Bye, bye war and false religions!

From now on, I will preach the Law.

EDIT: When I finished this law, water started raining INSIDE a day without rain. Just a few droplets, but the water hit my shirt and EXPANDED until half my arm was wet! My mother saw as droplets appeared from nowhere, and it was then I remembered the prophesy of the Age of Aquarius the waterbearer. The water empowered me to continue writing the Law.

I experience supernatural things all the time, having incorporated the source-field into my religion and technologies (Orgonites and etheric-translators/cloudbusters) and I felt the healing energies seethe through my body.

It does however not change the fact that water appeared from nowhere, on the warmest day in the summer, and that we have no water-outlets in the top floor.

The journey of religion back towards the truth.

Religion started with worship of the etheric forces of planets, and our orbital satellites, the sun and moon; also worship of the etheric force in nature aka ¨the great spirit¨, the seasons, animals, archetypes, and the perfect humans, often depicted as a God and/or a Goddess; deities conceived from nature philosophy and astrology.

Or perhaps, as I like to say: Aliens/Gods create mankind. Mankind invents Gods, mankind becomes the Gods, mankind destroys itself. Repeat.

Today, mankind`s TRUE religion of astrotheology, sacred geometry and the source-field has been forgotten under the sands of time, separating us into different religions, with the true meaning only revealed by comparative mythology.

But Judaism, Christianity and most religions after Atlantis originally incorporated much understanding of the Source-Field as in the adoration of the 7 candles (planets) and 12 constellations/disciples/Mazzaroth by Moses in Judaism.

There are no historical records of a scientific unification of etheric, scientific, spiritual, and moralistic principles as my Law of Light achieves simply and elegantly, with the only exception of esoteric 1st century Christianity, a religion re-discovered for the first time by my 6-book-series, which has something called the sacred trinity, which coincidentally re-appears perfected at the time of the new Atlantis: The Triune God of Source, Light and Love.

Nor has there been any mention of such a concept anywhere in the history of the world wide web. Ask yourself this: If Jesus was all-knowing creator-God, would he not have come further in his ¨divinely appointed mission¨ by giving us this scientific religion? Millions of lives would have been spared from war and his religion surely would have succeeded into the distant corners of Africa! I believe Jesus was a mortal incarnation of God, with limited knowledge, albeit being God, but that`s just me.

The law described below is the only hypothetical religious law of our universe that makes sense from 1 philosophical, and 2 scientific absolute argument.

This law incorporates approx. 18 truths or codes, not that I couldn`t make more or less, it just wasn`t necessary. I believe this law to incorporate the beginning, evolution, and purpose of life written in the stars and all of creation, including all moralistic codes. It is perfect, as an ontological argument itself. It`s not a long read, and you will grow a wise-man`s beard.

If you have not studied the read or studied the Source-Field-Investigations by David Wilcock, e.g interdimensional physics/scalar physics/torsion field physics, it has many names, go study it first. It`s scientific and real: The existence of the etheric source-field is not disputable.

The ontological, metaphysical law of Source, Light and Love.

Lesson 1. Alternative non-particle ether physics of phonetic sacred geometry ¨particles¨, (non-Einsteinian) built on e.g Dr. Nicola Tesla, and David Wilcock`s Wisdom Teachings on prove that: Since the Source-Field is the all-permeating scientific creator, the Source-Field, in all likelihood, is the monotheist creator-God of religion and the universe; all time-space and forces of physics. This multiverse is somewhat comparable to ¨God`s thought,¨ where the field has a strong emphasis on love, beauty, harmony, reproduction and holiness. But what about evil? If good/God created evil, then isn`t God evil? No. God gave d-evil his conscience and free will before evil fell. God stretched his conscience and minor beings were created. We live IN and OFF God, like cells in a body, but we are not the all-father himself.

Every atom (a phonetic vibration), and all you have ever seen is scientifically part of ONE field, or perhaps two when including the electromagnetic field. The one field: The SOURCE-FIELD, and it`s main script is love, light, symbiosis of life and reproduction as we discovered. This is the hypothesized tachyon field of particle-physic quackademia (because particle-physics don`t work).

Every megalithic culture saw sacred geometry as the centrepiece of religion and built monuments to harness source-field energy greatness through the cavity-structure effect discovered by Victor Grebennokov and researched by Alexander Golod or Dr. Ed Wagner.

Just go to a basilica, an old mosque, a Hindu temple, Rome, Greece, Angkor Wat, China, South America, etc, and you will find the exact same recurring phonetic patterns, sacred geometric patterns, etc, like the ¨flower of life¨ or ¨metaphysical symbols¨ like the swastika. A pyramid acts like a funnel for the source-field. The field was called the ether by the Greeks, which is the term used in science up to it was ¨disproven¨ in 1905 by the Michelson-Morley experiments, disproven by Jewish Albert Einstein on behalf of Jewish oligarchs, maybe? It was also called Vril by the Nazi Germans, Prahna by the Hindus, Chi by the Chinese, and Mana by the Polynesians who harnessed it. It`s lost knowledge is becoming known again because it was re-proven to exist 100% certainly, repeatedly, by Dr. Wilhelm Reich`s bion-experiments in Norway 1936-37, afterwhich he had to leave as a teacher in Oslo, getting after pressure in Norwegian media. The bion is the building-block for all life and originates spontaneously from even in-organic material (e.g FE) like little blue living bubbles lumping together typically into vorticella, paramecium, and amoeba, further developing into e.g complex plankton in the period of 1-2 weeks, getting the DNA directly from the source-field. All this, the bions, the plankton, came from STERILIZED BEACH-SAND. Repeatedly. Still regarded as pseudoscience (unless you work in black ops), the Reich experiments are still performed to this day by Dr. James DeMeo. Dr. O. Ed. Wagner at is one of the few mainstream alternative scientists who dare to research etheric science outside the political norm.

Dr. Reich had already renamed the ether into Orgone after Organism and Orgasm in the 1930`s, as he believed the universe is sexual in nature, but transmutes to higher consciences as Dr Sigmund Freud proposed. Reich proved without a sliver of doubt that evolution started with BIONS from the Source Field (Orgone). Reich distinguished between Positive Orgone (POR), and Dead Orgone (DOR) of which the latter is toxic. MY studies have proven Reich right, that all energy is either positive male sexual energy (POR), or female dead sexual energy (DOR). Love is all. Even hate is a child of love, and DOR can be created from for instance broken relationships, dead ambitions, and broken timelines. I`m sure you have felt it.

