For sustainable society.

Because the Corona-virus shows the dangers of globalism: Those who control the virus, media and the banks control the world. Not to mention: We don`t have enough oil for cars, nor enough Cobalt for electric car batteries to last more than 100 years. The return to monastic village societies with new technologies, especially Tomislav Teslas hydroplants, is inevitable: Our system is built to fall.

Imagine a village, or any society of only likeminded individuals where nobody believes false career-politicians, or that the state cares for us. A utopian, futuristic communitaristic society. Or perhaps a Christian monastic society? Like the first Christians. Or perhaps a theocracy where the Church is judicial institution, school, and social welfare centre???

Or perhaps you are an anarchist, a biker, or just an ultra-liberal that want a black-red anarcho-syndicate where everybody helps each-other, and there is nothing but unwritten law? Whatever your dream: I am sure we could take care of our own way better than corrupt politicians. Especially now that we have futuristic technology like the Tesla village in Croatia and Mauritius. I wish to start one in idyllic Norway… Let me tell you my lifelong dream…

You arrive at a peaceful, idyllic village hidden by clouds, and valleys in mid-Norway. It is autumn, and the generational trees planted 50 years ago make you feel you are moving into a geometric garden of Eden with all kinds of flowers, and futuristic technologies.

While you walk beneath the red leaves, you see pyramids, a water-facility-well, a revolutionary spirit-healing, and herbal ¨hospital¨, a school with all the knowledge in the world, a football-field, a science facility, an outdoors forum that looks like something from Rome, and new architecture of romantic periods, as well as artistic houses with painting you have never seen before. You see pyramids, non-polluting power-plants, and water-hydrogen fuel-cell cars. It looks like something out of a novel.

Due to the advancements in antigravity (levity) propulsion technologies, the villagers are able to fly around the valleys, and build monumental structures relatively easily.

The villagers great you in white robes, and the children wear flowers in their hair.

Indoor cultivation of exotic plants is made possible by the free electricity devices.

A monumental stone church spires above the little fantasy-town and looks like it could stand as long as the Giza pyramids.

Here: People live happily to the age of 100 years. The village is an ultra-liberalistic anarchistic theocracy. Theocracy? Yes. Here: God reigns.

Common Christian ethics of love, and light`s eternal law govern this eternal village peacefully where the inhabitants can focus their life on cultivating soil and soul.

As an ethic-homogenous society of unwritten biblical laws: There is no reports of theft or violence. Everyone has everything in common like a big family and live like brothers and sisters.

They are called the Kingdom of God. And it was God who tasked me and gave me hundreds of visitations in dreams: Showing me I had to create these villages as a template for all future societies.

As a theocracy, the village is governed by miracle-working saints, and humanistic heroes.

The church will serve as a religious institution, a judical institution, police, military institution, school, and social welfare centre for the elderly and disabled.

This is part of the global village reservatory project of Jesus.

The people meeting you are of all races and preach a universal gospel.

They tell of a harmonic natural way of living, working for your food, marrying your classmates with immeasurable romance, and teaching the children TRUE science and history which they built the village upon 50 years ago, after the great rebellion, and break-up from the state…

They succeeded and created an eternal haven in symbiosis with nature. Their revolution, and technological solutions created a worldwide revolution renaissance, and reformed the whole world: Showing that paradise Earth is indeed possible. One day we will get that Utopia…

It can exist because the state is liberalistic, but here they`ve taken it even further, into ultra-liberalistic anarchistic-theocracy.

Their mission spread fast across the globe, giving ethnic people pride in their heritage, and showing that Rivendell was always just around the corner. In the valley bordering this one, there is a Viking village. The entire cabal fell, and America crashed it`s economy.

But the Children of the Light survived and fulfilled their dream after a great disclosure and revolution. New-Agers, Christians, professors, and many people with high positions stepped out the secrecy following the revolution, and made this technological marvel possible, getting the support from foreign, and domestic financiers.

The villagers tell you how they created a revolution renaissance of liberty, love, light, knowledge, art and success, introducing the New-Age of worldwide peace based on love and light.

Such a world IS possible.

They are not yet at their goal, but the entire world loves them for their pro-activism for peace, love, and zero crime statistics. Over the globe, many children of Love and Light have become inspired by their achievements to create villages themselves. There has never been a theft, stabbing, or murder in any of these anarchistic societies.

Sustainable Tesla Village Development – because our system is built to fall/is not sustainable…

I demand three things. 1 That the awakened create a New Earth Ubuntu village of contributionism and private schools, like a Trojan-horse pallet example so the glass house of cards will tumble, 2 a Nicola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich group of alternative scientists to reform all fields of academia, ( 3 And thus the end the New World Order by mass enlightenment through training messiahs, unleashing a media-campaign exposure of the 1 technocratic, 2 cultural and 3 financial elite, focusing on the technocratic elite, e.g. cancer cures, alternative village science, alternative electricity, something all relate to, thus shaping the future in the lead, not as sheep that can be downplayed. Go with the political current saving the ecology, but with no compromise to false physics, history, astronomy and medicine.

Everyone knows someone who’s died of cancer.

