Christian beliefs on Christ and his second coming.

Is Christ really coming back? ARE you SO certain that you`re willing to bet your life on it and live in apathy: Believing ¨Christ will fix everything?¨ Let`s investigate.

Luke 22:10.

¨And He said to them, “Behold, when you have entered the city, a man will meet you carrying a pitcher of water, follow him into the house which he enters. ¨

This verse makes no sense unless from an astrological perspective. It is among the clearest examples in the Bible. There was no man carrying a pitcher of water 2000 years ago! Such practice was forbidden by Jewish custom, as only females carry water to this day. This is clearly telling that the disciples are to follow into the astrological house of the Aquarian age. The age of the zodiacal sign of the waterbearer Aquarius, a man carrying a pitcher of water. Acts 1:11 say Jesus will be the same when he returns.

The Bible says the SAME Jesus will return (from the Heavenly scroll/Mazzaroth) just as he was taken up on the clouds of Heaven.

Acts 1:11:

“Men of Galilee,” they said, “why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into Heaven/Mazzaroth, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into Heaven/Mazzaroth.”

This is simple propaganda to install belief in an external saviour, and a form of population control. Mankind sees no meaning in this world of pointless suffering, and needs religion, faith to explain the evil of this world, with the illusion that ¨the antichrist will usher in the 2nd coming.¨ The illusion of an end to suffering is what kept the human spirit of Christians going for 2000 years, but it is a lie.

No ascended being has ever returned statistically. Christ`s second coming was originally an astrological Mazzaroth and pyramidal prophecy about the age of Aquarius, and a prophecy about the Messiah Ben David, as there are two messiahs in Judaism. The first, Jesus, messiah Ben Joseph as Jews call him (translates to son of Joseph aka Jesus) , is the one who unites Israel and builds the temple. He dies in battle , according to Judaism, as did Jesus, but ushers in the messiah Ben David, who creates the world empire, and sits in the temple as God, according to Judaism. Since Jesus did not fulfil the prophesies of rebuilding the temple, the apostles sold the lie that Jesus constructed the Heavenly temple, a replica of Solomon`s temple, but in Heaven, and that he did this through his death. Other interpretations is that the temple is man, and that Jesus became the saviour, the new man, the first of the new covenant.

But since Jesus didn`t create the worldwide empire of messiah Ben David, the apostles sincerely believed Jesus would return in the age of Aquarius, as a reincarnation, when Christianity has/had taken over the world, and fulfil the prophesies of Ben David.

But no such thing ever happened, and the Biblical prophesies are nothing but racial-imperialistic propaganda and wishful thinking.

Jesus does not fulfil the Old Testament prophesies about world-rulership unless you interpret the reconstruction of the temple, and his eternal kingdom reign from the temple-mount of Melchizedek`s (Jeru)Salem in Heaven.

Jesus DOES however fulfil ALL messiah Ben Joseph prophecies miraculously without a SINGLE exception in whatever way you see it, both pagan and Jewish, and it would be interesting to know what Jesus himself thought of this when saying he`ll come again. Ask Jesus who was an ugly hunchback king riding humbly in on a donkey if he was ¨the great messiah Ben David. ¨

Jesus, son/sun of God/Mazzaroth with the 12 apostles/star-signs.

Now I will get to the point. Wake up. Ok… Jesus persona is the light of the world (John 1) with the 12 disciples. God in the middle of the 12 Jewish Mazzaroth/Zodiac signs was replaced by the solar-cross sun-symbol Jesus surrounded by the 12 apostles. And as my books discover, old-testament and new-testament prophecy is astrological in nature, the prophesies being interpretations of Ezekiel`s 3 wheels, the Mazzaroth which once was the core of Judeo-Christian religion. Mazzaroth comes from the verb Nazar meaning path. That is why the cult of Jesus was called Nazarenes, because they were astrologers with mystery knowledge not only from Judaism, but with Egyptian and far-Eastern mystery knowledge, particularly the teachings of the Buddha. 

When Jesus is always referred to as the Nazarene, the truth is hidden in plain sight. The Jewish Talmud although it names 63 Galilean towns knows nothing of Nazareth, nor does ANY rabbinic literature. There is no mention of Nazareth in roman records, or any record either. The original astro-theologic religion of Christianity is revealed: Jesus was the sun of the Mazzaroth, something I have seen in almost every Church in Rome, approx. dating from 800 A.D to 1600 A.D. I think we visited 30-33 churches. The authors of the gospels, Mark, Mattew, Luke and John always represent as the cardinal signs of the Mazzaroth as an eagle, a lion, a bull and a man surrounding either the new Jerusalem or Jesus with a yellow sun-halo-cross behind his face.

