Written when I was still a Christian. If you have not read my other posts on Islam, consider reading them first. Thank you.

Let`s compare Christianity to Islam very shortly…

While Christians tell of miracles, near death experiences meeting Jesus, and have a direct, intimate, manifest presence and relationship to the divine, this is not so in Islam, which translates to submission.

Not Muslim ever experienced the same healings or presence as Christians do worldwide. They have a cold, distant relationship of submission to Allah and his strict laws. This creates a cold society, and imprisons the human spirit and evolutionary potential. A strict Muslim denounces himself all worldly pleasure and becomes even more proud, and even more strict towards his children. The despotic laws and law to kill apostates is a downward spiral of destructive population control, well devised by Muhammad who himself allowed himself all worldly pleasure.

A Muslim can never know if he will enter paradise, and although the Quran calls Allah merciful, Allah shares no characteristics of the Christian God who seeks a personal relationship with you, is not strict, and EVEN sacrificed his own son so mankind could know him, a man who never preached violence or submission, unlike Muhammad.

Christianity also has 5000 times the historical validity from 5000 written source, and a 4000+ long continuous tradition, while Muhammad just sprung up from nowhere and killed everyone who would not bow to him.

Christianity also has spiritual validity from millions of visions and NDE (near death experiences), miracles, and testimonies of Heaven and a DIRECT relationship to God. Christianity also preaches that materialism and carnality, sex, belongs to the material world, and that the higher you go up the tree of life (the seven Heavens) , the less material and sexual it becomes. This correspond to all arts of magick, all esoteric science, Judaism, Buddhism, and all common sense.

Christianity more importantly have the deeper esoteric, astrological, and comparative-mythological traits that not only marks it as true in the corresponding timeframe of Jesus life, but distinguishes it from Islam which has no pre-existing prophet, no pre-existing religion, no pre-existing book, no pre-existing cult (aside from pagan human sacrifice to Allah), no reference material (as to speak), no astrology, no magical science, and no reason why to believe in Islam. Islam has no base, while all other religions are comparative-mythological continuations of pre-existing magical sciences, mystical books and sects.

Islam fails the test, and can thus not be regarded as a religion, certainly no an Abrahamic religion, and must be scholarly judged as paganism.

Christianity and Islam cannot be compared, as Christianity is in a different category, but let`s continue.

There is a myth that Islam means Peace, but this is wrong.

Islām is the verbal noun, and means “submission to God” or “surrender”. Muslim, and means “submitter to God” or “one who surrenders”, according to Wikipedia.

And is Allah the same as our name for God?

Muslim-friendly Jews who say the Jewish word for God, Elah, is the same as Allah, because of the same linguistic root, are wrong. The word Elah would be attributed to any God, not necessarily the God of Israel, because Elah is not a name, just a term. It is the same as our world ¨God¨. The God we worship has a name, and God is not the name of God. Jehovah, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, Adonai, or Yahweh Elohim are names for that God.

Does Allahu Akbar simply mean God is great? No.

This phrase is called Takbir in Arabic, meaning “Allah is greater” or “Allah is greatest”. According to Wikipedia.

So it is a provocative war-term meaning that Allah is greater than any other God, not that ¨God is simply great. ¨

Why are there no healings in Islam contrary to Pentecostal Christendom?

Is it true that millions of Christian miracles happen every year? Yes.

Why is this never heard of?

Because Christianity is the TRUE religion that the Jewish media fight against.

Why are there no Near Death Experience (NDE) accounts, or visions of Allah or Muhammad?

Because all these NDE tell Muhammad is burning in Hell, and that Allah is a demon. Source: Youtube, and several NDE witness accounts…

Do all miracles, and NDE account for a Christian Heaven? Yes.

Why is Muhammad the last prophet with no other after him?

Because he was a megalomaniac who knew deep inside he was a false prophet. Or perhaps he was an agent of the Vatican to destroy true Christianity and Judaism, which you should google: Dr Alberto Rivera.