The awakened must overtake any free nation with such a Trojan-horse village society, with all enlightened anarchist hippies, and conspiracy-realists uniting, waking up from waking up, and focus ALL on ONE nation to get the ball rolling, ok? Norway would be an ideal location for such a movement, although over-run by mad-men, I live there, and the revolution must happen in a western, Americanized country for the desired worldwide immediate effect.

Read my book: The people’s army’s revolution – the battleplan against the NWO.

Don`t curse the darkness ¨ah I hate the NWO.¨ No, light a candle instead! Gather the ambers and the one, single light will expel all darkness, as the NWO glass house of cards will fall by the uproar of the people.

Ignorance is a sin. We the people have the OBLIGATION to be in the LEAD to change our future. The OTO madmen tampoonlards of non-existing Egyptian history try to break boundaries, but these gangstalkers are the worst, most obedient slave-criminals in history! They’re poor, have no technology, and eat Rothschild crumbs while their race is ruined, obeying the academia of lies when they could had levity-propulsion and a new industrial revolution through my alternative state model, read my books. They’re not rebellious or groundbreaking at all. They are a stagnate post-history civilization of slaves.

The OTO hail the joker and say ¨why so serious¨, but dress like bitchy pin-up slaves, never talk to strangers, and act like machines. They’re a contradiction to their origin.

No real wars. No real rebellion. Just controlled opposition by my world government. But we intend to erase all religion, all cultures, and all human existence.

Although I favor a redeemed perpetual world without slaves, there are other forces of evil much darker than the fallen angels.

The negative forces shaping our current systems are simply humans like me and you, driven by GUTS for life and lust MONEY. It is simply a matter of who has the most GUTS, and never an armed conflict, this world being like ¨a TV-show¨.

Furthermore: This NWO has replaced common sense and common ethics with the inversed teachings of all holy books, thanks to the not-so-enlightened Sabbatean Frankist Jesuit Illuminati, whom are in reality the Luminari plagiarizing the sun-cult, infiltrating it and perverting all things. The Jesuits, really… And the Frankists. Ugh!

They call the disintegration of cultures and races through staged wars ¨the only sustainable future and inevitable global order.¨

Really? Is a forest not beautiful because of it’s plurality? Is humanity not beautiful because of multiculturalism and human bio-diversity? They’re making a mono-culturalism, not multiculturalism. Their truth inversion strategies… A non-polarized, perpetual peaceful world can only come through common human ethics, not ethnics or population control, but the enlightened freedom of the Buddha’s, Krishna’s and Jesus example, not common social status, income or common equal intelligence, but common SPIRITUAL intelligence: Common sense and morale, LOVE for God’s sake! Period. And that`s the reason I wrote the Law of Source, Love and Light.

All great periods in human history were due to a people-serving priesthood whose religion (e.g sacred geometry, astrology, etc) incorporated sacred philosophy and sacred science. There was never a point in history where science was not identical to alchemy, magick, secret and SACRED, like the Christian and Egyptian (Atlantean) religion of the survivors of Hyperborea, the religion of the SUN, their Tartarian monuments still surrounding us everywhere, baffling us; because we lost our guardian priesthood to the moon cult of the Luminari.

THAT`s our aim. A sustainable ecologically intelligent monastic village trojan horse civilization. A globalized world is not sustainable AT ALL. The bird-flu, SARS and the Corona virus epidemic prove the NWO is a non-sustainable wildshot. Not to mention: Forbidden by the Elohim, our creators. We will only end up destroying ourselves or being destroyed by the Elohim, as happened in the Biblical Tower of Babel story.

Only a worldwide reformation of all fields of school, including physics and religion, perhaps after a war against terrorism, followed by an industrial revolution, creates a perpetual, ethically homogenous world of small, independent economy towns (cells), where no currency, state or police is needed other than the presence of the Elohim, the white brotherhood. OUR high-tech and religious knowledge is perfect and eternal, sustainable, and could last for tens of thousands of years.

Not only does small-cell globalization through ethics and space-police eliminate the countless future epidemics, biological mad-scientists, and wars funded by a global banking elite:

There is simply not oil, and not enough Cobolt for electric car batteries. Not even for 100 years, and that’s about: Now.

Look closely and see the NWO was built to fall, look at the OTHER hand of Elohim (illusionist`s) cards:

It is US the FREE BRAVE ONES who remade our world! Nothing lasts unless the people do it themselves.

My mission is an inevitable future outcome, a perfect world. And if we’re not living in it by now, why believe Jesus will return and create it for us? Is that not against free will? If it hasn’t historically happened, why would it happen when there are 6 Christians left in the world? Not that Christianity was ever true, only my Nazarene path of Christianity is THE very truth, being the most enlightened man in world history. A sage unable to die out of his love for humanity.

I don`t want 20 generations to suffer under a NWO disintegration of culture, morale and religion, before they realize their ancestors were irresponsible and led future generations into a globalized world doomed to fail OR: Forever be controlled by madscientists of the banking-cartel.


So let`s BUILD that village or wait 500 years, because this Marxistic police-dictatorship might last forever. Or be destroyed.