Lesson 2: The sacred trinity, the creation of life, it`s purpose, and the ethical code in this universe can be summarized in one paragraph to meditate upon. Source/God=Light+Love=God/man. This is the metaphysical equation to the symbiosis of all.

I will explain all in due time.

This law described below the unified theory of principles in science, philosophy, religion, ethics and morale. The re-dediscovery of the true, scientific, most ancient religion. The religion pre-dating the vedas, the true mystical teachings of Jesus…? Maybe.

The circle of life starts with 1. Source/Big-Bang/God had an Orgasm and said: Let there be 2 light and 2 love!

I tend to say: Light gives us form (all surface life comes from photosynthesis), and Love keeps us in form (the sexual act of procreation). Light makes life possible, while love keeps the circle of life going. Love keeps us in form! Without love, there would be NO fun in life, or rather: There would be no life at all! Remove any of these three from the sacred trinity, and there would be no life.

Source (God), Light, and love is the sacred trinity creator (circle of life) nothing would exist without. They love each other, creating all life: Symbiosis. Learn to live in them…

Since they are our scientific creators, we conclude that Source, Light, and Love is the most constructive universal concept, and the purest/Holiest concept. They should hold more secrets, and if intelligent design is true, we could have found the golden goose.

Lesson 3: Who/what is God? The definition of the monotheistic God is the all-father creator of everything, just like the source-field. Ok. Wow. Proof of a monotheistic God. But what more? Christianity teaches that God is three in one person, as do Hinduism. And since sunlight, and love/sex upholds the circle of life, we have three metaphysical creators. A triune God, but only one ¨all-father.¨ The triune God of Source, Light and Love. In descending order of holiness and importance. That`s the scientific religion.

Source, light and love is beginning and circle of life, and thus ¨eternal¨, as ¨God is eternal¨, Making life eternal. These are the three divines. The three eternals.

The ancient religious sages e.g ¨the sun-worshipping Egyptians¨ saw the metaphysical concept of sunlight, judging from how important the Sun is. Light is life. Light is… the creator? LIGHT IS GOD! What is the Sun if not God`s physical representation in creation: The Creator from/in the Heavenlies smiling at you, giving you life, nourishing you, heating the oceans and sending the breeze saying: ¨Remember kid, I always create/rise anew for you if you should fail.

Or as the sayings go: The sun smiles on everyone. And: There`s always a new day. Or as the Bible teach us: ¨Be merciful like God who let his light shine on both the just and unjust¨, in Matthew 5:45.

But light also purifies viruses, burning evil, is holy, visible as the sun/son of God/Source, sometimes incarnate on the Earth as e.g Jesus, holy teachers of ascension mysteries. The Son/Sun which created us/life – gave life to the womb. Eternal life.

The Son/Sun of God. Who owns it? Nobody! The sun is the only thing we cannot own, even with all super-tech. It`s GOD`s sun/son! In sacredness of the trinity comes therefore: God first, then comes Light, and then comes Love.

There would not be much fun to life if it was not for love, and love/reproduction is undoubtedly the main purpose of all lifeforms created by God/the source-field, from a scientific view, and thus the mainscript of creation by the source/God.

The founders of psychology, Dr. Freud, and Dr. Reich directed most of their work to show how lack, or progress of sexual stimuli since birth was directly related to mental health which we today call AED (arrested emotional development) and the latter proposed a sexual revolution.

Dr Reich, however controversial, was one of few scientists who proved an important scientific theory; the Source-Field facilitates sex/love as exemplified in all creation. Reich studied this and proved sex to be the symbolic mainframe idea, or original idea of which all forms of physics derive, also proving sexual energy to produce the main particle of all life through his discovery of the bion.

The idea is that when God first thought of creation, love/sex was the first idea that came to his mind, the centrepiece of all movement that made all his imaginations possible, that which all his construction is based upon, if you get the idea: THE BIG BANG! (Orgasm of God.)

Love/Sex is both creations, and the force behind it, innate in every particle. All human psyche derives from this mainframe including regular joy, song, dance, and even hatred is a child of love. A child of the mainframe. For one could not exist without the other. Love came first for God so loved the world, ey? It has to be so, philosophically. (I beat Moses.)

Lesson 4: Love/Sex is the ultimate expression of Source/God, life, creation, and the ultimate joy of which all other psyches of all organisms are derivatives of.

Love/Sex is the mainframe source-field vibration creating all life with the purpose of reproduction. Sigmund Freud believed the sexual ¨libido¨ of man should be facilitated towards work. I agree and add higher conscience and ascension which is the virtue of Source/God: Beautiful and holy good achievements, just as seen in nature. We will get there soon enough…

Like Reich, I tend to say that the greater a person`s sexual-energy, the greater the overall energy, and the greater the ego and search for power, which is apparent in men who are more sexual than women, and have higher degrees, and positions for power. So being horny is good if you can channel it to work, light and love.

Let`s think about love for a second… Mostly ALL human culture, and drama revolves around the property, or lack of it in some way like for instance hatred, our ego, wars, joy, contemporary culture etc, are directly related to mankind`s sexual nature. Especially the ego.

What I want you to remember is that we are all part of a source-field that constitutes all the forces of physics. This source-field = positive sexual-energy as hypothesized by me, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, and all occult tradition through history everywhere. All life energy= sexual energy. Mankind has the ability to transmutate this energy through turning animal sexual instincts into love and work, and training light/intellect to attain enlightenment, these two leading to mystical union with God.

The dark side of the force is simply dead Source-Field/dead orgone DOR. It is deleted parts of the Matrix/Source-Field/Creator that cannot be recycled. Hell is like a computer`s garbage bin of the Matrix. It constitutes deleted timelines, and files in the netherworld, the Daath of the Sephiroth, ergo the Daath side of the force. This deleted energy becomes vampiric.

Lesson nr 5: All life-energy in this world originates as positive sexual organic (etheric) energy from the source and is alchemically transmuted either to the higher chakras or lowered into various forms of negative/dead sexual organic energy (DOR) which is Hellish, vampiric, selfish, suffocating the spirit, and is the offspring of love turned to hate turned to loneliness and from there: The seven deadly sins. DOR infected Matrix files/persons are deleted by the loving source-field and end up in a deleted folder section after death: Hell.

