This world is a superconscience source-field expressing infinite experience through recurring mathematical fractals, and embodies you, and all life – guided by the Heavenly Mazzaroth, and the 7 planets symbolized by the Jewish menorah lamp.

Jesus taught of the kingdom of Heaven, resonance, that it has come close. That is what the Lord`s prayer, translated into 1st century Aramaic translates to. That the Heavenlies sphere of influence has come close, exemplified here by a Holy Man, who sheds his blood to make a covenant, and ascends his spirit to pace the way for ascension by that conscience, becoming in many ways, a God of mankind. This is not far away from New-Age terms like Christ-Conscience, or Universal Conscience, which New-Age have stolen from us.

But was Jesus a God, or had he lived before? I don`t believe in reincarnation. And is he God`s son? Well, he certainly became! But not so much more than any of you are. He was simply God`s son because God said: ¨That`s my boy! ¨ when the spirit descended upon him after he was baptized, and because he was the firstborn of the new covenant. Thus ¨God`s first, and only son. ¨

Christians has forgotten the mystical gnosis of the 1st century nazarene church, and believe such things as: ¨the work is done, and we have won¨, and ¨only do what God leads you to¨, and ¨you can do nothing except through the Holy Spirit¨, and ¨Christ will return soon.¨

No. Where is that in the Bible? It says ¨go preach the Kingdom to all nations!¨ Christians are at least 500.000 years away from establishing a world-wide Christian governmental institution. You have to do everything yourself, through Christ, but still WORK HARD, or nothing will happen. You have forgotten the most vital teaching of Christ. That God`s kingdom is within YOU. Heaven, Jesus, and even the voice of God is subjective to your own conscience through synchronicity.

Why do you think God never spoke to you before you believed in Him or sought him? Why do you think Jesus never tells a person ¨the state is killing you – denounce it¨. Why? Because of the synchronicity effect. God never spoke it until you knew at least SOME of what he was going to say, and synchronized to that sphere of influence. God IS you!

Since: God`s kingdom is within you, God is the source-field-matrix, and you are a part of God: God nor Jesus can never speak to you unless you access that vibration of conscience. In simpler words: God rarely speak things you do not already know. God does not break the laws of physics of the source field. He plays along.

That doesn`t mean you cannot receive prophetic information whence you tap into higher, timeless extradimensional fields. But you only read what your mind can understand. It`s all in your mind. You are ¨The God¨ speaking to yourself. Let me give you another example. When someone gets healed, others increase their faith, and often they get healed as well.

This is the synchronicity effect expressed here by ¨faith. ¨ It is accessing the conscience of one Holy Man that broke the curse of death, and opened a path for us all. Christ-conscience is therefore a very valid Christian term.

Through accessing the vibration memory of Christ`s holiness and conscience coherent in the matrix web, we experience that Christ speaks to us, and do miracles in His name.

And that is all there is. You are Jesus. But you say: Jesus really does reveal things to me! Let me explain. Christ is a singular individual facilitating a powerful energy conscience of love in the Heavenlies. When we access this energy conscience, the matrix works it`s miracles. We experience that the spirit speaks words to us because we seek it and connect with this matrix. This is similar to how telepathy works.

I am a master telepath, and have hundreds who receive knowledge, and hear my voice, even though all I do is focusing my mental energies on love, knowledge etc. I do not consciously speak to them. Synchronicity with my mental field does the work. I do not speak consciously. When we access more knowledge, our brains resonate with that knowledge, and we receive words accordingly.

I am sorry to tell you, but the source-field physics won`t lie: it`s all in your mind. The kingdom of God is within.

Also: Christ is dead, he is not coming back, and you have to do all his work yourself. (Of course.) Work hard. His second coming was a pyramidal, and astrological riddle. The Bible is a riddle. Your lack of understanding the most important lesson of Christ might lead to the utter defeat of Christianity. If only you had known the true nature of the universe like the first Christians did. The nature of the Source-Field, and how God speaks through the Mazzaroth. This is TRUE!

You have no reason to sleep. The Bible tells all Christians are the body of Christ. Christ`s what? Christ conscience. Science… God… Being conscious. But are you conscious, or is Christ sleeping? Remember: Your Christ only exists as far as you can stretch your faith, and your mind/knowledge.

Christ is thus a concept of conscience. YOU are Christ today through his ¨spirit in you. ¨ Which we have explored what really means. You say ¨only through Christ. ¨ but Christ says ¨only through you.¨ There is something you have misunderstood. There is a world`s difference. The Christian life is not about slacking off, and waiting for Jesus to emerge, or reveal your destiny or truths.

It`s about being Christ yourself, and pursuing knowledge and destiny to reach his conscience. Not the other way around. You learn as you walk in his footsteps and conscience. Jesus doesn`t want you to wait for his agreement in every step you take. You listening to the voice of Jesus forever will do you no good without ACTING, and is probably just yourself doing magic with the superconscience source-field, and drawing in random information to excuse yourself from facing reality: Christianity is DYING.

Ok. All I want you to remember is: YOU are CHRIST. Is that not what the Bible teaches? Are we not disciples? Why then do you not exceed your master, and obtain what he had of knowledge? After all: Being a disciple means to aim at becoming the master yourself! If you follow Jesus, but do not pursue his knowledge, sacrificial life, and aim for world conquest, how can you call yourself a disciple! We are all judged by both faith and deeds. What matters is what you do with the gifts given you. Be it much or less.