Important foreword.

You asked for hardcore truth, here you have it!

As religious belief is very personal to me, and since the path leaving Abrahamism was very painful and people deserve to know why I do FFF, I saw it necessarry to post this wildest, most controversial of all my articles here.

I present to you my personal journey into perfect understanding of this multiverse, leaving traditional Abrahamism and becoming a Deist, or rather a ¨messianic-Christian Buddhist Aryo-Luciferian philosopher scientist of the law of Source, Love and Light, where religion is no longer a belief but truth.¨ I advocate following the law.

Important note!!! Since no other has drawn any of these conclusions online, I saw it as my responsibility to post this here, although it was originally written for my eyes only, simply my notes leaving Abrahamism. Many have asked for guidance, and if you really seek truth, you will find it here, but it will be disturbing, but it`s time to rattle the cage and for ONCE in my life, I morally CANNOT show any compromise to quackademia. This article HAD to be DONE, and perfect with no compromise, if so. This article must read with great knowledge of my other articles on the metaphysical spiritual universe, the source-field, my law of Source, Love and Light, my article on reincarnation, and my philosophy regarding the problem of evil.

Yet I will start and end by declaring: Mankind is now awake and free from the alien oppression! The Buddha is God victorious. All hail! Mankind is free! Mankind is free from this world density! Mankind is free from materialism and ego. Amen.


PS! This book contain Christian articles from when I was still a non-disputing believer, and must be read as a whole. It`s a study-book. NOTE! Christianity is GOOD, because of it`s peaceful, accepting and moralistic nature. Along with Buddhism, it`s an extremely valuable cultural heritage and a back-bone of Europe. But you`re here for TRUTH!

The hard truths and the crimes of Judaism vs the Christian view of their God.

Having grown up traumatized and frozen, seeing the downfall of the Church, I eagerly arose against overwhelming Christian apathy to determine and defend the survival of the Christian faith as exemplified in my Christian authorship, which are world class in terms of apologetics, philosophy, theology, eschatology, conspiracy-reality and mystery teachings, a 6-book series finishing the Christian religion with all missing pieces of the puzzle, determining it above all other religions in terms of philosophy and validity… But being a perfectibilist who would do anything to defend my religion, there was a catch I could not get out of my head, something indoctrinated Christians probably wouldn`t notice until they start writing books from a critical perspective themselves.

By early spring 2020, my long distress with Biblical impossibilities had reached a climax. The most notable of such unhistorical fairy tales were the stories of Moses, Samson, Jonah, Elijah, Solomon, the implausible Israeli society and the far too many ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE wars, considering bronze age population, e.g ¨the 1000.000 Etiopians dying waging war against Israel for whatever reason which isn`t even mentioned¨, an exaggeration we not only see in the Bible, but in the Jewish Talmud, which e.g states that 16 million Jewish children were murdered by the Romans, creating a repeating pattern of impossibilities and exaggeration. Why is that, I wondered, but brushed it off and continued.

This was not enough. Were the Jews lying? Was Christianity and Judaism an inside job to construct a worldwide empire??? I had lots of thoughts going through my head… I still believed in the official narrative of history and the official Christian narrative we see in all accepted Christian media, namely that the Jews are God`s chosen people, his favourites, good people who only had been persecuted on basis of religious beliefs…

That was before I discovered the work of Robert Sepehr, Michael Hoffman, the documentary ¨Europe the Last Battle¨, leading me to investigate into the Jewish Sabbatean Frankist connection to the Illuminati I had already heard about, the Jewish web of conspiracy uniting these two to the Freemasons, the Jesuits AND, to my surprise; the Rothschild banking dynasty, which were great heroes of mine for their work in establishing Israel! Can you believe it??? I could not… But the evidence was there.

So when people talk of the Illuminati conspiracy, they are really talking about the Rothschild Sabbatean Frankist Illuminati Jesuit conspiracy! Because, ironic as fate is, all these movements happened in Frankfurt at the exact same time, inseparable from each other, during the late 1700`s.

What??? Ok… So the Christians didn`t know that, may Jehovah forgive them, oh I prayed and wept every day. Imagine an ¨unholy alliance¨ of 1 global control of capital, 2 a global Satanic religion (Frankism) and 3 the Illuminati freemasons and Jesuit antichrist activist! Wow! What you don`t know can kill you! But surely our ¨good God¨ would have told a prophet and raised a strong Christian awareness to stop this and create an Illuminati-free society? Somewhere? At least a single Church??? None on a global basis. 0. None whatsoever… My almighty, good, eternally loving, caring all-seeing and all-knowing ¨God¨ could not raise up a single prophet within Christianity to address and identify the elephant in the room, the cult that already has destroyed all human civilization, race and culture to this day, as expressed by their own writings from the time of unity in Frankfurt, creating rivers of blood through communism and cultural Marxism, which many prominent rabbis say is inseparable from Judaism.

No. God could not raise up ONE prophet or ministry to address the abovementioned conspiracies, all of whom were Jewish. From this unholy Frankfurt alliance of Jesuit Jew Adam Weishaupt who founded the Illuminati, Jacob Frank (renown Jewish messiah and child sacrificing Satanic pedophile anal rapist magician) and the Jewish Rothschild banking empire (which once owned 25% of all world wealth and now own every central bank aside from Cuba and North Korea, proof shows they orchestrated the French and Bolshevik revolutions, the Napoleonic Wars, the 1st and 2nd world wars, Count Kallergi`s plan (who was married to two Jewesses and spoke Yiddish) a Jew who invented the European Union with the written goal of creating ¨a future Negroid race¨ in Europe through immigration (which was the purpose of the EU since the inception, and perhaps their most dangerous crime of all, which you can read in ¨the Creature from Jekyll Island¨, the Federal Reserve privatization in 1913, which later abolishied the gold standard, so that the bank OWNS and PAYS the American government who have to pay TAX when the government could have printed their own money for FREE! Thus creating the debt of America, and controlling it til it`s inevitable downfall, destroying the greatest Christian nation in history, destroying the symbol of freedom forever. Wow! These corrupt Jews were sure crafty, I thought, but they were not REAL Jews, only mad heretics, like that of Aleister Crowley, right? Wrong. Jacob Frank who had over 50.000 (Satanic) Jewish followers in France and Germany, proclaimed to be the reincarnation of Jewish Messiah Sabbatai Zevi, who in 1666 proclaimed to be the messiah and that the Jewish law was there only to be broken, as one would find closeness to God through mixing the sacred with the profane, just like God did, thus making the profane sacred again and obtaining salvation through ¨sacred sin¨, a process from where we have the Jewish phrase Tikkun Olam. No more Sabbath. No more sin. No more law, only wild sex orgies. The Jews were tired of the law and wanted to return to their homeland. Sabbatai Zevi thus gained support of 50% of Jewish world population, over 1.000.000 Jews in Europe, before Jacob Frank took it further, advocated outright Satan-worship, and made Sabbateanism into a battleplan for Sabbatean-Frankist world domination, the world we currently live in.