Hell has ruled Earth forever? Heaven has never once ruled?

Alternative archaeology, and the world`s smartest man, Bill Deagle believe mankind has been here for not only 6000 years, but 500.000.000, or even years, and if Heaven could have, or wanted to intervene, and established their order, it would be global, and we would already be living under it by now, as their order surely would never have disappeared. This is a philosophical absolute. A Heavenly intervention can never happen unless we manifest it, acting like a true governmental Church, because the only philosophically plausible creation is with free will, this is another philosophical absolute.

Imagine Jesus coming without us having prepared, us having given up already, laying there soaking, apathetic, and boom! World news: INVASION, but who will replace the system? Are you even schooled in ruling nations??? And then, Jesus would have to tell you about: The lies of government and what your world really is, and he would have to unite the Church, purify the Church, acting like a renegade para-military alternative government system, the ¨Heavenly Kingdom of Priests.¨ Why would he, or rather: Why would YOU not be prepared?

If Earth established a Heavenly, Global Order, it would have never disappeared, because with advanced spiritual technology, and life-extension technology through knowledge about the Source-Field, it would last eternally 100% certain. The freedom of a united people who finally overcame their oppressors would guarantee schoolbooks never forgot the evil below, with an all-powerful Church-state. The breakthroughs in science, the knowledge about the creator as seen through sacred geometry, source-field science in nature, and the existence and fear of Hell would alone make 100% certain that such a civilization would never ever disappear, unless God chose to destroy it. It never would have disappeared with the beauty of endless celebration and leisure time, worldwide unity, art, concerts, megalithic architecture. Imagine the sacred power of mankind unleashed to it`s full potential, shining and levitating spiritual athletes and sages healing, teaching and transforming their bodies to light as to disappear and reappear at will, like the Early Church fathers and the spiritual athletes of Tibetan Buddhism. Sound, scalar frequency cures, and herbal remedies, a world without disease, poverty, starvation, with life extension technology, fusion-rector free energy (which was discovered in the 70ies google Bill Jenkins radio show) , but most importantly: Exploring and admiring creation through antigravity bicycles, documentary movies, and having the ability to dedicate 90% of all time to enjoyment of the creator`s design, as science once more worships God, with only very little work to be done (as most would be automized by robots). All this would guarantee 100% certainly that such a global civilization would never disappear. Our lives would be never-ending happiness for everyone, and Hell, those who kept us imprisoned until mankind arose, will be HATED and feared so much, with a strong united consent against rats in a TRUE Church theocracy, led by angels in flesh, a Church elected by the people, with full transparency.

It is very easy to imagine the perfect world, so why have nobody created it before?

The existence of Hell through millions of near death testimonies, the multidimensional universe, and the source-field of the Creator is so incredibly easy to prove and see all around us, why would anyone want to go from such a civilization to a civilization where all burns for all eternity in Hell???

The description above is how the world would have been if I had not been a targeted individual. It was the Archangel Gabriel, Michael, and Jesus, Michael and Jesus whom I have both SEEN PHYSICALLY, and dream of almost every night, that taught me and instructed me to ¨build God`s everlasting kingdom, ¨ but the Christians who persecute me put an end to this abovementioned scenario.

My idea is: Since we cannot make the world unified through equal IQ or blending races, we can only make the world unified through equal SPIRITUAL IQ/intelligence: 1st century Christian and Buddhist values, with sacredness of science in the 21st century. But they try to eliminate polarities by professing they don`t exist, which is hard for me to begin disputing: It is sad, very sad that the IQ of the population has decreased to such obvious possessive insanity. Some things are evidently absolute and working with any scientific model of our multiverse, polarities do exist. I discuss this Satanic lie in my book on Jesus.

We have never had a paradise on Earth, this is our last chance, and Satan has ruled since time immemorial.

If the ancients had knowledge about the Creator`s Beauty in Creation, and Majesty in Physics, knowledge about how evil, and how terrible a place Hell is, the ancients would have prevented ANY efforts of evil to retake the world. Evil would be laughed at, HATED and PERSECUTED as NEVER to return! Once a hypothetical civilization overthrows evil, like as if we overthrew the NWO and all schoolbooks came to detail their crimes in how they once lied to us all and killed billions through war and lack of healthcare to slave bind us forever and rule as impostors from outer-space, Satanism would be SO hated, much more than we hate Hitler today. Just imagine the strength and unity among Christian schoolchildren of such a hypothesized civilization…!!!

Just study illegal physics, sacred geometry, and the ether.

IF we ever had a heavenly order on Earth, it would have been high-tech, it would have been eternal, and it would have been global. 100% guaranteed. It never would have disappeared. For Hell is NO alternative once you know the TRUTH.