Love and Light can metaphorically represent much more. Scientists argue that the prime emotion of (God) the source-field is love/sex/life/reproduction and light, and is therefore the law. To reach Nirvana, we must combine Love symbolizing compassion/morale/heart, and Light symbolizing our intellect/will/brain. These are the two divine attributes of man that scientifically distinguish us from animals. Scientists tested, and chimpanzees/monkeys do not have self-sacrificing love, it`s 100% unique to humans.

We are made anatomically perfect. Billions of religious visions throughout all human history testify humanity is made in the image of the Infinite Creator, and we can thus hypothesize: Mankind`s Love/compassion + Light/intellect = God as we touched upon earlier. Think about it.

Lesson nr 6: The Law of Love, and Light distinguish us from animals, and prove us Gods in the Creator`s image. Mankind=God because of ¨brain¨ and ¨heart¨.

Love and Enlightenment is what every person deeply seeks to be whole and ascend into Godhood. Just like Buddhist, ancient Christian, and Gnostic teaching of ascension taught us. Buddhists are proven to ascend through transformation into the ¨rainbow body¨, similar to the body Jesus attained. We ascend via emotional liberation through deep love, through mental liberation through attaining true knowledge (of ourselves and our world) , combining into a sense of liberation; perfect enlightenment, and then we die – a spiritual liberation ascending to Godhood higher up the tree of life (Heaven). This is the purpose of life.

Also. Listen to this: Combine compassion/love and intellect/light, and you get morale and the divine teaching of ascension! The divine script of civilization!

Lesson nr 7: The law is the purpose of life, and foundation of all true religion, and morale through love and enlightenment/light being the facilitators of ascension.

To think that the principle in creation that creates morale, civilization, true liberation, ascension, the true religion happens to be the law that creates the circle of life.

What a law. This is the law of the NWO that the Bible prophesied would come in the messianic 1000 year kingdom. The envisioned law of theosophy and New-Age, the law of the enlightened Aquarian golden age, hermeticism perfected, alchemy perfected, humanity perfected, and religion united, the law that Alice Bailey of Lucius Trust prophesied about when she said ¨when the mission of love and light is fulfilled¨. It is also the law that (evil) Bush senior envisioned in his 1991 speech. As the late president said: ¨it is not the law of the jungle (do what thy wilt in Thelema)¨. I like to call it the law of civilization and order because love/compassion+light/ intellect=morale, and facilitates mankind`s orderly, balanced, and perfect nature in the image of The Creator just as He intended. Just like Jesus told us: Ye are Gods.

Lesson nr 8: This IS the (good) New-World Order law prophesied to come in the Age of Horus, the Age of Aquarius.

Spiritual liberation through knowledge and love – returning to God`s Light, is just like a tree stretches for the sun and dies, producing new life every season. Our goal is to raise our conscience and chakras towards the sun, overcome death, and the trials of this testing-ground Earth as we return to source, and become Gods/ascend. Understand?

True science say we live inside a Source-Field matrix. Mankind is the end-product of bion biogenesis evolution, and just like reproduction is the endproduct of all life, thus; mankind must be the purpose/endproduct of the Source-Field creation, probably the source-field incarnate, that is; 1 conscience and the ability to 2 love and create, something only humans do. Thus: 1 the source-field is a humanoid God and 2 Man is God too. This is close to a philosophical absolute. The human form is anatomically perfect after sacred geometry, so if God is the ultimate and the creator, we too; are made in the Gods / God`s image!

Yet what is the meaning of this matrix, this life, and all that source/sort? What is the philosophical end-product aside from the obvious ascension? Just look at nature-philosophy of the Buddha and Jesus! What is Source/God`s goal with creation? Mankind. What is the purpose of mankind? Deletion? No. Source/God wants holy children like himself to play with, just like the law if holy. This is a philosophical absolute.

And he`s made an infinite playground: YOU! And he needs you to ascend.

For light also means holiness, something bright that burns darkness, and light has historically always symbolized God. So,

Here is something for you.

God is Holy Light, enlightenment, and goodness of Love. God= Love and Light… Source, light and love=Man, the end-product of evolution. Ok? You follow me? 1+1+1=3= Man, right? THEREFORE: If a man = Love and Light = God. Man equals God: Returning to the Source through emotional (love) and mental (light) liberation from the physical realm of ego, attitude, wanting’s, etc.

So now you have discovered the future, eternal principle that unites religion, science and philosophy. The metaphysical equation, law and purpose of creation/the universe: Source/God=Love+Light=Man/God, and vice versa. Let`s continue.

As a metaphor: Man (light) + Woman (love) = Creator. They become the creator in the moment of reproduction/in the sexual act, creating LIFE! God is philosophically a hermaphrodite as His name tells us: Y-hawah translates to God-Goddess/Eve. The great secret of the Gnostics is that man, and women are polarized parts of the whole that need to come together to facilitate ascension…

Some Hindus teach that orgasm=Unity with God whereupon they shout ¨I am Shiva!¨, although Shiva isn`t strictly the God of love. Mystics, like the Gnostics, believe the bliss during orgasm is the sensation God experiences when creating and is thus a mystical union with God.

Heaven will be like the joy of a never-ending orgasm in your whole body as you are united with God your father; eternally co-creating.

Lesson 9: Sex is Holy. This is because of how man, and woman unite into hermaphroditic God. How? We become divine creators in the sex act; creating a new life, with the resulting orgasm symbolizing that sensation of God, Heaven, and ultimate creativity. Sex is the ultimate sensation of life, because it creates life, and if God is life, then God is the sensation of orgasm, and that`s what we see our universe came to be. Ultimate creativity: The big bang, if you will. The goal is to channel the sexual energy into higher density and work, as Freud said, although I`m not a fan of Freud.

