Scientific, and philosophical thoughts on darkness

Why is love and light the essence of the universe and existence? According to the scientific religion, and the ¨big bang¨ – first there was darkness!

But I say, first there was source, or the ¨tachyon field¨: GOD!

The scientific religion of quackedemic, and survival of the fittest adds up to nothing but darkness, and has no philosophical validity!

For in metaphysics of the universe today, darkness is nothing but absence of light, and there also is no ¨darkness particle. ¨

Light does however not come into view unless there is matter for it to be seen.

Interesting? The vast vacuum of space is darkness and light, but you only see darkness. Also, if the universe-theory was correct, all would be white in the sky, as stars permeate the universe. Dark unseen matter, according to the quantum string-theory of multidimensional universe, constitute 91% of our universe.

Does darkness hold us together? Let`s rename it white matter.

These scientists do however operate with 10-11 realms, which is interesting as the Hermetic legacy of the Norse tree of life, the Kabbalah, and the Catholic seven Heavens has known this for centuries, although it cannot be compared.

Muhammad also says there are seven Heavens.

Other scientists claim that a black hole draws energy into itself and spits it out through a wormhole creating a sun (or suns) elsewhere. Connecting darkness and light.

In darkness we contemplate, and rest in the night… Night gives us wisdom, contemplation, and dreams when our brains process the vast information given through the day. It is in the dark that you see, and feel nothing but yourself, shut off from the world around you.

Learn to look inside, and contemplate in darkness…

It can be said that darkness works with light like with yin-yang in Taoism and zen-Buddhism.

Light gives us bodily form, while darkness provides us with soul-form. Due to Wagner-wave effect discovered on , our minds are more in tuned to the spiritual, and intellectual activities during night.

Other scientists robbed mice from dreams but gave them sufficient sleep. What they saw was stunning. The mice were useless!

It is concluded by esoteric scientists that our DNA-memory, our subconscious, AND the ¨soul of our species¨ is downloaded through dreams (through the source-field).

Basically: Dreams teach animals what they need to know regarding how to hunt! Psychoanalysis, psychology, and dreaming with the source-field – teaching children how to control your dreams (Lucid dreaming), and ascend higher dimensions through preparations before sleep should be a part of every school of the spiritual. We conclude darkness, and pain gives us wisdom.

Religions, wisdom, and mystery was passed down in the light of the campfire, or mantlepiece through countless generations, giving us what we know of our ancestors today.

The moon has been associated with wisdom from pre-history until today. Saturn, the planet of Darkness, is also the creator-god in almost all ancient antique religions.

El, Allah, Anu, Saturn, Chronos etc. It is said that since this is the dimension of decay/death – where life dies, unlike higher dimensions, this Earth is astrologically ruled by Saturn – the Death-Star, or ¨Lord of the Rings¨.

This is the darkness of light…

Is darkness ugly? Deep sea fishes like the angler fish once looked into the mirror and wondered if it was God`s creation at all, if not Satan`s creation…???

I like to pull that joke at certain creationists at times.

We clearly live in a world of polarities.

Sacred geometry, phi, and the golden triangle is seen in all of the animal kingdom. But where is sacred geometry in the monsters of the deep sea? We scientifically conclude that darkness IS ugly…

Furthermore, the world of scientists, and psychologists concede that the more positive thoughts, and emotions you have: The longer will you live, and the healthier, and more beautiful will you become.

Positive thinking, and happiness, for instance orgasm – releases endorphins that are good for your body. It also supports healthy chakras and auras, which the Hindus have known for millennia.

Darkness, depression, and lack of love can kill you. Science has proven that lack of emotional contact, emotional outlet, physical contact, and even love can all make you sick.

Babies actually need love to survive. Jewish babies Hitler nursed away from their mothers died seemingly supernaturally from lack of love even when ALL the physical conditions were met. That`s a fact.

What an incredibly cruel thing to do. It is unthinkable to any upright human.

Darkness must be dispelled by light which in the form of truth, sincerity and warmth.

The Lucifer effect, and the problem of evil in regards to love and light.

The Lucifer effect is a term in psychology determining how very good people become evil.

