Is there proof of intelligent design? Is our universe accidental? Or are there higher forces?

Evolutionary creationism through source-field bion biogenesis.

While mostly all the world`s population still believe in the Creationism, there are few who question how creationism actually happen. Which this book will aim to discover. How come nobody does this research?

All Christians agree that Darwin`s theory of evolution of the species is absolutely insane, unproven, and impossible by chance of billions to one. This is true. But it doesn`t matter unless the religious adherent would prove otherwise. And that is what we`re actually going to do today. We will call this scientific hypothesis-theory for source-field biogenesis.

My personal field of interest is whether to discover if I am right in my hypothesis that the sexual act symbolizes creation, and my hypothesis is that everything=sexual energy. Or source-field=sexual energy. And even spiritual energy=transmuted forms of that sexual energy. I will further come to the conclusions that negative energy = Hell.

Energy that cannot be recycled by God. God being the super-conscience that embodies this matrix/all life and space-time.

Our main study will be the replicable discoveries of Austrian Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He discovered something called Orgone Energy, another word for the ETHER, the Greek word for quintessence, which I claim is the spiritual tachyon field of physics, the field from which all space-time and forces of physics originate with. A universal field creating bions – the building-blocks for all life. A force of physics still unrecognized by science, because it confirms the existence of most probably, a singular God. Russia calls this the Torsion Field. America often calls it Scalar Energy, and you will find these 3 terms intermixed on the internet. I will go by Source Field, Ether and Orgone energy, as defined by Mr Wilcock.

David Wilcock concludes in his recent book Source Field Investigations, that. ¨Space, time, matter, energy, conscience and biology is being created by a (God) universal conscience. And it`s main script is love. ¨ 

This source field (or force-field, like in Star-Wars) , which is all we see, has historical been termed as the force (by the Egyptians), as ether by the Greeks, as mana (by the Polynesians at Hawaii), and Vril (by Nazi Germany) who were eager to tap into this force. For those interested: Read the Secrets of Vril by Robert Sepehr. I own it.

I postulate that love, and light constitute an eternal law, or code for the entire universe which I have claimed to have rediscovered from the Egyptians. Did you hear me? This is actually not a joke. Think about it.

Think about how love, and light really constitutes an eternal circle of life, for as long as this universe last. Water is only a constitute of life, but not life itself. It does not involve the photosynthesis as sunlight does. But this book will take it further. After all: The source-field (which is orgone – orgone being named after orgasm), the act of procreation, and light (photosynthesis) gives all life we see on this planet. You need of course, the presence of water, and love/sex/procreation. But since the source-field construct all matter (the whole universe – including water), and has a conscience based on love and light: It seems valid to put these 3 together in what I call a spiritual triangle. Source-field-light-and love.

You might find it strange, but I hypothesize in this book, that: The source-field = positive sexual-energy. WOW!

And that: All life energy=negative, or positive sexual energy. The positive energy being male, and the negative energy being female. And since God/creator is the source field, we come up with a sacred trinitarian law: The law of God (Source): Love and Light. Or: God, Holy Ghost, and Jesus son/sun of God. For Wilhelm Reich`s research shows that the SUN, and SEX are the greatest orgone/source-field generators.

I have later edited my former book to encompass this sacred trinity concept. An archetype of religion, mythology, and the entire universe. God (the father), Jesus (the son/sun) , and the Holy Ghost (love, dove, moon, water, womb etc.) We will expand upon these at the end of the book, connecting the dots.

The Source Field investigations

A kind hippie gave me David Wilcock`s Source Field Investigations, a book that was the first of its kind. It`s revolutionary content stunned me. Here was undeniable scientific proof of God!!! I was at YWAM Kona Hawaii in 2012, the year it came out. After I was thrown out of school, I ended up on a harsh, messianic journey that continues until today. The Source Field Investigations is the greatest sci-fi-spirit-science book that I ever read, and nothing comes close. I encourage everyone I meet to read it. It should be elementary-school-stuff. People should go like ¨Of course God exists, that was proven in the 1600s by Leeuwenheuk`s experiments on sterilization! ¨

God exists, is a measurable field, and God drives evolution/creates all species. This should be taught in kindergarten. But it is not so. Why? It is simple, yet hard to grasp for the naiive. Because of secret societies. Yes. The most elemental fact that should have been established in kindergarten as the basic for all physics, religion, AND science has become a secret hidden for 400 years since its first modern discovery!!!

It has always been known to the initiates, but to us non-Illuminati, this is mind-blowingly modern! Wow! God actually exists!? There is a force in nature which creates life`s genetic code out of thin air? This is what countless scientists have discovered ever since Leeuwenheuk. Sterilized water, and beach sand miraculously produces life out of nothing from what W. Reich called ¨bions. ¨ These bions are the binding-blocks between inorganic and organic matter. The force surrounds everything, and holds everything together, endlessly creating new life-forms. Dr James DeMeo is a Reichian scientist and has a website with YouTube videos where you can see life forming from nothing but sterilized water and sterilized beach-sand. He calls this bion biogenesis, and it explains how life started: The source-field.

The Big-Bang (sex?) theory, and theory of evolution of life stemming from nothing but a single cell struck by lightning 3.5 billion years ago is far less believable than the Source Field theory, and bion biogenesis. Atheistic belief-systems have been brainwashing us for so long that we clinge to them as one would clinge to a religion, even in this New-Age of information. We have forgotten that science was carefully constructed by whom we will call the ¨cabal¨, and is solely build on faith, and not on facts at all! Atheistic contemporary mainstream science is just another religion. The craziest religion of all. Solve the cabal. Illuminati doesn`t sound right. They`re just a kabbalist cabal of daath. Not our sunlight.

This is science withheld from the general public, as it would shatter 400 years of theories, and awake the public, and Christians to the reality: God is a scientific reality? A MEASURABLE force that holds all things together? Yes absolutely.