The Sabbatean Frankist Illuminati goal is public and no secret: The destruction of all civilization, all world culture, the family, all truth, all religion, all holiness and all morale, replaced by the most abhorrent evil possible, which to their philosophy is good, because evil is good and good is bad… Sounds idiotic? THANK YOU ABRAHAMISM! That`s what happens when a perfect ¨all-knowing God¨ elects a ¨sacred prophet¨ to create a ¨chosen people¨ to bring about strict religious law which is somehow necessary, (although Buddhists ascend without it) which will somehow lead to a global moralistic world, a one world Israel… MORE LIKE A TRIBAL WARCHIEF WENT MEGALOMANIAC! The Bible? Jacob Frank and a trail of blood is the result of it. Abrahamism! WAY TO GO for a perfect almighty all-knowing God who can see all futures but didn`t know his plan would totally fail and destroy the world instead! How ironic.

According to Michael Hoffman, Jewish Bolshevism and the Jewish created world wars killed over 300 million for the purpose of ¨fulfilling the Bible¨ to create Israel, a term and plan used and already defined by Jewish messiah Jacob Frank as a ¨way to justify evil.¨ It`s simply sad and idiotic. Idiotic Abrahamism created even more idiotic (impossible philosophy) sub-religions because of itself… Thank you all-knowing perfect God! Your master plan is sooo good not even a child could come up with something better! Both Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank told their followers that ¨the greatest virtue before God is keeping their sacred (Satanic) practice secret, because ¨God sees what man cannot see¨. Stupid.

And as a result, gullible Christians still WORSHIP the most bloody country in the world, a country created on the carcass of an entire planet. They LITTERALLY worship Israel blindly, just turn on God-TV, WORSHIPPING Jewish racism by worshipping them as ¨the chosen, kind, moralistic people.¨ Well some are… Until they grow up and learn true history in their synagogues and PRIVATE schools, NOT what we ¨goyim¨ learn of history.

Jewish racial-religious imperialism and racist dominance rules world finance and finances all wars and the destruction of Christianity, Europe, all cultures, the family and our ethnicity, human bio-diversity, which is unforgivable. And almighty good perfect all-knowing God ORDERS us to WORSHIP Israel to this day, after we have lost all Christians nations in the world because of them. Ok. That`s enough for me. We have covered the topic of the Jews. Believe me, if I covered the topic of Islam, it would not have been any better…! Have you read the Quran? Mostly no Muslim have: Because it resembles the schizophrenic pattern of thinking, as Muhammad literally had voices in his head, which to stone-age people, was a miracle. The Quran and Jewish Talmud are equally bad, racial-religious imperialism and slavery all of it, just because some old ancient man was megalomaniac enough to make people believe the voices in his head came from God, and not from a mental disorder.

While Moses, if he existed (not being copied from Hammurabi) started something original, Muhammad made the bold claim to be ¨the last of the prophets before the end of this world¨, which Muhammad said would happen within a 100 years, according to several Hadith. For ridicule of Islam, I recommend the Apostate Prophet. The Apostate Prophet IS the last prophet (of Islam). The title in itself sounds like a dramatic way of creating Schizophrenic followers in the stone age, or like a terrible name for a boring movie: The Last Prophet (who only copied pre-existing Judaism and Christianity, only making it harsher and inverting several things.) While Judaism and Christianity are clever constructs, Islam is evidently the work of a madman, a mentally ill pedophile war-chief slave-owning rapist person with 11 wives who sadly enough: Really believed he was a prophet.

I personally don`t think the prophets of Judaism were schizophrenic, they probably were trying to protect tribal identity and dream a utopian future by merging Baal, Asherah and El into Jehovah (see: Wikipedia) and Moses probably thought his laws made spiritual sense for ascension. Which brings us to the question: Is there a God, Gods, or a/several ¨designer(s)¨? Superbeings of higher quantum dimensions? Real super-duper heroes??? A question that should not be dismissed so easily. You have Ansalms argument, and the 5 ontological (philosophical) arguments of Thomas Aquinas. And there is much evidence for a pantheist super conscience tachyon field in source-field physics (see: The Source-Field investigations by David Wilcock), the science of sacred geometry and the fractal electric universe theory (again David Wilcock`s Wisdom Teaching series at , the possibility of higher dimensions as dark matter constitute 91% of the universe (Michio Kaku said a superbeing might be living in the 11th dimension, dictating what we perceive as reality) and quantum mechanics having found no God-particle, giving the impression we miiight be living in a simulated reality. Do supreme beings, a great architect or a God exist? I think yes! Why should we be the most evolved in the univsere? SURELY, from current human technological advancements ¨Gods¨ certainly must exist out there. But creator-God(s)? Allmighty God? No! Not God in the Abrahamic sense as a human sitting on a chair in a cloud judging ¨evil humans¨ because he is holy somehow, while poor humans went to Hell after God judged them, only because they did evil because God invented Abrahamism, an argument against Abrahamism according to Abrahamism itself.

Is the Abrahamic God evil, or just a really bad interpretation of source-field physics? I still lingered to my beliefs and kept excusing God, re-writing my books to strengthen my faith: The law of Moses is good, mankind needs morale and religion to become civilized, something atheist Dr. Richard Dawkins believe is true.

Alternative history disproves the Bible to an astounding degree.

(Read more in chapter 6) The final stroke when I decided to publicly leave Christianity (15.05.2020 I have now reverted) and the Abrahamic idea of God being ¨perfect¨, ¨before and after time¨, and ¨without philosophical flaws¨, came after I had written the philosophical arguments for my book ¨the Atlantean Order of Lucifer¨ under the anagram name of Sasha Edomita, with the discovery of Anatoly Fomenko and alternative history, having researched aliens and the Illuminati for some years, but never imagining that history was the greatest conspiracy, as I thought quackademia was the great conspiracy. Ancient Israel (and the entire Bible) was created at the same time along side Greek and Hebrew, after a reset, by a supercomputer, entirely constructed by the Romans to destroy other cultures, for population control, and for world dominance. Ivan Panin`s numerics in scripture proves this scientific fact. The gematric supercomputer 7-digit Bible-code extends through both the New and Old Testament. It is so complicated that several universities could not duplicate Genesis 1:1 in any language, with computers, and it extends through the entire BIble. In fact, it would be scientifically impossible on a scale of billions to one if not the Greek and Hebrew alphabet was constructed along with their (Greek and Hebrew) false identity and history, after a Roman war and population reset by the controllers. This was a Roman plan to overtake the world politically and religiously, a war that already has destroyed religion, all cultures and the Caucasian ethnicity, replaced by post-history, post-science, post-morale, post-modern, fatherless post-American ¨who am I – pick your identity¨ culture. Tartarian monuments and pyramids replaced by rootless pin-up girls in shopping-malls. It should be noted that the 7-digit Bible is a divine work of art, a rendition of Caesar`s ultimate religion, which was philosophical and astrological in nature, which he deemed to be true, although the New Testament was mostly based on an improved form of Buddhism, another religion with proof of ascension. The name and figure of Jesus simply acts as a Matrix-code to access the source-field. The Bible was introduced by the controllers and is so divine in trespasses all dimensions into Heaven itself. What a Caesar…

Furthermore: Fomenko proved the old testament must have been written after the New Testament, he believes, as proven by thousands to 1 by Anatoly Fomenko`s phantom dynasties of Israel and Judah. This is what Anatoly Fomenko concluded, the world`s greatest mathematician. But go see Ivan Panin`s numerics in scripture for yourself: Proof they were written at the same time (approx. 800 years ago) , and re-edited by the Catholics, to fit Joseph Scalliger`s chronology and the Gregorian calendar, adding 1000 years to history, which caused the European wars of religion, putting Jesus birth 2000 years back in time as is evident of the Mazzaroth/Zodiac birthchart in the gospels and Revelations 6:1-6, proven by Alan Tat, Jesus being born 19.08.01 BC, when he actually lived 1000 years ago. We live in the year i.1020 , I standing for Isus/Jesus. The dark alliance converted the I to a 1 during and after these brutal wars, killing much of Europe`s population. Chi xi stigma being 666, the cross, is further proof that the Greek language and alphabet was constructed alongside the fictious story of Jesus some 1000-800 years ago. I am now a Deist Christian-Buddhist philosopher, not a Christian or religious person, but a scientist whose religion is truth, not faith.