In general, if you are the Lucifer (Jesus was worshipped as the Morning-Star), and Lucifer is ascended (like Jesus), then Lucifer =Love and light= life = lust= laughter/bliss= love and light. Continuing. The 6 l`s. This is the circle of life. The opposite of the law is the circle of death, which is ruled by loneliness, and is Lucifer falling, creating the circle of death. The Egyptians were the first to figure this out and banned Set/Satan worship, the God of darkness throughout history: Lucifer fallen is The Egypto/Judaic Set/Satan of the black sun, whereas Lucifer risen is his brother Osiris or Horus/Jesus of the day-sun. This is the earliest religious example of the so-called Lucifer effect.

The circle of death is Lucifer falling, which I copy from what happened in my personal life.

Lucifer / fallen from Heaven = loneliness and shame anger depression = hatred and revenge = helplessness = emptiness = sloth = poverty = despair = success = envy = pride = greed = further revenge = unnatural lust, and all evils in the world: Darkness and death.

Death is absence from God. Sin is in its ultimate form: Decay. Anything that leads us away from the circle of life, love and light is death.

Satan is called the father of sin. Sin is exemplified in the seven deadly sins ruled by loneliness.

We conclude that the opposite to love and life is death ruled by loneliness.

If we eliminate loneliness, and the resulting pains from the world, then we stop the Lucifer effect! This is the key to the golden age.

Love and light can heal the world! And that is the mission of the high-tech, moralistic age of Aquarius.

The mission of love and light is ending world poverty, famine, starvation and disease. Ending all loneliness, and the pains it bring to others, by shining light of truth to the very heart of the evil philanthropist George Soros!

And bring unity conscience.

For if we end all pain, and loneliness, then we end all that leads to sin. That is the only way to fulfil the Biblical prophesies of a world without sin. Let me explain the Lucifer effect in further detail.

As of today, the circle of loneliness (otherwise called the circle of hatred) is fighting the circle of life and rules the world. It is Lucifer fallen. It goes like this:

The innocent child is born. With desire for peace, truth, love and justice. Then everything goes wrong. You lose all that is dear to you, and you lose your life, soul and source: Heaven.

The inner heart, and longing of the child does not change, but the way of obtaining these goals are distorted.

Instead of obtaining peace, truth, love and justice through love, an inverted philosophy of Hell replaces Heavenly logic.

A circle ruled by vengeance, bitterness, hatred, pain, greed and strife. An example would be how the Jews seek peace through a mixture of demographics as revenge for WW2. That is the perfect example of the circle of hatred, instead of healing through forgiveness. The Jews taught ¨tooth for tooth¨, but Jesus answered them, and said ¨turn the other cheek!¨ Love and forgive your enemies!

That is the eternal way. The other leads to eternal darkness…

The inverted logic of the dark side is: bad is good, peace is an illusion obtained through war, and love only leads to hate.

The antagonist is born from a pure-hearted child losing his faith in God and humanity through ¨falling from Heaven¨. His previous dreams of peace, truth, love and justice become distorted by his fall to Hell.

That, my friend, is the age-old problem of evil in the school of philosophy.The problem of evil is Lucifer falling.

Good becomes evil, and evil becomes good, through distorted perspective. ALL becomes inverted.

Through lack of love and acknowledgement, love becomes purely sexual, selfish, perverted and carnal (without a God). It is as simple as that.

But there is an even greater circle. The (sometimes called sacred) balance. The circle of good VS evil. Yin vs yang. The balance. Karma.

And from this primordial war of brothers: The story of our universe unfolds. The Egyptian tale of Set vs Horus is used in almost every movie-script. We see that morale is born through good men observing the effects of the negative circle.

The law of Light is the universal code written in the stars for all civilizations to obtain coherent thought (and ascension).

Can good or evil exist without each-other? That is, Heaven coming to Earth? Would darkness cease to exist? No. There are still concepts of good, and evil in Heaven, contrary to popular philosophy. Thus, in a world where the circle of life rules: Morale will still exist, even if only a self-explanatory unwritten law on the heart of a child. Why?