Intelligence agencies, and secret government sci-ops have long utilized this secret of physics, the existence source-field for mind-control, and worst of all: Spirit control. Yes, you heard me right. The so-called ¨mark of the beast¨ is here: A technology of artificially controlling etheric vibrations to exclude you from the Heavenly court! No justice here, ey? At least not for me… We`re talking advanced black magick implemented on every person in a global scale, but that will not be revealed until my book on Revelations.

David also states in his book:  ¨Might we believing in amnesia- going through experiences that will eventually guide us through a full awakening into the vastness of this (God`s) infinite consciousness? ¨ In other words: The Kingdom of God. A world tuned into the source field of love and light? Where peace, love and enlightenment reigns, and no man raises his fist against his fellow human.

New-Agers have long been LIGHTYEARS ahead of Earth population when it comes to defeating the Cabal and disclosing hidden science. It is time theistic people like Christians took over and did their part. The lion SHOULD rise…

Our universe is the result of a superconscience, an intelligent field, or a divine mathematician that creates space-time, gravity, the nuclear forces, electromagnetic energy, conscience, and life through biogenesis. Renowned physicist Michio Kaku believes this ¨God¨ exists in the 11th dimension as he said himself. They are throwing pearls for swine. Google ¨Is God a mathematician? ¨

Charles Darwin`s father was a 33rd degree mason. This Luciferian brotherhood is a spiritual cult and believe in the survival of the fittest. The discoveries of spontaneous generation of life, and the Source field is proof of a secret society conspiracy to steer science, and all scholarly fields away from the existence of God, and concepts of morale, good and evil. The theory of evolution was formed accordingly, based on their ideology of survival of the fittest. Not about beauty, perfection, harmony and love! They simply replaced Nietzsche with Christ. God says: The strength of the strong is shown through love in how long your arm is. Scientists I know always say that the source field is the source of all-time space, matter, electromagnetism, gravity, nuclear forces, life and conscience. All is the matrix of a superconscience: God.

The 4 forces of physics will disappear when the unified physics theory of source-field physics is presented. Science today is nothing but a scientific religion. Nikola Tesla, and Wilhelm Reich are the only historical scientists to further true physics, and not Einsteinian physics.

Tesla said: “Einstein’s relativity work is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king… its exponents are brilliant men, but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists.”

We have forgotten that atheistic science as promoted by our schools is just as much a theory as any religion. I don`t have the time to reform physics, but you will see how Darwin`s theory of evolution is wrong. We will call this God-field for Source-Field after David Wilcock`s book ¨Source Field Investigations. ¨ Reich called it ¨orgone¨ after orgasm. Funny how God makes himself clear. Everything is based on love and reproduction, and that is a scientific fact. If interested in knowing more about the Source-Field: I recommend watching David Wilcock`s ¨Wisdom Teachings¨ at .

These are some of the clues regarding ether/Orgone.

  1. Matter arises from mass-free orgone/etheric energy.
  2. It is the medium for the two forces of physics , 1 the electromagnetic spectrum, and 2 the gravity/levity phenomena. No nuclear force or particle exists as they are an etheric phenomenon displaying a structure of sacred phonetic geometry (in relation to the Source-Field Universe thesis where all shape the universe expresses itself in is based upon the sacred, ancient Merkaba of the platonic solids.)
  3. The aspect of the Ether, (or Source-Field) that Reich discovered which we call ¨Orgone¨, which we will be working with in this book, are forces of a spiritual non-physical nature (because we cannot measure them yet), and appears in many different wave-forms as Reich determined: Atmospheric Orgone, biological Orgone, or really just Oranur, POR and DOR.
  4. This Orgone is omnipresent. Orgone energy fills all space in differing degrees of concentrations.
  5. Orgone is in constant motion.
  6. Orgone ¨contradicts¨ the law of entropy. It is attracted to itself, and flows from low potential (percentage) to high potential.
  7. The Source-Field is responsible for the phenomena of life, and spontaneous generation of living organisms out of non-living matter ((bions) see Dr. James DeMeo`s repetition of Reich`s bion experiments.)
  8. Reich observed something very interesting. The Superimposition Function: Separate streams of orgone energy may be attracted to each other and converge in spiral form. – This convergence of energy may be viewed in cyclonic storms and is the principal expression of mating in living nature, according to Reich.
  9. Atmospheric, and biological Orgone is attracted to water and life.
  10. Water condenses in the presence of orgone, forming clouds.
  11. Steel, copper, and diverse metals, not all metals, attract, and repel ether like that of a magnetic field.
  12. Atmospheric Orgone transforms into biological Orgone when forced to travel through biological matter, like that of the polyester resin and metal combination in Orgonites.
  13. Large steel pipes (Reich used copper) with a higher (or lower) Orgone-matrix potential/percentage inside would funnel the atmospheric Orgone, creating, or destroying clouds when pointed at them, as Orgone always flows low to high potential. Thus, if you want to bust a cloud, your cloudbuster pipe-array must have a higher etheric potential than that in the cloud, which is a topic of another book that will never be published due to the dangers it involves.
  14. Alexander Golod and Victor Grebennikov later discovered the cavity structure effect, that all structures shape the Orgone field to lesser or higher degrees of concentration, the biggest example being a pyramid.
  15. Reich described three forms of Orgone. You have POR (positive Orgone) , Oranur (overcharged Orgone) and DOR (deadly Orgone.)

I have put forth many new theories that run contrary to mainstream science. There is only one field, the etheric field of the superconscious, and it`s all created through its/his continuous orgasm (creation) expressed in how all life evolves, and grows towards reproduction and dies in eternal fractal cycles… But is there proof of this continuous, intelligent evolutionary creationism? Is there proof that the etheric field of atoms, sacred geometry, the atmosphere, and biological life is intelligent? If so, we would have to observe evolution as it happens, the creator working through the field. I will show you…

Reich in Norway – the discovery of bions – the origin life. Life began through the source-field.