Does the mad ramblings of one pagan man in a faaar-away country that NEVER had historical contact with Israel contradict tens-of thousands of historical Abrahamic written, and carbon-dated accounts? Yes.

Is Islam unhistorical fantasy by a dyslectic, non-Israelite, pagan, pedophile, bisexual, incestuous war-chief megalomaniac? Yes.

Why do Islam say demons are djinn, not angels, and that angels can`t fall from grace like all magical accounts say?

Because Allah is Saturn Lucifer who wrote the Quran. Because Lucifer had a plan, Lucifer is coming, and Lucifer is the God of Islam.

Why then have I, and others summoned FALLEN ANGELS to physical appearance if they are only ¨djinn? ¨ Why is the science of all of the arcane art of summoning fallen angels, and all the art of magick always only Judeo-Christian???

Because Islam has no spiritual validity.

Why does Islam have no spiritual validity?

Because it tells you will have up to 72 virgin brides, and endless continuous sex in Heaven. All other magick science about the heavenlies tell otherwise: The higher you ascend in the universe, the less carnal lust… This is a spiritual absolute in all spiritual traditions.

Jesus himself says there is no sex in Heaven. How come Jesus was a prophet of Islam???

Why do Islam believe Jesus wasn`t crucified? Was it to undo Jesus work of salvation on the cross?

It was to bring us under the evil laws of the God of this world, the devil of all mythologies, the God Saturn/El/Allah, who is the devil in all mythologies, and the God of law, time and death.

The devil had a plan to undo the work of Jesus on the cross, and his plan just might work.

But who is Allah anyways?

A pagan Moon-God of Muhammad`s Quraish tribe nobody had heard about. A God who was the father of whore-Gods to which they offered sexual orgy rites at the Kaaba. A God they offered human sacrifices, and animal-sacrifices to (100 camels in the case of Muhammad`s father) at the Kaaba …

Is he Elah of the Bible? No. Allah was worshipped exclusively by pagans, and there is no evidence Christians, or Jews made pilgrimage to the Kaaba to worship Allah as the Jewish God Elah, although Muhammad claims this.

Some say Allah linguistically derives all the way back to the Phoenician El, who was King of the Gods. There is no scholarly, or historical support for this theory. All points to that Allah was the God of a tribe of Arab pagans.

Even the testimonial differences of religious experiences in Islam and Christianity proves which is the true religion. Christians get healed, and encounter God, contrary to Muslims and Jews. Go to YouTube, and search for ¨Christian miracles¨, ¨Muslim miracles¨, ¨Muslim near death experience¨, and ¨prophet T.B Joshua miracle¨.

Christianity is also the only Abrahamic religion based on humanistic rights, nature-philosophy, and common sense. It`s not some alien system of mad Hammurabi laws like Judaism and Islam. These seek to elevate themselves from the goyim or dhimmi from observing stupid anti-human laws that are illogical, and makes no sense to either science or spirituality.

With over tens-of-thousand historical documents against a tribal war chief from a city sooo far away that nobody had heard of it, we can safely quote the Bible on this matter.

Galatians 1:6-9

¨I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under God’s curse!¨

I recommend studying Islam to destroy it for the survival, and progression of western society, and human rights, because Islam is wrong. Studying the Youtube phenomenon ¨Apostate Prophet¨, a former Muslim, or studying David Wood would be a good start.

Was Judas crucified instead?

Ask any historian or professor. That Jesus lived, and was crucified under Pontius Pilate is the most known fact of all antique history. Muhammad was the first person historically to simply DENY (huh) Jesus was crucified, and that JUDAS Iscariot was crucified instead!!! No historian of today will deny that Jesus Christ existed, and died on a cross under Pontius Pilate. It sounds stupid, and mindbogglingly unintelligent, but he managed to deceive the world in doing so: having all the power of the 1st beast.