But you are unworthy, why? You want the truth? Here goes::: Because the Hebrew (and Greek) language and alphabet MUST (by a billion to 1) have been constructed at the same time as the Old and New Testament, the Jewish people CANNOT scientifically be older than 1000 years. Prove me wrong.

Check out: The Journeys of Noah into Europe. According to the Journeys of Noah into Europe, the flood was 2013 years prior to Christ, 3113 years ago. Why do I see so many 33s?

Check out: When the survivors of Atlantis and Hyperborea wakes up. 

Check out: Scalliger adding 1000 years to history during the reformation to create a Roman-Jewish-Christian world, ruling out all other important empires. World domination.

Check out: The prophesies of Jesus in Genesis 1:1 and also in the genealogy.

Check out: Phantom dynasties. Anatoly Fomenko believes the old-testament was written after the new testament, because of phantom dynasties (use google). I concur, although they most certainly were written at the same time (who has supercomputers anyways?)

Check out: The reformation wars where traditional Christianity (which was about 250 years old at that time) fought Catholic Romans and their re-writing the gospels to fit Scalliger, creating the current Bible and according to Fomenko, adding Revelations, killing or buying all Europeans. Witch-hunts etc. Luther was just the official narrative much later.

Check out: ¨When was Jesus actually born, the day, hour and minute¨ by ¨Alan Tat¨ on YouTube.

Check out: The Great Pyramid is a calendar prophecy claimed by the Illuminati to have been built 12500 years ago, while they in fact were constructed recently (according to maps, images, stone-work and Anatoly Fomenko, and the above/below-mentioned) , an ¨old¨ monument, prophesying about the fictious Bible and the fictious birth of Jesus (Christ triangle) , the age of Pisces 2000 years ago. A monument of Scalliger`s false chronology and the 1000 added years to the i/iesus calendar. It also prophesies about the Earth giving birth, the crowning of the pyramid in the year 2012, the most important year in it`s construction. See David Wilcock. This was to set Jesus 1000 years back in time, make us think Jesus is Azazel of the fallen angels, coinciding with the fake Revelations, all to make Jesus into the Aquarian antichrist, defaming Jesus. This is because Jesus/Jehovah`s coming was never prophesied and invaded the Earth, so that the controller creators of this world had to reset civilization and create a fictional non-Slavic Christ. Along with fictional characters of the super-computered Bible. The reason is, Christ was of the highest Heaven, and they are at war with this world, which they intend to destruct, as it is only a soul-farm-prison of Hell constructed by lesser beings, as believed in Christian gnostic hermeticism, where Jesus is Lucifer. This is what my Holy Spirit sense is correct. Or else, Jehovah would be working with the controllers for the purpose of the civilization reset(s) of the Phoenicians and the Catholic Church, the invention of Judaism, and also current evils, and Christ would have been an invention. Since we know Christ to appear physically and be of utmost holy intent, it makes no sense that he would be an invention, which would certainly be the case unless the entire Bible, the Greeks and the Hebrews is a cover-up and not introduced by the controllers. But we cannot know for sure, yet. I have a bad feeling about this. All point to Jehovah/Jesus being the all-mighty 13th dimensional God, at war with this world, not working for it`s continued existence as a soul-farm prison plane(t).

Investigative researcher Sylvie Ivanova at have a (probably censored) YouTube playlist with her outstanding alternative history documentary regarding (alien?) population reset, the complete forgery of history, and discover how they did it.

Let`s draw conclusions and philosophize from what we know of the flat round-looking prison-Earth, yes I said it, for once in my life, I cannot miss being frank. Greek is one thing, but Arabian and Semitic languages another, and we conclude that because of the impossibility of the gematric 7-digit Hebrew system of the Bible and the Hebrew alphabet impossibly existing separately, that all Semitic languages and cultures can only be 1000 years old, which basically means our world is merely 1000 years old, or else the Bible is a miracle. But if the Bible was a miracle, that would mean there is a singular or group conscience ¨God¨ who actually ¨reality-controlled¨ the Hebrew language to fit perfectly into the super-computer like 2000 years later? And that would mean ¨the God¨ is in TOTAL Matrix control down to the MINUTEST detail, which doesn`t make sense, considering the evil of the world. Who could control such deceit? Advanced aliens from a prior universe. The Elohim?

What about the Phoenician language, the Akkadian language, proto Hebrew or proto Greek? Were they added after a reset? We`re only talking about a few artefacts, but the red thread in alternative history research is seeing the Phonecians in total control! Did they change their language???

So let`s do the math: 1 The Elohim are eternal controllers under God and created an incomprehensibly perfect book of religion to shape history and test humanity`s obedience to God. Questions arising: Is this all we are worth? And could they not foresee the bloodshed, the apostasy of Abrahamism (Sabbatean Frankism, the Jesuits etc) and how it would destroy all cultures? Knowing that the Elohim are capable of going as far back and forth in timespace as they want, (I am an alien myself) , albeit there are different timelines, they must have known the end result being a sub-human rootless slave race, due to their interference, whereupon I theorize they intend to rule as Gods from outer space and re-genesis the world with new species etc, this is only a hypothesis.

2. Ok. That is troublesome, and the Earth is currently under the Illuminati masonic lodge and the self-replicating chemtrail Morgellons cybersatan 666 smartgrid system. (Why doesn`t the highest God intervene and tell some prophet the truth?) Considering the controllers destroyed civilizations with resets (mudflood) , shaping continents effortlessly without evidence within a year, mass hypnotizing mankind to believe they don`t exist, all which is philosophically and morally evil, and considering they operate alongside the Illuminati to such an unfathomably evil degree, how could they create something so holy only to be used for evil? Are they above good and evil? Why did they not support Buddhism, or create a true religion, like the law of Source, Love and Light? Why did the controllers HAVE to make Christianity based upon a lie? Was it because Buddhism was the work of mankind themselves trying to free themselves from this material world??? By any means, we need the first Illuminati-free nation to take over the world an enlighten the masses to face the fact we are being intensely watched and reality-controlled, before arranging worldwide resistance against the return of the Elohim, retaking our plane for ourself for the first time. The idea of ¨God¨ is most real, and he/they, whatever they are, are obviously more in control than we ever could have possibly imagined, for worse, both if the Bible IS a miracle, or if they reset population. Which brings me to my main question:

3. Are these beings working alongside the highest God? And why is this flat-Earth world built like a prison to look as if it is round? Are these our creators and is the alien-introduced God of the Bible the highest God? As an alien myself, I can certify there is a concept of an only good, highest God and he/it did not create this prison plane or the concepts of evil. Did this highest 13th dimensional God create this lower prison-plane? No. That was the Elohim, if you read the Bible and other sources, which I will somewhat detail in this book. So, the lower Gods, our creators, are good and evil, superbeings seeing us like an ant-colony. From a human perspective of morale, they would be deemed insanely evil, but still they gave us Christianity as an ascending religion (albeit a program?) and co-operated with the highest God.

