Let`s start with a lection on your multiverse.

Having scaled the 7 dimensions to the very top (e.g Mt. Meru, Yggdrasil) and met ascended aaancient shamans (you`d be surprised how many there are), and many bodhisattvas and devas, including Lord Krishna, who is kind, helpful, and met me when I was flying over India, asking me for help against the Illuminati after which he showed me their tunnels underneath India. Contrary to the SNEAKIEST Lord Sanat Kumara, current world dictator, an impostor God, who actually has his own TOP MILITARY SECRET hidden dimension of absolute Earth control above the Gobi desert and who we should get rid off… I`ve met Lord Jesus the Christ and his angels, primarily Gabriel(s), St.Michael once and quite often Ariel and Uriel. Best of them all is the mighty Lord Ashtar, who is reeeeally kind and loving. These are beings you should be EXTREMELY careful with, especially Lord Sanat Kumara, but when I reached the peak (the 12th or 7th heaven depending) there were A BUNCH OF HIPPIE-LOOKING WESTERN BUDDHISTS MEDITATING ON TOP OF THE UNIVERSE LOL!

There is an even higher Heaven, which is the 13th Heaven, or in Christianity: There are 5 dimensions here, the 1st Heaven. Then you have the 2nd Heaven which are 7 separate enormous universes with thousands of sub-dimensions) and then you have the 3rd Heaven, which is the only dimension eternal, where it is theorized that God (The Univserse, Brahman, YHWH, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Ahura Mazda etc) is assuming actual humanoid form (!!!!!!), but I have never been able to enter this hypothesized dimension in a dream, have only seen it in visions and heard of it from near-death-experiences, and no NDE has testified of God embodying a human form (other than the incarnations of Vishnu e.g Jesus).

If the 13th Heaven exists, it is extremely impenetrable, hidden and secret as there is NO way to even GUESS it is there, not even from the 12th dimension. The only clue is: Is this all there is? Let me explain my reasoning: A great change happens when you enter the 12th / 7th plane and you can grow wings, if you know how. You can also zoom in your sight and see all in existence through meditation. Is there anything above? Probably not, but if you look to the middle of the abyss, there is a tiiiny mountain, and above is unearthly sky-colours. When I transformed into an angel (at last) and flew to it, it was further away than I thought and it was Earth-size instead, covered by clouds… The only question is: Could there be something above the icy cloud covering the peak of the eight mountain? Because: The fog descending from the cloud gives life to a stream and crystal-flowers covering and flowing down the sides of the hollow mountain creating the 1st heaven, the mountain, Mt.Doom, the fixed/material universe and all souls, it is known as the soul-stream e.g of Norns. The mountain has countless names in mythology and the mound of the Gods too, which I will not name for the unknowing, a grassy plane at the bottom of the very top of the hollow mountain where Vishnu`s/Lucifer`s/Jesus`/ or Metatron`s tablets of creation lie (he`s the only one who can get there) as crystals on the broken aaancient stone altar, so old in fact, that the crystals have sunken into the very granite rock…! An altar of creation I which I will not describe out of safety for the lesser universe. The question is: What is above the fog/cloud? Why is the presence in the cloud intensely holy of a different kind (as of the Christian God), more holy than any presence I have ever felt on Eart as if there was something higher??? Probably not, but plausibly, that`s all I can say from a perspective of philosophy and observation.

NOTE: The devas are probably able to travel through these dimensions, but certainly not the top of the 8th mountain??? I was the last who had been there in the flesh since Metatron 10.000 years ago, at least. (The dimension holds all knowledge.)