It would be the same as saying something like ¨the black death never happened.¨ Of course it didn`t happen! I said it! ¨Don`t you believe I am a prophet?! We will conquer the world!¨

Jesus Christ is the most documented historical person of the ENTIRE antique, AND medieval era with over 5000 independent sources of written text compiled as universal, scholarly accepted truth several centuries before the false Prophet Muhammad came crawling out of the earth rambling because he couldn`t read, or remember the Biblical tales.

History, ancient texts, Jewish belief, roman belief, Christianity`s miraculous existence in the midst of persecution, Christianity`s miracles, the astrotheological Horus-sun myth of the Bible, the Biblical gematria, and astrology surrounding Jesus was simply based on Judas being ¨magically transformed into Jesus¨ since ¨it was never the plan that Jesus should have been crucified¨. Still Muslims believe Allah changed Judas appearance. Here we go again. Not another antichrist!

Yeah. Judas was whipped, and carried his own cross, became a Horus myth by mere coincidence, and said ¨it is finished¨. There was a great earthquake, and the Christian disciples probably stole his body after three days in the tomb. The Christians, Romans, and Jews had no idea that Judas was magically transformed into Jesus: But Muhammad knew 500 years later! The disciples were simply wrong, while Muhammad was correct. All Jesus worked so hard for: all the carefully constructed mysteries of Christianity amounts to nothing. Thank you Muhammad. Our family is very grateful for the millions of Christians you have slaughtered. The fact that Judas hanged himself is no allegory to that he was crucified instead, as some Muslims believe.

A great earthquake shook the earth as Judas was sent to Heaven with 72 concubines… No. There IS no sex in heaven! All spiritual people know this! I am a soul-traveller myself, and the higher I go in the dimensions; the less carnality and sex! Christianity arose from twelve persecuted Christians that were surrounded by miracles, and such faith in that they had seen the living Jesus that they soon became the dominating world religion centuries before Muhammad.

Yeah. They made a gematric 7digit bible about this majestic saviour myth, and 12 disciples changed the world based on lies while risking their Christian lives for 400 years.. All miracles were simply forgeries. That Christianity changed all of Rome was actually Satan`s work while Muhammad was right! Makes huuuge sense…! Just check out Ivan Panin`s numerics in scripture.

Allah is a moon-god! I know him! He is a most powerful astrological force of Saturn, and the fallen Elohim.

Muhammad is a disgrace to the ancient, and modern scientific community.

The shroud of Turin leaves proof of Jesus ascension, and resurrection through the image left on it. Such an image can only be made of incredible light I.e. the body of Jesus transforming into light! This is what Hindus call the ¨rainbow body.¨ We must also take into view the jewish, and roman accounts that Jesus was crucified!

Muhammad has to be wrong! He was only a conspirator, and a power hungry agent.

His miracles never happened contrary to Christ`s where his miracles are still seen to this day. Muhammad was a pagan from a family of pagan witches, and a conjurer! He conjured false tales to destroy Abrahamic religion that inverted the entire Bible! At the time of Muhammad: 1400 years of historical texts were wrong: Muhammad was right.

Jesus was the master of all arts and made the smartest men of mere fishermen. These simple men left behind a Biblical gematric heritage, and para-mythological tale even more majestic than Moses! 12 disciples changed the world through love with the world against them! Muhammad changed the world through war with the world on his side.

All romans, and Jews agree that Jesus was crucified, and not Judas.  The science of miracles shows that never in recorded history has God changed the appearance of a person. That is spiritually impossible! It is an unscientific miracle! For it has never happened in any other Abrahamic account! Yet a billion people of today believe Allah changed Judas appearance to that of Jesus because of Muhammad. When have you ever seen Allah do that? I have seen countless of miracles by Christ! But not one of Allah. Jesus is alive and doing the SAME miracles today. Allah does not do the same miracles today. Allah cannot change the appearance of a person.

Jesus was pretty well known by character and appearance. I think the odds are a billion to one in that Judas was crucified. The story is so strange that if you would make a movie about it: Nobody would believe it, and all would judge it as false in their hearts.