Or do they? The idea that such beings would be incapable of interdimensional interaction with allfather great spirit of all and the 13th dimension is unfathomable, yet this is what the Bible and true religious teachers preach us: The Kingdom of Heaven is not of this world, I myself have travelled all the way to the 12th Heaven, you wouldn`t ever guess there was anything higher!!! It`s completely shut off! Jesus saying this is Satan`s world, a prison, at constant WAR with the Heavens. So the highest Heaven(s) are at WAR with this lower carnal world of evil, judging from a life as a soul-travelling seer, prophet, lucid dreamer and observing Christian-Buddhist philosopher sage, as there are millions of testimonies to the highest God`s absolute goodness, his miracles and near death experiences of a pure holy Heaven where no evil exists, a polarized world of goodness only.

Still, there are a lot of questions. Some can be answered with the synchronicity effect, which we will discuss in the next sub-chapter.

Bipolarity is only a construct of the lesser Gods whom are BOTH good and evil, and evidently see themselves above such concepts, creating this fake world and keeping us as a resource, much like in movie the Matrix. For further reference, read my books. I also want to point out that although the highest God and Heaven seems not to inform us and have a non-intervention policy, it is simply because they can`t, and actually, they do inform us regularly as long as we reach out to them. Remember: There is a total war between the higher and lower universes, I know this for a fact.

Sadly however, there is some co-operation between the highest and the Elohim, and the Heaven`s don`t do enough. Receiving true revelation from source is a matter of density and resonance, synchronizing to higher MENTAL and spiritual awareness whereupon one would download the truth. The source has many keyholes, Jesus and the Buddha are names of keys to open God-awareness and download truth through SYNCHRONICITY, that is; Heaven cannot physically resonate something to you that you do not inertly know yourself, for it is ONLY synchronicity, and you already have all the answers yourself, yet there seems to be a policy of non-intervention unless approved by mankinds free will, as evidence shows there ARE angelic messengers and even physical manifestations of 13th dimensional beings, at least in Christianity. Yet they never do tell us something we already do not know, proving there is some agreement between the factions, a law of free will, and a non-interaction policy, whereupon we must conclude that this world is created by Elohim as a soul-colony and that Heaven approves from the perspective that this world is a school to nurture ascension, which doesn`t make sense from a third-dimensional perspective, as both God and Elohim would be morally and philosophically evil.

Yet there is a silent war between the highest Heaven and the lesser universe, no man alive are a God or Elohim, as there evidently is a very clear non-intervention policy and ¨evil can`t take over unless mankind allows them to.¨ Ultimately, we, by our free will, are in control of our dimension against our TESTERS, the Elohim, whom God allowed to test us, although this lesser universe was certainly not the creation of the highest God, but lesser beings, part of the all, which created materialism and ego, the dense physical world.

Coming from a background of already having solved the problem of evil, I once again came to the ultimate conclusion this universe is utterly flawed, it is a torture chamber at best and doesn`t even deserve to exist, if the Bible, Hell and God be true.

More theological and philosophical problems with Christianity.

How come God cannot reveal the fact Jesus isn`t coming back? So, he isn`t coming back! How dare you Thomas! I thought you were a CHRISTIAN! ¨Oh, but the 2nd coming prophesies are based upon Mazzaroth (Jewish Zodiac) prophecy, astrotheology, an evil plan for population control, world dominance, and an explanation of natural disasters and why the world is bad…!¨ ¨It`s the work of the antichrist, the devil, and God, and it means we live in the end-times and that Jesus is coming back!¨ Vatican fear-propaganda for population unity.

Sry to inform you, but my arguments are without flaw in my book (The Secrets of St.John`s Revelations.) And IF any ascended being, God, angel or alien could descend to create worldwide utopia, we would be living under it by now, as there is no reason to why it hasn`t happened in the long course of human history, and such and order surely never would have disappeared (read if I took power), although I don`t think we are alone in the universe. So, Jesus isn`t coming back, another nail in Christianity`s coffin. Mankind has been here for millions of years, according to alternative archeology: The chance of an interdimensional intervention is statistically, philosophically and scientifically implausible, not to say impossible. If it has never happened in millions of years, as we would be living under it by now, why will it happen in the near future? And by whom? Are the Christians even worthy? Let`s ask more questions.

How can Jesus not reveal the mudflood civilization reset of ¨Napoleon`s comet¨ in 1812, thus the evident fact that Jew-allied reptilian aliens have taken over this realm with God-like powers, and reveal pre-mudflood science contra quackademia? Why God? Why weren`t the Christians receptive to my true political and true religious philosophies (my inter-religious philosophy of Source, Love and Light), if the Abrahamic idea of God is God being ¨TRUTH, holy, loving and perfectly caring good¨ as the Bible says? How cannot God or Jesus reveal the Illuminati`s plan for depopulation and implementation of self-replicating nano-morgellons chemtrail polymer fibers mark-of-the-beast neuronic mass mind control? Why do new-agers and scientists like Nicola Tesla admit to receive important messages (maybe from aliens) but no Christian in the entire world??? Here a Christian would say: But Christ reveals that he loves us, which is the more important because it`s about saving souls! Love? So the God of the Jews and Christians who destroyed each other and created endless wars loves them enough not to tell them? Perhaps God ¨is love¨, as a principle, but not in the full sense of his Abrahamic persona. Why cannot Jesus reveal that Christianity is ending soon, create unity and create a Kingdom of God against the Illuminati Frankists or save Europe? Christ`s precious Cathedrals are empty, are they not???

Is it because none are willing to listen or because there are no prophets??? Or is it because Jesus and God are ancient concepts which we incorporate into our religion without understanding: Interdimensional synchronicity effects determining what we hear, see and believe ¨God/Source-field¨ e.g ¨our higher selves¨ tells us? Is that why the Christians are so gullible: Because their belief of God is stagnate, fixed and wrong, God being the Source-field? So how are Jews, Muslims and Christians the chosen people when they are the most regressive to 21st century human evolution and science, stupid and vile, the most corrupt and the most evil, Christians being naiive and gullibly irresponsible to authority, politics; being apathetic to the world God created for them as his people? Is it because the religious elite know alternative history, Anatoly Fomenko, and that the Bible and the Quran are fabricated to make what once was truth and science into belief and religion for the purpose of population control? That is that I have come to believe.

