A guilty conscience is Hell.

God is love. Love is eternal, and traverse’s religion, ethnicity, time and borders. Love, and light is the eternal lesson for mankind to graduate. Love freely, willed, and without hesitation. You must wear your love on your sleeve. I want to help you not to become like me! Be true! Be light! For verily I tell you, those who sin against their heart live in denial. The road to pain, and all festering desires that is. The path to the dark side. The devil creeps inside, and feeds from dead orgone of a guilty conscience that didn`t do what it wanted. Which leads to one question. Is there sin at all? It`s all about conscience as St. Paul talks about in Romans. But since we have conscience, we can`t totally get rid of sin. We must live in the Holy Spirit instead.  

Love is a powerful weapon. Use it against the reptile archons who cannot harbour love and prove that homo sapiens rule the planet! Or you can descend and become a part of the matrix` deleted folder. Demons feed on all negative orgone emotions. Who can heal the crack when the devil is inside? The crack will widen, and you lose a part of yourself for all eternity. NEVER sin to your heart. Live true to yourself, in your higher self, the will of the Holy Spirit. THAT is the answer to the question of sin. Don`t be so hard against your own heart, and always speak your mind. That is the way to escape suffering.

The nature of sin explained

Is there sin? It`s all about conscience. When you know something is wrong, and still do it, you are a descending conscience. It`s all about conscience in this multidimensional multiverse.

Either you nurture positive emotions and conscience, creating ripples of light, or you nurture the demons who rule this world. These are the reptilians, and they feed on every negative energy. Without negative energy, they don`t exist. Earth is a soul-farm to them. Will you prove them wrong?

Gabriel mentions honesty which left me pondering for a day. What did it mean? Honesty is a very important subject when it comes to sin and holiness.

Honesty means staying true to yourself: Your True will. It means staying true to others, to national law, etc. Do what you want is the freedom St. Paul writes about. The freedom we receive when IN the Holy Spirit, or as Paul writes: There is no sin.

Both the atheist, and Christian should do what they want, but the Christians do it because their will is reborn in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit thus acts as your higher self or ¨true will. ¨ The Holy Spirit will transform you through the sanctification process until freedom is no longer freedom to sin, but freedom FROM sin. Freedom from your nature.

When intimately connected to Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in your heart, god will reveal to you what is sin in your life.

Honesty is so important because true sin is sinning against your own conscience. If you are convinced something feels wrong, or if you know it is a sin to you, the devil will sue you, for now: There is an angel, and devil recording every thought, and word through all your life. This is an absolute fact I have established through my work on magick.

Being honest doesn`t necessarily mean saying rude things. Being honest also implies being honest to the law of the country.

And why does Gabriel say do what you want? Do what you want means being yourself! And if you find God, it`s great! You find the truth of what you are! Mission accomplished at the bossom of your your Holy Father!

Loving one another means never inciting violence, not bullying, slandering, beating, killing, but coexisting, encouraging, socializing, and saying good to one another. Especially those who have low self-esteem.

The first interpretation I got after the Heavenly revelation was that honesty means: When you find God, you must choose to convert as certain as the spirit yawns for it inside of you. That is honesty. For if you know something is truth, how can you not be a believer in it? It means not to change religion whence you have first started your Christian course and received the Holy Spirit True Will of the sanctification process.

Only when you stand true to the Law, and your True Will of the Holy Ghost Mercy covenant of Yeshua can you Truly be freed from sin and live like children in a world free from sin. That is the future Kingdom of God.

There is no other salvation but in the living relationship with Jesus through the blood-pouring of the Holy Ghost. After receiving Christ: You are saved even if you sin and apologize from the heart! Because of His sacrifice!

But you will grow closer to a sin-less nature through the biblical sanctification process. For your yearnings becomes the yearnings of Jesus. And as much as Jesus loved the law, so will you learn to love what he loved. And when reborn in Christ: You are God, and no longer Satan creation as we covered in my book: Jesus, Lucifer and the ritual of the cross explained.

And your true will is now God`s. God is your higher self and co-exists in everyone around you until you all reach co-herent belief, mass-equlibrium, and the Earth returns to God`s garden of eternal happiness without suffering, ending all sin.

But how can happiness end all sin? And is not fornication a sin? Sinning against the Holy Spirit, and fornication is the only thing aside from dietary laws (not drinking blood) that is mentioned as a sin for non-Jewish believers in the entire New Testament.