I have seen the seven heavens, the abyss, Mt. Purgatory, and the angels guarding the gate to Heaven in an out-of-body experience myself. They only accept ¨Jesus coins¨ before heaven. And there are no 72 concubines. Very matriarchal for a moon-fertility-cult. It simply makes me angry! The question angels ask most Christians before you enter Heaven is: Did you learn to love? Islam is not the religion of peace.

Ask yourself this. If Islam is the religion of peace: Is Buddhism, and Christianity the religion of non-peace? Violence? Does not statistics speak for itself?

Did you know you get a bag of coins for each person on Earth through accepting Jesus? And every coin is more precious than all riches on Earth! That`s right! Every Christian is the richest man on Earth! We have eternal life to give to everyone through Jesus who fulfilled, and freed us from the Abrahamic law.

But Muhammad brought us down under that saturnian law of El once again.

Much of what Muhammad said was good. Much of what the pope said was good as well! Both are beasts of Revelations. It`s just another mooncult the Illuminati Jesuits made to balance the sun-cult of Christianity from taking over the entire world. If all became Christian: Why should there be any more reason for war? The Illuminati would have failed if not for Islam. Mecca sits on seven hills as the Great Harlot in St.John`s Revelations does. Rome sits on seven hills as well.

We will discover they are the 1st, and 2nd beast of Revelations: To ruin the work of Jesus Christ.

We see the Islamic customs as outdated because people, and cultures change with time as has i.e occurred with the pre-Christian biblical view of women, the Hindu caste-system, and the Jewish mosaic law. Yet Islam is different, and must be considered most dangerous for humanism as it does not change, or reform due to the ultra-conservative faculties like f.i the Al-Azhar university. It is f.i known that the Mosaic law, and sharia law are phenomenon that occurred rather recently in Earth`s long history, and we advocate that sharia be banished, and criminalized just like we no longer practice stoning.

We all agree the Islamic customs of hanging, anti-feminism, stoning, and sacrifice is ludicrous, and against UN human rights. All of Islam could be torn apart as garbage so easily by spirit science, NDE and miracles. Christians are being massacred in the middle-east, and the media never reports it. Jesus says this is Satan`s world. The rulers of Earth want to have truth for themselves. There is thousands of factual examples of this. All evidence thus points out to that Christianity is true, and a threat to the satanic elite.

I believe Muhammad was a false prophet as the Bible calls him, and a megalomaniac. I believe if it was not for the law against leaving Islam, it would have dissipated shortly after Muhammad`s death. Muhammad made the Arabs glorify Islam, and create false tales of him when the Quran was compiled 30 years after his death. All to empower their conquests: For religion is always abused as a powertool.

I simply cannot believe it worked.

The Talmud, and Quran are equally bad.

The question about Israel often comes to mind when discussing the Jewish people. I myself absolutely love Israel. It is the only free, western country in the Arabian world. Anyone can rise to become president. The human rights protect the individual freedom of Jews, atheists, Muslims and Christian. New-Age is also  very much on the rise in Israeli youth, which I think is a good thing.

Because the Talmud is undisputedly anti-human, illogical, and evidently corrupts true Biblical teachings in my opinion. I would go as far as to say that the Talmud has no place, and should not be legal writing in the 21st century. The same goes for the inhuman passages in f.i the noble Quran. Yet the Quran also  has overwhelmingly warm passages about a loving, ever merciful Allah, while the Talmud does not. Talmudian Judaism is more strict, and the Talmud mostly addresses Jewish custom and law, instead of focusing on the personal relationship to Jehovah, and his warm nature.

Seen from a western, schoolarly perspective: Both the Talmud, and the Quran are anti-human, fascist, racial-supremacist writings much worse than Mein Kampf, and should be banned in the 21st century. They contain little if any spiritual knowledge, and philosophy as to why they are true, and why, and how God is determined in the way they portray him, contrary to New-Age, and my law of Source, Love and Light. They can easily be seen as propaganda for religious-ethnic conquest and hate speech, and should (of  course) be criminalized for their views on atheists, other religions, women and homosexuals.