Why are alternative scientists, New-Agers, and non-Christian groups at the forefront of the fight against evil if God cared? It is because the Christian elite know of Anatoly Fomenko`s theories (mud-flood alternative history) and that Jesus is a metaphysical construct, and that the Bible was written by a supercomputer with perfect numerological 7`s??? WHICH ASTONISHINGLY IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT! (See Ivan Panin`s numerics in scripture.) And is it because the religious elite know that the Old Testament was written AFTER the New Testament, which DISPROVES Abrahamism PERIOD, destroying all it`s fundamental pillars. (See Anatoly Fomenko`s ¨phantom dynasties of ancient Judea and Israel.¨)

Christianity is a club and God is a field.

Or perhaps Christianity is a social club of spiritualists who have forgotten the scientific concepts of TRUTH that originally made up their religion e.g blind FAITH? For the Abrahamists ARE blind! That IS a scientific, spiritual and philosophical absolute…! Especially from the perspective of Anatoly Fomenko`s alternative chronology. He discredits the validity of the Bible and the Quran entirely as forgery based on mathematics, irrefutable on a scale of thousands to one. Will humanity die because we lingered on spiritual texts of FAITH instead of TRUTH? Instead of writing new religious texts furthering religion with science and embracing TRUTH from new prophets like myself? Will humanity die because of blind stagnate Abrahamistic madness, while the Christians push personal responsibility onto a fictional second coming (which was Mazzaroth/Zodiacal/astrological in nature) and ¨God will judge the politicians on Judgement day when the universe ceases to exist¨??? Quite crazy…!

Regarding Fomenko, there are no early manuscripts, with the few manuscripts out there being fraudulent, e.g ¨the dead sea scrolls¨, both the Quran and the Bible are dead, and none of the characters therein ever existed. I am the only Biblical character that ever existed, imagine that…!

This doesn`t mean the New Testament (in particular) contains a lot of viable philosophy (ironically comparable to that of Eastern Buddhist schools.) There even might be a God, a superconstruct tachyon field that might very plausibly have a loving personality and might even rid itself of damaged files…! (Creating dimensions of Hell!)

But if the field is God, what is the name of this hypothesised source-field? Being a field that expressed creation in perfect geometry with a strong focus on life-symbiosis, beauty, survival of the fittest and sexual reproduction, it`s name is NOT Jehovah, as Jehovah in Hebrew translates to: Y=God (of) HOVAH= ruin, destruction, disaster, mischief, perversion, very wickedness and noisome which means it STINKS like poo or a battlefield – Hebrew dictionary. The name of the Jewish God is ironically the worst name in the Hebrew language. Is this why Sabbatean Frankists have such a love for sodomy/anal sex? Y-Hovah, a perfect description of Abrahamic history, don`t you think? At first, I tried to explain this away, which took me THREE years, (read my book The Christian Path) as the name of God is the close to the ultimate esoteric study AND secret of Judaism, as Jews never speak the tetragrammton YHWH/Jehovah (which is a pentagram). I then discovered the early Greek Septuagint and the work of Karite Jew Nehemiah Gordon, proving that Jews of ALL TIME used YAHOVAH as the name of their God. On the other hand, Lucifer, and Zeus (see he-sus) , sun-gods and gods of love; have been demonized and crucified, alongside all other cultures and spiritual tradition ¨by the blessing of the pope¨, as you must take note that the modern Illuminati conspiracy was originally not Jewish, Jews having little political influence at that time, but being Satanic Catholic Babylonian: JESUIT in origin.

Fear-dominance warmongering through Revelations.

Another nail in the coffin for Christianity is the incomprehensible, idiotic book of Revelations, a book based upon Mazzaroth astrology, the most illegal book in the world. A book of nonsense, which nobody would believe in, had it not been in the Bible. It has grown a hundred Christs and Antichrists, created a hundred wars, and kept all Europe in pain and fear of the end-of-all-creation, in fear of God, and in fear of the Beast 666 throughout all recorded history, a population control by the criminal Vatican, as all Christian European generations distanced themselves from responsibility through believing ¨current upheavals, earthquakes, wars, famine, (all which is suitably put inside Revelations) is the work of the antichrist and Christ will come and fix it¨, every generation of Christians explaining all historical upheavals as something in the book of Revelations. The book is fear-mongering for peasants. Anatoly Fomenko theorises the book was written as late as the 16th century. 

Revelations is a dangerous book providing poor historical peasants with an unscientific supernatural explanations to wars, famines and natural disasters in the ¨seals, bowls and trumpets¨ story as ¨divine punishment from God because of the beast empire¨, when it in fact were the Vatican, the 2nd beast false prophet Pope, who managed all these ¨divine punishments.¨ See: E.g ¨Leo Zagami`s Confessions of an Illuminati.¨ On top of this crime, the corrupt book provided the poor peasant class with superficial hopes of intervention, a second coming, that never happened, not ONE single angel appearing during recorded war history, thus we know an all-out intervention is statistically impossible, as we have been here millions of years and would be living under it by now. This is a philosophical absolute. Or perhaps we are the aliens (like the supposed Nordic Scandinavian-looking aliens) who forgot our divine origins??? Another reason to stop Abrahamic insanity!

Revelations has served the Vatican well, wanting to orchestrate world history, having the need to put every generation into submission to Feudal Lords, Kings and Rome, accomplished by having an antichrist scapegoat for the poor people to blame, awaiting the coming of Jesus: ¨Obey the Church and pay for our trillion dollar Basilicas¨, putting them in a state of illusionary hope to advance world history and build up riches at the same time. But the book gets much worse…

The book doesn`t even lie about Christianity being wrong, as 666, the number of the devil/antichrist/beast is an anagram, monogram and pictogram of JESUS CHRIST! See my book ¨The Secrets of Revelations¨ or the books and videos of Rav Sha`ul. Since Revelations was (supposedly) written in Greek and the Greeks had a system of attributing letters to each number, with every letter also having a word, in a system called ¨gematria¨, and as Revelations 13:18 says ¨those with understanding/knowledge must recon the number of the beast/devil¨, it goes unsaid that we must apply Greek gematria to 666 to ¨understand it¨, so here we go, Christianity`s dirtiest secret: 600=the letter Chi, 60=Xi, and 6=Stigma, done properly the words of these letters directly and clearly reads: 600=Christ 60=Cross 6=Pierced, which is the crucifix, the cross, the saviour, the symbol and reason behind Christianity. From all this, we can make out that whoever wrote Revelations, as according to Anatoly Fomenko, did it for 1 Population control and 2 Discrediting Christianity. Either that, or Christianity, particularly Catholicism, secretly represents the historical Babylonian religion of human sacrifice on Easter in plain sight, Jesus being crucified on Easter and Jesus translated as ¨Earth-pig¨ in Latin, the Easter pigs the Babylonians killed in honour of Tammuz every Easter, which is why we eat ¨Easter ham¨ even today. Still want to cling to beliefs contra KNOWING!?!

Most Jews, Catholics, Muslims (and Freemasons) are COMPLETELY unaware of ALL I have mentioned in this entire text, and live good honest lives as our human brothers and sisters. But they don`t realize they`re slowly boiling to death like you boil a frog and that if the enlightened don`t wake them up: All religion and cultures will die, as stated by Jacob Frank (founder of Frankism) , closest associate to Mayer Rothschild and Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati, who also STATED THE SAME (read the 25 goals of the Illuminati.)