Fornication is the word Peter uses. But what is fornication? History, and the New Testament tells us the early Christians were quite loving…! Unholy sex is fornication. But some sex is healthy! Like sex inside marriage!

We will discover the Bible teaches we are judged by God after our own thoughts, so that one thing is a sin for one man, and not for another, and thus there is in reality no sin which Paul attests. So, WHAT IS SIN?

It started when emotions of pain, sadness, anger, discontent, envy, seven desires, etc came into the world. The devil is a thoughtform and does not exist unless you these abovementioned scars of an imperfect 3rd dimensional life. That is why Jesus preaches Heaven come to Earth.

The devil can only exist if you have these pains in you, as it is the only food he has. How did this happen? Because life in the world was painful until now! Until we soon in the future create a life without poverty, sadness, disease, famine or starvation. 

But let`s jump back to the law.

The devil took mankind`s guilt because he wasn`t honest to himself, honest to God. (As in the Garden of Eden.) The devil was awakened by that abandoned loneliness, and unprotective shame and lack of peace, love and understanding, which turned into a guilty conscience of a fallen existence whence we were kicked out of Eden down to Earth.

The disembodied spirits of previous life-forms that were deleted from the Matrix found life in all the 7 sins and possessed mankind, finding life in mankind`s pain and guilty conscience.

For when that devil finds possession in your pain is when he creeps inside your wounded heart, and you sin, for you are possessed by a lower-dimensional thoughtform.

Think in terms of frequency and vibration. Don`t lower yourself, but ascend towards a higher frequency of love, peace and understanding through the Holy Spirit in Jesus!

A demon takes part in your soul and attests your sin to own you! The devil (who is all things painful) is a lawyer who starts owning, and affecting the vibration of your soul, as the devil is a disembodied spirit without form unless we give him room. But when there is no pain, no polarities, and all live in the Holy Ghost higher self, there will be no room for disembodied spirits of Hell to venture on Earth. That is the future Kingdom of God. A world without sin.

But the devil haunted the people of old, like Moses, because of his sinful life, and mankind desperately sought the impossible: A reunion with God whom they could not reach. Moses thus created an Abrahamic law for themselves and others, to protect themselves from the devil. But the law became the devil`s best friend. For: Are we all Moses? No! Meditate on this…

They lived in a world of pain, but we have the opportunity to live millennia through technological advancements!

The devil will find no room when homogenous ethic belief in the law goes global, and everyone are constantly happy, filled with the Holy Ghost…

Some argue that nothing is a sin in itself, if you act in the Holy Ghost, except the few things mentioned by Peter.

I find this ridiculous as there are clearly sin/vibrations in this Matrix that are deleted. But let`s say you make love in the Holy Ghost vibration, that is, while being with God, the question arises: Is sin (for Christians) evidently defined by in what emotion or spirit the deed is done? Paul writes on this. How else could you explain Christianity?

The new-testament says sin came into the world through the law. The Jews became slaves of El-Saturn-Death-Law-Time and forgot the law of children. All were under the Mosaic covenant. But Jesus says quote: The law was made for man, not man for the law. Can you say Jesus taught the law was relative to person and situation?

Jesus lived by the entire Judaic law, and some say he undid it through a ritual on the cross, taking the keys of death from Saturn through his ascension, although Jesus himself says the law will never die.

Saturn`s symbol is the cross. We were no longer Saturn`s creation having to complete the law to become born again as God`s creation. For Jesus had fulfilled the law as the second Adam, and God was so pleased by his sacrifice, a new covenant was made.

A magickal covenant with God is always made by blood, and his blood set us free. We are thus born again to live in the Holy Ghost Mercy covenant.

Understand this:

Moses created something so impossibly holy only because of his occult former life as a sinner in the house of Pharaoh. The Bible says the devil was after Moses soul. It is the same with me. I know the devil, and because the astral demon takes part in my broken heart when I commit the sin of love, I am no longer holy enough to love freely.

Yet if I never experienced pain in a perfect world and had loved as an innocent child of the Holy Ghost since birth, and been happy all my life, the devil would not have been able to be inside me, and ¨own me¨. The devil is DEAD! The devil is FORMLESS! The devil is NAMELESS!

The devil is an astral thoughtform awakened by every painful emotion. Acts you do when acting through that original pain gave the devil room. That`s what sin is. But you have to be in Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. In him: There is no room for the devil, and there is no sin.

The devil only exists because people are burdened through life. Got it? Let Heaven come to Earth. The more people who ascend, the more of the above will come below.