In 1939, while in Oslo Norway, Reich accidentally burned a small quantity of sand (contamination) and sterilized it by warming it to 1000 degrees. He then cultivated it on aegar, which would not feed on the sand unless there was biological life in the sand. What they got was yellow slime, shattering the theory of evolution forever.

Reich further experimented with preparing sterilized water infusions of dead moss and grass, and observed them microscopically over extended periods of hours and days, noting how the plant tissues would slowly disintegrate into tiny oval vesicles of around 1 micron in diameter, which he called bions, the tiniest living particles in the universe, the building-blocks of all life. Half alive, and half dead.

Bions forming. Notice the blue color, as also discovered by Reich. From

The bions would form at the edges of the dead grass as the formerly living material slowly disintegrated into bionous vesicles which would fill the water infusion. The bions would show subtle movements and had a blueish glow.

Over time, the bions would cluster together, which progressively developed new membrane structures, and increasingly life-like movements. New microorganisms emerged from these clusters, once they got a membrane, indistinguishable from similar microorganisms in soils or pond water.

And it all came out of sterilized water and moss! So, the question is. Where did the micro-organisms get their genetic code? They got them from the orgone-field. The source-field. Testifying of a spiritual universe.

He discovered that whenever there is (even sterilized) material building blocks for life, these tiniest possible living particles would form from these dead materials. All these bions shone with an intense blue color and would clump together to miraculously evolve into the tiniest possible lifeforms we know of. While science recognize these bacteria, it does however not recognize the bions which create the bacteria. He also called them SA-PA (sand-packets). So, I am telling you that sterilized sand create life?

According to Reich, these bions are the building-blocks of life. They lump together, and create life based on either the positive, or negative orgone levels in the atmosphere, forests, or at home impacts your health. Whereas negative orgone create viruses, and bacteria form from thin air, positive orgone creates probiotics, and oasis of life in nature. The omnipresent orgone-field varies.

Wherever there is water, there is life. What is happening in the clouds and atmosphere? They are filled with bacteria, and minor life-forms! In 2016, Russian scientists found sea-plancton on the windows on the international space-station. We see that when we have humidity, and any material, life forms spontaneously.

Reich further proved that airborne germs were generated in sterile areas. Now this is voodoo-science that most people would laugh of. Germs forming out of thin air in the atmosphere. Unbelievable but true. We are all part of this orgone-field, and can consciously affect it to create positive, and negative orgone. We can literally think ourselves into well-being, which I am sure all of you would agree upon.

The history of the source-field discoveries. Anton Von Leeuwenhoek and Robert Brown.

Back in the 1800`s there were tons of scientists investigating the lifeforce, but the masonic-controlled scientific community decided to rule God out of the picture. There even was a big scientific contest involving Louis Pasteur. The question was: Who can prove that life is either spontaneously generated, or that the universe is dead. Pasteur won, and the scientific community agreed that the universe was dead: Life does not form spontaneously.

Anton Von Leeuvenhoek. 1632 – 1723.

Secret societies have long guarded their ultimate secret. The existence of the magical force-field, which creates all we see. But the first discovery of God at work in modern times was done by Anton Von Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch scientist who was the first to discover micro-organisms. Prior to him, doctors would not wash their hands during surgery, as they believed nothing so tiny could exist. If they could not see it, then it was not there. He called micro-organisms for animalcules.

But what`s fascinating about Anton, is that not only was he the first to discover bacteria and micro-organisms! He discovered spontaneous generation of life AND the bions that Reich discovered! It should have ended there, 1600 years ago, with God being proven, but the evil of lies was allowed to exist.

He boiled peppercorns in a sealed glass tube, sterilizing them, waited 24 hours, and was surprised to see tiny dancing dots at about 400x magnification, which was the power of magnification available at the time. What Leeuwenhoek saw were tiny, tiny bions, the smallest lifeforms in existence. He saw how they formed of the degrading peppercorns, lumped together, and created microbes: Just like Wilhelm Reich. Leeuwenhoek was obviously bought up, as he denied his discoveries, and stated that life cannot spontaneously occur.

This battle between truth, and pseudo-science continued in the 1800`s with Dr. Bastian, and Pasteur battling each-other in a contest of the English scientific establishment: Is life a spontaneous occurrence or not? Louis Pasteur won by denying his own date, saying spontaneous life was by contamination, saying he made a mistake. And now we have mind-control that has gone on for 135 years that say life forms through evolution. Of course, it doesn`t. The first scientist to discover microbes proved it!

Dr. Robert Brown. 1773-1858.

Then we have Dr. Robert Brown who claimed to have discovered the primal building blocks of life in 1828. He sterilized pollen, put it in sterilized water, and then the pollen swell under the microscope, disintegrating into tiny dots which he called ¨active molecules¨ , which are actually bions. He noted their apparent spontaneous movement, and how they created lumps, which in turn evolved into microorganism. He made a clear comparison between his own discoveries, and Leeuwenhoek, but was met with harsh critique from the scientific masonic establishment. He completely denied his discoveries one year later. Probably silenced from a cabal hit-squad who have steered science into an etheistic viewpoint where there is no higher power or God.

Brown`s discoveries went down in science as ¨Brownian motion¨ where gas, and fluid fluctuation makes particles seem like they are alive, when they in reality are not. This was also what discredited Wilhelm Reich. They said ¨he only rediscovered Brownian motion. ¨ I say take a look at the pictures of microbes formed by these bions! For instance those by Dr. Luc Montagnier!

Professor Ignacio Pacheco replicates Reich`s discoveries.

And Reich`s experiments has been proven thousands of times. Reich`s experiment was replicated by Prof. Ignacio Ochoa Pacheco from Peru.

Professor Ignacio Ochoa Pacheco put sterilized sand (which is silicon dioxide) with regular water into a sealed tube and sterilized the tube. Then after 24 hours: Hundreds of complex, microscopical, biological lifeforms emerged!!! Plants, cells, and plankton emerged as you can see below:

A little porcupine – unidentified organism, possibly plankton – formed by bion clusters. You can see what is possibly it`s head in the front. This formed in 2 weeks of the creator`s evolution. Where did his DNA come from? H2O2 and Silicon Dioxide? It came from the source field.