I believe the Quran, and the Talmud has perhaps only 100 years left before all realize what they believed in was hate speech from bitter conquerors that sought to elevate themselves over the rest by claiming adherence to something as inhuman as f.i Mosaic-Talmudian and Sharia Law. Although Talmudian law is a bit worse than Sharia, seen from a Christian perspective.

The Jews are a people divided amongst themselves, contrary to belief. There are for instance many Jews who are anti-Zionists.

While reformation in Christianity is about returning to 1stcentury roots, reformation in Judaism has been the other way: Moving out from Mosaic law into a more humanistic future.

The main branches of Judaism are the 1 Ultra-Orthodox, 2 the Conservatives, and 3 the Reform movement. Each category has alot of subcategories. You also have 4 the Satanic Jews, and no, I`m not kidding.

It is the sabbatean SATANIC Jews that control the world and has done so for the last 200 years almost – if not the last 3000 years…

They control the money-supply, and finance politics, media, wars, science, education etc. Every Jew, Muslim, and white nationalist knows this. The freemasons are also a powerful tool where the initiates become ¨Jews. ¨

Messianic Judaism, and historical scholarship is the only cure to Judaism. The statements of the Talmud are not only insane, bu tare simply discarded as unhistorical racial propaganda and hate speech to elevate the Jewish people above the rest of the ¨goyim.¨ Jesus, and the Bible is clear in it`s condemnation of the early Talmud, and that the Christians are the only chosen people. Jesus humorously says ¨God can raise up sons of Abraham from rocks. ¨ Jesus was the first to preach feminism, equality, unconditional love, and universal brotherhood where ALL people are the chosen, not only Jews or Muslims. These are no better than Hitlerianism.

Mostly all Jews share the common belief that 1. They are the chosen people to rule Earth, 2. And peace can only come through the Jews. That is the reason Jews are always at the root of globalist conspiracy in undermining, and destroying nations, economies and ethnicities. Everything but themselves: To achieve a New World Order where they will live with lifespan of millennia!

This racial-supremacy thoughtform called Judaism is abused by Satan the dragon who wears a Jewish mask and seeks to control all the world. He has chosen Israel to ruin every nation, and rule as God in the future with his antichrist. Christianity see all ethnicities as equals. Jews see non-Jews as animals not worthy of life: Because they will go to Hell anyways, as only Jews are of value. Understand? Satan therefore uses Judaism to finance humanism, gays, feminism, New-Age, atheism and Satanism to the non-Jews, as in the future: Only Israel will have the true religion, while the rest are un-manly creatures of lower intelligence, rank and value. Only good for sex, work, taxes and soul.

I want a world where all are brothers, and NOT slaves of the Jewish megalomaniacs. There is a wooorld of difference between Jewry and humanism. Get it into your head: Judaism has become the face, and manipulative tool of Satanism. As Judaism is protected and governed by a Satanic elite: You won`t be able to convince them to convert: Only defeat them in arms. Convince all peoples through science.

Judaism is the greatest danger to humanity, freedom, and Christianity when combined with Satanism. Islam might be next. Death-cults, and war-cults as they are…

The Jewish mega-corporations rule the world of Babylon, not Israel, as is forbidden in scripture through the story of the tower of Babel, when all the Earth was one. Christianity is the antidote to Judaism and Islam. Globalist Judaism (Rothschild Zionism) is incontrovertibly an enemy to western humanism, and human rights! Thiscabal will ruin western economy, and ethnicity through immigration caused by the wars the cabal funded and started. Through their masonic orders, and career politicians.

Who is a racist?

All Norwegians I know of, and I mean every single one, has a pain in their hearts MUCH worse than any mental disorder, depression, or physical disease that is tearing them all apart as individuals, and shattering their worth as media tells them: ¨You have no value or rights. ¨

Why isn`t this issue addressed? Why aren`t these people treated as human individuals, but instead labelled as racists??? It`s not the negroes, or Muslims  that suffer racism! IT`S US! It`s not  the immigrants who have no rights! WE have no rights to neither our country, our history, our religion, our culture, or to even say we are a nation, a people, or even an ethnicity! We don`t! We are being mistreated worse than any minority has ever been mistreated in Europe during the last centuries, aside from Jews and Gypsies.