Let`s look at metaphysic philosophy and be smart. I argue that darkness is nothing in itself. There are no particles creating darkness contrary to photons creating light. Darkness is simply nothing: Merely absence of light.

We can draw parallels to our love philosophy. Hate is the result of imperfect love. There would be no hate if not for love. But wait a second. That also means there would be no darkness without the light?

Lucifer falling is a natural by-product of God`s creation called light. And ask yourself this. How could God be Holy, good, and righteous if there was no evil to judge??? Yet evil fell on its own volition, by expanding the conscience it had been given by God.

For let`s say you sin. Was it God who sinned? No. Technically speaking, darkness doesn`t exist, as it is a created being and not eternal, like God, thus goodness can exist in Heaven and Earth without there being darkness/sin/evil. Jesus showed this polarized world through a sinless life. Even after evil is defeated, and from before evil began, God was good, good was eternal, and darkness non-existent. God/Good will always recognize evil for what it is, even if there exists only good. But darkness can not exist without light, as darkness is only a created being. Get what I`m saying? I have much more to say on this topic, but I`ll rather leave you pondering, for my conclusions are a bit controversial.

In this lecture we learnt that loneliness, Satan, the former cherub of Heaven, is the father of all sin and progenitor of darkness through falling from Heaven.

But is has a deeper meaning that answers the question above.

Matter, death and time are intervowen composites of this dimension related to its ruler: Satan who fell, and as a result: Expanding creation to the 3rd dimensional realm: The world of yin-yang. The balance. But must the balance be kept? No. There is no reason Heaven shouldn`t completely take over. Darkness doesn`t exist. Is nameless, formless and deleted. Love and light is eternal. Darkness is just a bi-product of light, and cannot exist on it`s own: Satan can never take over Heaven or win. It`s a lost cause.

Satan fought God over humanity and was later trapped on Earth through falling in love with this realm, bringing yin-yang duality to the world. He, and his angels chose to stay here to rule us as their slaves.

Is evil the result of goodness then? Yes. But at the same time: It is still only a choice. These polar opposites rule – awaiting Lucifer ascending. The pyramid prophecy completed, and the capstone of Giza completed, as great Enoch predicted.

Laughing at the Sabbatean Frankist Jesuit Illuminati.

When I was young, and first saw politics, I could not believe it was real. They HAD to be evil, but I was too naïve, and pure-hearted to involve myself with it. It crushed my spirit. But when I later found out about the Illuminati: I completely lost my hope in humanity. I have been targeted by them all my life. I did research, but only from Christian sources.

NEVER jump into darkness to discover it`s truth. Expose darkness with the lense of Christ. Expose darkness with light. For that is what the Illuminati is: The Darkness of evil that will vanquish all life calls itself by the name Illuminati from latin lux which means light. And people fall for it. If you ever research it: Read the books by Leo Zagami, or Bill Schnoebelen so you get an honest, Christian perspective. For a quick introduction to it, read 1666 Redemption through Sin by Robert Sepehr.

You will be shocked to know so-called ¨Illuminated ones¨ are the dirtiest non-spiritual careless assholes you could imagine, they serve no religion but materialism and carnality: Money, sex and drugs. Their philosophies are more flawed than any other religion, and if it weren`t for the illustrious name, the money, the sex and the secrecy, their conspiracy never would have worked.

Let me first state a fact. There is no ¨aura of mystery¨ hanging over the false name of ¨Illuminati. ¨ There is no golden halo, or secret, appealing power in the name Illuminati. The fact that they have resurfaced and popularized themselves is due to the lack of morale in the population.

The Illuminati was BANNED, not to be tolerated, and if so, should be even MORE hated today, considering the scope of their crimes.

But this is not what we see. They seem to have an appeal on both the young, and old generation.

The question is: Do you want freedom, to be a warrior, to preach truth, to be a light, give your children a better future, and achieve the goals as a hero of truth and freedom? Or do you want to be a slave of superiors who doesn`t care about you.

Do you want to expose technology like fusion-reactors, free energy-devices, water-fueled hydrogen cars, levitation technology, and build a future where everyone is happy? Or do you want to kill all nationality, culture, intelligence, advancement, and bind humanity with the goal of reducing your own blood to a population of 500.000.000? Do you side with humanity, or do you side with war-brokers?