Identified as possibly seagrass, or some plankton – formed by clusters of bions from beach sand and sterilized water evolving in the source-field over two weeks.


They got them from the source field. And we conclude is not only intelligent, but so VASTLY more omnipresent and intelligent than ourselves. The diversity, and perfect symbiosis of all lifeforms, forests, and even the medicines, minerals, and tools humans need to create their complex cities is proof that this mutation of bions does not happen at random, but is a carefully coordinated effort by ONE supermind or group of beings with one goal. For if the mutation was random, or done by one God at one place, creating a monster-species, and at another place by another God creating another monster; our world would not be the PERFECT ecological symbiosis we observe in nature and perfect mathematical physics. We know this is an intelligence. But how do we know this intelligence is a being? Look around you. Every intelligence is a being, therefore the God, or Gods must be beings as well. This is a philosophical absolute. Therefore: Since we have proven the creator, God or Gods exist…

Which intelligence is this? We do not know. But it certainly qualifies as God. In this experiment we saw how God is caaarefully, and consciously creating more, and more complex biological life continuously in only a matter of weeks through his source field superconscience ¨matrix¨ that we all live inside. From nothing but beach sand. And don`t tell me the bions evolved by their own cellular intelligence, for how did the bions come there in the first place? Surely God exists…

Dr James DeMeo replicates Reich`s discoveries.

Multiple groups have replicated Reich up to our very day, but it is still hushed off as pseudoscience. To think that the simplest of discoveries 400 years ago by Anton Von Leeuwenhoekis still cutting-edge science when it should have been taught at kindergarten that God exists as a field!

The most important scientist aside from Luc Montagnier, who replicated Reich`s work is probably Dr. James DeMeo at his Orgone Biophysical Research Lab. (OBRL) Here you can see pictures of the bions, and micro-organisms created by the source field.

So, you see: There is no proof of the pseudoscientific religion of evolution through random mutation.

There is however proof that life originated 3.5 billion years ago, with the arrival of water, through bion-biogenesis through the source-field, which lifeforms was consciously created, and further evolved by this intelligent design in a continuous creation theory, to be simple.

Over the period from 1996 through 2003, OBRL hosted a series of summer laboratory seminars for professionals, and students on the subject of Wilhelm Reich`s discovery of the bions, and his related findings on biogenesis, the cancer biopathy, and the Reich blood test.

The seminars provided laboratory demonstration, and photographic evidence of Reich`s experiments. 

The seminars were team-taught by different groups of orgonomic professionals, to include Dr. Richard Blasband, Dr.Stephen Nagy, Dr Bernard Grad, and Dr. James DeMeo.

Many of Reich`s central experiments – such as the spontaneous organization of protozoans from disintegrating moss and grass, Reich`s incandescence experiments with iron-filings, charcoal and sand, experiment 6, experiment 20, as well as the Reich blood-test, were all repeatedly reproduced, demonstrated, and confirmed over these 7 years.

How come life form from inorganic material like iron and sand?

It was Dr. DeMeo who produced most of these experiments, and as Reich had discovered, if you put a 0.1% solution of HCL (hydrochloric acid) to the sterilized water, bions will start forming with 60 seconds, and not within 24 hours.

The bions would cluster together, and form into Ameba, Paramecium and Vorticella life-forms. But where did they get their DNA from?

The Reich Blood Test involves taking blood and seeing how long it takes for the blood to form bions, which is amazing. If you are healthy, your blood will form blue bions that seem alive. But the speed on how fast they arrive depend on healthy you are. If you unhealthy, for instance if you take drugs, the blood forms into bions that shrink. If you have a pathological illness, the blood form a bion cluster called the t-spike form: like a spiky ball. As you see below.

So you see: Conscience, health, good, and evil create what they are.

Reich`s experiment 20 involved filtering water from soil to the extent there was no possibility there could be organic matter, only 100% pure H2O in the water. Still bions formed AFTER the water was sterilized! This is evidence of the homeopathic effect of water as proven by Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto. What effect? The effect that water has memory, and that this memory (of DNA) can be transferred by electricity as renowned nobel-prize winner Luc Montagnier demonstrated.

Dr. Luc Montagnier`s DNA discovery.

Dr Luc is a recognized scientist that won the noble prize for discovering the HIV virus. What he is not known for however, is that DNA can electromagnetically teleport itself.

He discovered that DNA emits electromagnetic signals that can be mistaken by enzymes as the real deal, replicating itself.

He had one vessel of DNA water, and one with sterile water. He zapped them with 18 hours of zapping, and then the sterile vessel had all signs of DNA being there. This was all over the science-news in 2011!!!

I have now demonstrated proof of spontaneous generation of life. God is a field. The superconscience of this matrix called the universe. God is the all. We are in that sense animist pantheists. But also, trinitarists.

Source is God, and God is love and light. We will delve into the ethics of love and light soon enough… But let`s stop for a while, and ask some questions concerning what we have read.

The torsion field- the 5th force of physics, or the primal source of all forces?

Torsion field is the Russian name for the Source Field, or what the Americans call the ¨scalar field¨. Is God a field? Can you measure life force? How much spirit science is kept hidden from us? Scientists operate with 4 primary forces. David Wilcock seems confident that there are only one or two forces in physics, namely the Source-field/torsion-field, as gravity, electromagnetism, and the nuclear forces is ultimately mediated through the Source-field, which in turn would make all physics wrong.


The discovery of this “fifth force” torsion, ¨Source field¨, or ¨God-field¨ is generally credited with the first research that was done in the late 1800s by Russian professor N.P. Myshkin. It was later researched by Anatoly Akimov, and Gennady Shipov who lead the Internation Institute for Theoretical, and Applied Physics (called UVITOR).