Another metaphorical concept of the law comes to view in how all cultures of our ancestors genderized all things. The mounds were breasts, and the valleys were vaginas, where they were obliged to build altars and temples. The caves symbolized the underworld, etc, and the trees and obelisks symbolized erected penises, which is the origin of our Christmas-tree celebration. This tradition continued from the Middle-East through Rome and into Christianity where penises are represented in temple constructs e.g Church-spires, staffs/ceptres, wands, obelisks, Asherah-poles, Tammuz-trees, the Shiva lingam, etc. In this genderization: Water symbolizes the female womb, while fire (magma) symbolize the male semen and vitality. Thus, you might say that light is fire, and water is love, which is the sex-act of our planet: Volcanoes spewing out lava that is broken down to dirt through rain and produces fertile ground through source-field bion bio-genesis evolution. Source, magma and water is the sex-act of our planet. Do you agree? I thought it would be an interesting note that:

Lesson nr 10: The metaphysical concepts of the expanded understanding of the concept’s love/female, and light/male, answer to: The sex-act of planets: All life in existence.

We all need loving emotional liberation to ascend, but we`ve covered that, so let`s talk more about ascension and LIGHT/HOLINESS. The circle of life started with source-field bion biogenesis, sunlight, and produced mankind: The ultimate end of the reproduction process of evolution. But for mankind to become Gods, and reach ascension, mankind must return to the Source through transmutating the lower red sexual chakra – utilizing his libido to reach the upper chakras – just like an animalistic man crucifies himself, and learns to live like Jesus the light, e.g following Biblical law, studying knowledge, achieving intellectual/mental liberation/enlightenment, thus transforming from animalistic man into holiness/light, back to source.

Dying from the flesh, and training for the eternal life of spirit: United intellectual and emotional liberation, the ¨Holy Spirit¨ which we will discover later.

The sun gives life but burns and kills viruses. ¨Expose it to the light¨ is a common saying. That a tiny candle dispels all darkness in a room is a scientific fact, as there is no darkness-particle. Darkness doesn`t exist! It`s OUTSIDE of creation, in the deleted folder section of the Source-Field. Assuming light is metaphysically holy is a philosophical, religious and scientific absolute by now. Both historically and contemporary.

Christianity teaches that Christ is the Sun itself very clearly in John 1. In Christ, we die a symbolic death of all impurity, and are born again, not by flesh, but by Holiness/Light/Sun. Being born again is becoming one with the God/Source through Jesus Christ, the Light of truth, the Morningstar of love, he holds the knowledge, hope, and the Light on our path like the sun, like the Buddha. Jesus taught his disciples he was Adam/Atman, the Shekinah oversoul, who with his innocent bloodshed wrote a bloodpact with the human race, being the tree, with us being the branches, undoing the sin of Azazel`s tempering with our genome, the serpent in the garden, Azazel falling leading all into sin, called God`s scapegoat, same title as Jesus, while Jesus ascended the Adamic/Atman/Shekinah/Sophia spirit, leading all into Heaven, putting Satan the evil lawyer out of business as the Adamic spirit graduated (ascended) with mankind now having the choice of becoming one with Christ through his blood-ritual-covenant; through taking part in the eucharist: Drinking wine and symbolically eating the flesh, blood and spirit of an ascended oversoul, to become one with him in Heaven, where he intercedes as a high-priest (of Melchizedek`s order) through his ever-lasting powerful sacred blood that flows in all of our veins, that is, if you believe in incarnations of the One, the world supreme or to use the correct Jewish term: The Adamic oversoul. Jesus himself say: The Kingdom of Heaven now suffers violence and violent men take it by force. Although, according to Near Death Experiences; Jesus seems to be the one in total control. Through Jesus Adamic oversoul, his blood spilling all over the world-tree (cross) on Golgotha, the skull (of Adam) , we all can take part in his risen aspect of the female shekinah world spirit, the so-called Holy Spirit.

Let`s talk about the holy, pure spirit of Source we already concluded exists and upholds all creation. Most ancient cultures operated with a ¨Great Spirit¨, as the American Indians called it ¨The Great spirit¨, for that`s what it is. ¨The spirit of the all that is good.¨ The Hindus have Brahman, Zoroastrians the holy Atar flame of Asha, the Hawaiian Polynesians called it Mana, the Egyptians called it ¨the force¨, etc. Subject for another book?

The Jews has a very correct spiritual system and have had many historical names for it like YHWH Elohim, I am that I am, the 7 fires (Jewish Menorah candle) , including a practice of retrieving lost sparks of that flame/shekinah, in a practice called Tikkun Olam, similar to gnostic philosophy. The Christians have of course; the Holy Spirit, which is the most correct term for it, as all originates from light, darkness being non-existent: Only a concept of that which is outside that which is life-giving, pure, true and holy. To me, and the original Nazarene Mazzaroth disciples of Jesus, the Holy Spirit is the spirit of God/Source, ok? Bear with me now… According to gnostics, the Holy Spirit is the redeemed female shekinah presence (Sophia.) And according to me, it is both and also the powers of the seven planets (the Menorah candle.)

Let`s summarize and discover the true meaning of the Holy Spirit, shall we?

1 Holiness (Light) is God/Source which is not of this world. 2 Spirit (Love) is the divine feminine. Creation. Akasha. Shekinah. Sophia. Life. E.g the divine feminine womb of Mother Earth; the fallen spark, life, e.g as understood by the ancients through the comparative Ishtar myths in various religions.

Together we have the 1 Holy 2 Spirit of 1 Light and 2 Love. The Holy Spirit is also biblically symbolized by 7 fires burning before God`s throne. These are the seven archangels, planets, or co-creators if you will, that sing the Heavenly song, or source-field-particle-vibrations, also singing time, fate and destiny, as is the role of the God-father, the planet Saturn, the Lord of the Rings, ruler of this dimension, being that this is the dimension of death, which is time and fate. God is singular but also the ALL, as in the Hebrew Sephiroth, Keter (Crown/Heaven) and Malkuth (Earth) reunited, as by Lord Jesus.

Lesson nr 11: Following the law, seeking ascension, seeking love, without enlightenment, without holiness doesn`t add up to the equation of the law, because an enlightened person loving person will inevitably find holiness (God), I dare say.

Lesson 12: Holy=Light, and Spirit=Love. God=love/spirit+light/holiness=man=spirit+holiness=God – becoming God/ascension through Christ. God/Brahman=Love+Light=GOD/Buddhahood! Returning to source! Meditate on the variations and depths of this.

Lesson 13: Light means joy, truth, honesty, enlightenment, holiness, spreading of knowledge, science, exchange of ideas, and ¨peace and order¨. In symbolism it can also mean fire, the divine masculine, the Sun, Jupiter and Mars.