Religion must be rendered to a science.

Religion (Judaism in particular) has caused rivers of blood and needs a final push off the cliff before mankind realize they have wings: For the purpose of reason, religion must partially die, for a time, allowing new prophets to arise in an age where the religious texts are laughed at, truth is not relative, and there is no BELIEF only TRUTH, as religion is reduced to science as it should have been had Abrahamism not stagnated e.g see how Jews continue their sacred writings to today while Christians and Muslims only have the ¨Holy¨ Bible and Quran, or rather ¨Holy Terror.¨ An idiotic burden for evolution into an information-age of reason. Being a humanist, I love the teachings of Jesus, whom I adore more than any, if he existed or not. (Aside from ¨the meek shall inherit the Earth¨ , and ¨render to Caesars what is Caesars¨ etc, etc.) Don`t believe me? 90% of the KGB in Ukraine were Jews during the controlled famine where 10.000.000 were killed. In total they killed approx. 200 million, particularly Christians, the strong, the blonde, the smart and the beautiful. In three controlled famines across the Gulag. 80% of the KGB in Soviet were Jews as that time, not to mention the African slave trade, original Illuminati members, and the complete rewriting of true world-war 2 history, something perhaps only 1-1000 knows about.

In this information age, how can religion thus be rendered into TRUTH instead of belief? Remember: The miracles of yesterday is today`s science. There is nothing that cannot be scientifically explained, even spirit e.g check the ¨Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock.¨

Through today`s science and information age, mankind has the first opportunity to discover the the science of the spiritual, the existence of Hell and our multiverse, and come up with the eternally true world religion. When that has been done, all religions and their derivative cults (e.g Thelema, Frankism, Sufism, etc), including lodges, Satanism and sects, must undergo total dissection through public briefings, and be criminalized on scientific and humanist principles, keeping some pages of wisdom into our new inter-religious world religion, but criminalizing the hardcover, superficial terms like ¨Antichrist¨, ¨Second Coming¨, ¨Holy War/Jihad¨, ¨Muslim¨ not criminalizing all religions, but criminalizing superficial non-existing distinguished terms, illegal terms of bloody racial religious propaganda, crime against fellow humans, terms of self-piety passing judgement on superficial construct, passing personal responsibility as men onto fictious concepts, believing they are special, while contributing nothing to evolution, all which has caused RIVERS of sad historic blood, terms which must stop IMMEDIATELY before Europe looses all sense and honour, all Abrahamic literature being religious-racial-imperialist propaganda population control at best, keeping humanity in the past fighting each other, being non-fruitious, proven to be wrong, and proven to historically be absolute spiritual and humanistic failures. That was very harsh, but the anti-religious standpoint had to be defined strongly for people to take me seriously as I reconstruct true religion from a scientific standpoint. Religion, that is; faith instead of truth, is a stagnate moat, a cancer for any development into the future. That being said, subordinate religions must be allowed to operate, and welfare organizations, humanistic Christian congregations (e.g the neo-charismatic Iris Ministries) should be encouraged to operate lovingly, an enormous difference because Christianity stands taller than Islam in terms of historical validity, humanistic principles of science, metaphysical principles of science, philosophy and scientific proofs of miracles, Iris ministries being proven divine by countless ¨miracles¨. That being said;

There is no end of time or second coming, as discovered in the in my book ¨The Secrets of John`s Revelations¨. The Abrahamic religions are FAITHS, not TRUTHS, that is a philosophical absolute, and must therefore be distinguished from my scientific religion. The Abrahamic faiths have a few viable ¨concepts¨ however. I found the concepts that make up Abrahamism to be: Stone age morale, nature philosophy, altered states of consciousness/spirituality, astrology, racial-religious war-propaganda, racism, imperialism, and stone-age version of ¨science¨ e.g explanations of reality. And that is all there is to sacred Abrahamic litterature (their religion).

Powerlust and racist world conquest continue in Islam and Judaism today, from what originally was a patriarchal tribal race war identity, and megalomaniac leaders mental illnesses and racial-religious imperialism…

The state MUST seize control over all sacred Abrahamic literature and only issue state-approved study-versions of these, explaining alongside the individual pages what concepts are humanistically, spiritually, philosophically and scientifically valid and what concepts history and science has found to be wrong, e.g the concept of ¨Holy War¨, two words that doesn’t quite fit, or the concept of the ¨Second Coming.¨

The research of sacred geometry in the tachyon field ¨ether¨ branch of multidimensional physics, research of miracles, trance-states, the question of ¨deleted files/Hell¨, and many more questions, will affect the outcome of my organization’s ¨FelleskapForFremtidens and RevolutionRenaissance`s¨ new scientifically certified world religion, if I take over as king. This dissection and reconstruction, this moralistic responsibility of all humans; MUST be done perfectly with no room for corruption or compromise to immoral perversions or personal religious opinions other than statistics and interdimensional physics, considering the research will affect all humans, the question being of Earth`s greatest importance: Are we spirit and does our life on Earth affect and continue in a life after death?

And that is why I have to do it, cause nobody else does it and since I have the highest title in secret societies as Magus, having insane spiritual presence, am a healer, have obtained the light-body, am an exorcist and have an incredible seer gift and gift of spiritual discernment, on top of gifts of prophecy, AND being able to travel as far high, down, back and forward in the multiverse as I want, in my lucid dreams. I am a no bs guy, use only reason, and truth SHALL set you free. If anything, my personal ¨dream¨ would be seeing mankind rise from evolution as a perfectly moral spiritual being, even if that means we have to undo the genetical tampering limiting our brain, recalled as in the ¨Garden of Eden story¨, much because I am immoral, ¨imperfect¨ myself. ¨Call me a ¨Nazi¨, which I am not, but this IS the scientific human responsibility of non-personal REASON, a quality very few possess these days. Yours truly. The prophet of Aquarius. – Former Christian author of the GRRRRR series, Thomas Eidsaa.

Let`s begin and discover all  about ¨God¨.

Undertake the Enlightenment.