The other four forces being:

  • Electromagnetism
  • Gravity
  • Strong (nuclear) force
  • Weak force (in nucleus)

Russian scientists are reported to have written around 10,000 papers on the subject in the 1990s alone.  However, shortly after the USSR collapse in 1991 at a meeting of the Committee on Science and Technology at the Supreme Soviet of the USSR the research program was identified as pseudoscientific and research funds were stopped… Seems the freemasons are at it again. Knowledge is power, but if we learnt of God`s existence through math, sacred geometry, and bion bio-genesis; school would be more interesting!

Pyramids funnel the source field, which intensify evolution.

The Russians, by scientist Alexander Golod, built Pyramid to harness the Source Field. These phallus pyramids are famous, enormous tourist attractions today, the largest, near Moscow as seen above, being 70 meters tall. Yet compared to its grandeur, few know of the ENORMOUS benefits of harnessing the Source-Field. What struck me as most interesting is that:

Biological life surrounding the biggest pyramid would sometimes genetically jump to extinct species – a proof that it really is the source field that magically, and consciously creates DNA out of its own WILL.

But let`s go back to the benefits.

They built one over an oil well. It became 25% more productive, and the oil was 25% more pure.

The pyramid would make poisonous chemicals less poisonous.

Diseases would be cured: Even cancer. They had white underbred mice and injected them with toxins that would normally destroy them. 60% of the laboratory mice died, but only 6% of the pyramid-mice died. Why? Because cancer cells are a frequency phenomenon. Look up Royal Raymond Rife, or Wilhelm Reich who cured cancer by numerous frequensies.

The Russians discovered up to 400% increase in production of agricultural seeds stored in the pyramids. The taste was better, the fruit larger etc.

They discovered a strong electrical activity atop the pyramid, and they could generate electricity. Proof that the etheric field ties into, and shares many similar attributes with the electromagnetic spectrum.

They discovered a significant reduction of earthquakes around the area of the pyramids. There were many small ones instead of one large one.

The Russians have secretly developed torsion field technology and detectors. They discovered a huge column of energy hundreds of miles wide around the energy. Sadly; the public does not have etheric measurement devices as of yet…

The Russians discovered severe weather activity would deflect around the torsion-field of the pyramid.

The Russians took giant granite slabs inside the pyramids, stored them, and later built prison-cells for 5000 prisoners, and discovered substantial increase in addiction recoveries from alcohol and drugs i.e better health, as well as better attitude and behaviour. Alexander Golod had confirmed that all crystal stores torsion energy, and that pyramid charges molecules to the degree that red granite slabs would physically get white stripe-marks from the torsion-field epicenter after being placed on the pyramid floor for a few months. White circles inside the pyramid so to speak. The source field when harnessed through a pyramid works just like the magnetizing effect, as how you can magnetize an otherwise non-magnetic iron nail.

So, the energy that makes you who you are can be harnessed in a pyramid. Alexander Golod discovered that any metal in the pyramid disturbs the source-energy flow dramatically, so all his pyramids were made of fiber-glass with NO metal inside, or around it. We know this from Reich earlier. Metal attracts, and repels all Orgone/Ether/Torsion field, and would have disturbed the natural flow of ether surround the pyramid`s (cavity) structure effect we will soon touch upon. If we built an oval structure, or any other structure, it will have less effect as the pyramid acts as pyramid, or an obelisk acts as the best funnel for the source field. I like to call them ¨God`s penises.¨ For that IS what it IS. God`s penises. It is very simple. The source/force is all around, and the pyramid is a simple funnel: Strengthening the energy emitted from the Earth. The Source Field would make extinct plants come alive through DNA change caused by the nearby pyramid. Could evolution be energetically driven by the source-field? By God?

The Cloudbusters – greening the deserts.

Back to Wilhelm Reich again. While persecuted by the FDA for his discoveries, Reich began devising weather-modification technology, and found a way to measure orgone in the atmosphere. In 1946, in Maine, Reich constructed an DOR (dead-orgone) accumulator that would eventually be known as the cloudbuster, a term often applied to Orgonite. Reich hypothesized that orgone was like the immune-system of nature.

You had places with good orgone, and bad orgone, depending on the water content as we discovered earlier. Lush, green places like forests, and lakes would have good orgone. Dry places like deserts would have dead orgone. Reich compared human behaviour to the levels of orgone, and found that people were more spiritual, tolerant, liberal, including, non-racist, humanistic, and hippie-like depending on the water content where they lived. For instance, the inland of America is more conservative, while the green east, and west-coast is liberal. This continues up into Canada.

It is the same when comparing Europe to the Middle-East. All desert landscape on Earth like f.i Mexico have an extremely conservative population caused by the lack of orgone life-force, with war, poverty, drug-cartels etc. Ironically: Israel is green while as its neighbouring lands are dry.

Water cleanses the soul it says. That is why Muslims perform oblation. They remove sin/dead orgone. It is why you feel refreshed after a bath, why the Johanites do baptize rituals, and why you feel renewed after rainfall, as the storm pushes away the dead orgone. Have you ever felt that? When the sun-rays generate orgone – shining through right after a rainstorm is when I feel the most powerful sensations of positive orgone in nature. I`m sure you will agree.

Chemical fumes, radiation, and electromagnetic fields are some of what create dead orgone. Reich knew that water also attracts dead orgone, and that metal funnels it. Reich set out to heal nature. The device was simple. 10-20 metal pipes leading into a water reservoir- and that`s it. Yet it worked and has been demonstrated by scientists and hippies worldwide.

The FDA seized all of Reich`s cloudbusters because of his success. Reich would measure how the dead orgone would be sucked out by his metal pipes just like you suck air through a straw. Simple but extremely effective. Dry deserts would receive rainfall. A remarkable experiment was conducted in the California desert of Tuscon Arizona, October 1954. Local residents had lived there for 50 years, and had never observed grass growing, so they called in Dr. Reich.