Greeting someone with Love and Light is in a Christian sense the same as greeting someone with the Holy Spirit!

Love is akin to the word law. Quite a coincidence, as love is the purpose and end-product of the Source-Field/God, creating us humans who is distinguished from monkeys by love. Love and reproduction is the scientific purpose to all human motion in the universe. Is ¨love¨ the law that unites all in peace? Transcending time, borders and opinions?

Lesson 14: Love is the law. Love means morale, honesty, respect, social kindness and care. In symbolism it can also mean water, the divine feminine, Venus, and the Moon.

I say that Source, Light, and Love synthesize into a universe of harmony, wisdom and balance with a strong emphasis on love, play, and joy. But also, sex and survival of the fittest. This is a scientific fact based upon observation of nature, and must mean something, and tell us something about the Creator.

Lesson 15: I believe life, the harmonious creation of God/source, is sacred, and that human and nature bio-diversity must be protected.

This is often forgotten in Christianity which taught the opposite, that the weak are the strong, that the meek will inherit the Earth, that those who put themselves low will be put high, and has resulted in a limp, stagnate, non-patriotic, gullible, and pacifist Church easily controlled by the meanies.

This is not the mind of the creator, what we see in nature, or what the Bible and Christ really taught.

Both Biblical Israeli history, and Jesus life, and teachings tells us to protect ourselves, fight for justice, fight for the weak, be strong, bold, and seek perfection. Or as I came up with: The strength of your arm is it`s length to reach the weak! That is true strength. For a perfect being doesn`t need an ego for others to see he is perfect. Or was that not what Master Jesus and the Buddha taught? And did not Jesus instruct us to create the Kingdom of God from source-field resonance e.g the Kingdom of God is within? But we cannot exclude science: Although the source-field`s biodiversity metaphysically represents pluralism and symbiosis as holy concepts, it`s no use meditating under a tree when the world ends. Evil prevails when good men do nothing. The source-field creation has a clear expression of yin-yang, the sacred balance creating both heroes and villains. But Jesus represented a polarized world of only good, another reason to fight, showing that he was truly divine and that Heaven is polarized in only good, contrary to the world.

Hebrews 10:35 ¨So do not throw away your confidence, it will be richly rewarded. ¨  Matthew`s (25:14-30) parable of the talents, and Matthew 7:19 tells us to literally work hard or burn in Hell!

Christ is clear in Matthew 25, that not all are of equal worth, a lie fabricated to control us. This is simply not scientifically true! Nor spiritually true! All people are different, some lesser, some greater. To say anything else would be lying to God and yourself.

Christ`s teaching has been thwarted to promote submission and weakness, but was in reality that Source/God loves both weak and strong, because strong men exists to strengthen the weak, in God`s thought of perfect symbiosis harmony, and that we are all of infinite value, but of different worth and choosing, as there are different ranks both among angels, men, and on Earth, e.g in work and achievement, which should be obvious, yet you have been taught differently.

We conclude that all are clearly God/a part of Brahman, thus of infinite value and potential, but at the same time, worth is a different thing, as stating the opposite would be heretical to both Source/God, the Bible, and human history, but particularly to the laws of nature, observation of all natural selection, the historical, and evolutionary progress of mankind and civilization, and weakening teachings must be reeded out.

Or ask yourself this. How will God`s Kingdom come? You cannot end polarity and build a perfect civilization of eternal riches and peace sitting under a tree meditating forever…! Although it has great effect, the so-called ¨meditation effect.¨

The evil of humanity today is only good for one thing: Extinction. A purge by fire, which Jesus himself states he longs to make happen, as with the Kalki avatar.

Classes are made by different degrees of beauty, talents, social intelligence, and our IQ. The goal is to eliminate the animalistic class of humans so the spiritual God-man survives, or else the former will destroy the latter in their ignorance, and the world be chaos, war, starvation, disease, and poverty towards no ends.

Lesson 16: Nature teaches us that light/science, must defeat evil/ignorance/darkness. It`s a world of survival for the fittest, selective breeding, hard work, and non-compromise to ignorance and non-facts, essential for completing a high-civilization of polarized ethically homogenous people, a Heavenly Kingdom. You must work hard, be confident, passionate, aim high, and be a perfectionist like a disciple of Jesus, the greatest perfectionist, perfecting the world, attaining mastery yourself, if you are a true disciple. Because that`s the purpose of serving under a Rabbi, to be Rabbi yourself. Yet be not proud, but humble and wise like Jesus.

Never stop before you have gained all knowledge, like Buddhist liberation, and use that knowledge to liberate others, and you will ascend as true Sons of the Light.

The LAW is a principle that structures society into high-civilization, and eliminates polarities, uniting all mankind, religions, tongues and ethnicities. Let no human raise his fist against a fellow human! For the law teaches: All is one.

I believe God IS this law, or that this is the first law God created, and that the multiverse creation we call the universe expressed through the creation pattern of Metatron`s cube, e.g the platonic solids is the construct in which this law appears. God encoded us with this law, visible in the stars like the sun, visible in ourselves, in nature, in the microcosmos, and the macrocosmos. It is in all: A spiritual world. And God made sure we would never forget his law. Or would we???

Lesson 17: The Law`s majesty yet simplicity proves intelligent design as an ontological argument.

So, you see I discovered something similar to the Fibonacci sequence that nobody had written about anywhere on the web! I checked. I triple-checked and doubt the ancients knew it, perhaps only the Sumerians, Egyptians, ancient Israel and 1st century Nazarene Christians. if so they knew about it, would we not all believe in Source, Light and Love by now? They certainly would have utilized it in whatever empire, but sometimes one needs to meditate and think simply to be wise. I think the ancients overcomplicated religion greatly. (Really, you don`t say that?) It`s remarkable that so few recognize how the Buddha and Jesus` life and teaching are close to identical, now united under the eternal law of Source, Love and Light.

And now to your last lesson.

Lesson 18: Honesty is being in the light, but is a child of both light and love, and the most important of all. Don`t forget to be honest, because honesty to your dharma e.g ¨path or will¨, doing what you want, what you`re here to do, and being honest to others and always true, is the path to freedom and abounding joy. Wear your emotions on your sleeve, say things as it is straight out, never let your heart be wounded, yet be loving, and never wound others.