Therefore, we can conclude that HELL has ruled Earth since its beginning. But wait. You just said Hell is no alternative, so why would even a Satanist want to go to Hell? I will tell you a secret. The ONLY philosophically valid reason to be a Satanist is through eternal life on Earth. Now possible through transfer of soul into cloned bodies, and I have this information from the head of southern Norway (Satanic) Illuminati herself. This is the end-goal the NWO Satanists have died for their future generations to come, their so-called ¨golden age¨ of pre-Abrahamic paganism, the new Babylon ruled from non-existing space, with history and physics being illusions. I alone, on the world wide web, has warned the Church against this final end of all Christianity.

Another way to eternalize yourself is through cyborg tech etc. This is the ENTIRE reason the Illuminati are building the NWO, so their descendants can live basically forever and rule as Kings with slaves, because: HELL IS NOT A NICE PLACE!

This is seen in how long the Nephilim Kings lived in the Enuma Elish king`s list. Up to 200.000 years! Talk about fooling death! Natural disasters, and a flood might have wiped them out though.

I believe that God can snap his fingers, and create a flood just like that. I do not believe that a Heavenly army have or will intrude on Earth. The idea sounds ridiculous. But God does miracles, and when did angels physically appear and support us? Don`t you know interdimensional physics? I don`t believe angels can live on Earth without being bound by its laws. We will get to that.

No ascended being ever returned.

None. Not even the Tibetan Buddhists who attained light-body. If any heavenly being could manifest and walk around down here, we would have statistics, right? But it has not happened. Christ`s second coming is a statistical impossibility. And the ¨salvation at the end of the end-times¨ contradict the law of synchronicity/manifestation, as Heaven needs an opening, a portal, just as when you pray or worship, to intervene. And why would they when there is no true Church, the Church is divided, and there is no alternative Christian government in place? The white horse of Christ must be heavily armed! It is highly unlikely, but reports do exist of Christ manifesting. Was it Christ or just an angel? We cannot be sure. Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, and countless others fulfilled all antichrist prophesies to generations past. Millions died, and I don`t think we`ll ever see such a war again: Not a single ascended being returned of the millions  of historical ascended beings, while millions died on Earth. Is it a statistical impossibility? Yes. But some still believe it. We are alone. God`s Kingdom is within. The true teaching of the 1st century Nazarene Church was lost with the institutionalization of the Roman Church and the invention of the Satanic book of Revelations, where ¨Jesus is 666¨.

Don`t you know Emperor Nero persecuted and killed thousands of Christians??? Why? Because of knowledge. Because of truth. To destroy true Christianity. That`s when Satan took over, and for 1700 years, Christianity has been the main target for Satan with no hope of reclaiming it`s vision of being world dominant. Already 1700 years ago, Satan through his Whore of Babylon, had all figured out and planned way up to our time. They even started Islam. Check out Alberto Rivera.

A disciple is one who attains masterhood himself. YOU are the hope of his Kingdom! YOU are Christ returned! Nobody is coming to save you! Will Jesus come again to save an unclean, powerless, scattered bride? Such a ludicrous idea of salvation through recreating the apocalypse served their purpose in the Napoleonic wars, WW1 and WW2. Not even a single angel appeared. Nor has there been any report of corporeal angels who intervened for mankind in history.

They do appear, even physically, but never stay, never reveal clues or truths, and only appear because we live close to God. Is Heaven invading a united Church? No? Then Heaven is not invading Earth disarming millions of battle-engines in a flash war of billion refugees when the Church has no unity or governance prepared. What mad nonsense. This because of the law of synchronicity and free will: WE manifest Heaven. Can they come? Only when we are worthy and act like it, as a united body of believers, like Christ ordered us to.

Believe me, I`ve met the Christ, not the false Christ, and the only potential second coming is Ashtar. Sorry, but that`s cruel reality.

Was not reality cruel for the 400.000 years we were slaves under the Annunaki? And you believe God will destroy all evil positions in the world when there is no aware Church government to replace it??? ACT LIKE IT.

Perhaps the incarnation of God will be born in a different body as Maitreya of Aquarius, just like Jesus says: I will be with you to the end of this AGE (of Pisces)? Perhaps he`ll magically appear when we have built his kingdom? He certainly won`t come the more evil, witless and divided our Church becomes! That goes against the concept of manifestation and the true secret teachings of ¨Heaven on Earth¨.

Wake up. I urge you to build God`s Kingdom! Forget the Biblical prophesies! The more messiahs the better! There has always been messiahs/saviours , and that is good…! You are a disciple. A disciple must graduate and become the master, in Jewish tradition. You are worthless.