Reich put his metal pipes down into the underground water-reservoir, and immediately the amount of water-vapor in the atmosphere increased. Then the hydrometer showed increased humidity. And before rain even came: The humidity had already caused grass to grow knee high! An area of 40-80 square miles to the north, and east of Tuscon of 50 years of former desert now became lush with grass. Streams of water would start running where it had been drying for EVER. They even aired it on television. This infuriated the government. The local government were so desperate they actually accused him of tapping into the water-supplies. The airforce, and military came after him. It did not take long for We have now discovered how pyramids, and orgone accumulators could affect orgone, with the latter having the possibility of effortlessly, and cheap transforming Sahara into fertile land.

Think of the implications… My friends in the ¨only results counts¨ forum has replicated this result in the California desert creating two ¨superblooms¨ two years in a row. Just google it! If we had the resources, that is, more people, and if they stopped with HAARP and Chemtrails (…) , we would green hundreds of deserts, and have already destroyed hundreds of hurricanes, saving thousands of lives, all thanks to to the God-given effort of my close, dear friend Harry Rhodes, and Trevor James Constable who furthered Reich`s cloudbuster work some time after Reich`s death. Harry`s youtube channel is ¨chemtrail chemtrail¨ as of 2019…

But be careful. As soon as you set up the cloudbuster, DON`T TOUCH THE METAL PIPES. EXTREME amounts of dead orgone create viruses, and germs out of thin air. If you touch the metal, the Orgone will be forces to travel though your biological body, which can lead to a loose stomach, fatigue or mental illness. Or even death in the worst cases. I once touched my cloudbuster steel when destroying a Norwegian drought, and felt a surge through my body. To be correct, it is the same feeling as an evil spirit. This tingling… DOR. Deadly Orgone. I had to cleanse myself with Orgonite devices, which is the best tool if you get smacked by DOR.

My own orgone experiments.

In the 80’s, another independent researcher, Karl Welz, discovered that a mix of metal particles suspended in hardened resin was superior to the alternate layers of organic and metalic material that Reich was using.

He called this new composite material Orgonite. And from there we went from an orgone accumulator to an orgone generator.

Don Croft intuitively understood the potential of this innovation, ad combined it with his knowledge of Reich’s cloud-busters to create his own version of a cloud-buster, and several other devices thereafter. He also found that this configuration could transmute DOR into POR.

Adding quartz crystals as an amplifier in the middle of the Orgonite allowed to project the energy in a much wider range. The real breakthrough with these new devices is that they become active in the presence of powerful negative energy fields, transmuting the deadly energy into positive, life-giving energy, contrary to Reich`s devices.

These new devices would actually benefit from being exposed to negativity.

The cloud-buster “movement” then became a vivid and fast-growing community of independent researchers, as Orgonite is cheap, and easy to make, and positive effects could easily be felt and experimented first-hand as seen on YouTube.

Could this be a community way of geo-engineering deserts?

I have myself made LOTS of relatively large orgonite pyramids in hand-sized dimensions, which channel NOR and DOR, and transform them into POR and felt crazy effects, as I made sure to perfect it`s science. I also have a book on Orgonite…

There is substantial evidence of orgonite creating some field, but just as with Reich`s accumulators, the public has no way of measuring it, as the secret military by up all scientists.

I also built some of the orgonite pyramids with 72-degree angles – crystals covering the outer 4 corners – as replicas of Alexander Golod`s pyramids.

I also have several miniature versions of these pyramids made from wood-material. Whenever I walk into my room filled with orgonite, and pyramids: I feel a very powerful presence of calming, healing energy.

I did put my cannabis seeds inside the Golod-pyramid, and for the first time in my life, all of them became resistant to fungi during the first week of sprouting, which was a MAJOR increase as the best results I had had so-far was that 50-70% of my seeds survived the early growth stage, and the experiment repeated itself 3 times with only one seed ever dying due to fungi every time. This amazed me as it was either pure coincidence, or it seems this field is conscious somehow, and protected the growth of the plant, while stopping pathogens like fungi. Perhaps it`s in relation to positive vs negative orgone. Very strange.

Above are a few of the first pyramids I made with both metal shavings, ball-milled crystal powders, ball-milled metal powders, and lots of expertise.

Conclusion on evolution:

The source-field/God gives micro-organisms their genetic code, and drove evolution over time through continuous acts of creation, as all the universe is one singular conscience creating functional, harmonic lifeforms within itself that all fit together, and even benefit mankind, the end-product of this intelligent evolutionary bion biogenesis creationism theory…

We have seen that the source-field is omnipresent. We have learnt that life on Earth started from bions. We thus have a scientific theory: Life originates from bions and evolves through an intelligent designer, the Source Field.

We have also learnt of the cavity structure effect, learnt of cloudbusters, and that DNA can be changed through light. And that water stores memory.

As if it was created from some higher divine perspective. Which is certainly the case.

What is this ¨God¨, and why does he never show himself? We will discover that the source-field, or what we call reality, is indeed a mathematical matrix, and that this higher force shows himself through the act of miracles in the Christian faith.

But what is conscience?

Are we walking in a state of trance?

Some people have abilities like telekinesis, telepathy etc. How?

Dr. Cleve Backster worked for the military early before his discoveries. He was into hypnosis and hypnotized the secretary of the commanding general of the counter-intelligence corp, and told her to give her a top-secret document, which she did, but didn`t remember giving him afterwards. We must conclude that some part of the brain just obeys command!

A lot of CIA mind-control technology like Mk-Ultra started with Cleve Backster.

Dr. Thomas Garrett hypnotized people into a state of deep trance. He would then tell them they could see through objects, go through walls, fly, and teleport to anywhere in the universe. I experience similar realities in dreams, which I call the TRUE reality. I can do all these things in my dreams, even copy myself, change form, grow wings, and meet people. I once spied on George Bush Senior who was sick, praying for Lucifer to return soon. I woke up, and without my knowledge: It was Obama`s inauguration day. They stated. ¨The Bushes are not present as Senior is very ill.¨ No, I am only curious as to what our leaders are doing, as they`ll have to answer for their crimes one day… Or how do you think I became a targeted individual???