To be honest, you have to be strong. And to become strong, you need loving affirmation and light of joy. Understand that you must receive it, and always give it to others. Then you can be honest.

Sinning is sinning to your conscience. I cannot stress the importance of dharma/honesty enough…!

The implications of synthesizing our discoveries to any field of thought, religion, or situation is great fun and always works. I wonder if I should make it a religious system like the Kabbalah. Maybe someday I have time.

Love is the law all religions must agree upon and is the divine quality innate in every human that traverses all borders and ethnicities, and is as such the hope for peace in past, present and future, just as the law is eternal.

Light makes flowers of love spread new seeds for a new sun next year. Just as the circle of life starts anew every year, Source/God`s creation is an eternal repeating circle, like a repeating song, and his mercy new every morning and year. Why is the universe eternal? Because sound/vibration/energy cannot die, but echoes forever.  

I will end by saying: There is no belief. There is only understanding. That is the true path of Christ and the Buddha, not religion. What was metaphysics yesterday is today`s science, and so it will be with everything spiritual. Study the source field:

EVERYTHING is cyclical in a mathematical fractal equation, life is a quantum phenomenon, and particles are phonetic patterns, a symphony of Source, Light and Love. These three will last forever, and that is a philosophical absolute, even until the world is made new again, and again and again, like the master-symphony on repeat. Thus; there is always hope, for there is always life, and where there`s life, there`s hope. And that`s comforting thought.

I do not know if God is eternal, a concept, or this law, but this law is eternal: Source, light and love, and it proves God, so yes, I believe Heaven/God is eternal… And regarding God: The particles in physics not being found, turning out to be phonetic patterns, it would make sense that the correct understanding of God is ¨the Asha flame¨, ¨the all that is good¨, as was the original understanding of the Judaic ¨Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh¨ and the tetragrammaton pentagram YHWH, basically the ancient version of today`s periodic table.

And if the law was too much for you, remember the 5 l`s of happiness! Light brings love, love brings lust, and lust brings life and laughing little children. Repeat.

Some Christian thoughts on the Holy Spirit:

God is spirit. Ruach kadosh. The source field. God is one in Heaven, but he is also the all of creation, his mind/emnation, separating himself from sin which is deleted. This is the most perfect, and only philosophically valid 3rd dimensional world of free will because of yin-yang.

Because God is a singular creator, good, just and holy, he could not make this multiverse without a counterpart that chose to fall by volition, thus resulting in the expansion of conscience and the universe, the Heavenlies expanding into the lower realms/dimensions of death, which is why Jesus calls Satan the God of this world. A world ruled by death, as there is not death in Heaven. Unrecyclable source-codes get deleted.

But there was no death in the beginning, before this lower terrestrial realm. That is why Jesus says ¨be not of this world.¨ Because God is polarized from a third-dimensional perspective, into yin-yang.

God, AND the Devil is equally part creators of this lower universe, but there is no death in the higher universes. That is the problem of evil solved for you. This is the only philosophically plausible, only spiritually plausible, and only physically plausible world even if you twist your mind to infinity, and believe me, I`ve tried.

The Problem of Evil solved.

If good/God created evil, then isn`t God evil? No. God gave d-evil his conscience and free will before he fell. God stretched his conscience and minor beings were created that fashioned an imperfect universe. Does that make God evil? No! Let`s say you decide something evil: Would you blame God? Darkness is just a bi-product of light, or rather, evil is a bi-product of goodness. Why? Because God/good is eternal. There is no darkness particle. It is outside creation, deleted. It doesn`t exist. Hell is only this matrix deleted folder section, as the Source-field rids itself of unrecyclable energy/files. God was always the winner. Darkness/evil cannot exist without light/good, but light can exist without darkness in a polarized world. How? Why? Only because we know Heaven exists as eternal, and through nature observation philosophy.

But let`s first discover what goodness is. Evil exists to fulfil God`s persona as judge, although God still would be holy and good if there wasn`t evil to judge. Good will always recognize evil for what it is, just ask a child. Why does evil exist? It exists because of free will, to be judged, so God can be Holy, and evil can be Unholy. And that is the entire reason. Also: Only a free-willed universe is hypothetically feasible through philosophy.

This is the best of all possible worlds, because the only plausible multiverse/universe is free willed. Try conjuring up any other reality than this with robots where the sky is read and trees grow sideways. Or try conjuring up a multiverse without good and evil. It doesn`t work. I`ll spare you from my alternatives. This is a matrix, where I recommend David Wilcock`s teachings on hypnosis: How can we be sure we are not living in a post-hypnotic suggestion? and sadly: We live in the lowest Heavenly dimension right above the 7 Hells and right below the 7 astral/etheric dimensions.

Anyways, let`s backtrack. Evil exists only to be deleted, as the source-field matrix (God`s thought) removes damaged files (sin), but doesn`t that make God an imperfect being, that is, an evil judge, from our perspective??? In other words: from a 3rd dimensional, human, philosophical perspective: Are God, and the devil two sides of the same coin??? ¨Because they chose but I never chose to be born be born or judged between a judgemental God and condemning devil? A mason always told me they were two sides of the same coin, but let`s investigate further. How is the problem of evil then solved?


God went to Earth as Jesus, BECAME AS LOW AS A HUMAN, to show he was a perfect being by passing judgement ON HIMSELF (taking judgement for your sins) as a weak human, ALSO showing that a non-polarized existence (of good only) was possible, making God a perfect judge (because he also judged himself) and holy; because Jesus showed us that we humans really do have the potential to live non-polarized as God intented with this school, making Jesus wholly God/good. Hallelujah! And today: Millions of Christians testify of Jesus being the son of God through miracles and near-death-experiences (NDE`s).

Jesus thus showed that the weakest can be the strongest, and turned the laws, ways and wisdom of this ¨world of Satan¨ upside down, showing that the ways and wisdom of Heaven is foolishness in the eyes of the wise of Earth, those who today believe in ¨survival of the fittest¨. But Jesus says: The meek shall inherit the Earth and ¨the strength of your arm is the length to which it can help the weak.¨ Hallelujah! You really have to give your life to Christ, you will feel loving peace you never knew existed: There is a Heaven and a God who LOVES YOU, and that was another purpose of Christ`s ritual of the cross, dying for our sins: God is 1. Righteouss Judge, 2 Holy and 3 Wholly loving. It makes me cry! God is real and gave his only begotten son to die for your sins!