There are seven mountain-tops from one mountain in ¨Niflheim¨ to the north, I`ll name them the ¨rainbow mountains of unearthly colours¨ (although covered with ¨snow¨) , mountains still standing from a previous world-age/universe when there was no sin or death, e.g no 3rd dimensional physical/material/non-changing dimension, a previous universe a ¨cherub¨, no I`m not joking, reigned over harmoniously when ¨man/inhabitants¨ was only ¨angel/spirit¨ before that cherub fell with his angels as the first deleted matrix-file, willingly or cast down by God?, anyways deciding/resulting in the creation of the universe we currently reside in, which is in the middle of the 12th plane (I looked to the East and there will be endless universes after this, perhaps existing already) , creating the 3rd dimension, creating DEATH, thus causing an ENORMOUS abyss stemming from these 7 mountains, the well-known abyss that had never existed before, out of which grows an 8th mountain trying to get back up to Heaven, also called ¨Ymir`s body¨, that`s right, the entire universe LIVE in the ABYSS as part of the conscience of a CHERUB (popularly called Satan, who is NOT Lucifer the archangel), but I bet my money there is a 13th Heaven. Lucifer is a Greek-Roman Sun and Venus-God, the most powerful source-field vibrations of creation, he is not Shiva/Destroyer by definition.

Go listen to the album 8th mountain by Rhapsody of Fire and become my disciple. Or go to your Buddha or Jesus.

Anyways…!!! I know (very) well of what I speak.

All who proclaim reincarnation are only incarnate aspects of former lives and have set-apart souls. All reincarnations are as aspects of what lived before. While it is true that ¨nothing ever dies¨, all souls are judged after death, and you only live once. Although it is said that the disembodied Nephilim are the only ones who truly reincarnate, because they are unable to go to Heaven. Many view these as ¨higher souls. ¨

Those who remember ¨past lives¨ either remember ancestral DNA, soul aspect incarnations, or are influenced by demons, or spirit guides in their dreams. Very, very few ever live their life on Earth here again. Hell is straight below. Since Jesus changed the laws of the afterlife forever: It`s only Heaven or Hell.

Reincarnation is simply not scientifically compatible with diverse metaphysical theories.The Bible does however not agree on reincarnation. You only live twice. Here, and the afterlife. The original philosophy behind reincarnation was because every file (including a person) in the source-field matrix (e.g Brahman) will consist of deleted files (e.g guardian demons or dirt on the ground), karma (past deeds, thoughts etc), or, in rare cases, be a reappearing file, e.g a real incarnation like myself. Remember that the fractal matrix (which we call reality) always reprograms itself, balancing equation e.g repairing damaged files/karma: Thus reincarnation. So yes, all that is now has existed before and is seeking union with source, including you, but no, it`s not you, it`s just a fractal universe.

The Egyptians believed the soul had 9 parts. Near Death Experiences never tell of reincarnation. Our Matrix reality is pure geometry; sacred phonetic patterns, a mathematical concept if you will, of the mind of a great architect; expressing recurring themes recurring in a fractal universe. An equation, if you like, where you/spirit (e.g Lucifer, Sophia, ¨shekinah tikkun olam¨) is trying to return to source/infinity/Heaven/Nirvana.

The idea of reincarnation is ludicrous. I myself am the ¨reincarnation¨ of many souls. I REALLY REMEMBER many ¨past lives¨, memories of the source, being lucid in literally all my dreams since very young,

Anyways. Most of these memories are aspects of my soul and body; genetic memory, birth-chart, and memory from guardian angels, stars and guardian demons. To be frank; I think most memories of past lives come from meetings with past souls, spirit guides in dreams and thoughtforms. These come to you especially in dreams. Does that mean I have lived before? Not necessarily. We all have dna-memory, guardian spirits, soul-guides, guardian angels and guardian demons. These affect our subconscious memory. Our DNA has been scientifically proven to store historical information revealed in dreams. And don`t forget: All energy that was deleted is replaced by new souls to fix the Matrix: I.e reincarnations. And I mentioned birthchart. When the stars align the fractal energies universe right, that same energy/person/history, etc, might repeat itself, yes, often with the same memory.