  1. The main reason to rebel against God, is because he lets you down and the epithets and terms of God, ¨almighty, good, true, holy, everloving, perfect all-knowing God¨ as paraphrased by Abrahamic religion are invalid terms e.g, e.g why would he create Abrahamism when he saw it would fail and only lead to war if he is 1 good, 2 all-knowing and 3 allmighty? Was there no better way? But rebelling against God is impossible because he`s the most good and also the worst, not to mention one would serve him because he has the biggest dick, is the alpha, has the biggest army, rules this universe, is eternal and all-powerful.
  2. God totally breaks his spoken word, his character and promises which he gives us personally and through the Holy Bible, as he did to me and countless others. The point is: Heaven is a liar, God is a liar. They are not telling you ANYTHING AT ALL! (although ¨God might say a white lie can save lives¨) God is a liar in the 1 rhema and 2 logos, the 1 spoken and 2 written word, the Bible. 1&2 including lies about a second coming, the shape of the Earth, trusting Israel for our betterment, lying about history, lying about physics, lying about politics, not raising up a single prophet of science or any truth, they preach only the lies of government! There is no Christian nation or unified world Church, Christianity is dying, and God raised no prophet to say ¨Christians need a nation of their own! Save Europe!¨, was God unable to do so? As God is ultimate truth and only truth is holy, why are all Christians stupid misled sheep? God? He`s lying about the universe, the past, present and future, keeping Christians ignorant of all current dangers like the Sabbatean Frankist Illuminati Jews and Jesuits. Or the chemtrail Morgellons mark of the beast technology. Why is there not a SINGLE, (no, not one) preacher preaching this in the world creating unity and rebellion??? Was God uncapable? Is he not ¨good and holy?¨ Why have there NEVER been a SINGLE united big protest by Christians in ANY Scandinavian country as we loose our religion, culture and ethnicity, becoming Kallergi`s EU Babylon? Was God incapable of defending his timeless precious basilicas and cathedrals? Did He not care about the millions of current and historical people who worshipped Him? He`s lying about the Bible not being true nor edited, as common sense and e.g Fomenko`s Phantom dynasties and the mud-flood reset in 1812 proves. Is almighty loving perfect God fine keeping us as ignorant fools for slaughter to die in recurring civilization resets without a clue of help? Where was God? AND he`s lying about history and the Jews, history being a Jewish fabrication, the Sabbatean Frankist Illuminati and Rothschild controllers being Jews behind every bloody conflict and revolution in history, who sacrificed millions for the creation of  Israel, destroying Europe to this day, with every Christian hope gone because of their beloved chosen people, source: Europe the Last Battle videoseries and ¨Michael Hoffman, expert on Judaism¨. And still: God raises no prophet up to convert Jews or tell any Christians in ANY nation or Church about the Satanic Jewish Illuminati conspiracy to destroy Christianity. Instead: Christians WORSHIP Jewish RACIAL-IMPERIALISM, ADORE the country of Israel. Which their ¨perfect God¨ brought back through two world wars needed for fulfilment of Bible prophesies, after accidentally losing it 2000 years ago, and accidentally failing to convert the Jews, because God could obviously do no better, as if he never existed. I bet he was just testing us, because yes, God exists, which is irritating. God is lying about Solomons 1000 wives, Jonah inside the whale/fish for 3 days -yuck-, the 1.000.000 Ethiopians who died fighting Israel (in general: tales that are ridiculous), the Old Testament being written after the New Testament, as Anatoly Fomenko proves, it being fascist racial-religious propaganda from the time of Jesus when the divine conspiracy of Caesars invention of Judaism, Luciferianism and Christianity, was evoked as is EVEN more evident with the Jewish Talmud; the early Mishnah Talmud written at that same time of Jesus, which states e.g that 16 million Jewish children were killed by the Romans (6 gorillion lol) and that 3 billion Jews were killed by the Romans.
  3. All these discredits the Bible as outdated (possibly very dangerous) racial imperialistic propaganda. Furthermore: Our time`s greatest mathematician supported wholly by Gary Kasparov (world chess champion), Anatoly Fomenko in his numerous book along with Isaac Newtons book: Chronology of ancient Kingdoms Amended, discredited the Jesuit shill, Joseph Scalliger`s chronology of history and discovered that the Biblical dynasties of Judah and Israel was non-existing invented phantom dynasties compiled by Benedictine monks on a probability of 1000.000 to 1, which you have to look up yourself, making the Old and New Testament an invalid invention, or at best. History is incorrect and the Bible was written at one singular time by a supercomputer. This is evident through the 7-digit system of numerology Ivan Panin discovered in both the Old and New Testaments, Anatoly Fomenko, our time`s greatest mathematician discrediting human history and ascertaining with 100% certainty that the Old Testament was written AFTER  the New Testament, them being written at the same time by the same conspirators, and that this Phoenecian/Canaanite/Semitic ¨divine conspiracy¨ of re-creating a much older religion in the NEW form of Christianity is what we have it today. This conspiracy started in the 1st or 11th century (depending on which calendar), when Benedictine monks wrote what we now call the Holy Bible, inventing the Hebrew and Greek alphabet at the same time, because the 7-digit system and the language could not exist independently. Why go through all of this trouble?
  4. Because God is at war with the white Slavic race, the survivors of Atlantis, God (or man/Vatican) creating Abrahamism to strengthen the western world against the by then Tartarian/Slavic superpower(s), the blondes who had (alternative historically) dominated the world for 7000 years, through creating a different empire: A worldwide trade unison against them, headed by the papacy, or else we`d all have Russian as secondary language now. The trade federation of banksters, Luciferians, and the Hanseatic league (trade federations in general) profited much from the downfall of the TartArian (Aryan) Empire of Rus. Destroying the proud Targaryen/Tartarian golden (blonde) hoard descendants of Genghis Khan who was emperor of Great Tartary, which was a nation with a flag until not long ago. Basic meltdown: God didn`t care about the noble Aryan race which civilized the world for 7000 years, and would rather destroy the entire Rus dominated world with a mudflood in 1812-1815, with Russia, France, England, and the Americas having indisputable proof of a mud flood, with the age old ¨controllers¨ outside and inside the walls of Antarctica making use of the event to reset all civilization, using phonetic frequenscies to make mud/dirt cling to the sides of buildings and/or using phonetic levitation technology to transport huge amounts of dirt/mud, burying cities, with the conspirator Freemasons whom inherited free masonry rebuilding the world and introducing cloned children from outside our world to remember nothing of what had happened. And God didn`t give a damn saying: The 1000 year reign of Christ is over, now Satan rules, God being the God of the white race/historical civilizers. This all happened in what history books would call the time of Krakatao erupting, causing the renowned ¨little ice-age¨ in Norway, where most of the population died due to potatoes rotting from the cold covering of worldwide volcano skies, due to the 260 day visible etheric phenomenon of Napoleon`s comet, resulting in many Earthquakes, which was the main reset of civilization, although city-fires and controlled resets happened until the approx.. 1850. The controllers invaded our Earth and reset all population with an end-goal of eliminating the all white skin entirely, and certainly blonde hair. God didn`t do shit, and while billions died and while civilization was restarted with cloned and programmed parents and babies, no Jesus ever returned, nor did any SINGLE ¨Jesus¨, ascended figure OR angel figure appear in WW1, WW2, or WW3. There are reports of angels appearing, but they are certainly only here to observe God`s ant colony of lies.
  5. Jesus is an invention, a ¨ascension facilitating savior machine¨ in this Matrix reality. From what we have deciphered, God and Jesus are therefore not the truth as they/he proclaims to be in the Bible, but liars thus discrediting the Bible entirely, redefining our definition of reality and really;
