Glory be to God the father and Jesus his only son. Amen.

I guess I figured out the riddle… I`m ok with God existing, not interfering with free will. It`s a sad world, but we will just have to accept God for being the loving father he is: He met me MONSTROUSLY (as always) , but MORE often and more loving, showing me all that I needed answers for.

Even the archangel Gabriel showed up. There has been fierce demonic battles from the bullies attacking me at school. This night, I had such extreme dreams, I talked visciously against my perps while sleeping, God opening my eyes, destroying the opposer and giving me power and identity.

So… Today; HE BLESSED ME IMMENSELY! I witnessed a miracle of divine multiplication as I poured 2/3ds of my  eucalpypus-oil (20ml) into the diffuser by accident, forgetting to use the pipette as it was a long time since I had used it and forgot it didn`t have a built-in droplet mechanism.

But when I watched it, it was full to the very brim, fuller than all the other 3 oils I use for my sacred negative ion incense offering to Yahweh, that is peppermint, clove oil (from tree and bark) and oregano oil, very anti-viral and with peppermint and eucalyptus to mellow out the harsh oregano oil smell. It smells like ok perfume, not the best, but very irresistible.

I witness miracles daily, being a targeted individual. But I`ve been so ill from it, I almost gave up… So after today, there is no turning back. This completely changed my mind…: I will continue being a preacher and part of The Last Reformation movement. God spoke to me today, yesterday, whenever I seek him.

Thus I am a Nazarene Christian, the truest faith on Earth. Go to We`re officially open again, for you. ❤