But the traditional idea of reincarnation is WRONG… The idea that the ghost of a deceased karmically ill person waits for some hundred years in some astral queue (that doesn`t exist, I checked) before somehow miraculously entering into the womb at inception through some divine organized effort (while asshole Sanat Kumara rules the place) to redo his mistakes is LUDICROUS enough, and doesn`t fit with any spirit science evidence to date. The idea that your ghostly spirit somehow flies into a baby, but forgets his past life, and remains a baby, and not a homunculus (a real incarnation as with Jesus) is also ludicrous. I am an advanced spiritual being myself and can confirm this 70-90% certain.

I also remember accurate things from genetic, source-field, birth-chart, and guardian angel memories as I said. I even remember the name of the ship that sank during an English war and could google it up etc etc – 10-50 lives all the way back to the time there were dinosaurs, Gods, and star-wars!!! All the way back to when I was a warrior in a mighty-man-suit inside a ¨Vimana¨ standing about 9 feet tall. I was a general in a time somewhere mountainous, and never shook off the loss I experienced upon dying, being that we were the good guys and they were really bad. These are memories induced by strong thoughtforms in source-field memory which eventually made it to me, right? Source-field fractal reappearance, demonic, or angelic thoughtforms. Right? All I can say is that there were 3 consecutive dreams I had three nights in 2012, at the end of a great spiritual journey. Or not.

Which brings me to the homunculus theory. Have you heard about it? Yes, my friend. GODS, ANGELS, and (NEPHILIM/GENETICALLY CREATED INHUMANOIDS) DO INCARNATE! But mankind (unless they evolve to God-hood) does NOT. Such incarnations are called HOMUNCULUS. Where a certain spirit is summoned into the womb by ritual during conception, or in the case of Jesus: God/Source bestows a special spirit to enter the womb. Jesus was a HOMUNCULUS according to all Church history. That is why ancients depicted baby-Jesus with the face of a grown-man, but with the body of a baby. Because he was a ¨God in the flesh.¨

Take me for instance. I could write 100 times more about my dreamlife where I was a God/Angel always lucid, and always flying. I experienced 100 times more in my dreamlife than in my waking life, and it was 100 times more interesting. Because I was free! I could teleport wherever I wanted, fly, traverse dimensions etc. I even forgot about my earthly life completely and focused only on what happened in my dreams. UP THERE is MY world where I COME FROM! NOT here…! And it`s a lot more beautiful.

But this is just a theory like all others… Although the ancient Egyptians believed that ¨Nephilim¨, bad spirits, e.g hybrids to be correct, did reincarnate while regular mankind did not. That is why the Egyptians would always destroy their bodies after death before mummifying them so they could not linger to the Earthly plane through accessing their body, something nasty I will not go into. The Sumerians and native people of South-America, etc, buried their dead in the child-inside-the-fetus position, knowing their energy would incarnate, a beautiful, civilized burial practice.

But all this are just theories. It is probably right though, considering the length of the Egyptian civilization and that they were a people TOTALLY fixated on death, the soul and the afterlife, but in general: I do NOT believe in reincarnation, nor do I believe I am a reincarnation. Deep down. Or at least: It doesn`t matter. It`s Heaven or Hell, and it`s all about JESUS or NIRVANA!

The term reincarnation would be wrong. Neither Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Edgar Cayce, or any person was a reincarnation of some ghost of a dead person, or else they would have remembered everything, right?

Is it so hard for Buddhists to take some middle-eastern religious advice and believe that a conscious universe super-conscience through astrological, genetic, time-space, and happening synchronicity relies to you and recreates it`s memories from past events synchronising in this fractal matrix?

It is the only explanation. Proof of the fractal universe is everywhere in biology, sacred math, and astrology. E.g as seen through hermetic knowledge of the flower of life, the star tetrahedron (Merkabah), and Fibonacci sequence etc.

This universe repeats itself. As Solomon says: There is nothing new under the sun. My dreams of past lives were relating to synchronicity. It is also VERY possible to create a bridge between damaged thoughtforms (matrix files) of past lives, and your life.