I have had this ability all my life, and lived my life in my dreams, not in my body, where I have a fraction of deeds, and memories compared to my dreams which I always remember.

The Backster effect: Plants talk to each other!

From hypnosis, psychics, lucid dreams, and astral projection, we learn that consciousness is not strictly limited to our own brains and nervous-systems. But if all is spirit, and if spirit is conscious, then what about all other lifeforms? Are not they spirit too? Perhaps they are conscious as well…

By 1958, Cleve Backster had developed the first standard system for numerical evaluation of polygraph charts – which is still being used today. Or simply: A graph used to measure electromagnetic response when connected to the human body, which he had worked with for 18 years at the time. In 1966 – Backster had an idea. He had never owned any plant but decided to connect his new Dracnea plant to the polygraph. Much to his surprise, the plant didn`t have a smooth, flat pattern of electrical activity. It jumped around like that of a person! About one minute into the chart recording, the tracing exhibited a short reaction similar to that of a person who experienced the fear of detection! The plant realized it was being monitored.

In other words. It reacted just like a person who was hiding a lie. Backster, stunned at this discovery, figured that he would find a way to threaten the plant to get a reading on the polygraph. What happened next would change the world of science forever, and still has not reached public awareness. He was fifteen feet away at the very moment he got the idea of burning the plant with a match, the polygraph recording pen JUMPED to the top of the chart! No words were spoken, no touching the plant, nor lighting the matches, just Backster`s clear intention to burn the leaf.

The plant had an enormous panic-attack! Author David Wilcock arranged a repetition of the original experiment 40 years after its discovery, and caught the same reaction on camera, with a different plant of course.

Backster writes ¨after returning the matches to the secretary desk, the tracing (finally) returned to the calmness displayed prior to the original decision to burn the electrode leaf.¨ When Backster`s associate Bob Henson came to work- and cheered at the magical discovery, Henson repeated the experiment, and the exact same reaction occurred.

Backster now felt sympathy for the plant and decided not to burn any of the leaves.

Backster used synchronized watches and discovered that when you start caring for the plant, it seemingly track your thoughts. He writes: ¨I found that the moment I decided to return to where the plant was, the plant often showed a fairly significant reaction-especially when my decision to return was made in a spontaneous manner. ¨

Then Backster got more plants and connected them all to polygraphs.

Backster first discovered that all living matter is in constant conversion when he poured boiling water down a dirty, bacteria-overgrown sink in his lab –had a huge panic-attack.

He started experimenting with dropping living shrimp  into boiling water, and Backster says ¨the plants reacted strongly each time he dropped a shrimp.¨ But it only worked at night when there were no humans in the lab, or else, the human energies would be more interesting to the plants.

Backster performed hundreds of more tests, even on America, and Russian tv-shows, but the scientific community was not amused. Russian scientist V.N Pushkin replicated Backster`s experiments in 1972 using EEG instrumentation, but

Dr. Otto Solbrig of Harvard University`s biology department wrote:

¨This is a waste of time. This work is not going to advance science very much. We enough already about plants- so that when someone comes up with something like this, we say it`s quackery. ¨

Backster also connected yoghurt bacteria, ordinary chicken-eggs, and even live human cells to his polygraph- and continued to get stunning results. He discovered all living things are constantly tuned into their environment so that when one living thing suffers, all other living things react. He put eggs inside a lead-lined box and dropped an egg into boiling water. The other eggs ¨screamed¨, but since they were inside a lead-lined box, their communication could not have been electromagnetic. How does all nature conversate? Through the (God) Source Field. Backster also discovered that distance matters not, and that cells from a test-person responded to his daily stress-moments even 300 miles away. For when two beings are intimately connected, they respond to each-other even at the other side of the globe! And it`s made of love.

Affecting the source field. The meditation/prayer effect.

The meditation effect was proven by Maharishi Yogi in the late 1960. He believed that if 1% of the people of Earth together in one room, you could affect the whole world. 7000 thousand people meditated peace together. And terrorism rates worldwide reduced by 72% for the days of meditation! This effect has since been proven in 39 attempts, with a chance of billions to one that the effect was a random happening. Just think of the implications of prayer!

This proves that within the source-field conscience, our natural blissful, loving happy selves, have a radiant effect of ressonance. David Wilcock also proposes that every species has their hive-mind telepathy – to a stunning degree as seen with how historical invertors did breakthrough simultaneously. We are all one! Our brainwaves, and mental states affect each other, which I am certain you will agree with. For instance, when a depressed person comes into the room, and the vibes suddenly sink.

From reading Wilcock`s book, I got new proof of the ¨circle of attraction¨, and ¨think yourself healthy. ¨ Think of the amazing, dormant human potential when we synchronize our thoughts through love and light! That is why I wondered if: Should I call this book the Kingdom of God? I, like Jesus, and Isaiah believe in we can eliminate sin, and suffering for a future golden age! Perhaps you now start realizing how much sacred knowledge is hidden from us.

If good humans ruled the Earth, we would have declassified technology to end disease, starvation, poverty, electricity crisis, aging, and transportation. The future world I envision can be found in my book ¨the wisdom of all golden ages¨.

The Cavity Structure effect.