Anyways. Cheer up, there are good forces out there, like us, so light a candle, and stop watching depressing videos nurturing darkness. Get optimistic, activistic and organized with your conspiracy-theory friends.

Let`s start in your back-yard, let`s start love-and-light-family gatherings, think tanks and private schools. Got me? This is the most exciting time to be alive. Run with it. The mantle and responsibility as messiah is just as much yours as it is mine. Don’t pray to the clouds! They never told you the truth! This world is nothing but a school  of ascension and entertainment to them. A game. But we are given rights as stewards, gardeners of Earth by the Adamic and the Noahic covenant! Will you give away your rights to machines???

It’s time to act. To realize that alternative media and the political platform won’t save us. But never forget! The worst would be if all heroes left politics, if all true Christians left the Catholic Church, etc, leaving only the alien serpents left. The light shines in the darkness, and it’s important to take part in all sectors, and lot give the darkness entitled domain, because this is a spiritual war.

I’m not telling the alt-right should stop their current fights: Just regroup and focus all on one nation, a Tesla village, with private schools! Unite and you WILL win against their ¨divide and conquer¨ strategy. Just be bold, protest and victimize yourself. Preach environmentalism, free love, get the attention of the liberal idiots who work in media and politics, and preach anarcho-capitalism, outside the political spectrum, and they can’t possibly shut you down. It is an unwritten people’s right to deny the state and crown a new king. Do it before Marxistic world dictatorship. First comes the cultural Marxism; disintegration of culture, and then comes the monetary Marxism.

Go against Rothschild Zionism. But, you know, an alien archon bets on all horses…, as long as there is morale left! But with Sabbatean Illuminati Frankism, all gotta go.

Imagine what we could accomplish if gathering the resourceful people like Thomas Eidsaa, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson (oh, they killed him) , Thomas Joseph Brown, Sasha Stone, Michael Tellinger, Harry Rhodes, the alternative media and sponsors to create Michael Jacksons ¨world united¨ dream of Scatman John’s Scatland. Go watch that song.

We need to wake up from trying to wake up the people and instead, unite those who are awake: Out of Babylon and into my eternal dream! It is the only dream. The only hypothetically valid philosophical purpose of our time and our technology. AND we have God, and Jesus ascended on our side.

¨Only live for something worth dying for.¨ I would die for myself, of course. Maybe not for you, heh, but we’re in this together. The greatest illusion is the illusion of separation. We are flock animals in an all-permeating spirit-field floating in space. Love! Unite! What’s serious? Science??? The police? Politicians? Do I have to teach you natural human responses on how to rebel against tyranny? Show them your ass!

Imagine if all alternative news sectors combined with all alternative multidimensional physics/etheric physics scientist in the ¨Tesla sustainable village project¨ of Tomislav Tesla. We will save 20 generations!!!

Let me explain. We are all one superconscience. This superconscience decides who God is, what God says, etc. Statistics show the meditation effect to work, that when thousands meditate for peace, crime-rates drop globally. Statistics show that independent scientists always discovered new technology at the same time.

When one light is lit, when Lucifer rises, all will WANT our village system of alternative physics, alternative history, and alternative medicine with free electrical energy. Beautiful gardens and inland levity-propulsion technology flying (google Coral Castle) Herbs, and frequensies, like the Royal Raymond Rife machine, abandoned by big pharma misanthropists, could cure all bacterial, fungal and viral disease. A small hand-held apparatus for each household. And cancer is cured by Vitamin B17 (apricot kernels) and intravenous Vitamin C, among others, do read my book, the Kingdom of God.

Why will attacking the technocrazy department work? Because all want more technology, better lives and more money! We will use Materialist Marxism to it’s own doom. One such village ignites a hundred more, and the worldwide system collapses.

EVEN now, millions, Christians, neo-pagans, national-patriots, targeted individuals, and persecuted scientists are desperately seeking an exodus from the busy, tiring life of 24/7 work 5 days a week, AWAY from the hectic 5g smart-grid system of big brother’s coming virtual internet reality, false friends and back into REAL friendship and romance with mother nature… They need to wake up from waking up, realize their strategies are not working and unite: Creating an anarcho-capitalist village and a university of alternative physics and medicine. Did you know we had atmospheric electricity before the mud-flood? Tesla knew and took it further.

No more shopping mall pin-up copy-cats. No more superpowers. No more soul-tax farm nations. Only humans in their natural habitat; symbiosis with nature.

For with my technology and enlightened belief-systems, there is zero purpose for hospitals, police-stations, schools, or government.

But we must act while the internet is still free. These are the goals I`ve had all my life. Ask all my friends.

I wanted to follow Jesus and tread a new, sustainable future pathway, and not end up like some copy-doll puppet antichrist, of which there are too many, giving your freedom to a super-idol career agent.

I was willing to die for you as a MASSIVE target by the misanthropist Sabbatean-Frankist NWO Illuminati Jesuit conglomerate. THEIR religion is ¨worship yourself¨, OUR religion is love, the human rights and strength in UNITY! It`s time you realize it`s not necessarily me they`re after. They`re only after me because I try protecting YOU. Love and Light.