Never separate holiness from spirit!

The Zoroastrians, the original Abrahamic religions, the Hindus, the American Indians and the Polynesians among countless others (including most pagan cultures) saw God as the Great Spirit. The All. The Ether. That is what God is to us, trapped in his creation. The force, the ether, the source. The Jews have a concept of Shekinah and sparks of light trapped within the material, which are: You. You are a part of God, in Judaism. The practice of redeeming these holy sparks is called tikkun olam.

The Christians call Source/God the Holy Spirit, which is separated into two, Holiness and Spirit, and through spiritual Master Jesus, now reunited, that is, and here is the secret; the world both 1 beyond this world and 2 inside it. As revealed in the holiest and most secret name for God: Ehyeh Asher(ah) Ehyeh, for those with the greatest understanding: The I am inside that which is.

1 Holiness (Light) is God/Source which is not of this world. 2 Spirit (Love) is the divine feminine. Creation. Akasha. Shekinah. Sophia. Mother Earth. Life.

Together we have the 1 Holy 2 Spirit of 1 Light and 2 Love. The Holy Spirit is also biblically symbolized by 7 fires burning before God`s throne. These are the seven archangels, planets, or co-creators if you will, that sing the Heavenly song, or source-field-vibrations. God is singular but also the ALL. The Spirit is not a Christian invention. The Greeks for instance, believed in the ¨Ether¨. This is the eternal religion, Buddhist Judeo-Christianity, and the divine three: God the Father (e.g YHWH or Ahura Mazda), The Saviour messiah incarnation of God (e.g Jesus Krishna) who paves the road to Heaven, and the Holy Ghost, the shekinah, as we covered earlier. Yet whatever way you put it, these three are invariably one, and the same.

For your protection:

  • Light is also metaphysically holy/pure: The law does NOT philosophically decide upon if joy and happiness; children of light and children of love is ¨metaphysically good¨, because joy can be unholy and cruel. Light is also holy: Always let the law explain itself by itself. Why is it not so that all life-giving blissful enjoyments are heavenly? Are they not of higher etheric spirits? Answer: Most of the time, but not by definition, as also Abrahamism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc teach us. Restraint is necessary. Pain and loss of ego is a natural part of life to gain wisdom (Pleroma) and ascend, e.g ¨light/fire also burns.¨ There is a purification needed for ascension, something seen in all religions, best illustrated in the example of Jesus. One must not become animalistic.
  • Jesus and absolute holiness must never be separated. Jesus is our most beloved ¨spirit guide¨ to use the precise term. There are many deities claiming to be Jesus, and more is in the coming. Jesus makes this absolutely clear in the Bible, that He, and the Father (Brahman) is One.
  • And now the most important lesson for ascension and fullness of health: Holiness (Light) and Spirit (Love) must NEVER be separated in your will, as I said earlier. Do not go against your conscience and self-honesty. There are SO many Christians I know who carry a HUGE presence of Spirit/Love/Shekinah. Not to mention Jews, and Muslims as well. Spirit is for everyone. A Christian can be FILLED with Spirit, with RED-chakra FIRE straight from Brahman/Source. But that doesn`t mean it is the HOLY spirit. This is VERY important. Symptoms of the HOLINESS of Spirit is a higher-dimensional, uplifting holy ¨white-golden auric vibration¨ with enormous etheric potency, exemplified in God-Father`s male absolute bliss of knowledge, sexual potency, joyous laughter, and very much exemplifies an elderly wise sage becoming childlike, often accompanied (from auric Christian observation) by laughter, dance, smiling, joy, fearlessness, unconditional love and natural innocence.

We are all one through the superconscience matrix of the source-field!

Follow the law!

Love yourselves.

Love the people.

I have taught you the Eternal Law. Build on it, and it will go you well.

Love the law, and love Source – everything around you.

BUT! You got to be WHOLE first!


Be one with Source!

Always know that ¨A Jedi`s strength flows from the force…!¨ Be one with Brahman!

Always abound with joy in the force, for He is everywhere in nature, inside you, and all around you. He never leaves, and ONLY wants what is good for you.

Let the Source fill you with Light and Love every morning.

With holy joy and compassion of heart!!! That`s what I do.

Carry the fruits of the spirit wherever you go and rejoice with dancing and song! Love all you meet, and never judge, for Jesus loves them too.

If your father loves all, how can you judge this person, but love another?

Do you not know the angels in Heaven? God let`s his light shine on all.

How can you love children, adults, and your wife more than others when we are all brothers and sisters’ part of the same super-being? Did not Jesus tell you to love your neighbor as yourselves?

Love the poor, the rich, the weak, the sick and old! The strength of a man is measured by the length of his arm to help the weak! Remember that.

Train yourselves to always be loving to yourself, and your surroundings by following the Law, and filling yourselves with the three divines, source, light and love.

Loving yourselves comes first, or as Jesus says, love your neighbor as yourself! You cannot follow the law without experiencing loving transformation. Seek love with brothers, and sisters to become whole! Healing comes through intimacy and friendship.

Then you can love each other as I have loved you!

When I was sick, poor, and needy, you did not see me, and I had no friends but my Father. Every day, and night was pure suffering, but instead I spent all those years seeking the lost, helping others like myself, and meeting as much people as possible on restaurants, hotels and BARS where I was always friendly, always shining in the Holy Spirit, joyous, and never talked about my problems.

I smiled to my assailants in the midst of calamities for 7 years, for I have the Force/Source, and a MIGHTY ally it is. In fact, none could exist without it, so you better train yourself to adapt to it and utilize it.

Ask yourselves this: If you do not help others, how can you expect help yourselves? The strength of an arm is the length to which it can help others. In this you know you are God`s children, as his rain and sun shines equally for all, as his loving forgiveness is everlasting.

He loves you. He loves the sinner, yet hates the sin, like Jesus taught us. He loves you no matter what you  do, and how deep you fall.

Understand: Because he made you. That is the secret of Judaism, and the Shekinah indwelling.

St John the apostle lived to a noble age, and when delivering his last sermon, he said only two words: Love each-other.

You have now learnt the Eternal Law. Drop everything you have. Become whole like children by finding yourself in others, heal your heart, and learn to be loving disciples, and teachers of the law!

Love is the law. The universal conduit between all times, ethnicities, borders and universes… That is eternal.