And what are the cases of most proclaimed incarnations? It`s people who remember tragedy, or other great energy emotion like high spiritual awareness. Surely such awareness will ¨reincarnate¨ as the universe repairs karma.

Or as the Egyptians said: Some parts of the conscience (9 parts of the soul) lives on after death. The Egyptians were the civilization who historically investigated the soul, and after-life the most, never believed in reincarnation, but agreed that the Ka part of Osiris`s original soul was passed down through each Pharaoh. This is angelic/demonic thoughtform memory from real actual celestial beings (aliens/angels) who might have different powers than humans.

For instance. I am a strong spirit/recurring energy-form, and remember every dream I have ever had, which almost always were lucid. I myself received memories from a past high-priest of Egypt in 2009, and also received memories of a blonde giant (mankind were bigger back in the days) in 3 recurring dreams in 2012 where I had lucid dreams of nuclear UFO-wars – very strong imprints in the matrix. Am I the incarnation of these? Yes and no. Do I carry these entities karmic debt? HOPEFULLY NOT!

On that I will say: The purpose of this universe is karmic recuperation, the purest example would be Christ, the karma of the Atman oversoul on a cross dying for our sin/karma through a blood-covenant planetary ascension ritual, where his blood-covenant with Source/God makes us ascend through his spirit guidance as he enacts the 13th dimensional role as high priest through his blood. So really, when typical Christians say ¨we are saved by the blood of Christ¨ , there really is something in it, but they don`t know what they`re talking about.

You only live once, and your spirit – sense of self – either ascends or descends. This is clear through near-death-experiences, although:

I DON`T KNOW EVERYTHING! PERHAPS THE SOURCE-FIELD ¨RULES ARE DIFFERENT¨ DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU BELIEVE! It`s a monstrously huge fluctuating universe with immeasurable dimensions and sub-dimensions, after all.

I have a theory that more incarnated prior to the Christ and that the rules have changed.

I hope you understand. There`s only Heaven or Hell. Why do you think the Egyptians mourned death so much? Because they knew. And they had only the Hell of their good lord Osiris.

The New-Age movement, where religion, and ascension is a big deal, has a term called star-children, incarnate angels, crystal-children, and indigo children. While the source-field keeps creating more diversity, evolving humans continuously, there are no star-children or angels incarnate. In fact: Angels are beings from an earlier universe, a different race whom never can incarnate, according to several very credible occult sources. Although, they can be made into a homunculus in a human womb. Unique to all of the angelic race is the ability of interdimensional travel AND teleportation IN THIS 3rd DIMENSIONAL WORLD, as they are NOT human. Movements like David Wilcock`s ¨cosmic awakening¨, and ¨are you a wanderer?¨ is sad reading. He postulates that many souls from Atlantis, and space have reincarnated here to evolve unto a golden age. Well… IN YOUR FRACTAL MIND…!!! We never chose to be born. (((That is the main reason why the Sabbatean-Frankist-Jesuit-Illuminati hates God btw.))) Which is a stupid reason, like a baby crying.

There are other sub-culture groups often related to New-Age, paganism, and Satanism like the other-kin movement (where people believe they are part animals), and the other-kin movement has 10-20 sub-categories. This depends. All people have spirit-animals. All have guides, and all ethnicities have unique spiritual gifts. All landscapes have spiritual races living in higher dimensions, e.g dimensions of Alvarheim where blondes act more similar to the elves of the Lord of the Rings.

I totally understand shamans saying they have spirit-animals, I have even met 6 shapeshifters. I also understand nationalist hippies saying they are elves (like myself), but this online other-kin culture is waaay too idiotic. I myself had 10-20 lucid dreams where I visited Alvarheim, a place geographically related to Scandinavia, where there are primarily blonde and redhead elves, also different now extinct human races… This is simply synchronicity with the source field, as life in dimensions mimic each other (you can meet them in dreams and get children) over the duration of the 5000+ years we have been here. (In Scandinavia.)