Russian Dr. Victor Grebennikov discovered the cavity structure effect. And now we`re talking. It is simply the same effect as with Golod`s pyramids, that all physical structures like for instance through Feng Shui shape the source field, and that some structures direct the field more powerful than others, for instance pyramids. Dr. Grebennikov`s research is ground-breaking, and further explores the technological abilities of the source-field in relation to healing and antigravity. He was the one to discover how the bumble-bee, and beetles like scarabs actually fly despite their impossible weight. This is due to the cavity structure effect in their wings. You see, their wings have microscopic hexagonal bee-hive-patters which (amazingly) cancels gravity. Well. Gravity doesn`t really exist, as there is both gravity, and levity, and it all depends on the speed of the waveform of the atoms/objects in question etc. It is a huge topic, and I know at least 3 completely different ways to achieve antigravity. I pray that such knowledge of simple, and inexpensive antigravity will be available for the masses. Buying a not too expensive flying bicycle is totally within reach of the future… Like in E.T. Lol. Google, vimana, die glocke, mercury Hermes ufo, and ww2 foo fighters. Yes. The nazis developed a form of antigravity based upon rotating suspension of superconductive mercury metal… And yes, it takes a lot of electrical power, so of course they had both fusion and fission reactors. Research Open Mind with former American radio host Bill Jenkins, and know that fusion reactors are simple, would solve all world-wide energy needs, and are being kept from us…

Back to topic.

America Dr. Ed Wagner is a recognized physicist who researches plants, and claims to independently have discovered the source-field, calling it the Wagner Wave. He is one of the few living scientists available to the public who researches the source-field to this date. His website is where you can order his book ¨Waves in Dark Matter.¨ We don`t have time to get into the gravity matters, but both Grebennikov, and Wagner discovered the cavity structure effect, and how the source field relates to gravity apparently depending on microscopic structures, which according to Wagner, is how the trees draw sap from the ground, which until now has had no sound explanation. It`s due to the physical structure of the small nodes inside the tree trunk fibers, according to Wagner.

Just like with the bees, a certain structure cancels out gravity. Wagner drilled a hole inside a tree trunk, and measured lower gravity. This is something you can do at home… It`s like Newton`s falling apple: How does the tree transport water against gravity??? Nobody questioned it seriously prior to Wagner… Lol.

His main research is independently discovering the Backster effect in much greater detail, namely how plants talk to each other. Dr. Ed sat fire to one tree in a forest, and had polygraphs connected to trees around the forest. The chaotic reaction of the fire spread for kilometres at the speed at 5 meters a second. So you it is arguable to say they ARE ACTUALLY talking to each-other, as 5 meters a second is an impossibly low wavelength speed phenomenon. Or it might be that the forest mycelium (one cellular network of one underground mushroom`s roots (mycelium) often cover the entire forest living in symbiosis with all trees) was the medium for this exchange of information as proposed by a guy I really like: Mushroom mycologist Dr Paul Stamets. Check out ¨6 ways mushrooms can save the world.¨ Yes. Our reality is closer, if not identical to a fairyland, a child`s wildest immagination, or the movie ¨Avatar.¨

So now we know plants, and trees have actual emotions, and TALK to each other like the Ents in J.R.R Tolkien`s The Lord of the Rings.

We must realize we are gardeners of this SACRED, SACRED REALM, and are meant to live by prahna, vegetables, eggs, and be thankful to every living thing we kill, just like the American Indians offered thanks to the Great Spirit after killing an animal or buffalo. Yes. The American Indians were REALLY onto it. In fact: There is so little difference between the idea of the Great Spirit, and the Christian Holy Ghost that Christianity was easily introduced to American Indians, although the Indians knew more about it, it seems…

Grebennikov, a very credible scientist with no psychiatric disorder, according to himself, and many witnesses, used scarab bug-wings to build a flying platform by stacking hundreds of wings in a row connected to wires in a trey connected to his ¨bicycle brakes¨ so that when he pulled the brake, the wings would flip, and be stacked on top of each other, producing the antigravity effect. He never told which scarab beetle he used, but bumblebee wings have a similar effect. Try placing them above each-other. One will float, or jump off the other wing because of the cavity structure effect. Lol.

Above: Victor Grebennikov demonstrates his bug-wing platform. What profit would Victor Grebennikov have from producing this image other than to be hunted by the KGB? He was a genius scientist in sole service to mankind…!!!

This has to be the easiest of all possible levitations. And why doesn`t the government mass-produce microscopic hexagonal sheets for us to ride flying cars, bicycles etc? What`s better is that no fuel is needed other than food or water. Grebennikov also stated he could fly really REALLY fast because the antigravity effect was so large he was partly in another dimension, and thus protected from wind. Isn`t God who made this a genius??? And will this science soon be available for mankind? Is this the secret of the Egyptian scarab hieroglyphs, and the flying carpets of King Solomon? Think of the implications… We could transport material to live in the beautiful, secluded valleys of Norway, build pyramids, heal ourselves, and have free electricity of which there are a hundred devices out there. For instance, research Keshe`s newly invented ¨plasma generator¨ , or Tomislav Tesla`s river power-plant to begin with… When will we have a Tesla village of True Tesla Technologies in Norway???

I remember I researched anti-gravity before I was lobotomized and wondered if I should not try cultivate these beetles, and make myself my own flying platform. Haha! Considering the 1000+ ton solid blocks moved in the antique levant, it`s no secret they had anti-gravity, and it was either sound levitation of scarab-wing ¨magical carpets¨ like in the cartoon Aladdin. They also knew of the source field, but it was lost in time, and monopolized by the Freemasons, and Knights Templar who hid their treasure at Oak Island, and flew to America, and killed the remaining giants for their theory of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, and world history to be accepted. I have talked to Illuminati members who confirmed these suspicions. Just be smart, and you can get a LONG way in life!

I pray that this book will give courage to young, aspiring scientists to never grow up, and create fairyland for all of us! Yes, all you believed was impossible can be achieved by any man by himself. If Nicola Tesla, and Victor Grebennikov built flying platforms, then so can you!

My dream was always to fly. I fly in all my dreams and am a natural born angel. The Creator constructed the world so that mankind was MEANT to discover his grandeur, and dream of flying – and fly MUCH faster than jet-airplanes on much more simplistic devices that they CERTAINLY had in the antique, with the hundreds of 10-20-600, yes, 600 ton stone blocks the Egyptians, and ALL ancient cultures effortlessly raised. Because when you cancel gravity: EVERYTHING within the field floats..! Even Solomon`s Temple`s foundation has stones weighing over 200 tons.