The prophesies of the second coming are ancient, misunderstood, out of line, Mazzarotic/astrologic in origin, and belong to a totally different age of understanding! And the apocalypse scenario has been used over 10 times historically where all signs of the times were there! Forget the end-times, and all your fear-mongering, war-mongering, nurturing evils of your tyrants! You fear-monger, read the false book of Revelations, but forget Christ`s teachings: The Bible is a book of God instituting his Kingdom/Governance/Church/Israel on Earth through YOU, his agent, not through apathetic soaking, worship, evangelizing or ¨the more evil it gets, the more I know the Bible is true and that Christ is coming soon.¨ The Bible is a simple idea: Heaven on Earth, through free-willed humans choosing it themselves! Inter-dimensional physics and philosophy! Christ is not coming back and Heaven has never ruled Earth!

So I say Jesus cannot appear? No, Jesus might appear because he conquered the rulers of this time space. I know how he did it, and it`s real. He can however NOT manifest physically without resonance – without us manifesting him! That is an etheric impossibility!

The idea that Jesus will come sooner the eviller the world becomes is ridiculous, especially with the current state of a divided, unclean bride/Church with no government plan, no apologetic plan, or any awareness to anything whatsoever.

It`s the opposite way around. If we manifest Heavenly order, and governance with Christianity as the dominating world religion: Heavenly spirits, or perhaps even physical masters, like Jesus, might appear, like with current saints and early Church fathers, angels and ascended masters being able to manifest in physical form through source-field resonance. But that`s not what we see. In fact: In spite of humanity`s 500.000.000 year old age, with millions of ascended masters like Jesus, nobody in all recorded history has returned to Earth in the physical to stay and re-teach the world and certainly not with an angelic army! The physics and philosophical metaphysics of life as a school of free will simply doesn`t work that way. God is: No, no, no…

Every Christian generation has believed they lived in the end times ever since Christianity began. But in all the historical calamities, no ascended being ever returned. Nor did any angel came to save the millions who died during WW2, and I could write an entire book to prove, beyond any doubt, that Hitler was THE antichrist, if he returned, and all Christians would believe it.. In fact: There is not a single historical or ancient record of any being returning from the beyond, and certainly not in the fashion Christians imagine Jesus will: Conquering this world in a day without the Church even being a light to the nations. The institute of Noetic sciences has documented over 200.000 cases of Buddhist monks transforming into the rainbow body… But none of them ever returned, and neither will Christ, who obtained the same spiritual body.

I believe Revelations to be population control and a forgery by the Vatican, a way to install fear, explain wars, politics and natural disasters, while assuring the peasant class ¨everything will be solved by a return of Jesus.¨ ¨Wars, famines and Earthquakes is because of the Antichrist, and the Antichrist is a sign of the soon return of Jesus!¨ That is what all Christians I know believe in, but I fear their lack of knowledge will be their downfall. The tribulation period of the antichrist is pure unbiblical fantasy, a nightmare the Christians created for themselves through their immaginations. Their antichrists are their own thought-form creations and won`t usher in a second coming of Jesus, only more Christian death. A thoughtform can become a powerful entity. The last Christian will die believing Jesus is coming soon, but he won`t.

There have been thousands of Christ`s during millions of years. Just read The Ancient Religion of the Sun – the wisdom bringers and the lost civilization by Lara Atwood. Thousands of Christs raising the dead, healing the sick, conquering time-space, ascending, and promising to return. Perhaps Jesus, and the disciples were bittersweet about Christ`s death, and agreed to impose the teaching ¨he would return¨ as a way to gain followers, or perhaps the Bible is just a work of fiction? I personally believe Christ rose from the dead, because of near-death-experiences, but it is a just question in an age dominated by strict religious laws, priests, an age of religious superstition. Perhaps it started in relation to the coming astrological age of Aquarius, the completion of the Pyramid prophesies (capstone), and the two messiahs of Isaiah, Ben Joseph and Ben David, as Jesus certainly was Ben Joseph, and Ben David was yet to come. This is safe to assume: That the disciples believed Jesus second coming has to happen, or be made to happen, in the Age of Aquarius, ergo the NT prophesies, to fulfil OT prophesies about the messiah Ben David. (There are two messiahs in Judaism depending, Jesus 1st coming ¨was the 1st one¨, according to Messianic Judaism.)

It is also safe to assume that the very arcane teachings of the Nazarene astrologer Christians was lost in time due to Christian persecution by the Romans, replaced by what essentially is our modern view of Christianity, although this can be disputed to and through, I rely on alternative history, which I will probably not be able to convince you off anyways, but read about Anatoly Fomenko if interested. Anatoly proves the book of Revelation was written in the 16th century as a forgery for population control.