When will you wake up from the political New World Order propaganda??? ALL Norwegians I know, and I say all of them, are CRYING TEARS OF BLOOD!


Let me state a fact: OF COURSE it`s wrong to overtake a nation-state, dissolve it`s borders with the EU, dissolve it`s culture, dissolve it`s pride, and label them racists… Dissolve it`s history, dissolve it`s RELIGION, and dissolve it`s ETHNICITY! Historically speaking, it`s the same as killing all the inhabitants in the very nation! Because in all Earth`s history, most nations would rather all die in war, rather  than suffer such a embarrassing defeat! When did nation, borders, history, culture, religion, and especially LANGUAGE suddenly disappear??? When it was the ONLY thing that historically meant something in ALL Earth`s history??? Who signed the papers? When will we be one again???

It`s wrong any way you see it. Where will we go??? We will die out. Doesn`t that mean anything to you??? I know many immigrants who cry when I cry, and yes they care. Mostly all Christians, Jews, Muslims, whites and blacks I know personally HATE the new Babylon culture of  the Hollywood globalist culture of Jewmerica, and would rather leave the pretty Vikings in peace, had it not been for the fact that their nations were bombed by Barack Obama, and the Bush administration, all of whom were Jews and Masons. Just check up Brother Nathanael on YouTube..! Of course immigration is a huge problem! What would history say about it??? But it`s not the CORE problem, and we have to take in immigrants to some extent, or rather support, and build infrastructure, in-land economy, in Africa, or some other nation, where they can be strong, free and happy.

But that`s not what the masonic politicians do. They WANT war and suffering in Africa, and the Middle-East! The issue is not that the white race is dying because of immigration. That is of-course the same as waging an open  war on Norway, as brutal as any war in Syria or Afghanistan, with the same emotional scars in the  people loosing their borders, language, history, ethnicity, culture, flag, their very religion, and right to be proud without being called a racist. ALL, yes ALL that defines the emotions, the pride, the will, the hope, the love, and the personality of  a human being, historically speaking. No.

The MAIN problem IS…  America… American Masonic Jewry  who  financed all wars, revolutions, the slave-trade from Africa, and want to  create a global financial Empire. They are very close to achieving this, as the two only countries without a Rothschild owned central-bank are North-Korea and Cuba, both which are states that stink, but anyways…

I very often say: Yes, our nations, and our very DNA is at stake, but falter not! Something WORSE is going on! There is a war against not only whites  or blacks, but against MANKIND itself! I, yes I want to be that hero that rises up to protect all people, defeat the New World Order, and live in rich, everlasting harmony once we TAKE BACK Norway from the occult Black Order,  and their Freemasonic puppets!

My dream is seeing native blondes, and redheads smile again, and greet each-other on the streets with laughter. To have a home of our own. Our own streets. My dream is seeing native whites have a home again. It`s as simple as that, but as of now, there is not  a single white country left in the world, nor a single Christian country. None. Both Christian Russia, South-America, Africa, and Eastern-Europe are over-run by masonic politicians, agents of the Jewish, and Jesuit Illuminati New World Order.

I just want  somewhere we can be ourselves again… Is that illegal? Is it illegal to cry, to feel, to kill yourself when we loose our country, or borders, our language, our history, our very DNA, and our religion, all that historically defines a man, and gives him personality, pride, hope, identity, and keeps a nation safe, and free from crime? It IS illegal, because we are censored from internet, the media, and are called racists for simply crying, for simply being whites. And I cry even more, for we were betrayed by our very own elected officials whom we trusted.