In retrospective: We see the law was the devil`s best friend, and yet was instituted by God to dethrone Satan through Jesus completing it as foretold in the pyramid prophesies, and in the Mazzaroth. As we covered earlier.

The second Adam re-instituted the law of the children through being perfect in the eyes of the lawish accuser. Lucifer died for man to be his, and Jesus Lucifer died for man to be God`s. Mankind was ¨birthed¨ and became a ¨new species. ¨ Satan could not call a sheep with wings a sheep anymore, or judge them by the same law? No! The law was undone. We were free. A new species.   

The devil is a lawyer, and mankind was free to walk to Heaven after Jesus whom we are saved through. Since the fall into sin: Mankind had never been free to take the keys of Hades, and rule Heaven for themselves until Jesus took them, and mankind was thus birthed as their own ruler, and dominant species of the planet. Before Jesus: We were basically ruled by another set of Gods. The old Gods, the angels, and the ancient Gods, the reptilians or dinosaurs. The evil ancient reptilian archons who do not possess love. We were ruled and owned by the reptilians as a soul-farm. Satan was the God of Earth, and they were the hidden keepers of our planet, our creators. Hiding underground since primordial times to this day…

But we have a Heavenly lawyer in Heaven now through Jesus.  Jesus took the place of Lucifer in Heaven on the mount of ¨the fiery stones¨ where I have been! I know every corner of this universe. Jesus thus became ¨owner¨, and lawyer of his human children whereas Lucifer had previously had that position and took it with him after falling from Heaven. Jesus became the death-angel whom Lucifer once was, and mankind was his, worthy before God forever-more.

It is pivotal that mankind stays at Jesus hands, and never corrupt their DNA to undo the salvation through Jesus.

Compare Exodus 13:16 to Revelations 13:16. I told you the Christians saw the law as a disease, and a growing cancer! The antichrist Islam, and Judaism seeks to bind humanity to law once again. A child burdened by the weight of the law all his life becomes bitter and creates even heavier burdens for his children out of pride. Law is useless. Salvation isn`t. All comes through salvation. There is no need for law outside of the salvation of Jesus Christ. And even in Christianity, there is little need.

God promises us a world free from sin, in a future time where all have evolved to a utopian haven. How can we evolve to be free from sin? When all have been enlightened Christians through our spirit science. When all have had uniform ethical ideology for decades. When all have lived through the Holy Spirit Covenant of mercy through decades. When no soul has fallen, or any unclean broken emotions have given room to the devil through decades.

There will be a time when the astral thought-form, the devil, of sin, and law has no room, for there is no crack in any heart for him. There is no pain on Earth to be found. I am a prophet of that age.


When we were in Eden, we would jump at each other, and instantly have sex on a crush. The feelings of lust, bitterness, and perversion stem from the fall into sin, when we got our intelligence from Lucifer in the story of the serpent in Eden. This is why Jesus acted as Lucifer and Adam on the cross of Saturn/law to unbind us from the law and fulfil humanity.

For this world is a school, and Jesus was the first graduate. Jesus intercedes as our high priest in Heaven having overcome death. I have personally been visited by Jesus who confirmed he was Adam from the garden Himself. This is a great secret the devil fears, for it confirms the grandeur of God`s plan.

For instance, whenever I want to fuck, but condemn myself, those feelings awaken the astral-demonic-thoughtforms of the devil and law. The longer I flirt, the stronger the sensation of the demonic becomes, and when I`m finally in the act, I simply can`t have sex because of my religious conviction. If I then do decide to have sex, the devil will jump right inside me, and judge me on behalf of the law.

Romans 7:8

¨But sin, taking occasion by the commandment, wrought in me all manner of concupiscence. For without the law sin was dead.¨

Whenever I have spontaneous sex, I feel a pure conscience instead, and believe me, for the devil continuously haunts me. For I am like Moses, or the devil. I know all that is sin or holy. I can tell who a religious person is from the moment he enters the room.

Christianity has a total of 4 laws given by St. Peter. Not to drink blood, not to eat what`s sacrificed to pagan Gods, not to eat meat from suffocated animals, and the one that matters: Not to fornicate.

I am not telling you that spontaneous sex is ok. I`m just trying to make out what sin is, and sin is simply dead orgone, deleted source-field-files, vampiric soul entanglement, vampiric friendships, and all that is un-holy, that is, it cannot be recycled in the Matrix, and therefore is deleted.