Love Source, love light and Love the others/spirit.

Reloveution is for all.

The time has come for YOU to step up and secure your children`s future! I highly recommend you band together in families of light and unconditional love, and build cells of survivalism with a knowledge-basis of source, light and love!  Light of knowledge, and pride in your western-humanistic, civilized heritage. Knowledge that binds together the world of your future, forming friendships.

In the future we will look back at how we only accomplished our goals through source, light and love. Together these three make the Eternal Law.

The law of God: Source, light and love is my passion. So, should it be for you. We all breathe the same air – part of the same super conscience source-field. The Ether.

Love is the law, a language all religions can agree upon, and all ethnicities can understand. It traverses all borders and is the hope of the beating heart: Common in every one of us. Everlasting. Love is the hope of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Take the mantle of truth and run!

Why revolution?

Why revolution? Because we need to throw the BANKERS OUT OF BUSINESS! EXPOSE the cabal before they destroy the multiverse/universe! A national-romantic nationalist revolution in Scandinavia would be the best that could happen to the Earth at this point in time, from the perspective of a benevolent alien.

Because the one thing the Earth needs today is a reform of science, and the revolution of how to get there. Nationalism would be the best bet, as we could achieve mutually beneficial goals at the same time, like 1 protecting human bio-diversity, 2 getting national banks 3 reforming quackademia in all schools of science, 4 create a sense of loving unity, national-romantic identity in an age of post-American identity crisis for God`s sake…!

The GREAT need is for a populace of a pioneering nation (like Norway) to push for a reformation in all scholarly fields, including the branches of physics, history, medicine, pharma, psychology, and spirit science, waking the world up to the financial New World Order tyranny through utilizing national identity, and conspiracy theories like e.g exposing the corrupt cancer-industry, so that we can reach unity in opinions of politics and religion. That is the task given to Norway, or any pioneering, industrialized nation. I bet my Jewish money on you, my chosen people of the clouds…

The world needs political revolutionary super-scientist super-idols figures to break through the Sabbatean-Frankists control of the media, like Michael Jackson was close, but they killed him. This task is passed to strong heroes they won`t be able to shadow-ban from media, supreme blonde super-idols. The blonde lion-kings of all ages, the Suns or Ashtars MUST be heralded as the royal bringers of unity in the NWO to come, and the people of Earth MUST create the NWO their own way for it to be granted us from God, ALL this is ESSENTIAL by ancient sacred spiritual tradition as it was planned as far back as in Rome! Examples of revolutions such a super-idol should bring are: 1 a Sexual Revolution, 2 a Religious Revolution, 3 a Technological Revolution, 4 or a Political Revolution – dissatisfaction with lying politicians which ties with all of the above. My two cents.

A temple of world religions united? SAVE and UNITE true world religions!

As of now: There is no Temple of One, which will be the umbrella for world religions in the future. Particularly for Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism, but also with respect for Hermetic Gnosticism and certainly Judaism, preferably Orthodox Judaism.

I want the Atar flame of Ahura Mazda`s Asha to be lit at all times.

All theistic, or even ALL religions must submit to my world religion and agree to that there is a source-field creator. They must agree that life, and evolution is created by the source-field. They must agree that the sun, and love create the circle of all life. They must agree upon the concept of love, and enlightenment, with non-tolerance to idiocy. They must respect human freedom and equality. All are of equal worth. The strong one`s measure of strength is the length of his arm in balancing the equation: Helping those that are weak. They must respect freedom of speech, women, and thought.

These World Citizen tenants should be taught in every school globally:

I only believe in what I can see, and produce with my logic, and believe un-scientific religion (such as the scientific religion of quackademia), and false religion should be illegal, and a thing of the past.

I believe in the all-permeating ETHER or ¨Source Field. ¨

I believe that alternative ¨interdimensional physics¨, TESLA, and REICHIAN science will transform society into a glorious megalithic Golden Age through a perfectibilistic revolution renaissance of love and light/enlightenment.

I know of the scientific trinity of Source, Light and Love, and believe it should be common global conduit of humanistic morale taught at school.

I believe the Temple of One deserves judicial status in religious quarrels.

I believe there are 13 dimensions of the universe.

I believe Buddhism and Christianity have scientific proofs of ascension such as through transforming into the Rainbow Body, similar to what Jesus accomplished.

I recognize the need for a Temple of One`s institute of religious science.

There might be many higher, and lesser Heavens for either a God, Gods, or ascended beings like humans belonging to different religions like the proof of ascension in Christianity and Buddhism.

I recognize free will, honesty and dharma, that religious bondage through laws of strict religions like that of Thomas`s Christian childhood is foreign to the human childish nature, and should be replaced by the law of love, where people are free to choose themselves.

I believe in the mercy and goodness of God/Source/Asha. (The Sun shines on all…)

I believe life, the creation of source, is sacred, and that human and nature bio-diversity must be protected.

I believe that the concepts of love and light combined creates morale, and that the law is the completion of humanist civil rights, the only necessary fundament of all needed morale, and societal conduit for human civilization when fully elaborated.

(I am sure you would agree that medieval sharia laws, if not scientifically proven to be of spiritual integrity, must go as we approach the space-age……) Let`s continue.

I do not believe in free will to believe what you want when science of physics, philosophy, and the human logic has spoken. Light is truth and must prevail against idiocrasy like for instance radical Islam, radical Judaism and ultra-conservative Christianity. Keeping it to themselves is no good, and imposing e.g Sharia on others, against women, homosexuals, apostates, with cruel punishments is even worse, and the latter should be criminalized for a more sustainable peaceful future.

Nor do I believe that all are of equal worth. That is an unscientific, non-statistic, non-factual lure to prevent God-hood, and perfection of humanity, evolution and society. Yet all are humans with souls, thus with infinite growth-potential and infinite worth, albeit with a different disposition e.g ¨a president is not in the same disposition as a mass-murderer¨.

Aside from that: All world religions are free to believe what they want. And I bless them wholeheartedly. Some believe God is Allah, others believe in Lucifer, while some believe there are three, 7 or 9… Some are monotheists, others are Taoist dualists. Some are Christians, other want to attain the rainbow body. Animists believe everything is spirit and is maybe 2000000 years old. Perhaps they really got it?

Peace in our time.

Thomas Eidsaa.