I just want a home, even if all that remains of us is a small village like that of the American Indians, where we can be proud, where we can be free, can be ourselves, and NOBODY else can enter, because WE became a MINORITY robbed of ALL our culture, and EVERYTHING that meant something to us. ALL a man can loose. And both immigrants, natives, Christians, Vikings, Arabs and Muslims will help us get it. IT IS our historical RIGHT, just as much as Martin Luther King fought against racism, or like the American Indians fought for their homelands. Now  it  is our turn, and RIGHT  to weep  and cry. It is no different in any way, or perhaps even worse.

For where are the Cathedrals??? Where is  Europe??? American Indians were stone-age people, and African Americans were slaves whereas Europe were THOUSANDS of different tribes, and HUNDREDS of historical civilizations, the greatest on Earth, the navel of Earth, with megalithic structures, and a proud culture that has existed for 4000-5000 years untouched, and never once invaded, now destroyed like by a great flood.

A civilization that civilized the world with humanism and Christianity, destroyed by our own masonic politicians in only 50 years.

Will you fight for your human rights as a white male??? Will you let this come to pass??? Where will you go  if you loose??? You will loose ALL, and it will never come back.

The immigration crisis that destroyed ALL EUROPEAN NATIONS is by far the greatest historical, cultural, and ethnic catastrophe in history, by far, and is much worse than anything Genghis Khan, or the Roman Empire ever did. MUCH  worse, because we loose our very borders and ethnicity, which has never happened to any major ethnic group in any Earth`s history.

All Norwegians I know would rather die to save Norway, if they could, because they cannot hide their tears, yet aren`t allowed to cry in public because of oppression worse than that of Nazi Germany, from immigrants calling us RACISTS! A term that magically only applies to whites only, while Islam, and Talmudic Judaism are fascistic, and racist ideologies to the core of the very verses of the Quran…

Where is OUR racism? Where??? There is none. Whites are simply too kind, cry, and are obliged to feel guilty because of the dominant pride of invading immigrants calling us ¨racists. ¨ Is not  what the Jews have done for the last 4000 years racist??? I`m just asking.

I simply want to be free again. To be able to breathe. To be able to CRY having survived all these NIGHTMARES that CRUSHED our HEARTS as RAGNAROK came, and ALL fell apart.

A place where whites can simply be whites  without being called racists… Where they can cultivate their pride, and retake their homeland through protest, banding together to build villages like Rivendell in the Lord of The Rings.

There is no such place in the world. The moment we start a ¨white only club¨, we are called RACISTS! WHY!? Are there not several millions black-only gangs, tribes, countries, and several thousand BLACK-ONLY-CHURCHES and nightclubs???

But there is not a single ¨white only¨ club in the world that is not  immediately labelled as ¨racist. ¨

THAT is WRONG!!! Whatever way you put it! And you will help us get it.

As of now: Redheads, and blondes WILL die out. Why should Jews, and Muslims idolize their culture through fantasy-religion and not us elves? This is racism against whites, and yet we are better, more beautiful, spiritual, peaceful and intellectual. That is a scientific fact.

The truth is that whites are SO powerful that the moment we are a ¨white only community ¨ , every evil force out there, like the criminal gangs of immigrants, start to fear us because of our Sacred Aryan Purity.

Our people could utilize hidden science like levitation, and free electricity to populate the warm, beautiful waterfall valleys of southern-inland Norway at an altitude of perhaps 500 meters.

I don`t know of another Rivendell candidate than Norway, considering the landscape, and it would be sad if such a beautiful thing would only exists in fantasy-scape when it would be so easy to create in real-life. But the Jewish mafia kill people like me and call me a racist. They want revenge for WW2, which they themselves arguably started. I am also a denier of the 6 billion lampshades theory.

What Stalin, and Pol Pot did was much worse. Consider that Jews have historically been banned from 109 countries for conspiring against people, wealth, welfare and state. Just look at their Talmud. Just look up who funds government, media, politics war, and the immigration that follows. They`re all Jews, and/or Masons. Especially in America, but also in England, and even in Norway and Sweden. Take Ervin Kohn for instance.