But more than anything: Sin is a guilty conscience: Doing something you KNOW you shouldn`t. We are after all: Judged by our own understanding and people.

So, I say you can have sex? Well. I really do not know, but science says it`s healthy.

I myself developed a serious inferiority complex because I crucified myself when I should have lived and learnt instead… Forgive me Jesus. Wilhelm Reich, and his master Sigmund Freud were the founders of modern psychology and taught that sex is the healthiest cure to any psychological disease. Freud even went as far as to say that ALL mental illness could wholly, or partially be traced back to lack of sexual stimuli. Might I add sexual stimuli, love, respect, recognition, closeness and compassion… But sex is certainly good for you!

An unnecessary history lesson.

1 Kings 11:3

He (Solomon) had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines, and his wives led him astray.

I guess it depends on your relationship with the lord, and the will of the Holy Spirit. That is also the answer I most often get from pastors, and I have asked everyone.

It was ok for the King to have 700 wives. The royal birth tale adds to this being the most unbelievable bible verse in the entire Tanakh. Several wives AND concubines were common for Israel ever since Abraham. Wives are more sacred than, oh but wait; 300 concubines? 300+700=1000. Ok…! Is God a sex-god? Did Solomon erect a temple to Asherah next to God`s temple? Did the ancient Israelites worship sex, and see it as ok? And did the respective temples symbolize the male, and female form? Is religion interconnected with the sacredness of sex and marriage, and is there hidden truths in the Bible? There is controversy… While the Israelites certainly were ¨led astray¨, the Bible/Tanakh, and the prophets were pretty lawish. Or were they? There are several exceptions.

Various reform-Jews, and orthodox Jews differ wildly in opinion. As of today, some Rabbi`s say it`s ok to have sex for instance before marriage, while others prohibit even touching your genitals when peeing! Lol.

Shia-Muslims have a practice of temporary marriage called ¨pleasure marriage¨ where a pair of unmarried same-faith adherents can have sex through verbal contract as long as the duration of the marriage is agreed upon in advance.

Buddhists monks believe abstaining from sexual intercourse is a way to reach enlightenment as recorded by the Buddha in the eightfold path.

Branches of Hinduism, and all pagan religions of the antique including everyone from Sumer up to Rome (!!!) practiced sacred prostitution to the honour of the fertility moon-Venus Goddess under many names, whom was demonized by the catholic church as a male prince of Hell, and known to Christians today under her Canaanite name Asherah.

The Aryan Hinduism, and the Nordic-druidic religions of Europe had the practice of deifying the ¨may-queen¨ in common.

While the Vikings of Norway gave women right of heritage and equalled them with men past middle-age standards, there still existed sacred prostitutes in medieval Scandinavia, but little is known.

During spring in Scandinavia, the Virgin Fertility Goddess Frøya would have sacred sex with the corresponding male Frøy on all open fields to impregnate the land. I am the first scholar connecting these dots, but: I conclude that since the most important Viking grave-ship (common for the Celtic redheads of Atlantis) discovery in Norway was to a woman, a priestess, who was a foreigner from the Balkan region, and that this of the Åseberg Ship, as paraphrased by Marie Kvilhaug, was that of a cult to Frøya, of which there is considerable proof, that some women had goddess-like status, and that the Vikings – the greatest explorers in the middle-ages – were extremely knowledgeable of worldwide religion, art, weapons etc, in addition to being the greatest feminists of their times.

For instance: cannabis seeds were found in her grave-ship, and the plant is associated with the goddess cult, for instance the Isis cult of Egypt, and through all the antique world.

For instance, in Genesis as the fruit of knowledge (cannabis the goddess of wisdom) the goddess Eve (Hawah) ate it in the garden of Eden. Also, other global myths correlate Cannabis to the arrival of the serpent, and it associated with the arrival of the goddess, Virgin Mary, Mary Jane, sex, ¨dragon-weed¨, etc, globally to this day.

It`s consumption, and smoking (as demonstrated on Aztec carvings) was global even in the antique.

As was the use of cocaine, as found in Egyptian mummies. Cannabis was further described as a component of Moses sacred anointing oil, as popularized by cannabis churches of today who still use it. The first medical text, that of Zarathustra contain cannabis as the nr.1 ailment to disease. That Jesus ever consumed cannabis is controversial, although the very name we use for him today, the anointed one, meant just that. One who had consumed cannabis.

ANYWAYS! Another history lesson 😉