Do you want peace, love, and enlightenment, or do you want war and death? Let`s see it as it is. The Illuminati is the darkness, not the light. It is a foreign, ancient death-cult that I would even call ALIEN to human nature. Do you want to fall for power, and sex when you could have cured cancer? When you could have saved your people and humanity?

In fact: Illuminati members are degenerate victims themselves, to be thrown away by the source-field, and discarded in the deleted folder of the Matrix: Hell. You want to serve that?

The few at the top vs the people.

The Satanic, pyramidal structure of today is some idiocy of an inverted pyramid, and it`s time we Christians take back the seven pinnacles of society the Illuminati operate with: Culture (arts/entertainment), education, business, family, government, religion and media.

Why is the pyramid-structure of secret occult societies inverted? For the one on top laughs at those down below, and so does the ones above him. Why do they laugh? Because as you advance, receiving the promised enlightenment, you are sold darkness, not light.

Once you reach the top, you become a member of the black brotherhood, and discover the true purpose of the pyramid. Protecting the afterlife of the few at top. It all started long ago with Vlad Tepes, and the order of the Dragon. One person sells his soul to the devil, and boy, Satanism is not physically dead anymore. There is this person who will try to eternalize his seat in Hell by creating an eternal structure either through family (for instance royalty), business, lodges and/or false religion. The entire pyramidal system misleads you from start and is exists only as a soul-farm for those on top whose souls are sold.

A person who has sold his soul to the devil is a societal cancer, and will try to market Satanism through lodge-degree systems as something true, just, philosophically valid, humane, and enlightening while it`s not before you reach the top, and there is no way back you realize you have been lied to all along, and that Satanism is dead had it not been for the few on top whose lives are dedicated to lure other with them to Hell in fear of the terrible afterlife.

Satan never reveals his true nature until you`re damned. That`s when you discover he hates humanity, is evil, and has no purpose for you in Hell. But by then you`re already damned, so those on top dedicate themselves to create world chaos and exterminate humanity and Christianity.

And that`s why a revival exodus out of Babylon city-system is a MUST as described in part 3 of this book. In general: We won`t stop the Lucifer effect, or the war until we stop the pyramid – the system, through implementing a governing system of our own: Either nationally or locally.

Until then: There world will always be in a state of chaos and war. It`s good vs evil. Jesus vs the system. A system that will create growth for future chaos, war, famine, poverty, and disease until the end of time: If it ain`t stopped. Stopped by a Christian system of governance. The Kingdom of God. Which we must build.

Satanism is dead.

We covered how Lucifer`s curse is broken, and mankind is free, according to Christianity in my book on Jesus. Satanism is thus spiritually dead, as mankind can reach ascension.

Why is Satanism physically dead? For there are no race, or living person descended from Nephilim condemned to Hell. The race of the damned is extinct, and that`s a good thing. There is substantial archaeological skeletal remains of giants which correspond to what we know from all mythologies. Who then is there to further the Lucifer effect, and rule humanity through the circle of hatred? I guess the biggest problem of today is corruption through riches and sex.

But the circle of love sets us free! For we will distribute love/understanding and enlightenment/unity against ALL polarities of the world! What then remains as the reason for Pain? None.

Satanism is also philosophically dead. For: Whereas it once was the only true religion unless you could obtain salvation through the Mosaic covenant, it ended when Jesus came along.

Why was Satanism the only religion? For if the pagan tribes were damned anyhow, why then would they worship God? They belonged in Hell. Why would anyone want to go to Hell? It`s dimension is defined as void of the feeling of love, and is an eternal state of anxious fear, tears, and hatred towards God.

Let`s summarize the illusion that ¨Hell is cool¨: A chaotic court of MAD JESTERS & GIANTS rule Hell. Ok??? Is that clear? Total endless hysteria, violence, screams and chaos. No humans rule there.

Or: Would Satan fire his trusted workers of a million years, and replace them with you: A dumb human? I will tell you my great secret: Hell make certain that every human on Earth has their guardian demons. They are as organized as Heaven and become perfect after millions of years in the game.