  6. God has left humanity to survive on their own. Mankind has been here for 500.000.000+ years, at least, and if mankind ever reached a holy high-tech civilization, or if Heaven ever once intervened with holy intent, it would be a never-ending, global high-tech civilization due to the fear of Hell, and the joys of high-tech life, thus Heaven or God has never cared, since we would have been living under this civilization by now, if it ever once had happened. This also disproves Jesus second coming theology as this prophecy is an astrological Mazzaroth prophecy of the Aquarian messiah (house of the waterbearer Luke 22:12) And IF they intervene (Noahic flood, primordial wars of Titans vs Olympians etc) , they seem to retreat immediately afterwards as ¨mankind must chose to create paradise by his own volition¨. We are alone, this is a philosophical absolutes.
  7. As Jesus says in the Bible, this is Satan`s world. Perhaps the (good or bad) angels intervened, brought destruction or peace, but either or, they certainly left, and are here no longer visibly. Legends tell that only the fallen angels came from higher dimensions, enslaved us and brought destruction, while the good angels descended to kill them, and then left us to evolve IN HELL with starvation, poverty and disease, some few thousand years ago, just like the previous hundreds of millions of years… Thus;
  8. Mankind is the sole, righteous, innocent creation, never having chosen to be born between an angry creator and an angry devil. Etc. This is a spiritual-metaphysical philosophic absolute.
  9. The Earth is a flat Planetarium experiment meant to look as if it is round, and God, and the host of angels (good and bad) are two sides of the same coin, never intervening due to the experiment`s rules and mankind`s free will as we are Gods of our own realm.
  10. Our current dictators tell us mankind evolved to upright intelligent stature from homo erectus, while esoteric historical sources tell us mankind was given knowledge between good and evil from the angels/annunaki, fallen or not, and millions upon millions of covered-up, discredited archaeological finds tell of intelligent humanoids of thousands of different races existing for at least 500.000.000 years, due to bones of giants, reptilian humanoids, humans with horns, various hybrids, and various artefacts up to billions of years old, the Earth being at least years from whence it started expanding, separating the continents and thus;
  11. If God as paraphrased by Abrahamic religions, is omnipresent and omnipotent, as witnessed through countless of verified impossible neo-charismatic Christian and early-Jewish miracles (I can give you a list, I know God is omnipotent and omnipresent), considering our previous notions; I conclude (from a mere 3rd dimensional philosophical viewpoint) that God sees us ants in a school of ascension, with a psychopathic, narcissistic, love-addicted and racist fascination and obsession about ¨his chosen people¨, holiness and a perverted megalomania about being the judicial monarch of punishment, something I can personally testify to. God really is a racist, psychopathic bigot, (from a 3rd dimensional viewpoint of course, hey we`re talking about GOD here) , never giving us purpose for our free will aside from following him. I cannot think of one example where Heaven cared for us except through the lie of Jesus who redeemed our free after the garden of Eden, but the Jesus Lucifer experiment was initiated by HUMANS ONLY anyways, thus:
  12. God is thus philosophically speaking, to the innocent un-knowing human; an evil dictator, any way you put it, as exemplified in the human, animal, and angelic kingdom, the latter being where the ideas of Kingship first came from.
  13. We are the only innocent creation, our eternal souls being the prize between two angry warchiefs (God and Devil), who are two sides of the same coin.
  14. This all leads to the Biblical statements and teachings of Jesus, the man from Heaven; that our purpose in the eternal war in experiment Planetarium, is to ethically unify all humans exposing the oldest, most dangerous conspiracy; Hell, and take control over Earth, as Jesus teaches we are sovereign Gods who decide our fate, and the outcome of this realm (Earth). All spiritual sciences and religions show us that higher or lower entities cannot move on us unless we oblige to their invitation.
  15. But no child inherently knows what is good vs evil, or that we will burn forever for making the wrong decision, (the intelligence of ascended and descended beings is however different than in our realm), but it is ironically THEIR viewpoints/God`s laws that decide our eternal fate which not ours to decide at all, without us ever knowing it! This, along with there being only two eternal abodes after death, contrary to the dozens of different heavenly planes in other (wrong) mythos and religions, is philosophical absolutes of an imperfect world, and a careless, bigot creator (of the Abrahamic definition).
  16. All this taken into account; peace between Heaven and Hell can only come through an ethically unified high-civilization of mankind, be it Christian or Luciferian, because of ¨free will.¨
  17. It is thus on one hand, Jesus`, and on the other hand Lucifer`s role to diminish population and eternalize ethical Earthern homogeneity through either Christianity or royal scientist philosophers, killing the ugly, non-social, non-intelligent, refining mankind until all are equal of the same spiritual intelligence and opinions.
  18. We cannot wait for any interdimensional Jesus` or messiahs, the Biblical narrative of Jesus being a lie, Christianity being a conspiracy, and no records of ascended beings ever returning from the beyond, historically, from the records of thousands of saints and Buddhist monks who transformed their body into the rainbow body as documented by the institute of noetic sciences, not  to mention the number of ascended masters from all Earth history, who likely number in the billions if not trillions. Did ANY of them ever avert any massacre or disaster in ANY recorded history, as e.g reappearing on Earth after their long-gone ascension? During the worst stages of WW2? No, because no ascended being EVER returned, not even from the aaancient world of pre-history. Not one.
  19. Christianity was originally a Hermetic, gnostic, mystery-cult of Jews, Egyptians and Pharaohs. Jesus was the Sun of 12 signs (disciples) of the Mazzaroth/Nazareth/Zodiac, Nazareth being a village that historians agree never existed. Herodotus, who lived even AFTER Jesus, names all 62 Palestine towns, but not Nazareth. Jesus was the grandson of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. Their son, Caesarion aka Joseph (Prince of Egypt), was called the Son of God and Lord of Lords publicly in Egypt by Cleopatra, who saw herself as the incarnation of Isis, after Julius was proclaimed to be a God, officially, by the Romans, who erected a temple with a statue to Julius. Jesus translates to ¨Son of Isis¨ in Egyptian. Jesus had many descendants who fled outside the Roman Empire, being undisputable heirs to the Pharaonic dynasty, and also undisputable heirs to the title of Roman Emperor, Julius being the one who expanded the Roman empire greatly, and also conquered Rome to become the alleged first Emperor. Anyways. Christianity was a conspiracy to turn the Roman Empire into the Holy Roman Empire, and the ¨divine conspiracy¨ cult of Cleopatra, who knew 9 languages, utilized the Jewish prophesies about a messiah very well. Just google when was Jesus actually born by Alan Tat. He was born from the womb of Isis/the constellation Virgo. At least, that was the official story of the cult of Christianity, who were in reality gnostic-Hermetic sages and prophets. A cult of royals, where bla bla bla. Yet Jesus, being the incarnation of the idea/image/deific-mask of Horus displayed very real supernatural abilities, was the God-King Sage of the age of Pisces, lived a holy life, and created a blood-covenant for all mankind as Emperor of all the known world (the title on his cross was the title for the Emperor),
  20. God dying for us, thus making it possible for all mankind to ascend through becoming one with his spirit (the ritual of the cross), Jesus acting like an angel of  the afterlife, if you will.

Reality might seem quite depressing. I have already given you the Eternal law of Source, Love and Light, a universal law for all religions, but the enlightenment above leads to some change in attitude towards life… WE NEED TO FIND THE TRUTH! But I cannot do this. 

Yet I will end by saying: Mankind is now free from the alien oppression! The Buddha is God victorious. All hail! Mankind is free! Mankind is free from this world density! Mankind is free from materialism and ego. Amen.

– Thomas Eidsaa.